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Neighbours: All You Have To Do Is Ask Part 2 - Two Is Better Then One
by Blindside212

Tad could still hardly believe his luck. It had only been two months since
he had started having "fun" with the beautiful daughter of the people he was
staying with in Ramsey Street, and he had had more sex then he thought he'd
ever have in his whole life.

"All you have to do is ask." The words of Libby Kennedy still sounded in his
mind whenever he thought of that first time. And she had stayed true to her
word. Whenever, wherever he wanted, Libby was only too happy to keep him
happy. Just the other day, she had made good on a promise she had made to him
that first time and had jerked him off under the table at breakfast in front
of her Mum Susan and Dad Karl. The two were too busy talking to notice Tad's
eyes roll back in his head as he came into Libby's hand.

"I got so fucking wet doing that." Libby had said later that day as Tad
fucked her in the ass.

* * *

Today however, Tad wasn't going to be having fun with Libby. Today, he was
in a bad mood. Mrs Kennedy had given him and D on a test, he had forgotten an
assignment for Bio class and he had lost his favourite CD from his bag. And
to cap it all off.

`Libby is out all night at work.' He thought bitterly as he rounded the
corner and walked up Ramsey Street towards the Kennedy house. He reached the
door and turned the knob, expecting it to open.

`What the?' He thought when the knob refused to turn. He fished his keys out
of his bag and unlocked the door.

`Where is everyone.' He walked through the door and into the house, closing
the door behind him. All the lights were off.

"Well." He said to himself as he threw his bag into his room and walked back
out into the lounge, reaching out to flick on the light.

"Hope there's something in the fridge to."

"No need to look in there." A voice said a second before he turned on the

"Dinner's here."

* * *

Tad's jaw dropped. There, lying on the floor was Libby Kennedy. She was
naked and her body was coated in a thin layer of sweat due to the fact that,
between her spread legs was a large black dildo.

"Lib." Tad said weakly.

"Surprise baby." Libby said smiling up at him.

"Mum and Dad are out at dinner and I got the night off work. I hope you don't
mind but I started without you." She reached down and slowly pushed the dildo
further into her pussy and moaned softly. Tad looked at her for a moment and
then unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and began to jerk off fast.

"Fuck I'm glad to see you Lib."

"Obviously." Libby said as she saw a trickle of pre-cum seep out of Tad's

"You gonna cum for me?"

"Oh yeah." Tad grunted. Libby pulled the dildo out of her pussy, got to her
knees and knelt in front of Tad.

"Well." She said looking up at him with a grin.

"All that masturbating made me really thirsty. I need a drink." She opened
her mouth and winked up at him. Tad's free hand shot out and grabbed the back
of Libby's head, moving it forward so his cock sank into her warm mouth just
as he hit climax. Libby sucked madly as Tad's cum spilled down her throat.

"Mmmmmm." Libby moaned as she pulled Tad's cock out of her mouth and smacked
her lips.

"As tasty as ever." She stood up and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Wanna have a shower?"

"Sure." Tad nodded.

* * *

Just as they were heading to the bathroom there was a knock at the door.

"Shit!" Tad said softly.

"See who it is." Libby said moving quickly towards the bathroom.

"Who is it?" Tad asked as Libby closed the bathroom door.

"It's Anne." The voice on the other side of the door answered.

"Is Lib in?"

"Let her in Tad." Libby said. Tad opened the door and Anne Wilkinson walked
in. Standing about an inch taller then Tad, with long brunette hair, Anne was
very pretty. Her natural beauty was only increased by her choice of wardrobe.
She wore a one-piece black dress that consisted of a short-sleeved top and
loose and quite short skirt that looked to be at least a size too small so as
to show off both her medium-sized breasts and her tight, high butt nicely.

"I'm just getting in the shower Anne. I'll be out in a few minutes."

"Okay." Anne called back.

"Get her something to drink Tad." Libby called. Tad went to the fridge and
got Anne a can of drink as he heard the shower start.

"Thanks." Anne said smiling as he handed the Can to her.

"I'm just going to get changed." Tad said walking towards his room.

"Okay. Just make sure you do your fly up this time." Tad stopped cold and
brushed his hand over the front of his pants. He had put his cock back in
but had forgotten to do the zip up. He walked into his room and shut the
door, his face burning with embarrassment. As he changed he thought to
himself that it was a common mistake that every bloke made at least once
in his life.

`She just thinks I forgot to do it up after I went to the toilet or
something.' He calmed himself down and walked back out into the lounge room
wearing a T-shirt and track pants. He went to the fridge, grabbed a can of
drink for himself and sat at the kitchen table with Anne.

"How are things?" Anne asked.

