Neighbours: At Home With The Scully Girls (f/f/f,inc)
by Pervo

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The phone call had taken me by surprise slightly. Stephanie had called and
invited me round to her place. When I asked her the reason she told me simply
that her 2 sisters would be there too and that I wouldn't regret coming. I
hurredly made my way to Ramsey Street...

Stephanie and Felicity both answered the door. Felicity was wearing her
sexy-as-hell Erinsborough High school uniform. At just 17 years of age she
was already a fine-figure of a woman. Her uniform was cut short showing her
beautiful teenage legs. It seemed tighter fitting than I had remembered it
and her young breasts looked beautiful. Her nipples were clearly erect and she
was obviously quite excited about something.

Stephanie was a few years older and a bit more shapely than Flick. She was
wearing a short leather skirt and a tight fitting red top which made the fact
that her nipples were also erect obvious. I got the feeling that the 2
sisters had been warming up without me! They had often indulged in lesbian
behaviour with each other. The other family members had no idea about this
dirty secret.

"Where's Michelle?" I enquired somewhat disappointedly. The youngest Scully
sister was nowhere to be seen and I was hoping that whatever was in store
would involve her too. I had always fantasised about Michelle. Perhaps it was
the fact that she was just 14 years old and was forbidden that turned me on
so much about her. Or perhaps it was just the thought of teaching the little
bitch a lesson.

"Follow us" Steph replied as she gestured towards the bedroom area adjoining
the living room. How could I refuse? I eagerly followed the 2 girls - my eyes
transfixed on their pert arses as I followed them. Steph's leather skirt
hugged her arse cheeks tightly. I could already feel my cock stiffening.

We all entered Michelle's bedroom and the sight greeting me made my cock
throb even more. Michelle was lying face down on her bed. Her arms were
outstretched and had been tied to the two posts at the corner of the bed. She
was also decked out in here Erinsborough High uniform. She looked over her
shoulder at us as we entered the room. Her expression was one of desperation
and fear. Tears were pouring down her face. "Please help me!" she begged me.
As she looked at the devilish expression on my face she soon realised that I
was not going to be her saviour.

I stared at Michelle's young backside. Her knickers had already been removed
and the bottom of her bare arse cheeks were just visible under her uniform.
There was a large black dildo lying by her ankles. "We've been warming the
little slut up for you" Steph laughed. The two older sisters had been
planning this day for a while. They had always hated how their parents had
spoilt Michelle. The little bitch had had it coming.

I quickly dropped my trousers and removed my underwear. I was just about to
climb into position behind Michelle when Flick held out her hand to stop me.
"I think maybe we should warm you up a bit too" she grinned. Upon saying this
Flick gently grabbed my hard-on and began to jerk it up and down. As Flick
did this Steph knelt down in front of me. Flick moved her hand to around the
base of my cock as Stephanie wrapped her lips around my bell-end. Steph then
began to bob her head up and down and gently suck me off. At the same time
Flick delicately caressed my balls. As she did this she used her spare hand
to reach under her dress and rub her own clit through her sopping knickers.

Steph's oral sex technique was superb. She sucked me like a pro. This
combined with the site of her youngest sister looking so helpless and
fuckable made the spunk well-up in my balls. Flick continued to caress my
bollocks at the same time. As I was just about to cum Steph suddenly stopped
and pulled her head away from my cock. "Your turn Flick" she told her sister.
Flick obeyed and quickly knelt down to begin sucking me off. Steph moved
towards her youngest sister and grabbed the dildo mennacingly.

Flick wasn't quite as good as giving head as Steph but even so it was still a
superb blow-job. She moved her head up and down slightly more vigorously than
Steph. I looked down at her beautiful lips embracing my cock. She slowed down
slightly and deep-throated me a couple of times. She maintained eye-contact
with me at all times as she sucked which just added to the thrill. I was
enjoying the moment immensley when I heard a tremendous groan from the bed.

I quickly looked up to see Steph plunging the dildo into Michelle's virgin
cunt. Michelle moaned in agony. This just encouraged Steph further and she
began to work the dildo back and forth forcefully. Michelle groaned with pain
further but Steph just laughed and carried on. Flick however remained focused
on my cock and continued to suck. Superb though this blow job was I had a
more pressing desire.

I gently pushed Flick's mouth away from my throbbing dick and moved towards
the bed. Steph moved away towards Flick and I climbed onto the bed behind
Michelle. She was screaming even louder now. Steph had left the dildo in
Michelle's vagina but she was powerless to remove it. I grabbed the end and
began to move it roughly in and out. The screams continued. But enough of the
games, I wanted to get my cock in there.

I pulled the dildo out and moved into position behind the oh-so-illegal but
oh-so-tempting 14 year old. I slowly nudged my dick into her virgin cunt. It
entered easily into her tight vagina. Michelle let out a small gasp. I pushed
it all the way in and she moaned slightly. I then began to slowly move my
penis back and forth. The youngster moaned some more - partly in pain but
also partly in pleasure. I think she was begining to secretly enjoy the
thought of losing her virginity. I pulled her slightly chubby hips towards me
so that I could penetrate her more deeply and began thrusting in and out of
her beautifully tight vagina more forcefully. I began to notice more moans
coming from the corner of the room.

Whilst I fucked their youngest sister Flick and Steph had both slipped off
their knickers and began rubbing each others clits. They were now on the
floor rolling around in extasy fingering each other's most intimate parts.
Their moans further increased my arousal and I began to fuck Michelle's
snatch for all I was worth. Michelle's moans grew almost deafening. She was
definitely now enjoying the experience. As I pumped away ever-harder, her
beautiful young arse cheeks slapped against my hips. Michelle's tight vagina
began to spasm and with a deafening moan she shuddered to an orgasm. I pulled
out and she collapsed into the bed.

