Neighbours: Neighbours Rape Part 4 - Libby (MF, ncon)
by Magnus Opium

Dressed in my police uniform I knocked on the door - it soon swung open:

"Good evening officer, what can I do for you?"

Libby Kennedy stood, with her baby in one hand a bottle in the other, looking
out of breath as she asked the question.

"Hi, there's been an explosion at the Lassiters complex." I said, in an
officious tone.

"Oh my God! Is Dad OK?" She asked quickly.

"Yes he's fine, he's helping out - he asked me to come and tell you he won't
be home for a while."

"Oh OK. Thanks officer." She moved to close the door.

"Also, there's been an attack at your Mother's school." She gasped.
"...Again, she's fine - but I wondered if you could answer me a few

"Yeah sure - come in." She replied, smiling.

I followed her into number 28, she turned and spoke over her shoulder:

"I don't know what I can help you with? Please, sit down."

She indicated to the sofa, choosing an armchair for herself. I sat down and

"Can you think of your Mother having any enemies?"

She looked thoughtful, then replied:

"Er...No...Oh, how rude. Would you like a drink?"

"Yes please." I thanked her. "...Just a few other questions."

She stood up, put the baby down on the sofa next to me, smiled and turned to
go to the kitchen. I took my chance:

"One vital question." I began.

"Yes?" She asked, her back still turned.

"...How would you react if I said I wanted to rape you?" I asked,
maintaining the level tone.

She swung round and saw that I held a knife to the baby's chest.

"Oh God." She cried. "...Please, no!"

"Do exactly as I say and I won't hurt you or the baby, OK?" I said calmly.

"Yes anything." She replied desperately.

"Right, I am going to rape you." She gasped. "...But you'll live if you do
everything I want and you make it enjoyable, OK?" She nodded. "OK." I
continued. "...I want you to suck my cock."

She walked slowly towards me, her eyes pinned to her baby. She knelt between
my legs, still looking at her child, she reached forward and, her hands
shaking, touched my zipper.

"Stop!" I ordered, she froze. "...I said `make it enjoyable', your hands
are shaking and you're not looking at me - I promise I won't hurt your baby."

She took a deep breath, swept her long, dark hair behind her ears and looked
at me. She smiled and again reached to my flies. She slowly unzipped my
trousers and reached in.

"Talk dirty." I instructed. "...And remember - make it good - or else!" I
put the knife closer to the baby's face.

Her long, pale fingers reached into my trousers, the tips touched the flesh
of my dick. She slid her fingers round the shaft and gripped tightly.

"Ooh, it's so thick." She said unconvincingly.

I slapped her hard across the face, she looked at me - bewildered.

"Make it realistic." I told her.

She pulled at my cock, bringing it out my trousers. I stood up, forcing her
to let go of my hard cock, I pulled my trousers down to my knees - so she
could get better access.

I sat back down, right on the edge of the sofa and she again gripped my
shaft. She held it in both hands and slowly began sliding them up and down,
her soft hands glided over my flesh. She then took her right hand away and
continued to stroke with her left also lifting it slightly. She moved her
right hand and lightly held by balls, she ducked forward and took my sack in
her mouth.

Her left hand was slowly caressing my cock, whilst she sucked deeply on my
balls - swallowing them to the back of her mouth. This continued for a few
minutes, her tongue swirling around my sack, before she slowly let my balls
fall from her lips.

She then looked up, gazed into my eyes and took my dick into her mouth. She
took a couple of inches first, slowly bobbing back and forth, before taking
more - again gliding down then back up. Her thick, red lips clamped tightly
around the shaft and moved slowly up and down - my cock, touching the back of
her throat each time.

Then on one downward stroke, as my cock touched the back of her throat, she
just slowly kept going - my cock slid easily down her throat. She then
slowly pulled off before gliding back down, this continued for a few more
strokes - then she reached up to hold my balls. She slowly massaged them,
until she felt them contract, then she pushed my dick down her throat and I
came. I don't know why but, after hours of frantic, frenetic rape, this
slow, deliberate, well-performed blow job, felt fantastic. My eyes rolled
back in my head and I felt dizzy, as streams of hot, sticky semen flowed down
Libby's throat. When I'd finished she slid my cock out of her throat, licked
the head clean and smiled.