"Cool." Tad replied.

"School going okay?"


"Like living here?"


* * *

The one-word answers weren't caused by Tad being unable to come up with long
responses to Anne's questions. It was due to the fact that he couldn't think
straight while looking at her. Her hair was pulled back from her gorgeous
face. Her big blue eyes were staring right into him and every time she took
a sip of her drink she licked her full, luscious lips with the tip of a very
fat tongue. Tad's mind began to wonder, thinking what it would feel like to
have those lips on his cock. That tongue licking his knob. That face coated
in his cum. He and Libby had talked about Anne before and Libby had remarked
that she thought that she would be a real slut in bed.

"I'm sure she'd fuck like a bunny." Lib had said.

"I mean every time Billy comes home after a date with her he's wearing a huge
grin. I bet he's just had his cock up her arse or down her throat." Tad was
just starting to imagine Anne naked when her voice broke into his thoughts.

"Are you okay Tad?"

"Yeah. Fine." Tad said realising he had been staring at her for about three
minutes without speaking.

"Where do you want this?" She asked, brandishing the now empty Can.

"I'll put it in the bin." He said taking it off her and walking over to the
rubbish bin.

* * *

When he turned back he saw that Anne had stood up and was walking over to the
lounge. He thought that she was going to sit down on the couch, but just as
she was about to she stopped, bent down and picked something up off the

`Oh fuck.' Tad thought as Anne stood up straight and turned around holding
Libby's dildo in her hand.

"Dear me." She said looking down at the thick black rubber, which was still
slick with Libby's juices.

"Lib has to be more careful with her toys." She looked up at Tad and smiled

"Doesn't she?"

"I guess." Tad nodded, trying to sound as casual as he could.

"I mean." Anne went on, running one slender finger along the length of the

"Anyone could just come along and find this." She ran her finger along the
dildo again. Wiping Libby's pussy juice onto it.

"And she didn't even clean it." She said.

* * *

Tad watched in amazement as Anne lifted her finger to her full lips, slipped
the tip between them and sucked with relish. She closed her eyes and moaned
softly as she slipped more of her finger into her mouth and then pulled it
out and grinned at a stunned Tad.

"But she does taste sweet." She said.

"Come over here Tad." He just stood there transfixed, not quite sure if what
he had just seen had really happened or if he was still lost in fantasy.

"Well... If your not going to come over here." Anne said, still smiling
widely. "I'm coming over there." She walked slowly over to where Tad stood,
swinging her hips slightly as she did and all the time looking at Tad with
mischief in her eyes.

"Looks like Libby has been a bad girl." She said, lifting the dildo up and
resting the tip on her chin.

"I wanna be bad too." And with that she slid the tip of the dildo into her
mouth and started to suck on it gently. Tad couldn't help himself. His hand
reached down and started to massage his cock through his track pants.

"Anne." He breathed as She started to bob her beautiful mouth up and down on
the dildo, making soft slurping noises as she built up saliva.

"ANNE!!!" Tad and Anne span around to see Libby, wrapped in a towel that
barely covered her from the top of her chest to just over her crotch,
standing in the doorway to the bathroom with a look of shock on her face.

"What?" Anne asked innocently taking the dildo out of her mouth and smiling
at Libby.

"You leave things like this lying around and a girl gets ideas."

"Ideas are all well and good Anne." Libby said, walking over to stand in
front of Anne.

"But you should have asked first."

"Well..." Anne asked.

"Can I play with your dildo?"

"Sure you can." Libby smiled back.

"As long as Tad and I can watch." Libby then moved forward, wrapped her arms
around Anne's neck and passionately kissed her.

* * *

Tad couldn't believe his eyes. Libby, the woman he had been fucking for the
past two months and Anne, a girl he had masturbated over for longer were
making out in front of him. Libby looked over Anne's shoulder and noticed him
standing there with his mouth open and grinned.

"I told Anne about us Tad." She said.

"How we had been having fun for the past few months." Anne turned around, now
with Libby's arms around her waist and smiled at Tad.

"Lib said that you wanted to fuck me too. Well here I am. I'm ready for.
Ahh!!!" Libby had reached up and started fondling Anne's breasts.

"Christ these are firm." Libby cooed in Anne's ear.

"If I'd known how much of a slut you were... I'd have had you over much
sooner." Libby looked back at Tad and asked in a low purr.

"You know how I said that all you have to do is ask?" As she pinched Anne's
nipples, making her cry out in pleasure.

"Well Anne here says she likes it ruff and hard. So I don't think we have to
ask if we want to fuck her."

"Oh god no." Anne breathed as Libby started kissing and biting her neck.

