Neighbours: Naughty Neighbours (F/F,MM/F,M/FF,mc,ncon,ws,pedo)
by Anonymous

Part 1

Michelle grinned wickedly as she poured the liquid into a perfume bottle then
fixed a nossle on top. Her smiled widened even further as she squirted a pool
out on to her hand, this was going to be her day she'd show that bitch
Felicity and that bastard Paul who was boss.

She put the bottle down and pulled off her dowdy sweater and jeans. Next she
slipped off her childish polka dot panties and matching bra and stood staring
at herself naked in the mirror. She had a body that defied her twelve years
with big and still developing tits, a slightly plump but curvy figure and an
impressive mat of mousey pubic hair covering a frustratingly tight adolescent

Michelle was keen to have sexual experiences, she was horny as hell for Paul
and spent hours masturbating over the thought of his big cock, she grinned as
she thought of how she wouldn't have to fantasize after today. She went to
the drawer and pulled out a pair of skimpy, silk bra and panties of
Felicity's. She was pleased at how good a fit they were as she slipped into
them, she smiled thinking what a slut she looked just what she wanted.

Next she slipped on the tight, low cut top and ultra short skirt she'd bought
especially for the occasion. She grinned at the slutty overall effect, she
grabbed the bottle and headed for the was time to have a little
_ _ _

Libby sighed as Drew climbed off her panting and lay back beside her. They'd
just finished a marathon sex session but he'd barely managed to bring her to
orgasm in five attempts.

"How was i Lib?" Drew asked

"Oh... erm... pretty good." Libby said,lying.

Drew stared at her knowing she didn't mean it.

"You didn't come did you?" he said

Libby smiled, "It's o.k. Drew we just had an off day."

"You haven't been satisfied for ages have you?" Drew asked.

"Well... no" Libby said honestly, Drews face dropped. "But it's ok," Libby
said reassuringly, "We just have to think of a way to liven things up."

There was a knock at the front door, Libby hopped out of bed and covered her
naked body with a thin, figure hugging dressing gown. She walked through to
the hall and swung open the front door, Stephanie stood there smiling. Her
eyes widened as she saw how scantily clad Libby was, Steph was a secret
lesbian but she hadn't the courage to tell anyone yet and she loved the
chance to ogle Lib.

"Er, hi Lib," she murmured, "Just thought I'd pop round for a coffee, is this
a bad time?"

"Oh, no," Libby said smiling, "Come on in."

Libby stood aside from the door, Stephanie brushed past unable to avoid
touching her friends massive melon shaped breasts. She and Libby exchanged
an awkward glance as she did, Libby suddenly sensed the attraction between
_ _ _

"What is it, Amy?" Anne said concernedly as her friend sat down on the sofa
and began crying.

"Oh, nothing," Amy said

Anne put a supportive arm around her friend and moved her head close to
Amy's. "Come on now," she said "You can tell me."

She brushed Amy's blonde hair from her face and put her hand on it, tenderly
brushing away a tear.

Amy stared at her friend and raised a smile.

"Your so supportive Anne, I'm so glad I've got you." she said, Anne smiled.

"So come on then tell me the problem..." she said.
_ _ _

Libby could feel Steph's eyes burning into her as she bent down to get the
coffe out, she knew her arse was clearly visible through the thin material
of her dressing gown and it was turning her on thinking that Steph could see.
Steph was fixated at the glorious sight and with her crotch hidden by the
coffe bar she couldn't help stroking herself.

Libby turned back and smiled at Steph, she was keen to expand hers and Drew's
sex lives and she saw Steph as the ideal way of doing it. She moved round
beside Steph and shuffled her arm so that her dressing gown opened and one of
her big breasts slipped out. Steph gasped at the sight then looked up at
Libby who was giving her a knowing smile.

"Y'know Steph," Libby said softly, "Theres something you can help me and
Drew with..."
_ _ _

"I just feel like everyone hates me." Amy sobbed "I've hurt Lance and put
you in a tough spot, my mum thinks I'm a slut and I'm having a baby I don't

Amy dropped her head on to Anne's shoulder, Anne put a sympathetic hand on
it and stroked her friends face gently. Amy's tears subsided and she looked
up at Anne. "You really care for me don't you Anne?" she breathed.

"Of course," Anne said tenderly.

Amy stared lovingly at her friend for a moment then impulsively kissed her
on her pouting lips. Anne started and jumped up from the sofa.

"Amy!" she shrieked, "What the hell are you doing?"

Amy stood up too, "I just thought..."