"Thank you." She said, very convincingly. "...Your warm, salty cum tastes

She licked her lips and sat back on her knees. I stood up, between her
and the baby, and slid my trousers down and off my legs, I then quickly
unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. All the time Libby had been staring,
between my legs, at her child - as I sat down again, completely naked, she
returned her gaze to me.

"Strip!" I told her.

She stood up uncertainly and began. She wore a tight, pale yellow t-shirt,
it hugged her skin - showing off her large tits. They weren't as big as
Dione's, but they were certainly the same size as Elly's - if not bigger.
She also wore a denim skirt, which finished just above the knees - her slim,
pale legs partly on view.

She started by moving her hands to the front of her skirt, she lifted the
front of the t-shirt, in order to access the buttons, - and gave a
tantalising sight of her milky-white, flat stomach. She slowly undid the
two buttons and pushed the waistband over her hips. The skirt fell to the
floor, revealing yellowish white silk panties, which glistened in the light.

"Turn round." I said.

She obliged and turned quietly. The silk panties were in fact a silk thong,
the thin strip of material ran down between two round, soft ass cheeks.

"Bend over and touch your toes." I ordered.

She slid slowly forward, the thong gradually rode up her ass. Eventually she
was touching the floor, the silk thong was pulled right between her firm,
pale cheeks.

"Now the top." I said.

She stood back up and slowly slid her top up halfway, she still faced away
from me so I looked at her flat, unblemished back. She then slowly turned to
face me, the t-shirt hiked up to below her boobs. Her belly was flat, her
waist very slim, her ribs showed slightly - she was breathless with fear.
She slowly crossed her arms, gripped the bottom hem of the t-shirt and lifted
it upwards.

Her stomach flattened further as she stretched upwards and her ribs became
more defined. She pulled the top off her head and her long, dark-brown hair
fell to her shoulders. Her bra matched her panties - a yellowish white silk
- and held her firm tits, encasing the bottom half, only showing a
tantalising top half of the round, white globes.

She walked over to me and knelt between my legs, I got a better view of her
large boobs. She leant forward slightly - improving the view - and took hold
of my hard cock in her right hand. She started slowly stroking, up and down,
and pointed it towards her massive tits.

"No - on your face." I said quietly.

The soft touch of her long fingers was like velvet, she moved tenderly up and
down my shaft. She shuffled forward, moving in closer, and brought her left
hand up to my stomach. She placed her soft palm on my flesh and gently
stroked my skin, her touch equally soft. Her delicate massage of my cock
continued, her right hand gliding back and forth - the full length of my
cock. It was fantastic, my head fell back and my eyes closed.

"Ready?" She asked softly.

I looked down, into her eyes, and nodded. She put her face at the end of my
dick, gave two last, long strokes and I came - all over her sweet face. The
first load hit her on the bridge of her nose and splashed over both eyes,
cheeks and her forehead. She angled my cock so the second spray went into
her gaping mouth, the hot, sticky fluid coated the inside, her tongue and her
front teeth. The final jet, she aimed at her left cheek, it spattered onto
her flesh and sprayed up into her hair. When that last load was shot, she
bobbed forward and licked my cock head clean. She sat back and looked at me,
she blinked a few times - causing cum to mingle in her long eyelashes. She
licked her lips, then swallowed - she opened her mouth to show that she had
swallowed all my cum.

"Take off your underwear." I instructed quietly.

She stood up in front of me and reached to the waistband of her thong, she
then looked at me for confirmation that I wanted her to take those off before
the bra. I nodded. She took the cue and turned her back on me, she reached
to her sides and slid her thumbs under the waistband. She gently pushed the
soft, silky material over her round cheeks, she leant slightly forward to
push the panties down her long thighs. Her ass jutted towards me as she
pulled the thong down to her knees, but it pushed right into my face, her
asshole gaping, as she dropped the underwear to the floor.