"I'm sick of Billy's idea of sex. All lovey-dovey and nice. I want it hard
and dirty. Fuck me like a whore!" Libby let Anne go, walked around her and
over to Tad. As she did so she dropped the towel to reveal her large breasts.

"Go on then." She said reaching down and cupping Tad's bulge in his pants.

"You wanted to fuck her... Do it. Fuck her hard baby." Tad just stared, first
at Libby and then at Anne.

"I don't think he believes us Lib." Anne said. She moved over to the kitchen
table, hitched up her dress to reveal a clean-shaven pussy and sat on the
edge with her legs slightly spread. She put the dildo down on the table and
grinned at Libby and Tad.

"I guess I'm gonna have to prove that I'm serious." She spread her legs wide
and slipped two fingers from her left hand deep in her pussy.

"Oh yeah." Libby breathed as Anne's fingers sank into her moist slit up to
the second knuckles.

"Fuck yourself you slut." Anne moaned loudly as she picked up pace, her pussy
making soft squelching sounds as she played with her young clit.

* * *

Libby meanwhile had put a hand inside Tad's pants and was softly tugging his
fully erect cock. Without warning, she grabbed the waistband of the pants and
pulled them down as she sank to her knees.

"Yeah." Anne gasped as Libby wrapped her lips around Tad's cock.

"Suck that cock Lib... Let me hear you choke on it." Libby started
deep-throating Tad right away, forcing as much of his tool down her throat
as she could. She began to gag and splutter as his knob hit the back of her
throat and sank further down.

"Fuck yeah." Anne groaned as she watched the scene in front of her, slipping
two more fingers into her pussy as she did so. She raised her free hand up
and undid the top few buttons of her dress and reached in to massage her
ample breast.

"Looks like you enjoy that Tad. Do you like your cock being sucked?" Tad
moaned as he ran his fingers through Libby's hair.

"Well wait till I give you one. I'm twice as nasty as Lib is." This was too
much for tad. He clamped his hands down on Libby's head as for the second
time that afternoon he ejaculated into her warm mouth. But instead of
swallowing the load as before, Libby stood up and walked over to Anne where
the two shared a deep, cum filled kiss.

"Mmmm." Anne moaned as they broke the kiss. It was clear to Tad that Anne now
had the load in her mouth. She swished it around in her mouth for a moment
and then, to Tad's surprise spat it onto Libby's breasts and then bent down
and licked it off again.

"Dirty fucking bitch." Libby said, looking down at Anne as she hungrily
licked the cum and spit off her tits.

"Shut up and eat me." Anne said looking up at her. As she lay back flat on
the table so her head was hanging over the edge, Libby grabbed a chair and
sat in front of her spread legs. Libby bent low and began to lap at Anne's
tight teenage cunt.

"That's it Lib." Anne moaned as Libby's talented tongue darted over her

"Lick my filthy little cunt!!! Ahhh!!! That's so fucking good!" Tad's cock
was starting to grow hard again as he watched Libby eating Anne out.

"Come... Around... Here... Tad..." Anne said between gasps of pleasure.

"Let me see if your cum tastes as good when it's fresh."

* * *

Tad practically flew around the table and stood in front of Anne's head,
which was hanging upside down.

"Fuck my face." Was all the instruction Tad needed. He plunged his cock deep
down Anne's throat and began to fuck her mouth as if it was Libby's pussy.
His thrusts were so deep and Anne's neck was bent that far back, he could see
the bulge of his cock as it sank down her gullet. This just spurred him on to
fuck her mouth with increased brutality. Anne choked and gagged as he pounded
and this just made Libby lick harder down the other end. Tad's balls slapped
against Anne's nose and eyes as he started to grunt with the force of his
powerful thrusts.

"I'm gonna cum!!!" He suddenly shouted. Anne started to wildly wave her
hands. But Tad didn't notice as he shot another load into a young, warm
mouth. Anne started to hit Tad as best as she could with her body the way
it was and he looked down to see that she was starting to turn blue. He
quickly pulled his still cumming cock out of her mouth and saw a stream
of cum and spit flow out of Anne's mouth. Coating her face, going up her
nose and making her cough and splutter as she tried to breathe. Tad
grabbed her head and helped her sit back up as Libby sat up, Anne's pussy
juices running down her chin.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Yeah... I'll be fine." Anne gasped.

"Here." Libby said, handing Anne her towel. Anne wiped the spit and cum off
her face and smiled at Tad who had walked back around the table to stand
behind Libby.

"That was amazing Tad." She cooed.

"Your cock is so big and hard... I want it inside me." Tad just looked at her
with lust in his eyes.

