Neighbours: Flick And The Missing Photos Part 2 (m/f)
by Zxsa ([email protected])

Felicity was almost in tears as she crossed Ramsay Street to head back home.
She felt so cheated as she had lost her virginity in a gangbang with Paul
and Tad. As she returned home she started to get worried as she realised
that someone had entered the house and was able to watch her take a shower.
This person also had taken a picture of herself masturbating in the shower
and could show it to the whole of Erinsborough. What would happen if her
parents saw the picture or all of her friends at school?

As she opened the front door she did so cautiously in case someone was in
the house. She slowly checked each of the rooms to make sure that she was
alone. She then closed all of the windows and put the chain on the front
door and the bolt on the back door. She then went to her room to change out
of her old clothes. She took off the hotpants and the boob tube so that she
was standing naked in front of the mirror in her room.

She admired her firm breast which were capped of with two large nipples. Her
nipples were still erect after the fucking she had received at the hands of
Paul and Tad. Her hands moved down over her breasts and down her smooth
stomach to her clean shaven pussy. She slowly inserted one finger into her
still moist pussy. She felt a great surge of pleasure and then slipped
another finger into her pussy. She then took her fingers out of her pussy
and slipped then in her mouth so that she could taste her own juices. When
she tasted her own juices she realised why Paul was so happy to eat her out
earlier on, she tasted so sweet.

She then walked over to her wardrobe and opened the drawer which contained
her underwear. She took out a red lacy thong and a matching red push up bra.
She pulled the thong up her legs until in fitted snugly in the crack of her
ass. She then put on the bra which clasped her breasts tightly and pushed
them up. She then pulled on a pair of tight fitting blue jeans and a five
sizes too small white T shirt.

She then heard a loud rapping sound from the front door so she rushed out to
the hall and saw a note on the floor by the door with her name on it. She
cautiously walked towards the door and bent down to pick up the note. As she
opened it she saw a photocopy of the picture of her in the shower with a
message reading


Flick couldn't believe this as she never thought this person would blackmail
her. She decided to meet the person as the Coffee Shop was a public place
and she wouldn't be in any danger.

Five minutes later she arrived and entered the door to see 4 people sitting
at tables. 3 of the people, who she did not recognise were all sitting
together at one table, but the person she saw sitting alone was her
ex-boyfriend Luke. He was sitting at the table starring right at Flick. She
was shocked but slowly walked towards Luke and sat down at the table.

Luke was the same age as Flick with short black hair and a baseball cap. He
was wearing a light blue shirt and blue jeans, with a small backpack sitting
on the floor beside him. Flick just sat there starring at him and then said
"Is it you? Did you take the photo? Why did you do it?"

Luke then broke his silence and said "I don't like being dumped by a dirty
little slag like you for a pretty boy like Joel". He sounded really angry but
kept his calm and said "I've been thinking for ages how to get back at you.
When I was talking to your dad the other day at the skate park he told me all
about how you had moved in with Joel and how angry he was. It just made me
think how selfish you were so I decided to get back at you by making everyone
you know knows how much of a dirty little bitch you are."

Flick then said "Why did you get me to come down here if you are going to
show it to everyone anyway?"

Luke then gave a nasty smile and said "To see the look on your face."

With that he stood up and walked out the door. Flick rushed after him and
chased him down the road and said "The only reason you are acting like this
is because you know that Joel can have me any time he wants. He can see me
nude and fuck me any way he wants. Your jealous. If you give me the pictures
then maybe you can have a look at the real thing."

With that she touched one of her breasts with her hand and rubbed it all
over. With this Luke lost all of his composure and did something every man
does at least once in his life. He started thinking with his dick instead of
his brain. He agreed and grabbed Flick by the hand and let her into the
woods, which were at the side of the road.

They walked 50 metres into the bushes and at that point Flick said to Luke
"You have 20 minutes to do whatever you want to me and when the time is up I
get the photos."

Luke agreed and set his backpack on a rock beside him. He slowly walked over
to Flick and passionately kissed her on the lips. She responded by slipping
her tongue into his mouth and exploring his mouth. Luke moved his hand down
to Flick's breast and began to rub it. At that moment Flick put her hand on
Lukes crotch and felt that it was rock hard. She then brought her knee back
as far as possible and swiflty brought it forward and connected with full
force to Lukes balls. With that he collapsed in a pile on the ground holding
his crotch.

Felicity picked up Luke's backpack and took out the pictures and made sure
that the negatives were present. She looked down at Luke who was still lying
on the ground. She then ran off in the direction of the local auto shop,
which was run by a friend of her's, Drew Kirk. Flick was turned on after her
encounter with Luke and needed to find a way to relieve the feeling.

As she approached the building she saw the sign "Gone to lunch" so she
thought "Why not masturbate here, no one will notice." She went to the office
at the top of that stairs, picking up a screwdriver as she went past. She sat
in the chair behind the deck and removed her jeans. She then pushed her thong
to the side and inserted the handle of the screwdriver into her pussy. She
then pushed it in as deep as it would go and repeatedly pulled it out and
pushed it back in.

