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always this is for people over 18.

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School whore?

Neighbours: Anne's Business 4 - The "I" In Team (f-gang)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

Anne Wilkinson walked down the halls of her school feeling very good about
herself. She was young, beautiful and exceptionally popular with everyone...
In particular the boys. For the past three months she had been providing a
service for the boys of the school that made her a gal in very great demand.
It wasn't tutoring or some kind of after-school program. She was a whore.
She took money from anyone and did whatever they wanted. Handjobs, blowjobs
and good old fashion fucking… She did it all and she did it with a smile and
no protection. She had made over $1,000 already and the cash flow showed no
signs of slowing down any time soon.

She walked to her locker to get a math book for her homework and saw what
she thought was a piece of paper sticking out of the bottom of the locker's
metal door. She opened the door and the thing dropped out and onto the floor.
It was a envelope. She bent down and picked it up, opened it and pulled out
a note and several fifty dollar bills. She looked at the note.

Come down to the pool at five tonight. Wear your uniform.

She then counted the money. There were six bills.

'$300.' She thought as she slipped the money into her pocket and headed for
the library.

'This is gonna be fun.'

At Five o'clock, Anne walked to the swimming pool next to the park and went
to the front doors.

"Hey Anne!" A voice called off to her right. She turned to see a boy from
her year waving at her from a side entrance.

"The pool is closed. Come in here." She walked up and the boy let her in.
His name was Jim and he was the captain of the swim team that her boyfriend
Billy was on.

"Hi Jim." She said with a bright smile as he closed and locked the door.

"You sent me the note?"

"Yep." Jim said leading her down a ramp to the main floor of the pool.

"There were six fifties in the envelope… Where are the others?" She asked.

"Just towelling off." Jim said leading her around the pool and towards the
change rooms.

"They don't know about this. I thought that they'd like to have some fun
since they lost the Meet with Eden Park last week."

"Sounds like fun to me." Anne said as her pussy started to get wet at the

The two walked through the door of the change rooms and Anne heard the sound
of the showers running.

"Wait here and come in when I call you." Jim said as he went around the
corner into the shower block.

"Are you fucks still in here?" He asked loudly over the running water.

"Hurry up... I've got a surprise for you."

"What?" Asked a voice Anne knew belonged to Brad who was the newest member
of the team and was very cute.

"Well..." Jim said.

"I thought you've all been working so hard lately that you deserved a treat."

"What? You got some beer or something." Brad asked hopefully.

"Better than that." Jim said with a laugh.

"Some pot? Asked Brad.

"Not even close." Jim answered.

"She's right outside."

"She?" Came a number of voices.

"Yep… Come on in!" Jim called.

Anne walked around the corner and into the shower room. Along one wall there
were a row of showers and along the rest there were benches for people to sit
on while either waiting for a shower or to dry off. The five boys under the
showers looked at her with mouths open in amazement.

"Hey guys." Anne said with a sluttish grin on her face.

"No way!" Brad said.

"Yes way." She replied.

"I'm all paid up and ready to get nasty with the fucking lot of you." She
quickly looked down and noticed that all five of them had semi erect cocks
ranging in size from seven to ten inches.

"Surprise!" Jim said to the boys.

"She's all ours." One of the boys called Pete turned off his shower and
walked slowly up to stand in front of Anne. He was about a hand span taller
then her with short brown hair and grey eyes.

"This for real?" He asked looking her up and down.

"Yep." Anne said reaching out and grabbing his nine-inch cock and giving it
a soft tug.

"I'm here to get banged by you boys. One at a time or all at once. It doesn't
matter as long as I get fucked." Pete grabbed her and pulled her into a deep
kiss that lifted her off her feet. He put her back down and said.

"Suck my cock bitch" Anne dropped to her knees and licked the tip of his cock
with her fat tongue.

"I said suck not lick!" Pete shouted. Anne didn't waist any more time. She
opened her mouth and took the whole of his cock. She began sucking fast.
Bobbing her head up and down while making loud slurping noises.

"Fuck that's good!" Pete grunted reaching down and grabbing both sides of
Anne's face and thrusting harder in and out of her mouth.

"You're a little slut aren't ya? Just a little whore here to get fucked." She
heard Jim say from off to the side. She would have nodded if she could but
Pete's face fucking was so violent she couldn't even breath properly.

"I'm gonna cum!!!" Pete yelled as Anne felt him tense up. Suddenly a wave
of hot cum burst out of his cock and straight down her throat. He stopped
fucking her face and she sucked hard as his load shot down her gullet. She
didn't miss a drop and when he was done she pulled his cock out of her
mouth and said.


"Get up." Jim ordered. She did as she was told and turned to face him. He
moved to stand in front of her and looked her in the eye.

"You said that you'd do anyone, any way in that note of yours that we all
got. Sure you're ready for this slut?"

"Absolutely." She answered. Jim just smiled as he reached up and ran a hand
down one side of her angelic face.

"Remember that later whore." His hand ran down her neck and came to rest on
one of her firm young breasts. His other hand reached up to join the other
and he began to rub her tits through her uniform and bra. Suddenly, he
grabbed her uniform in the centre and ripped it open sending buttons flying
everywhere and making the other four guys cheer.

"Yeah." She moaned as Jim tore more of her uniform so it was split down to
just below her belly button.

"Give it to me ruff! I want to be fucked hard and fast by you fuckers!" Anne
suddenly felt hands reach for her hips from behind. Someone else started to
kiss and bite her neck from behind.

"You want it ruff huh?" The voice said. It was Greg who was the fastest
swimmer on the team... And from what she had seen before had the biggest cock

"Oh yeah." She said as she felt his hands ran over her tight butt.

