Patrica Richerson: Jill Cox (pastor's wife)
Robert DeNiro: Pastor Cox

Needful Things: Dream Maker Part 3 (MF, MFF, inter, anal)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Bob Craft was sitting in his office wondering how he got in such a mess.
That Mr. Foster was from the banking commission. Bob was using the bank's
money to take trips, which he would find young girls and make movies .

Just then Mr. Delvic walked in. "I see you are having some troubles."

Bob sat up. "What makes you think I am?"

Mr Delvic just smiled, tossed a paperback book on his desk and left.

Bob sat there a minute, picked up the book and laughed. It was a book he
remebered as a kid "Don't Get Mad Get Even". There was a few pages marked
with a note "If you're smart this will work." He dropped the book,but picked
it back up and read.

* * *

Bobby Cooper was walking home when he stopped in the store. He was looking
around the sports section. He spotted Mrs. Cox, the pastors wife. She seen
him and smiled.

He picked up a book and went to one of the room to look at it. Jill was in
the room next to his. Bobby knodded off when he heard a voice, he looked up
it was Jill wearing a blue dress button down the front. Bobby rubbed his

Jill stood there, "You know it's a sin to think of the pastor's wife with
that." She ponted to his hard cock.

Jill knelt down and ran her hands along his thighs. She kissed his crotch
and she could smell his cock. She unzipped his pants and took out his long
black snake. Her tongue went around his cock head. It licked it and wrapped
it all the way around it. Then she took it in her mouth. She didn't even
gag it just went down.

Jill kissed him slowly unbuttoning each button until she stood in a red bra
and panties. Her nipples stuck out and he could see her pussy hair. Jill put
one leg on the table ran her finger along her pussy, pulling her panties to
the side. Her finger went inside her pussy, then pulled it out and gave it
to him "good". She smiled.

She ripped her panties off, "Come fuck me. I want your black bastard baby."

Jill sat on his cock and began to go up and down. "OOOHHH GOD!" she yelled
as she held her breasts.

Bobby held onto her he sucked her hard nipples, which sent shocks through her

"Yes, fuck me!" She went faster.

They were on the floor. Bobby was pounding her pussy. All he could hear was
her moaning begging for more.

* * *

Jill was in her room. She too was dreaming.

She walked in on her husband, who had Maradia Cooper sucking his cock. Jill
knelt next to her began to lick his balls while she had two fingers in
Maradia's pussy.

"Eat her," he told his wife.

Jill was soon behind her. Her fingers spread her pussy lips and jizz oozed

"Oh she's so wet."

She put her tongue into her wet pussy. Jill ate her pussy while fingering
her own pussy. Jill laid on the floor with her leggs open as Maradia was
licking her pussy while her husband fucked her. Jill told him to fuck her
ass. Jill found her black strap-on and put it in Maradia's pussy. They both
fucked her until she passed out.

Jill rode his cock while fucking herself with the dildo. "Did you knock her
up," she asked, "with your powerful cum, like all those other bitches you

Jill woke with a start, her hand in her pussy. She pulled her hand out it
was covered in her cum. Jill slowly put her hand to her mouth stuck her
tongue out to taste it.

Jill woke up once again and looked around. She left quickly from the store.

* * *

Bobby awoke with his cock in his hand and a puddle of cum on the floor. He
looked around. 'That was some dream,' he thought.

Mr Delvic smiled. "Come back soon."

To be continued...


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