Flick and Steph looked up from the floor jealously. They were now hungry for
a fucking too. Flick climbed off the floor and moved towards the bed. I lay
down next to the exhausted Michelle and waited anxiously. Steph got up and
left the room.

Flick climbed onto the bed. She was still wearing her school uniform. I had
always had a thing about the Erinsborough High uniform. Now I was about to
fuck my second schoolgirl of the day. Flick climbed on top of me and I leant
back. She lifted her dress slightly to reveal her beautifully trimmed young
bush. Her cunt was sopping wet after her frollicking with Steph. She gently
lowered herself onto my cock and began rocking back and forth. I reached up
and ripped open the front of her dress to reveal her lovely tits. The nipples
were rock hard and I began to rub them gently. This made Flick increase her
rocking rate. She began to moan as she roughly fucked me. Michelle stirred
slightly next to us. I reached out to stroak her beautiful young arse.

Flick moaned ever louder before suddenly stopping. She slowly pulled herself
off my dick and turned herself around. She then lowered herself back on to my
hard-on so that her back was facing me. Flick then proceeded to continue her
rocking. This time her moans were much louder. The sight of her arse bobbing
up and down as she moved her cunt up and down my shaft was beautiful. Flick
continued fucking me ever-quicker before she finely shuddered to an orgasm.
She gently pulled herself off my hard-on.

As Flick moved off the bed Steph re-entered the room. She had changed her
clothing. She was now wearing one of Flick's spare school dresses. Her hair
was tied up in little pig-tails. Her beautiful 20 year old figure was almost
bursting out of the incredibly tight uniform. She had left the top 2 buttons
undone which further showed off her fantastic tits. In her hand she had a
large tub of Vasceline.

Steph walked over to the far-corner of the room and tossed the tub of
Vasceline onto the bed. Leaning forward onto the dressing table she looked
back over her shoulder at me. "Fuck my arse" she demanded. It was another
offer no man on earth could refuse. The school dress Steph was wearing only
covered half of her arse cheeks. Her arse looked superb and I couldn't wait
to get my cock up there. I quickly jumped of the bed and moved towards her.

Upon reaching her I gently lifted her dress to expose her arse. As I did this
she stood up and reached around to grab her arse cheeks. She gently pulled
them apart to reveal her already lubed up arse hole. I nudged my penis gently
towards her brown hole. With a sharp thrust forward I forced my bell-end in.
As I did this Steph leaned forward onto the dressing table and thrust her
arse further back. With another mighty thrust forward my entire cock was in
her arse-passage. Steph let out a scream of pure pleasure. She had always
loved anal sex. I started to roughly pump my cock in and out of her
incredibly tight passage. With each thrust she groaned. I could feel the cum
begin to well up again.

With my right hand I reached out and grabbed one of Steph's girlie pony
tails. I tugged hard as I fucked. This made Steph moan louder still. "Fuck me
harder" she demanded. I of course followed her instructions to the letter.

After a couple of minutes Steph shuddered to a powerfull orgasm. This was
too much for me to take and I shot my load right up her forbidden passage.
We both moaned loudly and I withdrew my tired cock. The spunk dripped from
Steph's arse as she slumped forward onto the table.

I turned around to face the bed where the 2 younger Scully sisters lay. Flick
had untied Michelle and they both lay on the bed with their fingers in each
other's cunt writhing about and moaning. I slowly walked over. "Suck my cock
clean you little slut" I ordered Michelle. She was so horny after the
afternoon's excitement that she immediately obeyed. She wrapped her beautiful
teenage lips around my limp cock and began to suck it back to hardness. She
had clearly never given head before and sucked it as she would a lolly pop.
Her primitive technique and the fact that she was only 14 turned me on though
and I soon had a throbbing erection again. She continued to suck as I grabbed
her by the hair and forced her to deep-throat me.

Whilst I taught her younger sister how to give a blow job, Flick had started
to lube up her own arse hole with the Vasceline. She too was now ready for an
arse-fucking. I pulled out of Michelle's mouth and positioned myself behind
Flick who was leaning over the side of her sister's bed. I once again nudged
my bell-end into the beautiful brown hole. With another slam forward it was
in and Flick moaned in pain. "No, I've changed my mind. Please..." she
begged. I of course ignored her and just began to pump away at her beautiful
arse. It was even tigher than Steph's. Steph had now recovered from her arse
fucking and moved towards Michelle who was still lying on the bed.

I roughly fucked Flick's arse as she screamed deafeningly in pain and begged
me to stop. After a couple of minutes of this my cum began to well up again.
Tears streamed down Flick's face as she continued to moan in pain.

Steph meanwhile had grabbed the dildo and began to smother it in Vasceline.
She approached a horrified Michelle and held her down with one arm before
roughly sticking the dildo up her arse in one swift motion. Michelle screamed
in terror as blood began to pour from her arse. Steph just continued pumping

The screams of the 2 young girls were too much. With one final thrust up
Flick's arse my cock once again exploded. I quickly pulled out and wanked the
juices out of my cock all over Flicks lovely backside. She slumped forward
and feignted.

I lay back on the floor and listened to the continuing screams as Steph
continued working the dildo into her youngest sister's forbidden passage. I
was exhausted and thoroughly satisfied. I would have to recover quickly
though - I still wanted to complete my hat-trick of Scully arse fuckings.



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