Neighbours: Neighbours Rape Part 1 - Dione (MF,ncon,voy)
by Magnus Opium

I was stood in the backyard at number 30 Ramsey Street, peering in through
the kitchen window. I'd just run round after seeing Dione walking up the
street, coming home from her job - as nurse at the local hospital.

I've been watching the street for weeks, checking out the potential victims,
observing their schedules. Dione always came home from work at this time -
6pm - her new housemate Stuart would be at work `til 10, Toadie would be at
the pub for ages, because of measures I'd taken earlier, and her third
housemate, Matt, goes home for dinner on Thursdays and stays all evening.

I watched her come into the kitchen in her nurses uniform, bland, black
trousers and a white blouse, she dumped her bag on the table and went back
into the hall. I quickly ran to her bedroom window - just in time to see
her enter. It was still light so I had to be careful. She undid her belt
and let her trousers fall to the floor, her legs were long and slim. She
bent over to pick the trousers off the floor, she wore a white, lace thong
and her ass was small and pert. She threw the trousers on the bed and began
unbuttoning her blouse. She opened her blouse and took it off, as she
reached back to pull the blouse off her arms - her chest arched outwards -
pushing her huge tits out even further. She was wearing a white, lace bra,
which matched the thong - it struggled to keep the massive, firm breasts in.

She walked over towards her chest of drawers, which unfortunately was
situated right under the window I stood at. The open blinds hid me, mostly,
but she would almost certainly see me from the chest of drawers. I stepped
to the side, out of sight, as she approached. I peeked round the corner,
into the room, as she bent over to grab a pair of jeans from the bottom
drawer. Her large, round, milky-white tits hung below her - I couldn't wait
to get my hands on them. I retreated into hiding and waited a few seconds,
when I peered back through the window, she was pulling on the jeans. She
walked to a basket by the door, grabbed a crumpled, orange vest and left the

I left the window and ran back to the kitchen, looking in I saw Dione enter
and immediately walk to the utility area off the kitchen. She returned
carrying an ironing board, still just wearing her lace bra and green jeans.
Getting an iron from the cupboard under the sink and plugging it in, she
ironed the vest ready to wear.

I left the window and put my plan into action, I wore the uniform of an
employee of the electricity company and this would be my means of entry. I
went round to the front of the house and rang the bell. Dione answered,
somewhat flustered, she had obviously rushed to put on the vest - which was
still creased near the bottom. The orange vest clung to her body, showing
off her enormous breasts - the plunging neckline gave a great view of her
large cleavage.

"I'm here to read the meter." I said, in a friendly voice.

"I, er, don't know where it is." She replied uncertainly, still flustered by
her hasty dressing.

"That's all right - I'll find it."

I walked past her, carrying my clipboard. I looked at the walls, along the
floor and ceiling, as though looking for something. I quickly walked to the
kitchen and scanned the walls, I was putting out the impression that I was
searching for the meter, where as really I was making a final check that no
one was there.

"Must be in the living room." I said, turning.

"Through here." She replied and turned to walk to the living room.

Behind her back I withdrew a knife from one of my pockets, as we entered the
living room I hurried up behind her. I threw my left arm around her waist
and pulled her to me, I brought my right hand, holding the knife, up to her

"Scream and I'll kill you." I whispered, menacingly, in her ear.

"Please." She said, desperately "...what do you want?"

"You know." I laughed and moved my left hand up to squeeze her right breast.

It was firm, large and round. I let go of her and pushed her in the small of
the back, propelling her onto the sofa. She swung round onto her back, her
tits heaving as she gasped for breath. I advanced towards her, a grin on my
face. As I climbed on top of her she quickly brought up her right knee, I
just saw it before it made contact with my balls and moved out of the way.
However, the knee caught my thigh and knocked me over. Dione pushed herself
off the couch and bolted for the door, I was up quickly and after her. As I
got out into the hall she was opening the front door, I kicked out and
slammed the door shut. She cried out and turned to run past me, I tried to
grab her but she sneaked past. She ran into the kitchen, as I entered she
turned, holding the iron. She yanked it up and threw it at me. But she'd
forgotten to unplug it from the wall, it arced in the air then seemed to
stop, frozen in the air - before crashing to the ground. Her whole body
deflated and I walked to her.

"You fucking, stupid bitch." I said, quietly whilst chuckling.