So she stood, bent over, holding her panties round her ankles. I reached
forward and gripped her ass between my hands, I lightly massaged both cheeks
- one in each hand. I dipped forward and pushed my tongue into Libby's open
anus, she gasped at the warm, wet intrusion. I continued to kiss and lick
her asshole, as she continued to grip her ankles, I pushed my tongue right
in and buried my face between her cheeks.

I soon sat back and admired the view, her anus still gaped towards me, and
her pussy was visible - between her long legs. She stood up straight and
turned towards me, her flat stomach fell away to her perfect cunt - which was
covered with a thin, neatly trimmed, triangle of dark-brown pubic hair. She
let her hands glide up from her round hips, over her slim waist and defined
ribs, to her large boobs. She cupped them, one in each hand, and delicately
caressed them. She then slid her hands behind her back, this pushed her tits
forward - making them seem even bigger than ever. She unbuckled her bra and
it fell to her sides, although it still covered her tits, she then crossed
her arms across her chest and pulled the garment away.

Her boobs stood firmly on her chest, large, round and complete with round,
dark-pink nipples. She looked at me next and asked what I wanted her to do.

"Lie on your back." I told her.

She did so and I moved to stand over her. I placed one foot either side of
her prone body and lowered myself to my knees. Her soft stomach touched my
balls as I crouched down - my cock automatically fell between her large

"Hold on." She said.

She reached over to a large bag by the sofa and brought out a bottle of baby
oil. I shuffled back so my dick lay on her chest, below her tits, my balls
were in resting over her belly button and I could feel her pubic hair against
my ass. She squirted a generous amount of oil on her large boobs, she
brought her hands up and massaged them quickly - covering both mounds, and
the crevice between them, in a film of oil.

"OK." She said quietly. "...Fuck my big tits."

She was carrying on the dirty talk, which would save her life. I slid my
eight-inch shaft back up between her boobs, she pushed her massive tits
together with her oily hands - the soft flesh tight against the sensitive
skin of my dick. I began thrusting forward, slowly at first but faster when
my cock moved easily through the tight, lubricated gap. Her big tits bulged
through her spread fingers, she continued to hold them tightly as I pushed
back and forth - getting quicker and quicker. The friction of her soft, flat
stomach against my balls heightened the pleasure. I stared down and saw her
large, pale boobs enveloping my dick. The sight of that, the sound of my
cock squelching though her breasts and the feel of her big boobs on my shaft
and her flat belly on my balls - combined to make me shoot my load. The
first jet flew out as my cock head was between the soft mounds, but it was
so powerful an orgasm that the glob of white liquid shot out and into her
hair, which was splayed out on the floor around her head. The second and
third loads hit her below the chin, the first spattered up onto her mouth,
while the second ran back towards her large boobs.

I climbed off and sat beside her, looking down I could see that her face and
neck were almost entirely covered in semen from her facial and tit-wank - the
only part of her upper body not covered, was her tits. They still stood,
firmly, out from her chest, even though she was lying down, I wanted to shoot
a load over them - they were so big and hard.

I pulled myself back up onto the sofa and ordered her:

"Wank me off, onto your big tits."

She pushed herself up onto her knees and without a moments hesitation gripped
my shaft. Her hands were still slippery from the baby oil, she rubbed her
palms the full length of my dick and all over my balls - coating my genitals
in a layer of oil. She automatically began pumping away, her left hand
gliding easily over my lubricated dick and her right massaging my balls. Due
to the lubrication, she could maintain a fast pace, Libby's hand pumped back
and forward - the full length of my shaft. The erratic driving of her hand
made her tits shake and bounce, they were very firm so they didn't swing
about but they jiggled and jumped - making it hard not to cum. As her body
shook, the splatter of cum on her neck and chin started to run down - drops
fell down between her huge mounds, whilst larger globs dribbled over both

Her long, slender fingers were wrapped firmly round my shaft, but they thrust
back and forward so quickly it was unbelievable. She was gripping my balls
in her right hand so tightly it would normally have hurt - it just so
happened that her jiggling tits and excellent wanking technique, took my mind
off it. She roughly yanked on my balls and said:

"Look at my huge, bouncing tits - covered in streaks of cum!"

