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Neighbours: Anne's Business Part 2 - Grand Opening (mmf,oral,exhib)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

"Bull shit!" Troy said.

"I'm not lying." Sam replied.

"There's no way." Jack said.

"It's true!" Sam said, getting impatient. He and his two best friends were
sitting in the coffee shop before school, talking about a girl. Not very
different to every other day... Except for the fact that today, one of them
was saying that this girl had given him a hand job yesterday.

"I'm telling you she jacked me off." Sam said before re-telling them the
whole story again.

"And she said that I was to tell everyone that she would do the same and more
with them for the right price."

"Price?" Troy asked.

"Yeah. She said five for a kiss. Ten for a wank. Twenty for a blowjob and
fifty for sex."

"Even if we did believe you." Jack said.

"She was probably joking about that part."

"I don't think so." Sam said.

"She gave me the prices like she was in a shop telling me the price of lunch
or something."

The door of the coffee shop opened and someone walked in.

"It's her." Jack said as Anne Wilkinson walked in and went to the counter to
get a drink. Even in her school uniform she was hot. Her long legs and her
tight butt were clad in the uniform's skirt and looked amazing. Her breasts,
that were large for her age were under the top of the uniform and her jumper
but were still very noticeable.

"Wish it was true." Troy said as Anne moved to a corner seat and sipped at
her drink.

"I'd love to fuck her."

"Fifty bucks." Sam said.

"Knock it off Sam." Jack said.

"Look!!!" Sam said standing up.

"I'll prove it." And with that he walked right up to Anne and said something
that the others couldn't hear. Anne smiled up at him and took a piece of
paper out of her bag and wrote something down on it. Sam came back and handed
the paper to Troy and Jack.

"There." He said.

"Proof." The two looked at the paper.
_ _ _

Anne's prices.

$5 = Kiss. Includes groping.

$10 = Handjob until orgasm. Includes me cleaning my hand,
groping and kissing.

$20 = Blowjob. Includes kissing, handjob as well as your
choice of facial or swallowing.

$50 = Sex any way you want. Includes handjob, blowjob and
kissing. All styles welcome.

No condoms needed.

Friends may masturbate while watching for free. However
if they wish to cum on me it will cost $10.

Groups welcome.

Requests for outfit, setting and extra items such as toys
or other objects welcome.

Spread the good word!!! I'll fuck anyone, anywhere, any
_ _ _

Troy and Jack looked over at Anne… She was smiling and gave them a wink.

"Oh my god." Troy said.

"Told ya." Sam said grinning.

* * *

Later that same day, Anne left her last class of the day having had a very
good day. She had gotten an A in English and was in the running for the lead
in the school play. As she went to the toilet she saw the two boys that Sam
had been talking to that morning. They were looking at her and whispering to
each other. When she came out of the toilet she noticed that they were still
there, still watching and whispering. She stopped at the notice board and

'Only a matter of time.' She thought. And sure enough…

"Ummm. Excuse me? Anne?" She turned to face Troy and Jack who were looking
very nervous.

"Hello boys." She said with a bright smile.

"I was wondering when you would come to see me."

"Is it true?" Troy asked holding up the piece of paper from the morning.

"Of course." Anne said in a sexy voice.

"Anyone, anywhere, any time." The two boys looked like all their Christmas's
had come at once.

"You up for it?" Anne asked.

"Sure." The two said together.

"Meet me down at the Lake in an hour." Anne said before turning and walking

* * *

An hour later, Troy and jack where at the lake waiting.

"She's not coming." Jack said looking around.

"This was just some kind of joke that Sam got her in on."

"Yeah." Troy agreed.

"Let's go." As the two started to head for the street outside the Lake Park
they saw someone coming down the path.

"Shit!" Troy said. It was Anne. She had changed. She was now wearing a very
tight white T-shirt that showed off her magnificent breasts very well and a
very short black skirt. She had let her brunette hair out and was wearing
deep red lipstick. As she came closer they saw that she wasn't wearing a bra
because her nipples were sticking out under her top.

