Remember... This is not a story for people under 18. Also, the show and
character of Anne are not mine in any way. I'm just taking her for a
perverted spin.

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Neighbours: Anne's Business Part 3 - The First Fifty (mf,oral,anal)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

Anne's prices.

$5 = Kiss. Includes groping.

$10 = Handjob until orgasm. Includes me cleaning my hand,
groping and kissing.

$20 = Blowjob. Includes kissing, handjob as well as your
choice of facial or swallowing.

$50 = Sex any way you want. Includes handjob, blowjob and
kissing. All styles welcome.

No condoms needed.

Friends may masturbate while watching for free. However
if they wish to cum on me it will cost $10.

Groups welcome.

Requests for outfit, setting and extra items such as toys
or other objects welcome.

Spread the good word!!! I'll fuck anyone, anywhere, any
_ _ _

This paper spread through the school like wildfire. Boys From all year
levels were soon whispering to each other every time Anne Wilkinson walked
past them... And she loved it. In the two weeks since she had started her
new money making venture she had only had five clients and all of those
had paid twenty for a blowjob. She didn't mind this; after all she enjoyed
giving head a lot... But she wanted to get fucked badly. She and her
boyfriend Billy had been having trouble of late and he hadn't been around
enough for her to get the attention she needed and wanted for about three
weeks now.

* * *

On Friday afternoon, Anne was getting ready to leave for home when a boy
who was in the year below her approached her.

"Hi there." Anne said with a bright smile.

"Hey." The boy said.

"I'm Nick."

"What can I do for you Nick?" Anne asked as if she had no idea.

"I was wondering if you were busy after school?"

"Not any more." Anne said grinning.

"Cool." Nick said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a note.

"It's fifty for the whole deal right?" Anne took the money and smiled.

"Whatever you want honey."

"Come on then." Nick said before leading Anne out of the school grounds.

They walked for about twenty minutes until they arrived at Nick's house.

"Nice." Anne said as they walked into the house.

"So..." Nick said looking at her with hunger in his eyes.

"How do we..."

"You have control here Nick." Anne said putting her bag down and pulling off
her jumper to stand there in her school uniform.

"I'm up for anything." Nick reached out and cupped her firm, young breasts
in his hands. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were already hard in

"That's it baby. Anne breathed as Nick rubbed her nipples in his fingers
through her uniform.

"I'm all yours. Do whatever you want to my body. Treat me like the whore we
both know I am." Nick reached up and started to unbutton her uniform. He bent
forward and kissed her on the mouth as his hands went lower and lower until
all the buttons were undone. Nick looked down at Anne's breasts that were
still squeezed into the top making a large valley of cleavage.

"You like them?" Anne asked before moving a step back and pulling her top off
her shoulders and letting her breasts out into the open air.

"Fuck yeah." Nick said unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out.

"Wow." Anne gasped looking down at his member. It was nine inches long and
pretty thick. Nick gave it a few hard tugs and then said.

"Lie down on the carpet. I want to fuck them."

She did as she was told, grabbing a cushion from the couch to rest her head
on. Nick meanwhile had stripped and now straddled her and placed his cock
between her tits. Anne squeezed them together so they grasped his cock
firmly. Nick began to pump his cock between her breasts, as Anne talked dirty
to him.

"I bet you've wanted to do this for a while huh? Bet you've wanted to fuck
me. Take me and make me your whore. Fuck those tittys. Cum all over my boobs.
Make me your cum slut." Nick pumped faster and Anne bent her head down she
could flick her fat tongue out to lick his knob on each upward thrust.

"Oh yes!!!" Nick grunted as Anne's tongue made contact with his cock. After
five minutes of this he held his cock on the upward thrust and Anne took the

"Want to fuck my face now?" She released his dick from her tits and he
shuffled up so he was right in front of her beautiful face. "Fuck it like
it was my cunt." She said before opening her mouth wide and licking his
cock with her tongue.

Nick sank his tool deep into Anne's teenage mouth and she clamped her full
lips down hard. He hit the back of her throat and she relaxed so it could
go right down. He reached down and grabbed Anne by the back of her head and
began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth fast. The feeling of her
tongue, the sound of her slurping and slobbering as she sucked on his cock
and the fact that he had been fucking her tits as well soon drove him over
the edge.

"FUCK!!!" He shouted as his load burst out and down Anne's silky throat. She
gagged on the shear magnitude of the load but kept sucking until he pulled
his still hard cock out with a wet POP.

"Thanks for that." He said standing up and moving to get dressed.

"Wait." Anne said sitting up.

"Where are you going? We're not done yet."

"But I came." Nick said.

"But you gave me fifty. Not twenty. You still get to fuck me." She stood up,
pulled the rest of her uniform off so it dropped to the floor and pulled her
panties down to show a clean shaved pussy that was very wet.

"Sit on the couch." She ordered and Nick did so. Anne stood in front of him
and started to finger her pussy with two fingers.

"Want to fuck this cunt?" She asked.

"Want to shoot your load deep in my tight little pussy?"

"Yeah." Was all Nick could say.

Anne pulled her fingers out of her pussy and straddled Nick on the couch.
She sank down right on his cock, driving it deep inside her body.

"Ahh!!!" Anne groaned as she started to move up and down on his cock as he
grabbed her tits and squeezed hard on the nipples. She started to move faster
as Nick's hips started to thrust in time too hers.

"FUCK ME HARDER YOU FUCKER!!!" She shouted as Nick grabbed her by the hips.
Anne wrapped her arms around his neck and he bent forward so she was leaning
back in his lap. After a few thrusts they over balanced and fell to the floor
still in each other's arms.

"I want to fuck you in the arse." Nick said pulling out. Anne just smiled and
got onto all fours. She stuck her tight butt out and gave it a shake.

"Sink it deep. Make me scream." Nick drove his cock home hard. Anne shrieked
in pleasure and started to cry out loudly. "FUCK THAT ARSE!!! CUM IN MY ARSE

After five minutes Nick thrust as deeply into Anne's arse as he could as he
shoot his second load of the afternoon into her body.

"YES!!! FUCKING GOD YES!!!" Anne screamed as she had her own orgasm.

Anne left Nick's house an hour later after he paid her another twenty for
another blowjob. She headed home and went straight to her room where she
stripped and began to masturbate madly until she came again.

'That was the best fuck I've had in weeks.' She thought as she pulled her
fingers out of her pussy and licked them clean.

'I hope they'll all be like that.'



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