Just a quick word or two before we get started. The people featured in this
story and the concept of the show are not mine. I am just taking them for a
run. Also, if you are under the age of 18 you should not read on any more.

Neighbours: Hot Night In (Ff,f-mast,inc,food,fist)
by Blindside212

17 year-old Hannah Martin had always known that she was attractive. Since
she had hit puberty her beauty had increased every day. Her breasts where
full and perky and she had a firm butt, long legs and stunning face which
was topped by a head of long brown hair. Lately she had noticed almost
every male she saw couldn't take there eyes off her. At school she was the
focus of a lot of the boys attention. One day she had even caught a seventh
grader jerking off in the bushes as she sat in the yard. She pretended that
she hadn't seen him and he had finished the job quietly enough not to have
been caught by anyone else. It had turned her on a lot to think that men
liked looking at her.

On this night Hannah was alone at home. Her Father and Stepmother were away
for the weekend; her Step-sister Anne was out for the night with friends and
her boyfriend Paul was off on a trip with his Dad. The weather had been very
warm of late and the house was very stuffy. By eight that night the wind had
changed and Hannah opened every window she could and turned off the fans. But
for her that wasn't enough. She was still hot. However, it had nothing to do
with the heat outside, rather the heat within. A week ago she had made love
to Paul for the first time. It hadn't been what you would call the best sex
of all time but she had gotten off on it. It had hurt at first but Paul had
been very gentle and they had soon started to enjoy it. Hannah could still
remember how it had felt to have Paul's cock inside her tight little pussy
and it made her wet every time she thought about it.

She entered the lounge and sat on the couch still thinking about that night.
She was wearing a white tank top and a pair of loose blue shorts. Since she
was alone in the house she hadn't bothered to put on a bra or panties. As
she thought about Paul her hands started to rome over her tight young body
finally stopping with her right hand on her left breast and her left between
her long legs. Her nipples were hard and she pinched the left one as her
left hand softly rubbed her swollen pussy through her shorts. "What the
hell." She thought. "Nobody is going to walk in on me tonight." She stood up
and stripped off and then sat back down on the couch.

Her hands ran over her body as a cool breeze came through the window, hitting
her naked skin and sending a shiver through her. Her right hand sank down to
her pussy and she slipped a finger inside. She had been masturbating since
she was fourteen and she knew what felt good. After a few minutes of one
finger she added two more and began wanking harder. She threw her head back
and moaned loudly as a pulse of pleasure shot through her body. She opened
her eyes and saw on the coffee table, her hairbrush that she had been using
earlier. It had a long, thick rubber handle that had ridges running down
it... And it was one of her favrote toys. She pulled her hand away from her
pussy, bent forward and grabbed the hairbrush. She laid back on the couch so
her pussy was on the edge and placed the brush's handle at the opening to her

She gasped as the rubber sank deep into her cunt. She started to pump it in
and out of her pussy fast. She moaned and grunted as her body was rocked by
waves of pleasure.

"Oh my god!!!" She shouted out loud as she hit climax. She kept the handle
inside her as she came. Her body shaking and bucking with every jolt.

After she had calmed down a bit, removed the brush from her pussy and gained
the power to stand upright again, Hannah realised she hadn't eaten dinner
yet. So, still naked, she went into the kitchen and opened the fridge to see
what was there. There wasn't much. Some cold meat from last night, a bowl of
pasta that looked like it was from last year and… She had opened the
vegetable bin and found two large carrots. To her great surprise as she
looked at the carrots, her pussy started getting wet again. She had heard of
women in movies who had put vegetables in there pussies but she had never
thought about it... Till now.

She pulled one of the carrots out of the bin and held it in her hand. The
base of it was thicker then anything she had put inside herself before and
was very cold. She closed the fridge door and walked over to the dining
table. She cleared the table and sat on the edge.