"Hey boys." She said smiling.


"Ummm." They said.

"First things first." Anne said holding out a hand.

"Money first." Troy and Jack both handed her twenty dollars each.

"So it's a good blowjob you want huh?" She said taking the money and putting
it in her bag.

"Come on then." And she led them around the Lake to a Scout hall on the far
side. She walked around the hall to a grassy area that was well out of sight
of the main path and was covered by large trees.

"Who's first?" Anne asked in a very business-like tone. Troy stepped forward.

"Come here then." Anne said moving over to the back wall of the hall. Troy
moved to join her and she pulled him into a passionate kiss. His hands roamed
over her body and ended on her breasts.

"Feel good don't they?" She said between kisses.

"Fuck yeah." Troy said, as he needed her firm tits.

"Show me your cock." Anne said pushing him back. Troy, trembling slightly,
unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard tool. Anne supressed a laugh. It
wasn't very big. About five inches and looked like a thin pencil.

'You said anyone.' She reminded herself.

"Lean against the wall." She ordered him. Troy did so and Anne sank to her
knees in front of him. She grabbed hold of the base of his small cock and
tugged hard. His cock was already twitching with a barely contained load of

'Must be a virgin.' She thought. 'Won't last long.' She blew on the head of
his dick and...

"Shit!!!" Troy grunted as he went over the edge. Anne shot forward, opening
her mouth and engulfing his whole cock as his load spewed forth.

'He might be small.' She thought as his load pumped into her mouth.

'But he sure tastes good.' She swallowed every drop and then licked his cock

"Don't worry." She said as she looked up to see Troy's face bright red with

"You'll last longer as time goes on." She stood up and turned to Jack.

"Next." She said with a smile.

Jack practically flew to her. Grabbing her around the waist and pushing her
backwards. Troy moved aside as the two slammed into the wall. Jack had been
with a girl before and knew what to do. He kissed and groped Anne's body for
about ten minutes before breaking off and undoing his pants.

'Now that's more like it.' She thought looking at his cock. It was about
eight inches and very thick. The head already dripped with pre-cum.

"Suck on it bitch!" He ordered.

"Oh my!" Anne said in a mock little-girl voice.

"I like a man who tells me what to do." Jack lent against the wall and Anne
dropped to the ground again. She jerked the cock for a few seconds before
parting her full lips and taking the head inside her warm mouth.

"Suck it hard!" Jack said. Anne started to bob her head up and down on his
cock fast. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair. Anne reached
one hand up and gently squeezed Jack's balls. This was too much for him.

"I want to cum on your face!!!" He shouted. Anne pulled the cock out of her
mouth with a loud POP and jerked hard.

"Cum on my face Jack! Blow your hot load on my face now!!!" Thick ropes of
cum burst out of his cock. The first hit her on the forehead. The second and
third hit her on the nose. The forth hit her in the right eye and the last
landed on her chin and dripped down to land on her T-shirt.

"Thank you." Jack said after he caught his breath. Anne smiled and wiped the
cum off her face with her hands and then licked them clean.

"My pleasure."

Suddenly, she felt something beside her. She turned her head to see Troy's
cock inches from her face. It was hard again and about to blow. She grabbed
it and tugged as his second load shot out, hitting her right in the face.
After he was done and she had cleaned off again she stood up and said.

"That's another Ten Troy." He handed her the money and grinned.

"Well." Anne said picking up her bag.

"Hope you had fun you two. Don't forget to tell your friends about me." And
without another word... She was gone.

* * *

The next day, Troy was to be found in the library using the photocopier. He
was making copies of a particular piece of paper… A price list. He handed it
to all his friends and even guys he didn't know.

Anne Wilkinson's new business was open. And it wasn't long before she was
very busy indeed.



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