Anne turned away, too embarrased to look at her friend, "Well, you thought
wrong." Anne said firmly despite the uncertainty she suddenly felt and the
immense electricity of kissing amy. She breathed heavily as she felt Amy
stroking her arm and moving behind her.

"Are you sure it doesn't do anything for you?" Amy breathed, Anne gulped at
the sensous feeling of Amy's warm breath. She was trying hard to fight her
_ _ _

Michelle tapped at the bishop's front door, an immense feeling of
exhiliration surging through her body. Paul opened the door and sighed as he
saw Michelle.

"What do you want Michelle?" he said irritabley.

"Oh, I have something really important to show you." Michelle said "Can I
come in?"

Paul shrugged, "I guess."

Michelle smiled and brushed past him, Paul stared open mouthed as he noticed
what Michelle was wearing. Michelle and Felicity exchanged glares.

"What the fuck do you want?" Felicity growled, she hated Michelle
interrupting her flirtation with Paul. She loved teasing him with her tight
clothes and suggestive remarks and she was having even more fun today because
Tad was there to flirt with too.

"I'm here to show Paul something." Michelle said sharply. "Oh, and Tad you
can take a look too."

Tad grinned and hopped over the sofa, his eyes bulged as he saw how revealing
Michelle's clothes were. Michelle pulled out the bottle of liquid.

"I want you guys to try this out." Michelle said. She suddenly squirted the
two of them with the liquid right in their faces initially causing them to
curse then suddenly they both fell silent and stared obediently at Michelle.

"What the fuck have you done, Michelle?" Felicity said walking over.

"You'll see" Michelle said wickedly, she darted to the door and locked it
firmly then turned to Paul and Tad.

"Alright boys," she said, "time for you to fuck Felicity."

Part 2

....I know you've had a wait but here it is part two. hope
you feel it was worth it, let me know if you did. It does contain some rape
and a young girl (Michelle)
so if you don't like all that then quit here,
otherwise enjoy...

"Ffff-Fuck me?" stammered Felicity backing off as Paul and Tad stared
lustfully at her awaiting Michelles instructions.

"What the hell have you done, Michelle?" she screamed.

"Oh, it's just a little potion I've cooked up, makes guys do anything I want,
cool, heh?"

Felicity now wide eyed with fear fell back on to the sofa her long legs
spreading open as she did.

Michelle laughed loudly, "There you go guys, she's begging for it. Strip

Paul and Tad approached a now terrified Felicity, Tad grabbing her arms and
Paul sitting on her legs as he began ripping the flimsy fabric of her tight

"Please, Michelle," she pleaded, "This has gone far enough, a jokes a joke
now stop this!"

Michelle smiled wickedly and shook her head, "Not yet sis, your gonna pay for
taking the piss first."
_ _ _

Drew sighed as he sat up in bed wondering what the hell had happened to
Libby, she'd been gone nearly ten minutes. Just then the bedroom door swung
open and Libby with a wide knowing grin on her face walked in hand in hand
with an equally mischievous looking Stephanie. Drew started and pulled the
sheet over his manhood causing howls of laughter from both girls.

"Oh don't worry about that." Libby said "Before the days out Steph is gonna
see everything you've got to offer, babe!"

Drew stared blankly, always slow on the uptake he still hadn't realised what
was happening.

"What the hell is going on?" he said innocently.

Libby and Steph giggled to one another then began to kiss passionately
ferociously locking lips and tongues and running their eager hands over each
others firm bodies. Drew stared wide eyed at the scene, he'd often fantasised
about Libby and Steph together but he never imagined it would actually

Libby broke from the kiss and stared at him. "How would you like it if Steph
joined our fun today Drew?"

"You mean a threesome?" Drew said stunned.

Libby nodded and returned to kissing a smiling Steph. As they kissed Libby
pushed off Steph's leather jacket, then helped her pull her t-shirt over
her head. Both Drew and Libby stood back and stared in admiration as Steph
took off her silky white bra revealing her small, pert rosebud like breasts
a perfect contrast to Libbys big melon-like ones bursting to escape from
under her flimsy gown.

Libby, her body pressed against Steph's, unbuckled and pulled down her
friends jeans and they stared lustfully into one anothers eyes as the jeans
fell slowly down her long,white legs. There was only one thing left to do,
Libby and Steph exchanged knowing grins as Libby reached for the flimsy
fabric of Steph's cotton panties and pulled them down.

