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Neighbours: All You Have To Do Is Ask (MF,MF-mast,voy)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

Tad had been living with the Kennedy's for two months now.

'It could be worse.' He thought to himself as he walked up the drive and
opened the front door.

'Mrs K is great and Billy is cool.' He put his bag in his room and walked
out into the kitchen to get a snack.

'Mr K is a bit of a dick but he's alright I guess.' He pulled a pack of
chips out of a cubberd and sat on the couch.

'Yeah.' He turned on the TV and sat back, opening the chips and stuffing a
fist-full into his mouth.

'Life could be a lot worse.' He heard the door open and looked over to see
who it was.

'And here's the best part of staying here... Libby.'

20 year-old Libby was a vision. Standing about 5.5, her angelic face with
its full lips and large eyes, her tight young body topped with two of the
largest breasts Tad had ever seen and a round butt that was only enhanced
by the tight black pants she had to wear as part of the uniform she had for
her job at Lou's Pub. But she wasn't only beautiful; she was funny and
real nice to him as well.

"Hey Libby." He said as she walked over to the dining table to check the
mail that was there.

"Hey Tad." She said in a off-hand voice that gave Tad the impression that
something was wrong.

"What's up?" He asked standing up and moving over to join her at the table.

"Uhh... It's Lou." She said, sitting down at the table and giving Tad a
clear view down her white top at her impressive cleavage.

"He's cut my hours again!"

"Bummer." Tad said trying not to look too obvious as he gazed down her top.

"Your telling me." Libby said putting down the mail and standing up.

"I'm gonna go and have a long, hot shower."

"Okay." Tad said as Libby walked towards the bathroom.

'Yes!!!' He thought as the door closed. Nobody was around. It was the
perfect time to do what he loved best... Perving on Libby!

He waited until the sound of running water came from the bathroom and he
walked out the back door and slid up the side of the house so he was
outside the Bathroom window. He had put a number of boxes that were around
against the wall so he could climb up to look in. He got up on the boxes
and peered through the fly wire of the window into the steam filled
bathroom. He could make out the silhouette of Libby in the shower. He
unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his boxers and began to jerk
off quietly while watching Libby. The shower door was not that fogged up
yet, so he could easily make out her ample curves. She was turned away
from him now but soon enough she turned and he could see her massive tits.

'What the fuck!' Libby thought as she turned around and noticed a shape
that wasn't normally in the window that was set high up the wall of the
bathroom. It was too foggy to make it out well but she knew full well who
it was.

'You little pervert. That's it! That makes three times I've seen him
looking at me through the window… I'm gonna kill the little creep.' She
went to open the shower door to yell at him when she suddenly stopped.
Maybe it was the fact that she had had a bad day. Maybe it was because
a man had not touched her in months or maybe it was just because she
had been attracted to him all along and dismissed it because of his
age... But she pulled her hand back and placed it on her right breast.

'Get a load of this Tad.' She began rubbing her breast and let out a soft
moan that still carried over the sound of the water.

'Fuck!' Tad thought as his grip on his cock tightened.

'She's touching herself!' He watched as Libby grabbed the soap, lathered
up her hands and started to rub her breasts while moaning and sighing. Tad's
stroking got faster and faster as Libby turned to one side, arching her back
and running her hands from her neck all the way down her body to between her

'Oh please... Finger yourself Lib' He prayed.

Libby was having the most fun she had had in quite a while. She was getting
very horny doing this for Tad. She spread her legs slightly and ran a finger
down her clean-shaven slit, getting a bolt of pleasure that shot up her spine
and exploded in her head. She slid two fingers inside her pussy and turned
back to face Tad in the window.

'Oh my god!' Tad's hand was now a blur of motion on his cock as he watched
Libby masturbate in the shower. Her moans were getting louder and Tad wanted
more then anything to be in there with her.

"Ahh!!! Ahh!!! Oh my god!!!' Libby gasped as she reached climax after a few

"Ahh!!! Ahh!!! Oh fuck!!!" Tad shouted as he both hit climax and slipped off
the stack of boxes.

Tad lay on the ground with his cock still in his hand and a thousand stories,
excuses and plans to either run away or just kill himself rather then face
Libby after that running through his mind.

'There's no way she didn't hear that.' He thought. 'I'm dead.'

'I hope he's okay.' Libby thought as she stopped the shower and wrapped a
towel around her wet body.

'Shit.' Tad thought. He had made up his mind to run for it. However, he
hadn't quite managed to blow his load away from himself. His fall had caused
his cum to go everywhere. It was all over his pants and shirt. He wouldn't be
able to explain it if somebody saw him like this. He heard the shower stop
and shot to his feet. He had to get into his room before Libby saw him. He
bolted up the back stairs and inside the house. He had just made it inside
his room, slamming the door much louder then he had ment to when he heard
Libby open the bathroom door and walk into her own room, closing the door

'Thank you god.' He thought as he got out of his uniform and into a pair of
track pants and a T-shirt.

'Maybe she didn't hear me.' He thought after a few minutes.

