Dream Maker: Part 6 - The End (MF,orgy,slash)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

The Pastor stood watching Maradia walk towards him. She wore a red dress with
buttons down the front. As she took a step a button was undone until her frim
breast was bare. She wore no panties. Her pussy was trimed. She took her
nipple rolling them with her fingers until they stood out. She dropped her
hand to her pussy. Her long finger rubbing her clit. It disappears in her
pussy. She pulls it out covered in her juices. She licks it, walks up to him
and kisses him. He could taste her juices.

Her hands rubbing his cock. She unzips his pants, pulling out his hard cock.
Maradia slowly goes to her knees, her tongue flicks the bloated cock head.
Her tongue goes into his piss hole pulling out some precum.

Off comes his pants. Maradia holds his cock between her breasts, her tongue
licking his cock.

Mr Delvic opens the doors of his store. Out come the town, all naked. Bobby
Cooper was fucking Jill Cox. She was bent over a table begging Bobby to fuck
her. She had another man's cock in her mouth.

Stella was in the middle of four guys. Her mouth, ass and pussy was full.

The moans filled the room.

Outside the store the town was in a orgy liken to Roman times.

Mr Delvic sat on a throne, his large cock being sucked by two young girls.
Maradia pulled the Pastor to Delvic, held his mouth opened, and watched his
cock go into his mouth. Bob Craft came behind him and began to lick his
asshole. Delvic had the pastor bent over, his face was in Maradia`s pussy,
lickng her pussy while Delvic fucked him.

Stella screamed, as two cocks were in her pussy. Judy Drake had two young
girls eatting her ass and pussy while she ate Tessa's pussy. Screams came
from all over. The town was doomed to it's fate.

Delvic laughed as he came inside the Pastor's ass.

Judy was licking the cum filled pussy of Stella, her hair was matted with
cum. Jill laid her pussy open as young girls licked the cum out of it. Bobby
had Bob Craft over a chair giving him his hard cock. Chief Armstrong, fell
to the floor exhausted, his cock still hard. Tessa sat up on it ridding it,
taking another cock in her mouth.

The town's clock struck midnight. Bodies laid about covered in cum. Mr Delvic
stood in the middle of the town and held his arms out wide. The ground shook
and crumbled. Building began to fall and soon the town it self was going
down. People tried to run, but before they knew it, the town was gone.

Mr Delvic looked up and said, "Sometimes I WIN."



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