"Why don't you strip and go over to the couch while I clean up a bit more."
Anne said as she hopped off the table, bent down to deeply kiss Libby and
then move over to the kitchen sink.

* * *

Tad did as he was told and Libby joined him on the couch as Anne washed her
face clean and then walked over to them.

"Sit back." She told Tad. As he complied Anne undid the final few buttons of
her dress and slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She
stood there naked; her hands on her wide hips and smiled.

"Ready for the fuck of your life?" Tad just nodded. Anne moved forward,
straddling Tad on the couch and kissing him deeply. The two made out for
about five minutes as Libby fingered her pussy and egged them on.

"Fuck him Anne. Make him cum. I'll drink it out of your pussy and then we can
share it." Anne knelt up so that Tad's face was between her firm breasts. He
licked and kissed them, occasionally biting the nipples, which made her gasp
in ecstasy. The two of them were so wrapped up in each other that they didn't
notice Libby get up, go over to the kitchen table and return with the dildo
which she preceded to stuck in her pussy and fuck herself madly. Anne looked
down at Tad smiling.

"Give me your cock." She sank down and Tad's tool sank deep into her soaking
pussy. Anne began to ride him faster and faster, moaning and grunting every
time she lowered herself down onto his cock.

"Oh fuck! That feels so good! Fucking god!!! I'm cumming!!! Auhhh yes!!!" Her
body shook as a powerful orgasm tore through her teenage body. She started to
bounce up and down on Tad's cock as she shrieked with pleasure.


"Oh god!!!" Libby yelled. She was ramming the dildo into her pussy with both
hands and was shaking with her own orgasm.

"Wait..." Anne gasped, stopping her bouncing and looking down at Tad. She
hopped off him and said.

"Sit with your back against the arm of the couch. Tad did so and Anne then
turned to Libby.

"You do the same on the other end." Libby did so with a smile on her face as
she realised what Anne was planning. Anne re-positioned herself on Tad, her
back facing him as she sank down on his cock and began to fuck him reverse
Cowgirl style. Libby threw a leg up onto the back of the couch as Anne bent
down and started to lick her sopping pussy.

"Lick me!!!" Libby shouted as Anne lapped at her juices.

"Make me cum... AHHHH!!!" Her body shook with another orgasm. Tad meanwhile
had grabbed hold of Anne's hips and was driving his cock deep into her pussy,
which was making Anne cum with every third or forth stroke.

"Tad..." Libby gasped.

"Fuck her arse." Anne mumbled her approval for this idea as best as she could
through a mouthful of Libby's pussy.

* * *

Tad pulled out of Anne's pussy, wriggled out from underneath her and knelt
behind her with his cock positioned at the entrance to her arse.

"Fuck her!!!" Libby ordered. Tad grabbed Anne around the waist and drove his
cock home. Anne's anus was amazingly tight and she screamed in pain and
pleasure as his cock broke into her asshole. He was soon pounding her arse
harder then he had ever fucked Libby. Anne was screaming and moaning while
licking at Libby's cunt, which was making Libby grunt and shriek in return.
After five minutes of this Tad shouted.

"I'm gonna cum!!!"

"On our faces!!!" Anne said, lifting her face away from Libby's pussy.

"I want you to paint our faces with your cum!!!" Tad pulled out of Anne's
arse with a loud POP and the two girls dropped to the floor and sat in front
of Tad. Anne shot forward and grabbed Tad's cock, taking the whole thing in
her mouth and licking her pussy and arse juices off with relish.

"I'm cumming!!!" Tad screamed. Anne pulled the cock out and held it between
hers and Libby's faces. Libby put her face next to Anne's and the two were
soon soaked in rope after rope of Tad's thick cum. After he was finished,
Libby licked his cock clean and then turned to Anne.

"We're doing this again Anne." And with that, Libby licked Anne's face clean
and vice-versa.

Two days later...

Anne Wilkinson lay in bed and drifted into sleep. She dreamed that Tad was
fucking her face while Libby, wearing a strap-on was fucking her in the arse.
As she fell deeper into the dream she didn't hear her window quietly open.
She dreamt that Tad had pulled his cock out of her mouth and was slapping her
face with it.

`Feels so real.' She thought.

`It is real!!!' She opened her eyes to see a large, hard cock was hanging
right in front of her face as she lay on her side.

"Hey." Tad said quietly.

"Tad!" Anne exclaimed softly.

"You said I never had to ask."

* * *

Two minutes later Anne was kneeling on the floor of her bedroom. Her face
berried in her pillow as Tad fucked her hard in the arse.

`I don't care if anyone hears us.' She thought as she came.

`When it feels this good. Getting caught is worth it.'



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