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Featuring: Paul Robinson, Lucinda 'Elle' Robinson Isabelle 'Izzy' Hoyland &
Carmella Cammeniti

Neighbours: Neighbours Uncut Part 1 - The Feud (FF,MF,inc,bmail,oral,voy)
by The Pornographer ([email protected])

It was beginning to get out of control - both "Izzy" Isabel Hoyland and
"Elle" Lucinda Robinson were really beginning to despise each other with
each and every new day. To the untrained eye, it would have probably
looked as though one was jealous of the other, but in reality, there was
a deep and unquestionable sexual tension growing between the two of them.
Paul had tried as much as he could to control them, trying on numerous
occasions in vain to get them to get along, but alas, they only hated
each other even more.

* * *

Only staying with them a few short weeks, Isabel suspected Lucinda was trying
to poison her by putting drugs in her food and drinks. Trying to suck up,
Elle continually offered to make her a cup of coffee or tea, but luckily Izzy
caught on almost immediately and didn't take any. Lucinda was starting to get
frustrated. Waiting until Elle was out of the house, Isabel invited over a
close friend - Carmella Cammeniti. While the girls casually stood around
chatting in the kitchen, Izzy quickly moved around seemingly looking for

" wasn't my intention to freak him out, I just want him back," Carmella
explained, talking about something that was happening between her and Conner.

Intrigued at Isabel's strange behavior, she asked, "What are you looking for


"Of what?"

"Paul's precious little daughter has been spiking my drinks."


"Charming isn't it?"


"Because I'm a threat I guess."

"Or maybe because she probably wants to take advantage of you and do who
knows what?" she joked.


"Aw, and she seems so sweet too."

"Hmm, very" Izzy replied sarcastically.

Frustrated after another minute or so, Isabel finally gave up searching and
went back to the bench to make their coffees.

"I don't know..." Carmella pondered, thinking back to her own problems, "I
just don't know what to do? I just know he must hate me."

"Oh come on Carmella, he'd be an idiot if he didn't take you back, you're

"I don't know... really?"

Isabel stopped what she was doing and moved over to where her friend was

"Are you serious of course, you're beautiful" Isabel replied, moving closer
to give Carmella encouragement and self esteem.

As Carmella smiled shyly, Isabelle then leant over and nonchalantly pecked
her friend on the lips. Reaching out, Carmella winked in graciousness and
gave her a hug.

"Thanks, I really needed that."

Holding each others hands, the girls embraced, resting each others heads on
the others shoulder and comforting each other when suddenly they both froze
when they heard someone clearing their throat right behind them. Standing
there at the door was Isabelle's worst nightmare - Lucinda.

Panicking, Carmella spoke first, "I uh, think I better go."

Elle stood in the doorway with a stunned look on her face - were Isabelle and
Carmella an item? Was Isabelle screwing around my fathers back?

As Carmella moved past Elle in the door, Izzy rushed up to her - already
knowing how her mind worked.

"Look, I don't know what you think you just saw, but there's nothing going
on - so get it out of your head right now"

Lucinda shut the front door behind her and not saying a single word just
turned to look at Izzy with a defiant grin.

"Don't you even think about saying a single word to anyone, understand?" Izzy

Elle simply shrugged her shoulders and went to her room, delighted in the
fact she had another thing over her.

* * *

The truth of the matter was, the real reason why they despised each other
so much was because of an incident that happened a few weeks earlier when
Lucinda initially moved in. Wondering around the house unannounced, Elle
had accidentally walked in on Isabelle while she was in the bathroom - in
the tub masturbating. Izzy was lying in the hot tub, relaxing from a
stressful day and was right in the middle of pleasuring herself when Elle
stumbled in. Shocked at what she saw, Elle didn't even say anything and
in fact just silently stood and watched her for a minute - before Izzy
felt a presence in the room and opened her eyes to see her standing there.

"Lucinda! What the hell are you doing?" she yelled mortified and instantly
going red, "GET OUT!"

Elle slammed the door shut, and ran off to her room. The two never mentioned
it again, but embarrassed, from that moment onwards Izzy treated her rudely
and harshly. Fighting fire with fire, and being a Robinson after all, Elle
soon retaliated and it then all escalated, getting out of hand. Now catching
her with Carmella Cammeniti only a few weeks later, Elle planned on playing
on it, not having to say anything but potentially bribing Isabelle - but Izzy
had had enough. Beating her to the punch, she organized a meeting.

* * *

Coming home to find paul sitting and going over some paper work and figures
in the kitchen, Izzy entered.

"Paul, we need to talk."

"U-huh," he replied, not paying any attention.

Izzy protested, "Paul, listen to me. We need to talk about your daughter."

Paul finally took notice and Izzy then went on to state her case. She was
furious, and wanted Paul to confront her about her behavior and false
accusations towards her. Paul was not convinced and made excused for her.

"Look, she's only been with us a few weeks, give her time."

"No Paul I want up to talk to her."

Paul wasn't very eager to do it. Wanting to make her case, Lizzy pleaded,
"C'mon Paul, please. Do it for me."

"Yeah, I don't know, you still haven't convinced me."

Izzy raised a brow and smiled cheekily. Paul almost immediately recognized
that look to mean one thing - Izzy was determined, and horny.

"Oh really, I what exactly do I have to do to convince you?" she smirked,
moving closer to him.

Paul smirked and before he had time to reply, Izzy slowly sank to her knees
to kneel directly infront of him. Without being asked, Izzy began to undo
his belt, pulling his zipper down to them reach in and find his hardening

"Izzy, not now, I've a stack of paper work..."

"Fuck paper work," Izzy replied, finding and then stroking his cock.