'I mean... She was so busy getting off herself that she probably didn't
notice me. I wasn't that loud anyway and the shower would of covered the
sound.' A small part of his mind knew that this was a load of crap... But
that part didn't win out in the end. He opened the door and went back to
the couch and sat back down thinking that there wasn't anything to worry
about. After about five minutes Libby's door opened and she walked out and
into the living room.

'Shit!' Tad almost dropped the bag of chips. Libby was wearing a very skimpy
black satin kimono that was open half way down her chest showing off a lot of
cleavage and barely covered an inch below her butt.

"That's better." Libby said brightly standing next to the couch, rubbing her
hair with the towel.

"Did you hear something outside before?" She asked.

"No." Tad said a bit too fast to look like he had put any kind of thought
into it.

"Guess it was next door or something." Libby said smiling down at him.

"What kind of chips are those?"

"Chicken." Tad answered feeling a hundred per cent better about things. She
had thought it had been something else! He was in the clear!

"May I?" Libby asked moving in front of him and bending right down to reach
for the bag.

"Sure... Here." Tad said lifting the bag up for her.

"No, no. Don't lift them. I can reach." She said bending down still further
and putting a hand into the bag.

Tad couldn't bleave his luck. First he had gotten away with perving on her
in the shower and now he was gazing down her kimono while she picked out a
hand full of chips. He was glad for the bag because the bulge in his pants
would have been noticeable otherwise.

"Thanks." Libby said with a bright smile as she straightened up and moved
to one of the lounge chairs. She sat down and crossed her legs while eating
the chips. Her focus was on the TV so she didn't notice Tad looking out of
the corner of his eye at the magnificent display of thigh that was showing.

"Can we see what is on the music video channel?" Libby asked when a ad came

"Sure." Tad said flicking the station with the remote. He made sure he was
on the right channel and turned his focus back on Libby's legs. She had
finished the chips and now had one hand on her left thigh that was crossed
over the right one. She was slowly running the hand up and down her thigh
in a way that made the bulge in Tad's pants grow even more.

"I hate this song." Libby said. It was the new single from yet another soap
star that thought she could sing.

"But I guess the point of this clip is just to get guys off." Tad turned his
attention to the TV. The singer was not wearing a lot and was dancing in a
very sexy way.

"I guess." Tad said turning back to the much more attractive sight of Libby's

"Oh come on Tad." Libby said with a laugh.

"You can't tell me that she doesn't get your motor running?"

"She does." He said honestly.

"She has nice boobs doesn't she?"

"Ummm…" Tad mumbled.

'Not as good as yours.' He thought of saying.

"I mean if that is all it takes to sell albums I should get into the
business." Libby said.

"I wouldn't have to worry about my hours getting cut and I'd have all those
guys getting horny from watching me shake my tits on TV." Tad laughed and
Libby looked at him with a hurt expression on her face.

"What?" She said standing up and putting her hands on her hips.

"You don't think I could dance like that bimbo? Watch this." And she began
to move in time to the music.

Tad sat there with his mouth open as Libby's tight body moved to the beat.
She swung her hips and shook her shoulders so her tits jiggled in the kimono.
She then lifted her hands and put them behind her head and stuck her chest
out further.

"Oh look at me..." She said in a girly little voice.

"Don't listen to my shit music. Just jerk off looking at my hot little body."
Tad laughed loudly to hide the fact that he was strongly resisting the urge
to do just that. This was mainly because the kimono was falling open due to
her jiggling and he could see her breasts down to the point where they
started to curve at the bottom.

"I'm just a little whore who is in this for the sex." Libby continued
lowering her hands to back on her hips and giving what Tad took for a fake
sluttish grin. She took one look at Tad laughing at her and put the hurt
look back on.

"You can't say that that didn't get you hot Tad." Tad just looked at her.

"Well?" Libby said.

"Did you or did you not get hot?"

"I guess."

"You guess?" Libby asked.

"I spose you liked it better when I was in the shower."

Tad wished he could vanish... She knew! She hadn't ever thought that it was
next door... But why was she acting like this now?

"That's right perv boy." Libby said after a few seconds of silence.

"I saw you... And heard you."

"Please..." He stammered.

"Don't tell your folks. They'll kill me."

"Alright." Libby said with a smile.

"On one condition."

"Name it." Tad said excepting the fact that he would be doing the dishes for
the next ten years.

"Next time you want to perv on me just ask so you don't break your neck." Tad
gave a weak laugh to show he had taken this as the joke he thought it to be.

"Like now for instance." Libby said still smiling.

"What?" He asked feeling his cock stand right up.

"All you have to do is ask."

"Ask what?"

"Are you that thick?" Libby said exasperatedly.

"I'll spell it out for you. Do you want to see my tits now or not?" All he
could do was nod.

Libby's smile widened as she reached up and took hold of the sides of the
kimono over her breasts and pulled it open.

"There... You see?" She said as she let her massive tits out into the open.

"All you have to do is ask." Tad just sat there.

"Well go on then." Libby said giving her tits a small shake.

"Have a good hard wank." Tad was working on mental autopilot at this point
so he dropped the bag of chips and thrust his hand down the front of his
track pants.