Steph smiled and stepped out of them, Both Libby and Drew stared in awe at
her thin, beautifal body before Libby pulled off her gown and faced her
friend totally naked. They grinned widely at each other, kissed and hugged
then turned to an open-mouthed Drew.

"Now the fun can start." Libby said
_ _ _

"I'm sorry Anne." Amy said, "I've gone too far this time, I'll go."

Anne was still ignoring her after their kiss and Amy felt too embarrased to
stay, as she headed for the door Anne called to her, "Amy, don't go we need
to talk."

Amy turned and walked back to her friend. They stared at each other for a
moment then instinctively began to kiss again, both girls had secretly
fantasized about the other for as long they'd known each other but had been
too scared to do anything about it, until now.

Anne broke from the kiss and stared tearfully at her friend, "What about the
guys? They'll be so hurt." she said.

Amy, devious as ever, stroked her friends shiny,brown hair tenderly and said
soothingly, "Only if we tell them, which we don't have to." She began to kiss
Anne again breathing "This can be our little secret Anne." as she did.

Despite her inhibitions Anne knew this was what she wanted and as their
inhibitions slipped away, the girls began to caress each others nubile
bodies. Amy loved the feels of Annes big round breasts through her tight,
low cut top and Anne enjoyed stroking the Amy's perky nipples and small
tits through her white shirt.

"Let's go to bed." Amy said grabbing Annes hand and leading her out of the
living room.
_ _ _

Felicity sobbed quietly, bitterly regretting her tormenting of Michelle as
Paul ripped off her short skirt exposing flimsy cotton panties covering a
tight, and to her shame, slightly wet teenage pussy. Tad meanwhile had
roughly pulled off her tight,low cut top and Flick was left, much to
Michelle's delight in her underwear, she loved seeing her bitch of a sister
looking so vulnerable. She wasn't familiar to the feeling but she knew she
was turned on.

A stoneyfaced Paul ripped off Flick's panties as Tad pulled off her bra.
Flick tried to cover herself but Tad was too quick and held her arms down
grinning wickedly at the terrified but resigned teenager.

"Mmm look at that pussy." Michelle said standing over the scene and grinning
at her sisters tight twat. "and those titties of her's, bet you guys would
like to get your mouths round them heh?"

The two boys nodded eagerly.

"Please, Michelle. NO!" Felicity pleaded weakly. Michelle ignored her sister
and ordered the boys to make her sister come.

They needed no encouragement, Paul rammed four fingers into her cunt and
repeatedly forced them in and out of her as felicity screamed in agony and
ecstacy, despite her flirtation she was still a virgin and this was the
first time a boy had touched her there.

Meanwhile Tad had rubbed her nipples until they were fully erect and was now
sucking and biting on them, then taking each small breast fully into his
mouth increasing Felicity's pleasure and pain.

The boys swapped roles and Tad eagerly cleaned up Paul's handywork with his
tounge. He unbuckled his jeans and let his erect cock drop out then smiled at
Michelle who grinned and nodded, she knew Felicity was on the pill... dirty

Paul also had his cock out and was hovering it over Felicity's mouth.
Michelle nodded to him too and they each began their assault on her two
seperate openings.

Felicity wailed in agony as Tad entered her roughly, her screams were muffled
as Paul sat on her face and dropped his erect cock into her open mouth.
Felicity had no choice to suck on the organ and despite her disgust she was
unable to stop her pussy tightening around Tad's cock as he thrust it further
into her.

Part 3

Libby smiled sweetly as she sat on all fours above Steph and in front of a
very erect Drew. She and Steph began fingering one another as Drew rammed his
massive cock between Libby's tight, milky white buttocks causing squeals of
delight from Libby and making her big breasts brush across a moaning Steph's
face. Steph locked her lips round one of Libbys erect nipples sucking and
biting on it as she was brought to a sticky climax by Libbys probing fingers.
Her moans were drowned out by Libby who has reached an almighty orgasm thanks
to Stephs long fingers and Drews huge manhood.

After several more orgasms the trio shifted position with a panting Libby
sitting on Steph's face and turning to face Drews come covered cock. Steph
began exploring Libby's dripping wet cunt and asshole as Libby took Drew's
cock into her mouth and sucked away like a sleazy hooker.

Drew quickly shot a warm load into her mouth which Libby gladly swallowed
down savouring the sickly sweet taste, Steph was also enjoying Libby's pussy
juices as they trickled down her eager throat.
_ _ _

Amy had took charge of a still very nervous but deeply aroused Anne,
stripping off her friends remaining garments to reveal a tanned, superbly
formed body with big, round breasts, a neatly trimmed but soaking wet pussy
and a small, tight ass that Amy longed to bite into. She also stripped naked
revealing a thin,milky white body with small, rosebud like breasts and a mat
of blonde pubic hair covering her loose,experienced cunt.