Before she could react I punched her in the stomach. She doubled over,
winded, and fell to her hands and knees. Grabbing a handful of hair I spoke
in a commanding voice.


With a sharp tug she got to her feet, still gasping. I pushed her back into
the living room and on to the sofa. I moved behind the sofa, she kept
glancing back, wondering what I was doing. I leant over the back of the
couch and ordered her:

"Hands behind your back."

The punch still fresh in her mind, she obeyed. Producing a pair of handcuffs
from another pocket, I bound her hands behind her back. Returning round to
face her, I sat on the coffee table. She looked up at me with big, brown
eyes - close to tears. I began to speak in a calm, controlled voice:

"Hi, my name's Tim." I began. "I'm here to rape you." she gasped "...first
you'll suck my dick, then I'll cum on your face, then I'll fuck those huge
tits of yours." her face crumpled with each new act I described. "Only then
will I move onto the sweet stuff, by screwing your cunt. Then to top it off
I'll flip you over and fuck you hard in your tight, little ass!"

"No." She pleaded. "Please, please don't."

Ignoring her, I reached forward and held the knife to her throat:

"If you don't follow exactly what I say, I will kill you." I left her in no
doubt I meant it.

She nodded, tears running down her cheeks. Grabbing a handful of the vest
at her collar I flung her onto her knees on the floor. She had trouble
steadying herself with her hands bound behind her back. I moved to sit on
the sofa, she knelt facing me.

I put the knife next to me on the couch before reaching down and unzipping my
trousers, I reached in and pulled out my hard cock. She just stared at my
eight inch shaft and stuttered:


"Yes." I replied with a snort of derision.

I shuffled forward on the sofa and held my cock to her mouth, she kept her
lips firmly shut. I swung my dick and hit her cheek with it, making a
slapping noise. Still she disobeyed. I reached with my left hand and picked
up the knife. Holding it to her cheek I stared into her eyes - she realised
I meant business. She opened her mouth a fraction, enough for me to push my
cock-head in.

"Make it good or you die." I ordered her.

She moved her tongue to lick the underside of my cock, I took the cue and
thrust in further, forcing her mouth wider. The warm, wetness was like
heaven and her tears continued to fall - some fell onto my cock, which nearly
drove me over the edge. I brought my cock almost all the way out of her
mouth, before pushing it back in - all the time she moved her tongue, obeying
my order to make it a good blow job - on pain of death. I continued to
thrust in and out, just touching the back of her throat before pulling,
almost all the way out.

I reached down with both hands and stroked either side of her head, gripping
her skull between both palms - I thrust forward. My dick plunged down her
throat - it was so tight and warm. Looking down, I saw Dione's eyes bulge at
the invasion. I kept pulling out all the way before driving back down her
warm, wet throat. Her nose kept burying in my pubic hair - which made her
screw up her eyes. My balls would swing against her chin, the softness
against my skin made it hard not to cum straight away. A few more thrusts
and I was on the edge, pushing my cock as far down her throat as it would go
and looking straight into her eyes I said:

"Here it comes!"

She cried or made some noise of protest, but with my dick wedged in deeply it
failed to register. Instead the vibration on my cock just brought about the
inevitable. I shot load after load of hot cum down her throat, my balls
twitched with each jet. I held my cock, deeply, in her throat `til I was
spent, then pulled out my dick and wiped it clean on a handful of hair.

"Please, you've had your fun - leave me alone." She pleaded, pathetically.

I picked up the knife and moved it to her chest, I pushed the point between
her huge tits and quickly swiped downwards. She screamed, so I slapped her
across the face. Her vest fell open, torn down the front, and her large
boobs, encased in the lace bra - were finally on show. I grasped the
remnants of the vest and yanked it from her body:

"Stand up." I instructed, forcefully.

She obeyed. Using the knife, I cut of the top three buttons on her green
jeans - they fell open at the front, exposing her white, lace thong. I
wrenched the jeans down and pulled them off her bare feet, this sent her
sprawling backwards. She landed on her manacled hands, behind her back,
and squealed in pain. I gripped her round the throat and pulled her back
to her knees, looking behind her, at her bound hands, I saw that one of
her wrists had broken. The tears tumbled down her cheeks and she whimpered
with the pain. The sound of her moans and her sexy body finally on show,
got me hard again. Reaching forward I cupped her tits, one in each hand, I
roughly squeezed them and she yelped. Moving my hands to the straps at the
sides of her tits, under her arms, I took hold and hauled the bra off her.
She fell forward and grunted with pain. When she sat back up her beautiful,
large, round tits bounced, free of their constraints - they had hardly
fallen from their previous position, highlighting their f irmness. Her
nipples were pink and not too large.

