Neighbours: Neighbours Rape Part 5 - The Finale (FF,ff,MF,Mf,M-mast,nc,snuff)
by Magnus Opium

I walked in and locked the door, I held the knife in front of me and issued
a final order.

"OK sluts, you're going to perform one last time for me - or else I'm gonna
go back and kill Libby's kid. OK?"

"You fucking cunt!" Steph spat at me.

"I said - is that OK?" I smiled at Steph as I repeated the question.

All six girls nodded - although they realised they had no choice.

"Right, pair up - Dione and Steph, Libby and Flick, Elly and Michelle!"

The girls slowly shuffled towards their respective partners, Libby hugged
the weeping Flick - although she was still dazed from her own brutal rape.
I gave the next order:

"Good girls. OK, Steph you are going to suck Dione's massive tits, before
you swap over and Dione licks you out. Oh and both of you will enjoy it!"

I carried on:

"Elly - you will suck Michelle's big tits, whilst fingering her teenage
pussy. Then you two will swap over and Michelle will do the exactly the
same to you OK?"

They both just looked at each other - which I took for a yes, before

"And finally you two sluts." I gazed contemptuously at Libby and Flick, they
stared back through tear soaked eyes. "...Flick you'll start by licking out
Libby's violated asshole - you may even taste some of my cum." I smirked, she
grimaced. "...The you'll swap and Libby can tongue your teenage hole. OK
everyone know their role? Then let's go!" I clapped my hands.

The six, young rape victims all gingerly slid together to start their tasks.
I unzipped my flies and pulled out my throbbing dick. I concentrated first
on Dione and Steph - the latter held the former's huge boobs in her hands.
She cautiously slipped her tongue between her lips and licked the nipple of
Dione's left breast. I began stroking my cock back and forward, Steph must
have realised I was watching and remembered my earlier order for her to enjoy
it. I pulled up a box and sat down close to the pair as Steph began sucking
deeply on her companion's large boobs. Dione's eyes closed, her head flopped
back and a small moan escaped her lips. Steph concentrated on sucking hard
on the nipples and licking the whole of Dione's enormous tits - all the time
I was pumping my stiff cock faster and faster. Eventually, as Dione
continued to moan and Steph slurped on her large breasts, I came - the sight
of the huge mounds of flesh glistening with saliva driving me over the edge.
A jet of cum sprayed over Steph's back and up into her hair as she continued
to suck Dione's tits. Another load splattered onto the large breasts, whilst
a huge glob splashed onto Steph's cheek.

I picked up the box and placed it near to Michelle and Elly, whilst I had
been wanking over Steph and Dione - the two teenagers had been enjoying each
other. Michelle writhed and moaned as the other teenager sucked and licked
her big tits - while also pushing two fingers into her cunt. Elly's full,
red lips encased Michelle's nipple and she sucked long and deeply, all the
time her right hand hovered over Michelle's pussy - her index and middle
finger sliding between her soft lips. The teenager moaned:


This instantly got me hard again. The slimmer and taller of the two
alternated between the large boobs of the shorter curvier teen - licking and
sucking each in turn. I could also see that the fingers Elly stroked into
Michelle's hole shimmered as the light caught the juices which covered them.

"Elly - lick your fingers." I ordered her.

She withdrew her fingers, which caused Michelle to open her eyes and sit up
slightly. Elly turned to me and brought her hand up to her lips. I pumped
my cock as the underage tease slowly licked her fingers, she pushed both
digits between her lips and sucked on them. She then carefully withdrew
them, leaving a glimmering wetness on her lower lip. It was too much, I
managed to grunt:

"Get out the way."

Elly moved out the way as my cum was already flying through the air - the
first huge glob spattered on Michelle's soft stomach. Two more quick jets
sprayed out, both were aimed to land on the teenager's large tits. Michelle
was taken aback, one minute she was having her large tits sucked and her
teenage pussy fingered and now her boobs and stomach were covered in a slimy
layer of semen.

I stood up and looked towards Dione and Steph, all I could see was the
blonde-haired head of the big-breasted nurse - bobbing between the legs of
the tanned biker. They had swapped roles and Dione, as ordered, licked out
Steph's pussy - she moaned as she received oral sex from her neighbour.

