Neighbours: Flick And The Missing Photos Part 1
by Zxsa ([email protected])

Seventeen year old Felicity Scully (Flick) had just moved out of home and
had moved in with her twenty year old boyfriend Joel Samules. Flick was
attracted to Joel because of his athletic body and good looks. Flick wasn't
exactly ugly herself with her shoulder length blonde hair, her Barbie doll
figure which was capped of with her perfect breasts and firm, well toned
ass. Flick was still a virgin and her and Joel even slept in different rooms
as Flick was a minor, even she looked like she was 20.

She had been living with Joel for a couple of weeks in a house which they
shared with Joels friends Toadie, a law student, and Dione a nurse. One day
Flick was in the shower and was fingering herself as she was horny and Joel
wasn't home. She was rubbing her hands all over her sexy body rubbing in the
shower gel. Her breast were extra sensitive and her erect nipples were
poking up. She let out a small gasp of pleasure that she had not felt in a
long time. As she brought herself towards an orgasm she though that she
heard the door to the bathroom open but she was to caught up in the pleasure
she was feeling to think any more of it. As she brought herself to orgasm
she closed her eyes in pleasure and popped one of her breasts in her mouth
and started sucking on it. She then heard "CLICK, CLICK, CLICK" from a
camera and saw someone running out of the room.

It was difficult to make out who it was because of all of the steam in the
room. As she looked out the frosted bathroom window she saw the figure
running in the direction of Harold Bishop's house. She quickly ran out of the
room and picked up the nearest items of clothing that she could find. She ran
out of the house and across the street to were Harold, Paul and Tad lived.

She thought to herself "I am going to kill those guys". As she approached
the door she suddenly realised she had no idea what she was going to say when
she saw Paul and Tad. She could hardly say "Which one of you two perverts
took a picture of me fingering myself in the shower." It was only then that
Flick realised what she was wearing.

In her hurry to get out she had pulled on a pair of short black leather
hotpants and her very small pink boob tube. She thought to herself "Oh God
what if someone sees me they will think that I am a hooker." A little smile
formed on Flick's face as she suddenly realised how she could get the
pictures back.

She looked in the window on the front door and could see Paul and Tad talking
to each other on the couch in the living room. She knew that Harold would be
out at work. She rapped on the door and could see Paul coming to open the
door. As he opened it Flick took a deep breath and pushed her chest forward.
Paul took one look at flick in her hotpants and boob tube and an explosion
went of in his pants.

Paul started stutering "Hi"

Flick walked right past him and into the room were Tad was sitting. As he saw
her he tried to hide something under him but Flick saw him. She turned angry
and said "All right you little perverts I want that photo back or when Joel
comes back I'll tell him and he'll kick the crap out of you."

Tad looked as calm as ever and said "By the time Joel comes home every guy in
Erinsborough will have a copy of the picture and be jacking off to it. Is
that what you want."

Flick knew that practically every guy in Erinsborough was jacking off while
thinking of her but she did not want anybody else to see that picture of her
so she said "What do I have to do to get the picture back", as if she didn't
already know.

Tad then said "Well Pauly boy here has had a crush on you ever since you
moved here so I think that its only fair to see if he's been wasting his time
jacking off to you or not."

At this point Paul looked really embarassed and started to stare at the

"Is that all?" Flick said dismissively as she turned to Paul and said "So,
Paul you like to jack off thinking about me do you? You like to grab your
meat in your hand and stroke it. Do you think of sticking your cock in me and
giving me the ride of my life?"

By this point Paul had almost collapsed and his hard on was ever so slightly
noticeable. Flick then asked if he would like to touch her breast. Paul
steped forward and tentativly extended his arm in the direction of Flick's
breast. He touched it and as he did so Flick let out a soft moan. He then
started to rub her breast until her nipples started to become errect. He
then lowered his mouth onto her breast and started to suck on her nipple
through the fabric.

Flick was getting hornier and statred to let out more audible moans as Paul's
sucking intensified. Flick reluctantly pulled away from Paul, who was
obviously dissapointed and said "Now that you have done something for me it
is time that I do omething for you."

With that she sank down to her knees and looking up at Paul she unzipped his
fly and put his hands into his trousers. She could feel his cock through his
boxers and she realised that it must be at least six inches long. In one
swift movement she pulled his cock out and grabbed it in her hands. She
licked her lips and said "Enjoy".

Flick had never seen a cock before but knew exactly what to do with it as her
slut of a sister Steph had shown her exactly what to do using a banana. She
slowly slipped her lips around the first 3 inches of Paul's cock and started
to run her tounge up and down it. As she brushed the tip of his cock Paul
shuddered as the pleasure swept through his body.

