Neighbours: Flick Scully (MMM/F)
by Spurt-Reynolds

Flick was getting more and more depressed. Working in PR had always been her
dream, and so when she got the job working for Populare, selling their foul
tasting new drink she thought it would be the ultimate challenge of her
selling prowess and advertising know-how. What she wasn't expecting however,
is the situation she now found herself in. She was stood in a dingy nightclub
with a tray of this undrinkable filth dressed in the skimpiest outfit you
could imagine.

It turned out her boss had hired her purely on her looks to add a bit of
glamour to the flagging product image. She couldn't be blamed for that at

Flick was merely 18, but already had blossomed into a truly gorgeous woman.
Her long blonde hair flowed over her innocent young face and down onto her
slender bronze shoulders. The figure hugging crop top she was wearing left
little to the imagination and succeeded only in hiding the small brown
nipples which crowned the perfect soft breasts beneath the black and purple
lycra. Her stomach was flat and smooth, flaring outwards as her torso
widened to her curvy teenage hips. Her sweet pelvis tapered between two long
shapely slender thighs, atop two sensuous golden young calves.

Despite her obvious good looks, she desperately wanted to be recognised for
her intellect, and her current predicament was really getting to her. The
only interest she was getting was from lecherous businessmen who just wanted
a grope of her fleshy round ass, or to ogle her firm young tits.

She looked around to where the other girls were working. She was far more
beautiful than any of the others, yet they were shifting the stuff like
nobody's business. She decided to watch for a while how they were doing so
well, after all, she didn't want to be outdone by the other air-headed

What she saw as she watched shocked and disgusted her.

The other girls were actively encouraging the other guys to feel them up,
just as long as they were drinking the product. Flick watched as the dirty
old guys rubbed the girls' thighs and asses, some even allowing the fellas
to handle their breasts in exchange for sales.

Flick was then interrupted by the feeling of something warm on her buttocks.
She turned round to see a guy old enough to be her father rubbing his hand
over her soft squashy bum, and over the tops of her smooth thighs. She was
so shocked that she couldn't respond other than offer the guy a glass of the
drink, which to her amazement he downed in one. He was so occupied touching
her up, he must not have noticed how disgusting the stuff was and even bought
a bottle of the stuff!

As he left with his purchase, it was then that Flick felt the feelings of
pride at her first sale of the product. She had been stood there for around
3 hours, rejecting the advances and slapping the faces of umpteen perverts,
without a single sale. However, just a minute of molestation had produced a
sale. Although she knew this was the way to sell, she felt really
uncomfortable with what had just happened and needed a stiff drink.

Due to the nature of the promotion, she couldn't leave her table so all she
had to drink was the disgusting liquid she was pushing.

She reluctantly opened a small bottle and closing her eyes, quickly swallowed
the entire contents down in one. She was somewhat surprised that it was not
as bad as she first thought and was soon knocking back a couple more in quick

Despite the acquired taste of the product, it did have one thing going for
it, an extremely high alcohol content.

As she went to dispose of the empty bottles she found herself feeling
somewhat woozy, and was soon beginning to feel happier with the whole
situation. The guys who came to her stall were stroking her legs and ass
and she barely knew it. All she noticed was the diminishing stock left
on her table. By the end of the night, she had sold all but around a half
dozen of over 100 bottles and was really happy with her achievement. The
other girls had long gone and as the club was closing all that was left
was a couple of the staff and the DJ, a total of 3 young men. Flick was
now feeling really drunk and was not in a fit state to walk home,
especially not in that outfit and asked one of the staff for a lift. As
it turned out, the 3 remaining staff were all housemates, and would
therefore be leaving together later on, but nevertheless they agreed to
take her home.

As the guys tidied up, they began to discuss the state she was in and how
she looked in the stunning outfit she was barely wearing.

One of the lads called her over to the bar and told her to bring a couple of
the bottles with her. She did as she was asked. "Let's have a taste of this
stuff then," asked the DJ (a guy of around 30, called Mike) and the other 2
bar staff (called Stuart and Danny) got some glasses down to sample some too.
Flick took the cap off the bottle and went to pour some into the glasses.

However, Flick was so drunk she missed the glasses totally and poured most
of the stuff over the bar. Flick giggled as she watched the booze puddle on
the bar top, which the 2 young stewards had freshly cleaned. She then leaned
forward and began to lick at the puddles as she bent over, thrusting her ass
high into the air behind her. Mike couldn't help himself but to reach out a
hand and grasp a palmful of soft round ass flesh. Flick was unmoved by his
exploration and continued to rub her hands in the sticky pools on the bar.
Stuart and Danny stood and watched in amazement as she presented them each
with her dripping hands to sample the drink.