Accompanying the slutty words with two final tugs brought about the
inevitable - I exploded all over her chest. She aimed the two first shots
at each nipple in turn, first the left was hit by a huge glob of cum, it
spattered up and covered most of the breast. Then the right tit was covered
in a spray of semen, before she shifted her aim upward for the third, final
and biggest load. The cum sprayed over the top of both tits and immediately
ran down over them, a large amount also ran down between the globes, over her
flat belly and into her soft belly button.

She let go of my hard cock and sat back, she was breathless from her
exertion. Her cum-covered tits heaved as she gulped in air. Looking down
at her beautiful figure, I could see that her entire upper-body was coated
in semen. Her face, neck, chest, tits and stomach were covered in a sticky,
white coating. She began running her hands all over herself. She ran her
palms over her flat stomach and pronounced ribs before reaching up and
gripping her tits. The cum spilled over her hands, the gooey mess running
between her fingers. She was trying to keep me aroused so I wouldn't kill
her baby.

"Go and get in the shower." I told her. "...I'll join you in a minute."

"B-But?" She stuttered. "...The baby?"

"Just go!" I shouted.

She stood up, the cum running down her body, and walked slowly towards the
bathroom door - all the time she stared back at the baby and me.

I waited a few seconds, then followed her. When I entered the bathroom, she
was already in the shower - rubbing the cum off her body. I stood and
watched as she rubbed herself clean, before climbing under the water with

"If I fuck you, you'll let my baby live won't you?" She begged softly.

"Just make it good." I ordered.

She placed her palms flat on my chest, then ran them up to my shoulders. She
was a good deal shorter than I was, so she gazed up into my eyes - her long,
wet hair clung to her back, rivulets of water ran over her pale, naked body.
She snaked her hands behind my neck and pulled me towards her. I leant
forward and she brought her mouth up to mine, she kissed me passionately -
her tongue pushed into my mouth. I put my hands either side of her chest, I
could feel her prominent ribs against my palms and her large tits rubbed my
thumbs. I gripped her tightly and lifted.

She wrapped her long legs around my waist and slowly lowered herself so my
dick touched her pussy. She held her arms around my neck and placed her chin
on my shoulder. I moved forward so her back rested against the wall of the
shower, my hands held her ass - supporting her from below - and I slowly
stroked her asshole with the middle finger of my right hand. Her head was on
my left shoulder, facing away from me as I thrust forward - so I couldn't see
her wince or the tears run down her face. I wouldn't have seen them anyway
as the water from the shower obscured them.

I pushed in to the hilt first time, it was warm and tight. Her flat stomach
pressed up against mine, her large tits were squashed onto my chest. I
slowly pulled out and then gently stroked back in - all the way. I brought
my head back and moved to face her, she reciprocated and we kissed deeply.
All the time I tenderly stroked in and out.

I then gripped her around the waist and slowly lifted her off my dick. She
looked up at me quizzically, before I slowly spun her to face the wall. She
spread her legs slightly and I moved forward - placing my cock at the
entrance to her cunt. She lowered her hands between her legs and gripped my
shaft. She sensitively pushed my cock into her pussy - I pushed forward at
the same time.

I held her hips as I stroked back and forth, her left hand held and massaged
her left boob whilst her right hand toyed with her clit. I gently ran my
hands up to her slim waist, I gripped her and continued to push in and out -
her soft, warm pussy held my cock tightly.

She moved her hands and placed them at her waist - on top of mine. She
lightly held my hands and slid them up towards her boobs. She moved my hands
till they cupped her huge tits and then returned to playing with her clit. I
roughly massaged her large, firm breasts and slowly stroked in and out of her
pussy. Before long I felt myself cumming - I tightly squeezed her enormous
tits and let go. Streams of hot cum pulsed into her womb, she fell slightly
forward and moaned as the large load emptied inside her. I held myself
inside her body until I'd emptied my balls, I then slowly pulled out and left
the shower.