"Should I or shouldn't I?" She asked herself looking at the carrot. "What the
fuck." She lay back on the table with her left leg propped on a chair and
guided the thick base of the carrot into her cunt.

"Holy shit!" She cried out as the cold vegetable hit her warm pussy walls.
Her body shook as she forced more and more of the carrot into her pussy. She
started to buck her hips in time to the carrot pumping in and out of her
cunt. Her mind was so full of lust and her body so intent on enjoying every
moment of this... She didn't even hear the front door open and somebody
walking into the house.

"HANNAH!!! What the fuck?"

* * *

Two minutes earlier.

Anne Wilkinson had been having a bad night. She had ment to spend the night
at the home of a friend from uni. Instead she was heading up the drive of her
home with the plan of just going to bed. Her friend had just broken up with
her boyfriend and Anne had spent the whole day hearing about it. At about six
that night, the boyfriend turned up and the two had made up. Anne had left
because it was clear to her that the two just wanted to go and fuck. As she
put her key in the door she thought about her own love life. She and her
boyfriend Billy had been having problems of late as well, but they were
working through them. She loved him and he loved her. But there was something
else wrong. She had not made love to him in weeks. She was a very sexual
person and Billy hadn't wanted to touch her for ages. She had done everything
she could to change his mind over the past week. Wearing shorts skirts and
tight tops that showed off her firm breasts and long legs. She had even tried
to jerk him offat the movies last night but he didn't let her do anything.
Tonight she was wearing a long black skirt and a red top that showed off a
small amount of cleavage. She put her bag down on the couch and saw a pile of
cloths on the floor.

"Hannah must be in the shower." She thought. But she couldn't hear the water.
She suddenly heard a gasp from the kitchen. It sounded to Anne as if Hannah
was in pain. She walked into the kitchen and saw, on the dining table.

"HANNAH!!! What the fuck?" Her Step-sister was laying on the table, one
leg up on a chair with a carrot in her pussy.

"ANNE!!!" Hannah shouted as she shot up and ripped the carrot out of her

"I didn't think… I mean. You weren't' ment to…"

"I came home early." Anne said not really knowing what to say other then
that. She couldn't take her eyes off Hannah. Beds of sweat were running down
her face and onto her heaving chest. Her legs were still apart and a quick
flash of her eyes down showed that Hannah's pussy was very wet. Suddenly,
without even realising that she had, Anne's mind turned to thoughts of lust
at the sight before her.

"Having fun?" She asked with a smile.

"Huh?" Hannah asked.

"Are you having a good time there?" Anne asked moving forward to stand in
front of Hannah.

"It looks like it." Hannah just looked at Anne, still holding the carrot in
her hand.

"Don't worry." Anne said with a grin.

"I won't tell your dad. I guess you miss Paul a lot?"

"Yes." Was all Hannah could say.

"I miss Billy's touch too." Anne said.

* * *

As she had been talking to Hannah, Anne had been coming to a decision.
Weather or not to cross the line. She came to only one answer... Yes.

"Does it feel good?" Anne asked.

"What?" Hannah replied, puzzled.

"The carrot in your pussy?" Anne said in a low, husky voice.

"It's big. I bet it feels great in there huh?"

"Yes." Hannah said in a small voice.

"May I?" Anne asked before taking the carrot off Hannah without waiting for
a answer.

"God it's big!" She said looking at the thick base. Then she stuck out
her tongue and licked the top of the carrot, tasting Hannah's pussy juices.

Hannah just gaped at her stepsister as she closed her eyes and licked her

"Mmmm. Tastes good."

"Anne?" Hannah said in the same small voice as before.

"Oh come on Hannah." Anne said opening her eyes and looking at her.

"You've never thought about me like that?" Hannah thought about this for a
moment. She had always thought her stepsister was cute… But like that? Had
she? Would she had ever in her wildest dreams thought of her in that way?

"Maybe." She said.