"I want you to treat me like the little slut I am. Violate my body. Make me
beg you to stop. Fuck me in every hole in my body and cum all over me. Just
fuck me!!!" Greg reached down and grabbed the bottom of her uniform between
his fingers. There was another ripping sound as he tore her uniform from her
butt to half way up her back. Jim meanwhile was fumbling with the catch to
Anne's bra. She often wore ones that undid in the front when she was doing
this because of all the guys that wanted to cum on her tits after a blowjob.
The catch opened and her breasts were soon being licked and kissed by Jim as
Greg rubbed her but through her panties.

Anne soon heard a sound over near the showers and turned her head to see a
boy called Kevin madly jerking his eight-inch cock.

"Come over here and let me do that honey." She said breathlessly. Kevin was
there in a flash. Anne's right hand was soon a blur of motion as she jacked
him off. Brad soon was getting the same treatment from her left hand. That
left only one of the guys without anything to do.

"What about me?" Mitch asked.

"Don't worry baby." Anne said as Jim bit hard on her left nipple.

"I'll get to you in a second. Just let me get these two off first." She
nodded to Brad and Kevin who soon were blowing their loads into her hands.

"That's it boys." She cooed as she lifted her hands to her lips and licked
them clean.

"Just keep coming for me."

Greg now had a hand down the back of Anne's panties and was running a finger
down the crack of her arse.

"What are you doing back there?" She asked knowing exactly what was coming.
He answered by sticking his finger right up her arsehole.

"Oh yes!!!" She moaned. While this was going on, Jim had sunk to his knees
and was flipping the front of her ripped uniform bottom up to show the
front of her panties. He grabbed the elastic and pulled down hard. Anne's
clean-shaved pussy came into full view. She already had her legs open a bit
for Greg's finger that was still up her arse and her pussy lips were very
swollen. Jim stuck his face between her legs and started to lick her out.
She moaned loudly and spread her legs more so she was partly bent over with
Greg holding her with his free hand as Jim sucked and lapped at her sopping

"Bring her over here guys." Brad said. Anne turned to see that Mitch and
Pete had gone and gotten a large mat from the gym room and had placed it on
the ground. Greg pulled his finger out of her arse and grabbed her around
the waist. Jim pulled back and stood up as Greg lifted Anne off her feet and
carried her over to the large, soft mat. He threw her roughly and she landed
with a bounce and rolled over just in time to see Jim flying towards her with
his ten-inch cock out and fully erect. He straddled her and placed his cock
between her breasts and squeezed together.

"Fuck those tittys." Anne said as he began pumping his cock between her
heaving breasts. She put her head back on the mat and found herself looking
at another cock.

"Suck on this whore." Mitch said. He was knelling over her and she opened
her mouth and hungrily sucked his knob inside. He bent down and more and
more of his cock went down her throat until she began to gag and splutter.
He didn't stop and she soon was turning a deep shade of purple.

Meanwhile, Kevin had taken over licking her pussy. His tongue moving fast in
and out of her cunt as he fingered her at the same time. Anne felt Mitch's
balls tense and then a massive load of cum shoot down her throat. She
swallowed the lot and he pulled out just in time for Jim's load to burst
forth and cover her face and chest.

"I want a cock in my fucking cunt!" She shouted as Jim stood up and moved
away to be replaced by Pete who started to tit-fuck her. She felt Kevin's
tongue stop its work and the fingers pull out. She then felt hands grab her
by the hips and lift her butt off the mat.

"Give it to me baby!" She moaned as Kevin sank his cock deep inside her
teenage pussy and started to fuck her hard. She grunted and moaned as he
pumped his cock in and out of her while Pete blew his load out from between
her tits, coating her face even more. As Pete got off her Kevin started to
fuck her even harder as the others egged him on.

"Fuck that whore dude! Make her scream!"

Anne was cuming with almost every thrust and soon lost count of how many
times she orgasmed before…

"Flip her." Greg said.

"I want that arse." Kevin pulled out and Anne flipped herself without any
help. She got onto all fours and stuck her tight young butt high in the air.

"Take me you fuck!!! Make me your anal slut!" She shrieked as his massive
cock rammed up her anal passage. Her whole body shook as he fucked her harder
then she had ever been fucked before. She opened her eyes to see five cocks
in front of her on all sides. The five guys got sucked off in turn and blew
their loads over her face as Greg continued to pump her arse.

"FUCK!!!" He grunted as he blew his load deep up her butt. He pulled out and
Anne fell to the mat and rolled over.

"More." She said with a smile on her cum covered face.

Two hours later Anne was pushed out the side door of the pool still in her
ripped uniform and now covered from head to toe with fresh and hardening cum.
They hadn't even let her clean up before throwing her out.

'How am I going to get home like this?' She asked herself as she tried to
walk while holding her ripped uniform over her breasts. She walked through
the park and hid behind a tree at the side of the road thinking hard.

'Only one way.' She thought as a car came down the road. She moved out from
behind the tree and flashed the car. It skidded to a Holt and a man in his
fifties stuck his head out the window.

"Hey there honey." He said looking at this girl covered in cum and wearing
a ripped school uniform.

"Need a hand?"

"A lift to Ramsey Street would be better." Anne said walking over and bending
over without bothering to hold her top closed.

"What's in it for me?" The man asked. A minute later he was driving down the
road with Anne giving him a very sloppy blowjob.

Anne got out of the car wiping her mouth and thanking the man for the lift.
She ran inside the house and straight into the bathroom.

As she stood under the shower, cleaning the cum off her body she thought
about the time she had just had... She was soon sitting on the floor of the
shower with four fingers inside her pussy.



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