Neighbours: Michelle - The Dirty Little Slut (Mf, oral)
by Sicko 1979 ([email protected])

Harold opened the door and saw Michelle waiting for him. He had been
expecting her for a while now. She was much later than he had told her to be.

"Why was it you wanted to see me," Michelle enquired.

"Take a seat please," Harold answered.

Michelle sat down on the sofa. She was still wearing her school dress. Her
blonde hair was in 2 girlish plaits. As she sat down her skirt came to just
above her knees. Harold sat opposite her on the armchair.

"Now Michelle I'm afraid that the other day I saw something I would rather
not have. I was driving to band practice on the road behind your school and
I saw a group of youngsters, including yourself..."

"Smoking?" Michelle interrupted.

"Errrr...yes," Harold continued.

"What's the big deal?" Michelle replied, "Just about every girl my age does

"Well," Harold went on, "I'm afraid its my duty to tell your parents."

Harold noticed that on saying this Michelle's attitude changed from cocky
little schoolgirl to a more worried state.

" dad would go mad!" Michelle gasped. "Can't you just not tell
him. I...promise to quit immediately."

"That's all very well," Harold responded, "but I'll still have to tell your
parents what I saw."

"No! You can't I'll do anything. I'll do chores around the house or anything
you ask. Just don't tell my dad."

"I'm sorry Michelle. Its my duty to tell them."

"You mustn't. I'll help out with church...or..."

Michelle noticed that it was no good. Harold's stern expression remained
unchanged. At that moment she would have done anything to stop him from
telling her parents. She could imagine the rows and endless lectures that
would follow.

"...or...I could always suck you off."

Michelle couldn't quite believe what she had said.

"I beg your pardon?" Harold yelled "How dare you be so crude...I..."

"I'm serious," Michelle cooly responded. She couldn't really believe what she
was saying but anything was worth a try.

Harold was totally taken aback. Could she really be serious?

"Michelle, if you don't stop this filth at once I shall be forced to tell
your parents about this incident, too."

"Come on, Harold," Michelle said with a wry smile, "I've seen the way you
perv on me and my friends when we're in the Coffee Shop."

"I do nothing of the sort!" Harold snapped.

Michelle just laughed and slowly began pulling her school skirt up her leg.
Harold instinctively glanced down as more of her thigh was revealed.

"See!" Michelle laughed, "You can't deny it!"


Michelle carried on pulling her skirt up. She moved it slowly up both of
her legs. Harold was becoming more and more flustered. He could feel his
cock stirring but knew he couldn't let Michelle notice. He stared hard
at the floor for a full minute. He eventually glanced up to Michelle
preparing himself to tell her in no uncertain terms to leave immediately.

When he looked up he saw that Michelle had pulled her skirt right up her legs
and was holding it up to expose her tight-fitting white knickers to Harold.
She slowly began to move her hand across the front of her underwear. Harold
just stared on open-mouthed as his cock sprung to full hardness. He fidgetted
uncomfortably in his seat.

"Don't worry, Harold. This can be our secret. Just like my smoking" she said
with a devilish grin.


Harold was silenced at the sight of Michelle slowly starting to slide her
knickers off from beneath her dress. She slid them down so they were around
her ankles and then reached under skirt and started fingering her clit. She
started to moan as she got more and more turned on. She remembered how
arroused she had been when Connor had caught her masterbating but this was
on a whole new level. She looked up at Harold who had began to rub his cock
through his trousers. He couldn't help himself but had still hoped Michelle
wouldn't notice.

"Get it out," Michelle ordered him whilst still playing with herself.

"What..." Harold gasped.

"Get you cock out."

Harold realised there was no going back now and promply began undoing his
fly. Michelle stared on intently as Harold unveiled his fully erect cock.
Michelle had only really seen Connor's cock before so that was her only
frame of reference but she concluded that Harold was pretty much averagely

Harold sat holding his cock and waited to see what would happen next.
Michelle stopped fingering herself and slid her knickers completely off. She
threw them to Harold.

"Wank you cock into these," she ordered.

Harold began to rub the white panties over the end of his throbbing member.
Michelle giggled at the site of this and carried on fingering herself as
Harold watched on intently.

Harold started to moan. At this Michelle stopped fingering herself and
decided to take things a stage further. She stood up off the sofa and moved
over towards Harold and knelt down in front of his chair. Without saying a
word she grabbed the knickers draped over Harold's cock and started to wank
them over his bell-end for him. Harold sat back and watched on as the young
whore wanked him off into her panties. As she did this she moved her hands
underneath his sack and started to slowly caress his balls. Harold continued
to moan in pleasure. He could feel the cum welling up in his balls when
suddenly Michelle stopped.

She began to unbutton the front of her schooldress. She undid the top 5
buttons and pulled the top of the dress open to reveal her breasts heaving
inside of her bra. Harold started to wank himself again. Then Michelle leant
forward and gently clasped Harold's cock between her breasts. She was still
wearing her bra. She moved her hands to either side of her breasts to push
them together further and then began to slowly move them up and down to wank
off Harold's cock. Harolds moans continued and Michelle continued her
tit-wank for about another 30 seconds...

"Suck my cock you little bitch," Harold suddenly and unexpectedly demanded.

Without answering him Michelle halted her tit-wank and moved her head down
to face his throbbing dick. She paused slightly to tease him before looking
up at Harold. Maintaining eye contact she slowly began to go down on the old
man. Harold gasped in pleasure as he felt the warmth of Michelle's mouth on
his knob. Michelle held his cock still in her mouth for a second before
closing her eyes and beginning to bob up and down slowly. Her one free hand
grasped the base of his cock and her other caressed the underneath of his

Harold looked on in amazement as the young 16 year old bobbed up and down on
his knob. Her hair was held up away from her face by her plaits so he had a
superb view of her mouth sucking vigerously on his cock. He could feel the
cum begin to well up once again. He couldn't wait to shoot his load right
down the young bitch's throat.

Michelle could recognise the signs that Harold was about to cum. Connor did
much the same thing. She sucked a couple more times vigerously before Harold
reached the point of no return and then quickly pulled her head away from his

"Wank over my face," she demanded.

Harold stood up and with a couple more strokes he began to orgasm over the
still kneeling Michelle. The first shot hit her squarely on the face. It
dribbled down her left cheek. Harold wanked his cock hard and continued to
cum over the youngster. Another shot to the face - this time to her nose
and mouth. Michelle stuck out her tongue and started to lick the fresh cum.
Harold's final shot landed on Michelle's still exposed chest and dribbled
across her bra. Exhausted, Harold slumped back into the chair.

Michelle paused for a brief moment before grabbing at her knickers that lay
on the floor next to her. She used them to mop the cum off her face and
breasts. She then quickly buttoned up her dress and stood up.

She started to walk towards the front door before pausing and throwing her
cum-soaked panties in Harold's direction.

"I suppose you can keep these," she laughed. "And remember, this is our
little secret, just like my smoking."

As Michelle opened the door Harold began to think about what had happened and
felt utterly ashamed of himself. Michelle glanced back and laughed at him.
She stepped through the door and slammed it behind her.


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