"Well then." Anne said moving closer so she was between Hannah's spread legs.
She let her right hand drop to Hannah's thigh and ran a finger over the soft
skin. Hannah gasped at this and looked into Anne's eyes.

"We're all alone." Anne said softly, just inches from Hannah. Hannah could
feel her hot breath on her face. See her full lips parted slightly. "Let
yourself go." Anne whispered before moving in and lightly kissing Hannah on
the mouth.

Hannah's mind raced as they kissed for the first. She thought that this was
wrong. And then… A voice in the back of her mind said.

"Go for it." Hannah wrapped her arms around Anne's neck and she started
kissing back. Anne ran her hands up Hannah's thighs and up her waist to her
chest. Her right hand found Hannah's left breast and she cupped it gently.

"You have beautiful breasts." Anne said between kisses.

"You too." Hannah replied.

"Well here." Anne said breaking off and standing back.

"Have a good look." And with that she pulled off her top and stood there.

Hannah's mouth dropped open. She had seen Anne's breasts before a few times
in the bathroom that they both used, but she never saw them quite like she
did now. They were very large for her height and had huge, red nipples that
were very erect. Anne lifted her hands and placed them behind her head and
gave her breasts a shake.

"Billy loves it when I do this. Has Paul ever fucked your tits before?"

"No." Hannah said, feeling her pussy getting wetter every second.

"I let Billy do it whenever he wants too." Anne said now bouncing on the
balls of her feet so her breasts jiggled up and down.

"I love the feeling of his cock between my boobs." She said closing her
eyes and dropping her hands to her breasts and squeezing them together.

"And when he cums… Ahh!" She moaned pinching her nipples hard.

"So warm, so thick. All over my tits and my face and in my mouth. Has
Paul ever cum in your face?"

"No." Hannah said standing up from the table and moving closer to Anne.

"It tastes great." Anne said looking at her again.

"I'd like him to." Hannah said.

"I'm sure he will taste great." Anne said before moving forward and
kissing Hannah again.

The two young women kissed for a few minutes before Anne broke off and said.

"Want to go and play?"

"Sure." Hannah said with a smile. Anne took her by the hand and led her
through the lounge and into her mother and Hannah's father's room.

"I think the bed in here will do." Anne said as they walked into the room.
Hannah looked a bit hesitant for a second but then followed and sat on the
edge of the bed. Anne stood in front of her with her hands on her wide hips
which were still clad in the long skirt.

"Don't be shy." Anne said with a wicked smile.

"Do what you want to me. I'm ready for anything."

"Huh?" Hannah said feeling her pussy pulse with heat.

"I know you are nervous." Anne said putting her hands behind her back and
playing with the zip of the skirt.

"I'm just saying that I want this as much as you and there is no need to
be." The skirt dropped to the ground and Anne's pussy came into full view.

Hannah had never seen another woman's pussy so close before. Once, back in
the days when her dad had worked in a news agency she had taken a peek in a
porno mag and seen a few… But not one as perfect as this. It was clean
shaven and looked to be just as wet as her own. Anne saw the look of hunger
in her stepsister's eyes and ran a hand down to her pussy.

"Looks good huh?" She said.

"Yes." Was all Hanna could say.

"I love to play with it." Anne said standing with her legs slightly apart
to open her pussy a touch. Hannah looked on as Anne first ran and then
slipped a long finger inside her pussy. Anne threw her head back and
moaned softly as her finger moved slowly in and out of her cunt. Anne's
free hand roze up to cup her right breast which she began to rub softly as
she added a second and then a third finger to her pussy.

"Don't just sit there honey." She said looking at Hannah sitting on the
edge of the bed.

"You are so beautiful." Hannah said.

"Thank you." Anne said with a smile. She pulled her fingers out of her
pussy, walked over to Hannah, lifted her chin, bent down and kissed her
passionately. As their lips parted, Hannah's right hand shot up and
grabbed Anne's left breast.