I reached behind her head and grabbed a handful of hair, yanking her forward
until she knelt between my legs. I quickly pulled out my throbbing cock and
set to work - stroking the full length of my dick. Dione continued to cry
at the pain from her broken wrist but her childish sobs just turned me on
further. Her head dropped and she started to sob uncontrollably.

"Look at me." I ordered.

She obeyed and I stared into her deep, tear-soaked eyes - all the time
wanking myself off. I felt my balls start to twitch and the cum rise, I
shuffled forward and held the cock-head to her face. The first jet hit
caught her off guard and she only just closed her eyes in time but still
a glob of thick, sticky semen landed on her eye. The second load shot up
onto her forehead and into her blond hair. A couple more strokes and a
third load of cum was ready, I moved my cock so it was positioned under
her nose and let go. The jet, the largest yet, hit her square in the nose
and a large amount went up her nostrils. She screwed up her nose but it
was no protection, the hot, white, gooey cum shot right up her nostrils
and dribbled down, over her mouth, onto her chin.

I sat back and stared at her massive tits, they were beautiful - large,
round and milky-white. I needed to fuck them.

"Time for a tit-wank." I said, in a jovial, sing-song manner.

"No, please - my arm." She replied, worried less about the thought of me
fucking her tits and more about her injury.

I thought for a minute, then moved behind her and unlocked the handcuffs.
Still on her knees, she fell forward, cradling her broken wrist.

"For unlocking those I expect some co-operation, OK?"

She ignored me, still whimpering over her arm.

"OK?" I repeated, more forcefully, and coupled the second question with a
sharp kick to her ribs.

"Ow - yes." She replied - not really listening.

I left her nursing the wrist, while I stripped off. Standing over her,
naked - my eight-inch cock standing erect, I grabbed her hair and pulled her
onto her back.

"Come on, bitch, play the game and remember - co-operate or there'll be
another broken bone."

She stopped holding her wrist and spread her arms at her side in resignation.
Her tits still stood large and round - inviting me to fuck them. I obliged,
climbing on her chest and positioning my cock between the enormous mounds.
I could feel her gasping for breath, the soft skin of her stomach rubbing
against my balls.

"Push those gigantic tits together, cunt!" I commanded, loudly.

She did as she was told, although her bruised wrist kept giving way. The
soft flesh enclosed my dick and felt tight as I began to thrust forward.
Stroking back and forward felt like heaven, I wouldn't be able to last long.
The tightness felt fantastic as I taunted her:

"I've seen you, cunt, pushing out your huge tits hoping some guy'll notice.
You see I've been following you, I've seen you at the hospital - leaning over
the old men, brushing your boobs in their faces but still managing to let
them know they'll never see them or touch them in all their glory. Well this
is for all those guys, you stupid, fucking prick-tease."

I laughed in her face as I came, shooting jet after jet of cum all over her
neck and face. The first load landed below her chin and ran back down
towards her tits. The second landed on her chin and sprayed up to meet the
drying mess from her earlier, forced, facial.

I climbed back off her and before she could catch her breath, I picked up the
knife and moved to her pussy. She pushed herself up on her elbows to look
down at what I was doing, her face was streaked with cum. I moved the blade
to the waistband of her thong, slid it under the lacy edge and with a flick
of the wrist sliced through the strap on one side. All the time she watched.
Moving to the other side, I again cut through the waistband - I tugged at the
torn underwear and the panties came away from her body.

"You dirty, little slut." I said, at the sight of her shaven cunt.

She was shaven smooth, not a hint of pubic hair remained. I swung a leg over
her and positioned myself, holding my dick in my right hand I positioned it
at the entrance to her pussy - she made one more, feeble attempt to stop me:

"Please don't, I'll suck your cock again."