I dried myself and returned to the living room, I sat at one of the chairs
round the dining table - a bottle in my hand. Libby soon emerged from the
bathroom wrapped in a towel.

"You won't be needing that." I chuckled.

"What are you going to do now?" She asked nervously.

I showed her the bottle. Her eyes widened in realisation and she spoke

"B-But, I've never...I mean...I don't do that. Not even with Drew."

She stuttered and stumbled over her words at the sight of the bottle of baby
oil from earlier. I picked up the knife from the table, next to me, and
showed it to her. She walked slowly over and took the bottle, she flipped
open the cap and placed it on the table.

"Hold on, have you got a mirror in your room?" I asked.

"What?...Er...Elly uses my room now." She replied.

"Let's go and see." I said and walked towards her bedroom.

We entered the room, decorated like a teenager's - posters of boy bands on
the wall. Libby went and sat on the bed, I went to the wardrobe and opened
it. Elly's spare uniform hung up, it reminded me of my earlier rape of the
sexy, underage girl.

"I raped Elly earlier, you know?" I told Libby, in a nonchalant way.

"Wh...What?" She said.

"Yeah, fucked her right up her tight, little ass." I laughed.

I looked down and saw what I was looking for; under a hair dryer was a small
mirror - which had a stand, like on a picture frame, on the back. I took it
out the wardrobe and turned to face Libby. She sat on the bed holding a
teddy bear.

"Is that yours?" I asked softly.

"It used to be." She said quietly, a tear ran down her cheek.

I grabbed the toy, flung it on the floor and took hold of her hand. She
stood up and followed me into the dining area, off the living room.

She took the mirror, placed it on the table then pulled off the towel -
letting it drop to the floor. Her beautiful body, still as firm as ever, was
back on show. She bent over the table facing the mirror and picked up the
baby oil. She reached behind herself and squirted a large splash of oil into
her anus. She threw the bottle on the floor, and with the middle finger of
her right hand, coated her asshole with the lubricant. She looked over her
shoulder, into my eyes, and said:

"OK." In a soft voice.

I moved forward and placed my left hand on her back, pushing her to the
table. Looking over her shoulder, I could see in the mirror, her large tits
were squashed against the table. Holding it in my right hand, I guided my
cock to the entrance to her anus - then I placed my right hand on her right
ass cheek. I again looked in the mirror, staring straight at her worried
face, as I thrust forward.

Her face screwed up in pain and she let out a small scream, as I pushed in -
right up to the hilt. I held my hard cock in her tight hole and spoke softly
in her ear:

"Have you never taken it in the ass before?" I asked. "Not even with Drew?"

I had a smile on my face as she shook her head - her wet hair swung about as
she admitted her anal virginity. I continued to hold my dick in her ass, at
the same time I was slowly pushing forward - trying to get as far in as
possible. I moved both hands to her ass cheeks - one on each. I placed my
thumbs near the penetrated hole and pulled her ass open as far as I could.
It allowed me to push forward a couple of extra millimetres. Each millimetre
brought a moan of pain.

"Aren't you enjoying it?" I asked, a smile on my face.

"Oh yes." She said, through gritted teeth. "It feels fantastic - it's just,
your cock's so big and thick."

Her face was screwed up in pain as she continued laying it on thickly. I
grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head backwards. Her back
arched. I looked over her shoulder into the mirror - her tits protruded as
she forced them forward. I let go. She flopped back to the table and I
could see her huge boobs squashed underneath her body.

I slid my hands back down her body to grip her slim hips, she knew what was
coming and grimaced. I slid my pelvis backwards, so my dick almost slipped
out of Libby's lubricated anus. I then gripped more tightly and slammed
forward. My pelvis jolted into her ass, sending the table skidding forward
and causing her to scream at the top of her lungs.

"Beg me to stop!" I shouted.

She didn't need much encouragement:

"Please, please, please - stop it!" She screamed.

"More!" I said.