"That's it baby." Anne said in a husky voice as she stood up straight and
Hannah's other hand joined the one already massaging her right breast.

"Your hands are so soft on my skin." She said moving as close as she could.

"Wonder if your lips would feel as good on my boobs?" Hannah took the hint.
She moved forward and kissed Anne's left breast softly. Anne suddenly reached
both hands around behind Hannah's head and pressed it between her breasts and
then straddled her so she was kneeling on the edge of the bed. Hannah's hands
dropped from her stepsister's breasts and wrapped around her waist and
started to move down towards her butt.

"I'm so fucking horny Hannah" Anne breathed.

"I want you so badly. I want to… Ahhh!!!" Hannah had just bitten one of
Anne red nipples softly sending a jolt of electricity up her spine. Anne
arched her back which overbalanced the pair and they fell back onto the
bed. The two moved up the bed and started kissing and touching each other
all over.

"You are so sexy Hannah." Anne said moving down and kissing her breasts.
"You must have all the boys at school getting hard-ons around you all the

"Yes." Hannah said running her fingers through Anne's hair.

"You must have when you were there last year too."

"Oh yes." Anne said.

"I once caught one year eight kid jerking off while watching me from behind
a tree."

"That happened to me too." Hannah said with a laugh.

"What did you do?"

"I went over and helped him finish the job." Hannah sat up at this with a
shocked look on her face.

"You did what!!!"

"I went over and gave him a hand." Anne said sitting up.

"I jacked him off and he came in my hand."

Hannah just looked at her. She had never seen Anne in this light.

"What?" Anne asked seeing the look on Hannah's face.

"You think just because everyone thinks of me as a little miss that I can't
be a slut sometimes?"

"Wow!" Hannah exclaimed.

"Oh, that's not the half of it." Anne said with a smile as she reached out
a hand to cup Hannah's right breast and play with the nipple.

"I told him if he or any of his friends wanted to have more fun to get in
contact with me."

"Bull shit!" Hannah said.

"It's the truth." Anne said now grabbing Hannah's other breast with her
free hand.

"I would meet them down at the lake after school. Five bucks for a kiss,
ten for a hand job, twenty for a blowjob and fifty for a fuck."

"But what about Billy?" Hannah asked now reaching for Anne's breasts and
rubbing them hard.

"He never knew." She said with a laugh.

"As long as he got his cock sucked at the end of the day he was fine."

"Did anyone ever pay fifty bucks?"

"Lots. Mostly the older ones. But there was one kid whose folks were loaded
with cash who paid for a blowjob and a fuck at least twice a week. He was
only thirteen."

"I heard a roomer that there was a girl giving head jobs for cash last
year... But you?" Hannah said.

"Yep." Anne said before kissing Hannah on the mouth and forcing her softly
back to lie on the bed.

"That's me. Your local school whore." Anne started to kiss down Hannah's
body until she was between her long legs which were already open wide.

"Does it make your cunt wet to think of me as a dirty little
whore? Sucking all those boys off until they burst in my mouth?"

"Oh fuck yes." Hannah said as Anne ran a finger down the slit of her
dripping pussy. Suddenly, with out warning, Anne drove two fingers deep
into Hannah.

Hannah cried out with pleasure as Anne began to finger-bang her hard.

"God your tight Hannah! I'm surprised Paul fitted that huge cock of his
inside this." It took Hannah a few seconds to catch up with this statement.

"You and Paul!!!" She shouted making no effort to stop Anne's digital

"It was before you started dating him Hannah." Anne said slipping a third
and then a forth finger inside her pussy.

"He thought you didn't like him so I offered him something to take his mind
off things."

"How much did he pay you?" Hannah asked between gasps.

"He gave me twenty but I fucked him anyway because it had been a while
since Billy had done it."

"You fucking bitch!!!" Hannah shouted.

"You fucked him before me!!! You cow!!! You little slu... Ahhhh!!!!!" Her
body bucked as she came with Anne's fingers still inside her pussy.