The girls locked pouting lips again, nervously at first then with increased
passion as their hands explored the curves and contours of each others naked
bodies. Anne submissively dropped onto the bed staring lustfully as Amy
climbed on top of her and spread her legs.

Amy gently slid three fingers into her friend causing moans of delight, she
slid in a fourth and smiled as felt them all become covered in Anne's sticky
bodily fluids and Anne reach a loud and very satisfied orgasm.

"How did that feel babe?" Amy breathed stroking Annes big tits and staring
lovingly at her panting friend.

"So great," Anne said, "it was unbelievable."

Amy smiled and slid down between her friends legs then looked up grinning,
"You haven't lived yet." Amy said before bobbing between her friends legs
and expertly eating her sweet smelling cunt clean, Anne writhed in pleasure
as Amy's tounge found her clit and she ran her hands through the mop of
blonde hair between her legs groaning loudly as she came again all over
Amy's eager lips.
_ _ _

Michelle slipped a third finger up her short skirt and inside her skimpy
panties and began to masturbate furiously as she watched her sister Felicity
humiliated yet again. A sweaty, sticky and dazed Felicity had been forced on
to all fours and Paul and Tad were taking it in turns to anally assault her
sweet teen ass while the other deep throated her. Both had already fucked her
taking away Flick's precious virginity and leaving her sore and degraded.

Finally Flick could take more and collapsed into a heap on the sofa, come
dripping from her chin, pussy and ass and mixing in with sweat from her
nubile naked body.

Michelle decided not to finish herself off, why have a dog and bark yourself
she thought? "Right guys" she said moving next to a still stonefaced Paul
and Tad "I want in on the action now." She began to undress slowly and
seductively smiling as Paul and Tad stared wide eyed she knew any moral
concerns they had about penetrating a twelve year old would be gone.

Flick managed to raise her head and breath, "Don't be fucking crazy Michelle,
you could get pregnant."

Michelle now in just her sisters revealing underwear crouched down and smiled
insincerely at her sister. "Aah how sweet, now Flick cares for me." Suddenly
anger welled up and she slapped her sister hard on the face causing Felicity
to howl with pain. "Fuck you flick, I'm not a kid."

Michelles mind was so twisted with anger and perversion that she decided to
continue Felicity's ordeal. She turned to her two devoted rapists and told
them she wanted to be poked and eaten out by Felicity. Felicity already
sickened by her ordeal began to cry hysterically and made a half hearted
attempt to run for the door. Paul and Tad grabbed her roughly and held her
upright as Michelle peeled off her bra and panties releasing her impressive
young breasts and a tight but heavily matted pussy.

She lay back on the sofa, legs spread apart and ordered Felicity to be put
between her legs. Felicity knew she had no choice, the way Michelle was
acting she'd probably have killed her. Flick miserabley slipped two fingers
into her sister.

"More you bitch!" screamed Michelle, Felicity added two more fingers and
began stimulating her inexperienced but eager sister. She tried to look away
as her sister groaned with incestous desire but Paul and Tad had firm hold
of her and it was impossible.

Felicity was forced to lick her fingers clean of Michelle's come then Paul
pushed her head between her sisters legs and Michelle smiled wickedly as she
pulled on her sisters sticky hair and demanded she force her tounge further

Finally Felicity was allowed to withdraw, she felt sick at the taste of her
young sisters pussy never imagining before today that she would taste it.
Still her ordeal was not over, Paul and Tad picked her from the floor on
Michelles instruction and laid her on the sofa spreading her long and tired

Michelle grinned at the guys, they had already guessed what was coming as
had a sobbing Felicity. Michelle rammed four fingers and a thumb up her
sisters now not so tight twat repeatedly assaulting her already sore pussy.
Felicity desperately tried not to become aroused but it was impossible and
Michelle grinned and taunted her as she began to moan and reach yet another

"Firty fucking bitch, you wanted it from me all along!" Michelle screamed.

Felicity hung her head in shame and quietly sobbed as Michelle finished the
job by eating out her weeping pussy.

Michelle sat up and licked her come covered lips clean then turned to Paul
and Tad, who had watched the incestous encounter with delight, and grinned
at their still fully erect cocks. "Just one more job to do," Michelle said
_ _ _

After Anne had repayed Amy by poking and eating her out, the girls lay
together cuddling.