Flick managed to engulf all eight inches of Paul's cock and started to deep
throat him. She started to gag but looked up at Paul who was breathing
heavily now. She then started to suck and blow very heavily on Paul's cock.
Paul then started to really get into this and started thrusting his cock
backwards and forwards so that he was fucking her face. At this point Flick
could hardly breathe as the whole eight inches were down her throat. Paul was
groaning loudly and with one final "Uuuugh" he shot his load down Flick's
throat and some of it ran out of her mouth and onto her face. Flick finished
cleaning Paul's cock with her tongue.

Paul was spent but she looked at Tad who had been jacking off frantically and
she slowly removed her boob tube showing off her impressive 32BB breasts.
Unlike Paul Tad needed no encouragement as he lunged at Flick and pushed her
on to the couch. He quickly flung of his clothes standing there naked with
his massive 10 inch cock ready to fuck Flick within an inch of her life. He
straddled her and started to suck on her breasts tasting her sweet flesh. He
then hoisted himself up until his cock was level with her breasts. Flick knew
exacltly what he was doing so she inserted Tad's cock in between her breast
and pushed them together so he could fuck her tits. Tad started to pump his
cock in and out and at the same time the pressure was building as Flick
pushed her breasts together. Everytime his cock got close enough Flick stuck
out her tongue and licked his cock.

After a couple of minutes of this Tad came and shot his wad all over her
breasts and mouth. Flick said she was going to clean off and walked off
towards the bathroom. Paul and Tad talked among themselves and knew that
Flick was ready to be fucked.

After a few minutes when Flick did not reappear they went in search of her
and found her lying on Tad's bed wearing only the hotpants. Both boys were
now naked and sat down on the edge of the bed. Paul ran his hands up Flick's
toned legs to her pussy. He could see the wetness seeping through so he
slowly began to remove her hotpants. She bucked up to help him slide them
down. Paul and Tad looked in wonder at Flick's beautifily shaven pussy. Paul
then put his hed in between Flick's legs and gently pulled her pussy lips
apart. He the inserted his tongue into her pussy and tasted her sweet juices.
He then gently licked all over the inside of her pussy until Flick could
stand no more and had her orgasm. Paul then got a mouthful of her secretions.

Paul then got off the bed and as he did so Tad mounted Flick and positioned
his cock at her pussy enterance. He then statred to kiss Flick on the neck as
he eased himself in inch by inch until his whole cock was burried in Flick's
pussy. He the started to rock back and forward building up momentum. Flick
was in ectasy at this point and was encouraging Tad to go faster and deeper.
Tad was more than happy to oblige and he felt his balls tightening as Flick's
pussy milked his cock. Both of them were groaning loudly and Flick wrapped
her legs around Tad's ass so that he could penetrate her deeper.

Finally he could hold back no more and with one final push he filled Flick's
pussy with his cum. The force at which it shot out was enough to send Flick
over the edge as she shot her hips forward she came and lay there under Tad
as he finished of unloading into her.

Tad rolled off the bed and Flick was quite prepared to lie there and recover
until she saw Paul walking towards her. She instructed Paul to lie on the
bed as she mounted him. Soon enough she was riding his cock like there was
no tommorow and Paul was sucking her breasts each time she leaned forward.
Flick rested her arms on Paul's chest so that her pleasure was increassed.

Suddenly Flick got off the bed and knelt on all fours on the floor. Paul got
the message and came up behind Flick. He stuck his finger in her pussy so he
could lube up her ass. He then put his mouth over Flick's ass and gave her a
rim job. Paul then proceed to stick his cock all the way up her ass and fuck
her brains out. Flick was really enjoying this and saw Tad jacking off as he
watched Paul fuck Flick up the ass. She motioned for him to come over and
Tad got under Flick and fucked her pussy while Paul fucked her up the ass.

This went on for five minutes until the two of thme withdrew from Flick and
jacked off over Flick who opened her mouth and swallowed as much as possible.
Some of the cum went over her tits and Flick rubbed it all over her breasts.

All three laid there for half an hour before Flick finally said "All right
you two have had your fun now give me bak the picture of me in the shower."

Paul looked at her and said "What picture? We don't have a picture of you."

Flick looked really angry and said to Tad "But you said if I fuck you you'd
give me the picture back."

Tad looked at her grinning and said "We just let you think we had the
picture. God knows who has it".

To Be Continued...


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