However, Libby and Flick would be the next targets for my feverish
masturbation. The older of the two was on her hands and knees on the cold,
concrete floor, her defiled asshole gaping outwards. The supple, tanned
teenager knelt behind her, holding Libby's ass cheeks apart - every so often
she would lean forward and her tongue would dart into the elder's anus. I
stood naked behind them both, my cock hard at the sight of the slutty things
the youngster was doing - and with a girl who was still only in her twenties
but had the hard body of a teenager. I leant forward and gripped the back
of Flick's head, I pushed her face between Libby's buttocks and shouted:

"Get your face in there, slut!"

She obeyed and began kissing Libby's anus, pushing her tongue into the tight
hole. I sat on the box and began frantically wanking my aching dick, looking
at Libby's face - I saw her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open - she
was aroused but felt ashamed for doing so. Flick's tongue was pushed as far
as was possible into Libby's tight hole, her soft, full lips pressed up
against the rim. She withdrew her tongue leaving the opening wet with
saliva. She then dipped down and buried her nose in Libby's asshole, she
inhaled deeply - and obviously enjoyed the soft, sweet smell.

I could feel the cum burning in my balls, Flick's tongue plunging back into
Libby's ass sent me over the edge. I exploded, shooting my gooey, white load
over Flick's face and Libby's ass. I blew four loads over the left-hand side
of the teenager's face and the left cheek of Libby's behind.

I quickly stood up and ran over to Dione and Steph, the former continued to
eat the latter's pussy. I was getting instantly aroused at the three lesbian
floorshows I was viewing - one involving two underage schoolgirls. I knelt
down behind the nurse, her ass was pointing upwards as her face was buried in
Steph's cunt. Dione's asshole, which I had fucked earlier that night, lay
invitingly open before me. I grasped her hips and pushed my hard shaft fully
into her anus. She gasped in pain and turned to see what the excruciating
invasion was, this caused Steph to sit up - she grabbed the blonde hair of
her neighbour and pushed her head back between her legs, shouting

"Don't stop!"

Dione's passage was still extremely tight, the silky insides caressed my cock
- squeezing it tightly. I held onto her slim waist and began pounding in and
out - she groaned in pain but continued to lick at Steph's pussy. All the
time the eldest Scully sister was moaning in pleasure, she held Dione's head
down and whispered breathlessly:

"Oh fuck...Oh fuck Dione...make me cum - please."

The sound of this, the look of ecstasy on her face and the tightness of
Dione's anal passage made it increasingly hard not to blow my load. I hung
on, stroking in and out of the nurse's asshole, before I had to let go. The
first creamy jet coated Dione's insides, then I pulled out and sprayed a
thick stream over her flat, pale back. Then standing up and holding my cock,
I fired a large gooey, glob towards Steph - it spattered into Dione's hair
and onto Steph's flat stomach and round tits. I stood up and walked away as
Steph came, she screamed in pleasure and held Dione's face to her saturated

I moved back over to Michelle and Elly, they too had switched places - with
Michelle now sucking Elly's large boobs whilst also pushing three fingers
into her tight pussy.

"Change of plan girls." I said, both stopped and looked at me - their eyes
wide with fear. "...I want you, Elly, to lay on top of Michelle and all I
want you to do is - kiss."

The girls visibly relaxed and looked at each other, Michelle rolled onto her
back and Elly climbed up to loom over her.

"Rub you soft, teenage bodies together and grind your hard, previously-virgin
cunts into each other." I ordered.

Elly lowered her face and let her soft, full lips rest on Michelle's mouth -
her tits hung firmly from her chest as they came down to meet Michelle's
equally large boobs. The huge breasts of the two teenagers pressed together
and bulged outwards - I nearly came right there. Their soft, smooth stomachs
flattened together and their pussies ground into each other. Michelle pushed
her tongue into Elly's mouth - she reciprocated kissing her school-friend
deeply. Watching the two underage girls kissing each other, their tits
squashed together and their cunts grinding away - I realised that I needed to
get in on the action.