Stu was the first to respond by taking her index and second finger and
flicking out his tongue to catch the juice as it dripped from her slender
digits. Danny was quick to follow, engulfing all four of her wet fingers in
his hot wet mouth sucking greedily as she watched the two hunky young men
feast on the nectar from her golden skin.

Behind her Mike had slipped aside the crotch of her panties and was rubbing
at the slit of her smooth cunt. Flick was so drunk, she didn't mind at all,
in fact she felt quite horny and let out a soft low moan. The two others
looked behind her to see what had caused that response and were amazed to
find her exposed bottom being fondled by the eager hands of the DJ.

Stuart and Danny were stunned, as Mike continued to rub his hands all over
her bum, and between her legs. They were even more amazed when she arched
her back up, thrusting her firm ripe boobs forward. "I think you fellas
should get a proper taste," she sighed as she peeled off the stretch top,
causing her delicate fleshy mounds to spill forth. As the guys watched,
she took another bottle of the drink and poured it all over her chest and
stomach. "Now help yourself boys," she purred as she guided their heads
towards her naked young body.

She then closed her eyes and sighed as the two young tongues flicked busily
over her belly before coming to rest at her hard pink nipples. Taking a
breast each, the boys clamped their lips firmly over her buds and sucked
firmly and noisily at her teats, as she grunted with delight as Mike had
begun to probe her asshole with his finger.

As the guys continued to feast on her dainty jugs, she reached down and with
a little assistance from Mike, slid down her soggy wet briefs.

Mike took a bottle and shook it vigorously. Flick reached down between her
legs and parted her fleshy pink pussy lips as Mike unscrewed the bottle cap.
Removing the cap quickly, he thrust the neck of the bottle a good 3 or 4
inches straight up into Flick's vagina, causing her to instantly climax as
the drink gushed up inside her causing a tremendous pressure against her
hardening clit.

Mike then quickly withdrew the bottle and placed his open mouth at the
entrance to her pussy as the fizzy fluid gushed out of her, mixed with the
sweet honey of her own vaginal juices.

By this time, Stuart and Danny had finished cleaning her young body and had
both stripped totally naked. Both of their hard young cocks had fully
stiffened to 6 and 8 inches respectively and both were keen to get their
tension relieved. Flick didn't disappoint and took a big fat penis in each
hand, stroking her sticky wet hand slowly along their rigid veiny shafts.

Mike was now also naked and on his knees behind her sucking hard on her
cunt, as if trying to get every drop of drink from her fleshy vessel. His
tongue expertly darted in and around her soft labia as he chewed on the
folds and crevasses of her moist cunt.

The intrusion of Mike's long warm tongue had caused her wanking rhythm to
have quickened on the two boys, and it was clear from the twitching happening
in the thick shafts of the horny young lads that they were more than ready to
cum. Taking the longer of the two firmly by the balls, she guided the entire
length skilfully down her throat and with a couple of sharp strong sucks the
fat head was soon pulsing in her throat. As she gobbled away at the raging
helmet, the heat began to grow in Stuart's throbbing cock and he snatched his
rod from the grasp of his eager teenage slut. He gripped it firmly in his
large strong fist, and pumped it fiercely towards her heaving chest, as his
friend continued to brutally fuck her pretty face. With a large grunt, and a
final pump, Stuart shot a long sticky stream of hot white spunk out into the
air. It splashed down across Flick's belly and was quickly followed by
several more across her tits and chest. As his cock softened in her mouth,
Flick reached over and gently massaged his balls, emptying them of every drop
of his jism.

As she did so, Mike was keen to taste her own delicate flavour and taking
his first two fingers, slipped them swiftly into her tight asshole, making
her gasp sharply (as best she could with 8 inches of cock meat in her mouth).
As his fingers slipped in and out of her hole, his third and forth fingers
were probing the flesh of her vagina. She was getting really wet now and
after just a few seconds she was reaching a powerful orgasm herself.

Mike felt she was cumming and forced his hand hard into her holes wanting her
desperately to climax at his touch.

Flick could hold it no longer, and she felt her stomach spasm as her orgasm
welled up inside of her. She went to yell out with ecstasy, but was muffled
by fat cock and the vibration of her voice box caused Danny's cock to jerk
and jolt, before spewing hot sticky nut-juice straight down her throat with
such force that she gagged briefly, before finding her rhythm and gulping
every drop of it straight down into her belly.