"Please! Stop fucking my ass!" She begged. "It hurts so fucking much!"

Her childish begging turned me on, as I pounded in and out of her tight
virgin ass - the lubrication allowing me to maintain a frantic pace. She
started weeping as my pace increased, my cock slammed into her tight hole -
her ass cheeks shuddered with each impact.

"I'm cumming, you fucking slut!"

I screamed as I let go, my dick pulsed as I sent a thick load of semen up her
ass. I held my hard cock in her abused anus until I had emptied my balls. I
then withdrew - the white, sticky goo ran out her ass and down her thighs. I
stood back and stared down at Libby's violated body, she looked back over her
shoulder, with wide, tear-stained eyes:

"You're not going to do anything else to me are you?" Her voice shook

"No." I said - smiling.

She sighed with relief, her body relaxed and she fell to the table -
exhausted. She placed both palms flat on the surface and pushed herself
upwards. She turned and stood facing me, her sexy, young body still as firm
as ever.

"Can I go to my baby now?" She asked desperately.

"Yes." I replied. "...Oh - just one more thing."

She looked into my eyes as I swung my right arm. My fist hit her square in
the mouth - she flew back, her back slamming against the table. She fell
forward and spat blood onto the floor. She fell to her hands and knees,
continually spitting blood from her mouth. I raised my leg and kicked her
in the face. She spun over onto her back.

"Oh my God!" She shouted as I advanced towards her.

She lay on her back and managed pushed herself up - her hands flat on the
floor behind her. Her feet scrabbled on the smooth, cold as she tried to
stand. I leant forward and hit her again, just below her left eye - she
sprawled backwards.

I grabbed her round the ankles and pulled her legs upwards, she stared up at
me - her mouth and nose bleeding and a bruise coming up on her eye. I forced
her legs to bend at the knees and folded them up towards her shoulders. I
kneeled down, lining up with her ass - which was elevated off the cold floor.

"No! No more please! For fuck's sake, please!" She wept.

I placed her legs on my shoulders, one over each, and reached forward to hold
her large boobs. The soft, yet firm, flesh turned white and bulged between
my spread fingers as I squeezed tightly. My throbbing, hard cock came to
rest at the opening to her red, defiled asshole. I used her big tits as
leverage as I drove forward, the last time I'd fucked her ass she had been
willing - anything to save her baby. Now she struggled, but my tight grip on
her bulging tits kept her pinned down. I pounded in and out as fast as I
could, she screamed and wept constantly as I roughly hammered her young ass.
Finally I came, depositing a second creamy load up her anal passage - now
used to the pain, Libby just let out a guttural groan as I emptied my sticky
semen into her bowels.

I pulled out and left her, lying broken on the cold floor, as I returned to
the sofa to get dressed. As I picked up my trousers the baby, who up until
now had been asleep on the couch, woke up screaming - hungry or just lonely.
Libby sprung up from her injured position, although she groaned and held her
stomach. She ran to the crying infant, faltering and almost falling on the
way. However just before she reached him I swung and hit her with a forceful
punch in the face. She fell to the floor, where I placed my foot on her

"My baby." She choked, before extra pressure cut her off.

I finished dressing before I took away my foot, she tried to stand and I
helped her with a tug of her long, brown hair. She moved towards the still
screaming baby but I yanked her away. I held the knife to her naked back and
said menacingly:

"Walk or I'll kill that fucking, little shit."

I pushed her towards the door and she moved where the blade guided her. I
marched her naked across the street to number 30 and the basement door in the
back garden. I stopped on the way to retrieve a canvas bag I'd left in the
Scully's garden, earlier that evening. I unlocked the basement door and
pushed it inwards - all five girls were sat shivering, naked on the cold,
concrete floor. Dione had her arm around Steph, who was still injured -
although the bleeding had stopped. Flick, Michelle and Elly clung to each
other and wept - their firm, naked, teenage bodies intertwined.

"Oh God - Libby!" Steph shouted.

I flung my most recent victim into the cellar, Dione and Steph sprung forward
and began checking her all over.

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