After 5 minutes of this she came violently and her juices flowed all over the
screwdriver and onto the floor. She then got dressed and went down the stairs
and was about to leave when she heard footsteps approaching. She hid behind
the door as Drew walked right past her and up the stairs to the office. Drew
was in his late twenties and recently married his girlfriend Libby. He was 6
feet tall had short black hair, was very muscular, had a tanned complexion
snd was wearing dark overalls.

Flick smiled to herself as she though about how close she was to getting
caught. The smile quickly changed when she remembered that she had left the
pictures on the desk in the office. She crept up the stairs back to the
office and peered through the window to see Drew looking at the pictures on
the table. Drew was staring at the pictures and it was obvious he was
becoming horny.

Drew started to rub his dick through his overalls when he looked up and saw
Flick, Flick saw this and ran down the stairs as Drew followed Flick shouting
after her "Flick!!!!!! Wait. Stop a minute."

Flick in her hurry knocked a bottle of water which was sitting on the edge of
a workbench over herself, stumbled and fell on the floor. Drew then stopped
and stretched out his arm to help Flick up. She slowly grabbed his arm and
Drew picked her up.

He then asked her what was going on and Flick explained about the photo which
Luke had taken. Drew was turned on by the story and his hard on got bigger.
He then noticed that Flicks T shirt was soaking and he could clearly see her
breasts and erect nipples. Flick herself had become aroused after the cold
water falling on her and the sight of the muscular Drew helping her up.

The two of them stood in silence for a moment until Drew broke the silence by
saying "You'd better change out of that shirt or you'll catch a cold. I've
got a spare shirt in my locker."

He led Flick over to the locker and took out a baggy green shirt. He turned
around for her to change but when he turned back she had only taken the top
off so he got a perfect picture of her standing there in her wet bra. He
turned away quickly but slowly edged his head back to get a glimpse.

This had not gone unnoticed by Flick who seductively said "Like what you

Drew had no response to this so Flick moved towards him and kissed him sexily
on the lips. No response.

She then rubbed her hand over his muscular chest. Still no response. She then
moved her hand down his chest, inside his overalls, past his waist and into
his boxers. She grabbed his cock and was overwhelmed by the sheer size of it.

That got a response and Drew let out a quite moan. Flick then loosened Drew's
overalls and pulled his cock out. She stroked his cock with her hands so it
grew to a massive 12 inches long and 4 inches wide. She looked up at Drew and
staring into his eyes said "Do you want me to suck it?"

He slowly nodded his head so Flick proceeded to put the first 4 inches of his
cock in her mouth and swallow it. She ran her tongue up and down his cock and
began to suck on his cock. Drew started to moan louder as Flick swallowed
another 5 inches. Drew looked down to see the sexy teenager with 9 inches of
his cock in his mouth, the most Libby had ever got was 4. He put both of his
hands on the back of Flick's head and ran his fingers through her hair. He
then started to push his cock into her face while at the same time pulling
her mouth towards him.

Flick now had all 12 inches in her mouth and was gagging, sucking and blowing
the monster cock in her mouth. She could feel Drew's cock tense up and knew
that he was about to cum so she started to bob her head up and down. She
moved one of her hands to his balls and began to massage them. Drew couldn't
stand any more and felt his balls tighten and felt the cum flowing up his
cock and into Flick's mouth, who managed to swallow it all.

Drew then picked Flick up and set her on the edge of the workbench. He then
kissed her on the lips and moved his mouth down to her neck. He kissed her
neck and while he did this he moved his hands down to her bra. He massaged
her breasts and then started to suck on her nipples. He moved his hand around
her back and unclasped her bra. It fell to the ground freeing her large
perfect breasts. He continued sucking her breast and cupped it in his hands.

Flick began to moan softly as Drew sucked harder on her breast. She felt
herself becoming more aroused and was aching for Drew to fuck her hard with
his monster cock. Drew's hand moved further down her stomach until he reached
her belt buckle. He slowly undid it and then unzipped her fly. She bucked her
hips up as Drew pulled her jeans off her legs and allowed then to fall on the
floor with her bra. He slowly began to pull her thong down her waist and down
her legs so he got a perfect view of her pussy. He then stuck his tongue out
and ran it down from her navel to just above her pussy.

He then inserted his tongue into her pussy and pistoned his tongue in and out
of her pussy causing Flick to cum straight away and cover Drews face in her
juices. Drew lapped them up not letting a drop spill on the floor. He then
picked Flick up in his arms and pushed her up against the wall as she wrapped
her legs around his waist. His dick slipped into her moist pussy. Flick
huridly began to rip the overalls off Drew and in under a minute Drew was

Drew began to push his cock further into Flick's tight pussy and he started
to pump his cock deeper into her, using the wall to get more power. At this
point Flick ran her hands all over Drew's muscular chest and bit her lip to
stop her from screaming. Drew lifted Flick up in his arms and dropped her
down onto his cock. He then lifted her up and pushed her onto his cock again.

As Drew withdrew from Flick he began to suck on her breasts and all of a
sudden he pushed all 12 inches into Flick's pussy. This was too much for
Flick and caused her to cum but Drew kept pumping into Flick with longer and
harder strokes. Flick started breathing heavily as this fulfilled her fantasy
of a hard fuck with a monster cock and this was soon followed by loud
screaming and Drew came inside of her as she tossed her head back in ecstasy.
The pair of them slumped down in a pair on the floor kissing each other.


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