Mike was pleased with the result his fingering had produced and felt he
should be rewarded too.

He pulled down his pants and peeled off his shirt leaving him dressed only in
his black cotton boxer shorts. It was clear by the sizable bulge in his pants
that he was already somewhat aroused.

The two young bar keeps, now recovered from having their cocks drained by the
horny little bitch, lay her gently onto the ground, where she was straddled
by Mike, who towered some 6 foot above her. Flicks eyes lit up as he placed a
thumb in either side of his waistband and slowly slipped down his pants. Up
from its cotton prison, sprang the longest thickest penis she had ever seen.

Mike slipped off his shorts and knelt down over Flick's heaving torso. He
took is cock and lay it in the channel between her ripe young bosom, it was
so long that the fat cock end was pushing against her chin.

Mike took a handful of her tits in each hand and closed them as fully as he
could around his dick before staring deeply into her soulful dark eyes.
"You are so fucking beautiful," he grinned as he slowly slipped his cock
backwards, sliding his buttocks towards her stomach. His movement was
readily lubricated by the large deposit of slippery cum which his friend
had left there minutes earlier.

Then, without warning, he bucked his hips rapidly forward thrusting the
entire 11 inches of hard dick roughly between the spunky bronze tits of the
teen temptress below. Flick loved the feeling of the long thick cock pushing
through her soft boobs and was writhing beneath him with every thrust.

Stuart and Danny had once again become hard at watching him tit-fuck her so
brutally and had turned their attentions to fingering her pussy with both
their hands, until she had a total of 7 fingers in her pussy and asshole.
She had never been so aroused in all her life and the sheer intensity of the
sensations combined in her ass, cunt and tits made her climax several noisy
times in only a couple of minutes.

Then, as the two guys reached full stiffness once again, Mike released his
grip on her boobs and stood up.

As he helped her up onto her feet, her whole body tingling with delight,
Danny lifted himself up onto the bar top.

The remaining two guys lifted Flick's limber young body up onto the bar also,
before both clambering up themselves. Danny had lay flat on the bar, and was
holding his erect cock up in the air. Flick took her cue, and wriggled over
to him, getting herself up onto her haunches before guiding his cock over her

"Wrong hole honey," sniggered Mike as she went to lower her vagina down over
his cock, before taking hold of Danny's cock and positioning it at the
entrance to her asshole. This was quickly followed by Mike who gripped the
base of his monster erection and pushed it against her cunt. On an invisible
signal, both guys pushed their hips forward and slipped their fat cocks deep
inside her simultaneously.

The feeling of her holes being stretched so wide with the combined girth of
the some 19 inches of cock flesh, caused some pain in Flick and she began to
vocally object.

Her voice was soon silenced by Stuart however, who shoved his own member
down Flick's soft throat. All 3 cocks were violently intruding her holes as
she lay captive beneath the weight of the three young studs.

She really didn't mind though as her cunt was burning as Mike filled her to
the brim with his enormous hard cock.

The fucking continued for around 10 minutes, during which time Flick climaxed
so many times she almost lost consciousness, before Stuart removed his dick
from her warm wet mouth. He reached over next to him and took the last
remaining bottle of Grappa from the bar, pouring about half of it into a
large beer glass.

The other guys had witnessed the action and withdrew their fat shafts from
inside the exhausted young maiden on the bar.

"I think we can improve the taste of this drink for you babe," yelled Mike,
as the three took hold of their cocks and began to wank them hard towards
the glass. Danny was the first to cum, followed quickly by Mike and then
Stuart, their jism being shot straight into the glass.

Between the three of them, they had managed to almost fill the glass, which
they then handed to Flick, who was still panting on the bar.

Taking the glass from Danny, she lifted it up to her lips and closed her
eyes. The 3 lads watched with softening cocks as she tipped the glass back
and poured the contents into her mouth, trying to down it in one go. As she
gulped, little flecks of the cocktail dripped from the corners of her mouth
onto her boobs and down onto her soft belly and pubes.

When she had finished the drink, she wiped her mouth and smiled. "Delicious,"
she grinned as she rubbed the drips into her tits and cunt, "What do you call
that drink?"

Mike smiled a sly grin and said "We named it after you, its called the Grappa

Flick chuckled, "You must give me the recipe," she said as she got down from
the bar.

The lads looked at each other and laughed, "Any time you like babe, any time
you like!"


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