Neighbours: Lynn And Libby's Lust (F/F)
by Dazza ([email protected])

Lynn had been sexually frustrated for a while, craving attention and sex from
Joe. He wasn't interested so Lynn's frustration was building up. She also
began to think about sex with a woman more often, eyeing up Dion and Libby
more and more, thinking what it would be like to suck Dion's big tits or
kissing Libby's gorgeous mouth.

One afternoon Lynn was home alone, still frustrated, doing the housework.

"Knock! Knock!" the door went.

"Libby, hi," she said.

"Hi, Lynn" said libby.

Libby had come over to ask Lynn to do her hair for her, as she had a party
that night. Libby was wearing a tight white t-shirt and tight cream trousers.
The top was so tight Lynn noticed Libby's hard nipples sticking out, she was
getting excited.

She agreed to do Libby's hair. Libby sat on the chair. Lynn's fingers started
to run through her hair. Looking down, Lynn noticed the top of Libby's
g-string sticking out the top of her trousers. She was getting very wet,
thinking of Libby's bum in them.

Lynn went round to face Libby to check her hair. She knelt in front of her,
face to face checking the hair level, brushing her fingers through Libby's
hair slowly, glancing down at Libby's firm tits and nipples.

"You like them, Lynn?" said Libby.

"What?" said Lynn.

"My tits?"

Lynn went red and walked to the kitchen. Libby followed, turned Lynn round.

"It's ok."

Libby stroked Lynn's face and kissed her full on the lips. Lynn felt Libby's
hard nipples touch her. Pulling Libby closer the two women kissed wildly.
Lynn's hand slid down into Libby's trousers feeling and caressing her firm
ass cheeks. She pulled Libby's top up wanting so much too suck her tits.

"Oh God," libby screamed as Lynn's mouth was round her tit sucking hard.

Still caressing her ass cheeks, they kissed again, tongues touching. They
went to the bedroom.

Lynn stripped naked laid down on the bed legs apart waiting for Libby. Libby
stripped slowly revealing her firm tits and ass. She kneeled between Lynn's
legs. "Oh Libby, get on top of me please," said Lynn.

Libby lowered her body on top Lynn's.

"Mmmmm," Lynn moaned as Libby's tits touched her's. Their tits squashed
together as they kissed. Libby started to grind her pussy against Lynn's.

"Oh Libby, I love you."

"I love you Lynn. I always have."

"Mmmmm," Lynn moaned again kissing libby hard. Her hands squeezing Libby's
ass cheeks, pulling her closer so their wet pussies grinded, fucking each
other hard.

They kissed and grinded their wet pussies together harder, wanting each other
badly. This is what Lynn wanted.

"Fuck me Libby, harder!"

"Oh Lynn, I want you! Oh yes!" Libby moaned.

The bed was now swaying as Libby fucked Lynn's cunt with her own, sucking
her big tits and kissing madly as if in love.

"Oh God, Lynn, I'm cumming!"

"Oh, Libby, fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Mmmm, oh yeah, oh yeah!"

"Ooohhhhh yes!" they both screamed as their pussies came together.

"Oh Libby, I love you," said Lynn.

"Me, too," said Libby.

"I'll be back tomorrow," said Libby.

"Sure," said Lynn.


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