Hearing the dirty words come out of her mouth only had the effect of turning
me on even more. I leant over her and thrust my cock into her cunt. I
forced myself all the way in, first time, and she yelped from the force of
the penetration. I reached both hands up to grasp one tit in each, all the
time thrusting in and out of her pussy. I squeezed both tits, roughly,
bringing another cry of pain. I moved my mouth to her left tit and sucked
hard on the nipple - I continued to suck and lick her tits for over a minute.
Then I decided it was time to cum in her pussy, using her massive tits as
leverage, I pushed myself up - all the time my dick was deeply wedged in her
cunt. Again gripping her tits, I started to pound her pussy, harder and
harder - each thrust eliciting a cry of pain. Finally, I felt my balls start
to burn, I pushed into her as far as I could and let go - my biggest orgasm
yet. Burst after burst of thick, sticky, hot semen shot up into her cunt.
When I was nearly finished, I grabbed my dick in my right hand and pulled it
out, aiming the last shot of cum at her stomach. The spray land on her flat
belly, just above her belly button and some dribbled back in to form a pool.
I climbed off her exhausted body and sat down beside her, the region around
her pussy and thighs was red and bruised due to the onslaught she had

She was crying uncontrollably, I leaned over and consoled her:

"It's all right, it's over now - I've only got to rape your tight ass then
we're done." I laughed at her, as she opened her eyes in panic.

I moved my hands to hold her slim waist and roughly lifted her over onto her
hands and knees. Her broken wrist gave way at first but she soon recovered
her balance. As I moved to position myself to enter her asshole, she sprang
to her feet and ran to the door. I was quickly up after her and as she
entered the hallway I kicked at her ankle. She tripped and fell headlong
through the door to her bedroom. When I entered the room she was sat, curled
in a ball pleading with me:

"Please, please, don't fuck me in the ass...I've never...I mean...Please -
just don't!" It was pathetic.

"Oh, a virgin, an anal virgin - well, that just means it'll hurt even more."
I laughed.

I grabbed a handful of hair and again flung her onto her hands and knees,
looking around the room I had another idea.

"Crawl over to face that mirror." I said, pointing at a full length mirror
in the opposite corner, ".I want to see your big tits jiggle as I ruthlessly
pound you from behind."

She just turned and stared at me in despair. A sharp kick to the ass set her
moving. She crawled to the mirror and I went and kneeled behind her, looking
over her shoulder I could see her enormous boobs hanging, firmly, below her -
rising and falling as she gasped for breath. I positioned my cock-head at
the entrance to her tight hole:

"I'm not going to lube you up, so just relax or this'll hurt more than ever."

She, momentarily, relaxed and I took my chance, pushing my cock into her
tight ass. She gasped. I gripped her ass at the hips and thrust forward,
penetrating right up to the hilt, first time. She screamed as loud as was
possible, the scream tailed off to a low, guttural moan of pure pain. I
couldn't risk her screaming again, so I reached over and picked up a pair
of dirty panties off her bedroom floor. I stuffed them in her mouth and
down her throat, as a makeshift gag. Only then did I resume the onslaught.
I'd pull my cock to the very edge of coming out of her ass, then drive it
back in - each time bringing a scream from Dione - but with the gag it
sounded like nothing. Each time I'd pull out then ram back in, my balls
slapping against her pussy. It was so tight it was unbelievable, tighter
than her throat, tits or cunt had been. It was impossible not to cum almost
straight away. I gazed into the mirror, at each impact of my pelvis against
her ass, her whole body would jolt forward and her tits would bounce,
uncontrollably. One sight of her jiggling tits made me cum, hot jet after
hot jet shot into her ass. I pulled out and fired one spray up her back
before shooting another all over her ass cheeks and down her thighs.

I left her crumpled, broken body and went into the lounge to collect my
clothes. Returning, fully dressed, she lay whimpering in the foetal position
on the floor. I pulled her up by the hair and marched her, naked, to the
back yard. She tripped and stumbled down the steps into the garden with a
swimming pool. I pulled her to the door, which led to the cellar, under the
house. Unlocking the door and opening it, I threw her in, followed her and
switched on the light. She fell onto a pile of old newspapers and struggled
to her feet. I walked over to her and punched her in the mouth, she fell
back over the papers and onto the cold, concrete floor. Leaning over and
again grabbing her hair, I hauled her to her feet. She spat out blood and a
couple of teeth, her smile ruined for good. I swung again and punched her
flat in the nose, it crumpled under the blow and blood sprayed over her face.
I held her, tightly, round the throat to stop her falling backwards and hit
her again - this time in the jaw, breaking it in three places. She fell to
the floor, unconscious, and I left, locking the door - out to hunt my next

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