"Take it out stupid." She said as she watched Tad's hand trying to jerk his
cock in his pants.

"I want to see it... And if your really good... I just might give you a


"Sure." Libby answered as she stood there with her beautiful tits out and her
hands on her hips.

"I love giving head. The feel of a cock in my mouth is so nice. And I love
to swallow all the cum I can. Some girls don't like the taste but I adore
it." Tad was just sitting there. He hadn't even remembered to pull his cock
out. He was thinking about the idea of Libby's full lips wrapped around his

"Are you gonna pull that thing out or not?"

Tad smiled and pulled his pants down enough to let his cock out into the open
air. Libby's jaw dropped. Tad's cock was huge. At least ten inches with a
massive head that already had cumm seeping out the end.

"Jesus Tad." She exclaimed. "You've got a big cock! I can't wait to feel it
in my pussy."

Tad's hand was soon a blur of motion again as he jacked off while Libby
played with her tits and egged him on.

"Come on Tad. Let me see you cum. I want to make you blow your load

"Oh god!" Tad yelled as his body tensed.

"I'm cuming!" Libby shot forward, sinking to her knees and placing her
tits in front of his cock.

"Blow on my tits Tad." His load burst out, covering her breasts in sticky

"That's it." Libby said as his cock finished unloading on her chest. She
stood up and rubbed the cum into her breasts.

"Thank you." Tad said softly while Libby scooped a drop of cum off her right
nipple and stuck it in her mouth.

"Mmmm." She said as she sucked on her finger.

"That tastes great… Got any more for me?" Tad's cock sprang back to

"Oh goodie." Libby sank back to her knees and took hold of Tad's cock. She
kissed the tip with her full lips and ran her tongue over the head.

"Oh fuck!" Tad grunted as Libby took the knob inside her warm mouth.

"That feels so fucking good!" Libby began to bob her head up and down on his
tool, making loud slurping sounds. She reached a hand back and started to
finger her pussy which was very wet.

"I'm gonna cum!!!" Tad shouted. This just made Libby suck harder. Tad's
load burst forth and down Libby's eager throat.

Libby pulled back from his cock and marvelled at the fact that it was still
as hard as a rock.

"Want to fuck?" She asked in a matter of fact tone that sounded to Tad as
if he didn't have a choice.

"Yeah... But don't we need a condom?" He asked. Libby stood up and pulled
the kimono off, dropping it to the floor.

"Don't worry about that. I'm on the pill. Besides, I love the feel of a bare
cock in my cunt much better then one wearing a raincoat." She moved back in
front of Tad and hopped on the couch so she was straddling him.

"Now, just sit back and let me do the work Tad." She sank down on his cock
and began to slowly fuck him. Tad shoved his face between her huge tits as
she moved up and down his tool.

"Oh Tad!!!" She moaned.

"I've never felt a cock like this! So big! So thick!" After a few minutes of
slow fucking Libby picked up the pace and was soon slamming her pussy down
harder and harder onto Tad's cock with every downward thrust.

"Oh god Libby!" Tad was grunting.

"This is so fucking good!!!"

"Wait!!!" Libby shouted as she felt Tad getting ready to blow again. She
hopped off him and pulled him to his feet. She passionately kissed him and
then breathed.

"Come over here." And she led him by the hand over to the kitchen table
where she hopped up on the edge and spread her legs wide.

"Your turn to fuck me hard." Tad drove his cock deep inside Libby's moist
cunt and grabbed her by the hips as he thrust in and out of her hard.

"That's it Tad!!!" Libby moaned, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and
leaning back so her breasts could be seen as they bounced with the force of
the fucking her pussy was receiving.

"Fuck me like you mean it! You've wanted to do me ever since you got here!
Now's your chance!!! Make me your slut!!! Make me cum!!!" And he did.

"SHIT!!! I'M CUMING!!!" Wave after wave of cum flooded her pussy sending her
over the top.


Tad pulled his cock out of her pussy and the two new lovers kissed for a
few minutes until…

"Your hard again?" Libby said feeling his cock brushing her pussy again.

"Your just too good to me. So, what do you want to do now?"

"Fuck your tits." Tad answered looking her in the eyes.

"Oh yeah." Libby said as she lay down on the table.

"Hop up here and fuck these big boobs. Cover them in cum again." Tad climbed
up on the table, straddled Libby's belly and placed his cock between her two
massive breasts. He squeezed them together to make a tight seal around his
cock before starting to fuck her chest with vigour.

"Oh Tad!!!" Libby gasped as he picked up even more speed.

"Whenever you want to fuck me it will be fine with me! Just tell me what
you want and I'll do it!!! I'll jerk you off under the table at dinner in
front of Mum and Dad if you want! I'll suck your cock anywhere and I'll
let you have me any way you want!!! All you have to do is ask!!!"

"OH FUCK!!!" Tad shouted. Yet another load of cum burst out of his cock,
covering Libby's chest, forming a pearl necklace and landing on her face.

After they were finished Libby invited Tad to take a shower with her so he
could see her better. And after that day… All he had to do was ask.



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