"I'm sorry I was a bit of a kid about it Amy." Anne said.

"No problem," Amy said smiling, she looked down at her sweaty body, "Geez, we
really got hot, heh?"

Anne nodded smiling.

"How about a shower?" Amy said, Anne nodded eagerly and the two naked girls
walked hand in had through to the bathroom.

They kissed and caressed yet again as Amy fumbled for the shower switch and
drifted beneath the powerful warm water still locked in a passionate embrace
as their bodies were soaked.

Anne took the initiatve this time pushing Amy against the shower wall,
covering her friends body with soap and then sensually cleaning off every
inch with a thin flannel through which she could feel her friends soft skin.
Anne spotted a hairbrush on the floor of the shower and grabbed it, Amy
grinned knowing what her horny friend had in mind. Anne rammed the end of
the brush up Amy's twat loving the squeals of delight and agony from Amy,
she flipped her friend round and rammed it up her arsehole much to Amy's

They swapped roles with Amy happily pushing the blunt object up her friends
openings repeatedly causing further orgasms for Anne. They finished up by
eating each other out again, then stepped out of the shower hand in hand and
pressed their firm,soaking bodies together before wrapping a big towel round
themselves,kissing as they dried off.

They dressed and giggled as they returned to the lounge, they loved sharing
secrets and boy did they have a hot one this time!
_ _ _

Libby layed back and opened her legs alluringly. Steph knew Drew would have
first call on her pussy and climbed on to Libbys face smiling as she felt her
friend slip her tongue into her cunt. Drew slipped between Libbys legs and
began pumping her pussy ferociously, Libby moaned with delight as Drew found
the animal inside and fucked her within an inch of her life.

She was also enjoying exploring the soft folds of Steph's pussy and
gratefully lapped up her friends juices. Suddenly Steph looked startled

"I've gotta piss Lib" she said.

Libby shook her head, "No problem sweetie," she said "Go ahead."

Steph grinned, impressed at Libby's level of perversion none of her previous
lovers had been into scat. She let rip with a golden tide which Libby happily
drank down, all her inhibitions were gone and if Steph had wanted to shit in
her mouth she'd have let her.

Drew brought her to yet another loud orgasm and then collapsed beside the two
girls who also slid off one another panting. After a brief rest Libby, keen
to see Drew with another woman, encouraged Steph to give straight sex a go.
Steph agreed and climbed on top of Drew, Despite his tiredness he managed to
perform one again bringing her to a sticky and very sensual climax which
Libby enjoyed almost as much as Steph.

Steph also gave him a blowjob much to Libby's delight as she masturbated at
the sight and let him take her up the ass. She had thoroughly enjoyed the
experience and decided to think of herself as bi rather than lesbian from
now on. The three of them also resolved to make this the first of many
encounters between them.
_ _ _

Michelle groaned loudly in pain and pleasure as Paul thrust his huge cock
into her tight virginal cunt and took away the few shreds of her innocence.
Her groans were muffled by Tad's cock slipping into her mouth and she sucked
expertly having practiced on bananas and carrots as well as Flick and Steph's

Felicity was being made to poke her sister up the arse, which as well as
being sickening was also painful as her sisters buttocks continually crashed
down onto her hands. She was also under orders to try and eat Michelle's
sweaty, shitty ass as it bobbed up and down which was an equally tough and
sickening task.

Michelle swapped the boys round, and with increased confidence she expertly
rode Tad's cock forcing him to come inside her several times. Paul was now
deepthroating her, at Michelle's command and quickly shot a load down her
throat. Finally a tired Michelle was satisfied and climbed off the two
exhausted boys, She ordered Felicity away from her ass and down between her

"Please, Michelle," pleaded Flick, "I can't eat your pussy again I'll be

Michelle grinned and shook her head, "No pussy, this time its piss!"

Felicity's eyes widened with horror and before she could protests a huge
golden shower was covering her face and running down her throat. She scowled
at the salty taste and then mustering up her final energy stood up, urine
dripping from her chin.

"You fucking bitch, Michelle!" she screamed, "Mom and dad are gonna here
about this, your gonna get put away you sick..."

Felicity broke off as a grinning Michelle sprayed her in the face with her
mind controlling liquid. She fell silent and stoneyfaced, Michelle ordered
them all into the shower and then told them to dress. They sat in the lounge
still hypnotized and told by the devious Michelle that they wouldn't remember
a thing about this day, they never did...


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