I moved next to the teenagers - their bodies writhing over one another -
and knelt beside them. I held my cock in my right hand and guided it so it
touched Elly at her waist. I then pushed my cock-head between the two
schoolgirl's stomachs. The flesh was soft and it gripped me tight as they
pressed their hot bodies together. I put both hands on Elly's flat back and
pushed down - to increase the tightness as I thrust back and forth between
their bodies.

I slid my right hand down and over Elly's soft, round ass cheeks, I gently
slithered my hand down between her buttocks and slipped my index and middle
fingers onto her tight asshole. I then moved my left hand round her body
and pushed it between their two hot bodies. I slid it between their tits and
let it rest there - where all four of their large boobs pressed sensitively
against my hand.

All the time I was pounding between their stomachs, the soft tightness
coupled to the feel of Elly's anus and both their tits - quickly made me cum.
The hot, sticky liquid pulsed out of my cock and between their writhing,
teenage bodies. When I was finished, I withdrew - neither hardly noticed,
they were too busy enjoying each other.

"Push yourself off her for a second please Elly." I ordered.

I wanted to see what I had left behind. The taller schoolgirl obeyed, she
placed both hands on Michelle's tits and pushed herself up a couple of
inches. A thick carpet of sticky semen covered both of their stomachs,
almost gluing them together. Gooey strings of cum joined the pair of
teenagers and glistened in the light. As I stood up and moved to Flick
and Libby, the two schoolgirls lay back down and continued to kiss each

Libby and Flick just lay holding each other, the younger of the two wept

"I thought I told you to lick Flick's asshole?" I screamed at Libby.

"Yes I know - but." She began to reply.

"Shut the fuck up cunt! Do what I said!" I bawled.

The elder of the two obeyed, she pulled Flick to her hands and knees and
moved to kneel behind the teenager. My shout obviously still ringing in her
ears - Libby dived straight in. She pushed her tongue into Flick's tight
hole - the younger girl began to weep. Her eyes screwed up and her mouth
fell open as she whined:


The open mouth and the chance to shut her up - were too inviting. I knelt
in front of Flick's face and pushed my cock right down her throat - her eyes
bulged and she tried to pull back. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled
her towards me - her nose buried in my pubic hair and my balls swung against
her chin.

I held her chest at the ribs, before sliding my hands to cup her soft tits.
I then let my hands glide to her waist, up onto her back and down to her ass
cheeks. Libby was bent, facing me, still tonguing Flick's anus - I gripped
the young girl's cheeks and pulled them apart, allowing better access for the
older girl.

I then leaned forward and held Libby's face, I brushed her long hair behind
her ears - so I could get a better view of her kissing and licking Flick's
anal passage. I reached down, under Libby's body, to hold her huge tits. I
roughly squeezed the soft mounds as Libby brought her right hand to Flick's
right ass cheek. She extended her right index finger and pushed it into the
teenager's tight hole - I felt Flick gasp onto my cock, wedged deeply in her

The feeling of that childish gasp, the sight of Libby's finger in Flick's
teenage anus and the huge boobs I still cupped - brought the cum bursting
from my balls. I pumped load after load into her throat, before pulling out
and exploding over Flick's innocent but pained face.

I stood up and quickly dressed, the three lesbian pairings continued to work
regardless. I moved and stood by the door, once fully dressed, and again
clapped my hands.

"Right times up girls, stand up, you can all go!" I called out.

All six scrambled to their feet, looking relieved - looking forward to
finally getting away. All six stood naked before me in a line - standing
close together for comfort. They watched as I ducked out of sight and bent
down outside the door - their view of me obstructed.

I quickly stood back up but kept my right hand hidden behind my back.

"Just one more thing before I let you go." They all gasped and looked scared.
"...Don't worry I'm not gonna fuck you again."

They all relaxed but didn't entirely trust me, they watched as I brought the
remaining petrol bomb, I'd made earlier, from behind my back. I had used the
other two to light diversionary fires at Lassiter's and Erinsborough High
School. I flung the lit bomb at their feet and all six were consumed in

I quickly locked the door and walked away, their manic, blood-curdling
screams began to die away as I left Ramsey Street.

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