Anne pulled her fingers out of Hannah's soaked cunt and licked them clean
while Hannah regained her breath. Then Anne moved forward and began to lap
at her stepsister's pussy with her fat tongue.

"Oh fuck!!!" Hannah moaned as Anne's tongue flicked over her swollen clit.
"I'm cuming again!!!" And she did. Wave after wave of juice ran out over
Anne's mouth. Dripping down her chin and coating her full lips. Hannah
lost count of how many times she climaxed but she put the total as high as

"Good girl." Anne said lifting her head from Hannah's sopping cunt with a
wicked grin on her face.

"Is it my turn now?"

"Okay." Hannah said with a shaking voice as she sat up and the two swapped

"Maybe later." Anne said, stopping Hannah from going down on her by pulling
softly on her hair.

"I want to feel that carrot you were using before. Go get it and the other
one that's in the fridge." Hannah ran out of the room, into the kitchen
and grabbed the two long, thick vegetables and shot back to the bedroom. As
she came into the room she stopped dead in the doorway. Anne was sitting
with her back against the wall behind the bed and she had rammed her whole
fist in to her pussy and was pumping it hard.

"Come on then." She shouted at Hannah.

"Get over here and fuck me with those." She pulled her fist out of her
cunt and turned over so she was leaning her front against the wall with her
hands holding the metal frame of the bed.

"Both of them?" Hannah asked puzzled.

"Well I do have two holes down there." Anne said shaking her tight ass
towards Hannah.

"Stick one in my cunt and the other in my ass." Hannah jumped on the bed
and moved behind Anne. She positioned the first carrot at the opening to
her pussy and softly moved it closer.

"Just ram it in bitch!!!" Anne shouted before dropping lower so the cold
carrot drove itself deep into her cunt. Anne screamed with delight as the
vegetable went deep and then she began to move up and down on it as Hannah
held it for her.

"Now the other one!!!" She ordered.

"Jam it deep in my ass!!!" Hannah watched as Anne's left hand dropped
behind her and opened her ass cheeks to give her better access. Hannah
placed the carrot at the entrance to Anne's anus and then sank it deep up
her hole.

"FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!" Anne shrieked as she felt the carrot violate her
teenage ass.

"God that is so fucking good!!! Fuck me Hannah!!! Make me scream!!!" Hannah
held the two carrots fast and pumped them in and out of Anne's holes as her
stepsister roared and cried out in pleasure. This went on for at least
fifteen minutes until. Anne shouted.

"STOP!!! No more!!! Take them out." Hannah pulled the carrots out and
Anne slumped to the bed where she rolled over and began playing with her
now gaping pussy.

"Now lick me whore." Hannah didn't need to be told twice. She dropped the
carrots, sank to between Anne's long legs and began slurping her cunt with

What she lacked in experience she more then made up for in enthusiasm and
Anne soon was screaming and grunting again. She came again and again as
Hannah's soft lips and wet tongue ran over her sopping cunt.

"That was amazing." Anne said as Hannah came up for air.

"Come up here. I want to test myself on you." Hannah moved up to lay on
top of Anne and the two shared a long kiss.


Even two weeks later, Hannah Martin couldn't believe what had happened that
night. As she sat in the yard at school thinking about the night she had
spent with Anne she thought that it had been some kind of wild dream that
she wanted to revisit so badly she couldn't think of anything else. She was
so caught up in the thought of the night that she didn't even hear somebody
walk up to sit next to her on the bench.

"Excuse me? Are you Hannah?"

"Yes." Hannah said, snapping out of her thoughts to look at the person
sitting next to her. It was a boy. Fourteen or fifteen by the looks of

"Well I'm Rick." He said.

"I heard from Anne that you were looking for some fun."

Hannah smiled to her self as the boy handed her twenty bucks and told her
he would see her at the lake.

"As long as Paul gets his cock sucked at the end of the day…"



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