Before Paul could reply, Izzy leaned down to slip his cock into her warm
mouth. Almost immediately she eagerly began to suck his cock with great vim
and vimor. It was if though Izzy was on a mission - determined to make him
cum as quickly as possible. As predicted, it didn't take long, as Izzy was
a great cock sucker. Stroking and expertly sucking him, he finally erupted.

"Arrghhhhh fuck..." Paul exclaimed, unloading into her mouth.

Izzy moaned with excitement and eagerly swallowed as much of his load as

"Oh Izzy, that's exactly what I needed."

"Mmm me too, yum." She said, licking her fingers.

Getting up to clean herself, she looked at Paul once again.


"Yessss, okay I'll talk to her."

"Excellent!" Izzy smiled.

* * *

Waiting for Elle in the living room, Paul and Izzy confronted Elle about the
small bottle of pills she had apparently found hidden away in the cupboard -
she was virtually accusing Izzy of still needing and having to take them.
Insisting she had thrown them into the bin, Izzy in turn accused Lucinda of
lying and setting up the whole thing. The girls were at each others throats
once again, and like before, Paul was again forced to step in.

"Right, that's it, we're all going sit down here and resolve this."

Sitting down on the sofa, he sat between them.

"Look, I know I've never been an award winning dad, and for that I am truly
sorry, but you're here now and I want you to stay."

"So?" Elle replied.

"So, you don't have to undermine Izzy to get my attention."

"Who says I'm undermining her? I can't believe this, you're taking her word
over mine." She exclaimed, standing up.

Paul reached up and took her by the hand, pulling her down to sit again.

"Lucinda, this is not a competition. You must know how important you are to
me, but so is Izzy."

Izzy sat the entire time, resting on her side smirking at Elle from behind
Paul's back. This infuriated Elle further.

"Look you're just going to have to except it, alright. Now this stops here
and now. I want you to sort your differences out and move on."

At that precise moment, Paul's cell phone rang.

"Sorry, I've got to take this," he said getting up and going into the other
room - leaving the two alone on the sofa.

Izzy glanced over to Elle and then shifted closer - as did Elle,

"You know you should listen to your dad Lucinda," she said looking across the
room, "Because if you ever, ever cross me again, I will take you down."

Elle looked back at Izzy and licking her lips smugly, "Hmm I bet you would,
wouldn't you?"

Izzy was shocked but didn't show it. The two stared into each others eyes
for a full minute, waiting for the other to blink. Izzy found herself eying
Elle's features, her bright blue eyes, moist pink lips… she had always
thought Elle was pretty, from the moment they met, but now somehow sitting
there only a few inches away from each other the she looked different... she
looked alluring, and sexy.

Elle in turn stared into Isabelle's eyes - studying her eyes and the curve
and shape of her meticulous brows. She only ever wore just the right amount
of make up, she thought; she could see why her dad or even Carmella for that
matter would want to be with her. Izzy was a very beautiful woman - a major
bitch, but beautiful none the less.

Eying her mouth, Izzy watched as Elle went to say something but instead just
gently and methodically licked her lips with her moist tongue, wetting them
further and driving her wild. Izzy swallowed nervously and seeing this
reaction Elle flashed a knowing grin. You could cut the sexual tension in the
room with a knife. Knowing Elle knew she had her where she wanted, Izzy was
about to defend her self and say something when Paul suddenly reemerged -
interrupting them.

"Are you two still here? Geez guys come on."

They immediately got up and went their separate ways - both aroused and
confused at what had just taken place.

"Ah stuff it" Paul said, going back to his business.

* * *

Feeling guilty, later that night, while Izzy was out, Paul came home and
decided he would look in on his daughter, apologize to her and offer to make
her dinner. He entered the house and noticed it was in near darkness - this
usually only meant one thing, Elle was locked away in her bedroom watching
TV or listening to some music with her headphones on. He walked up the
hallway towards Lucinda's room and just before knocking on it heard what
sounded like a small sigh and whimper. Pausing for a moment he heard it
again, and this time he recognized the sound to be a moan.

Suspiciously curious, he gently and very carefully turned the handle to open
the door - just slightly so he could peak inside. There he was shocked to
find his daughter on her bed, masturbating furiously. Catching his breath,
Paul initially closed the door, but intrigued, pushed it open to look inside
again. Elle gave out low moan just as his eyes traveled down her body. He
could see she was naked from the waste down, lying in the middle of the bed,
on top of the unmade sheets, her legs spread slightly as she frantically
rubbed her clit.

Her eyes were firmly shut, concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving.
She had apparently started to get changed but got side tracked and was now
playing with herself. Paul wanted to look away but found he couldn't tear
his eyes off her. Wearing a tight white t-shirt, her tummy and legs were in
full view, including her pussy; a neatly trimmed pussy.

Aroused, Paul looked down to realize he had a huge hard on and without
thinking reached down and began to stroke it. Elle squirmed and whimpered on
her bed, tossing her head from side to side in ecstasy as she played with

"God only knows what she's thinking about that's turning her on so much,"
Paul thought.

"Mmm... fuck yeah," she groaned audibly, driving Paul crazy.

He was now stroking his cock vigorously when he heard what sounded like a car
pull up the driveway outside. Opening her eyes, Paul saw Elle had hear it too
and he quickly moved away from the door - absent mindedly leaving it still
slightly open. Jumping off the bed, Elle quickly dressed, hoping it was Izzy
who had arrived so she could argue with her about something.

Going over to the door, she then noticed it wasn't shut. Thinking for a
moment, she thanked God no one had busted her playing with herself. She
grinned to herself finding the whole, nearly getting caught thing an extra
turn on. She thought back to when she caught Izzy masturbating and giggled
before going out into the living room. Curiously, sitting there all alone
in the middle of the room was her dad, reading a paper.

She thought it strange and asked, "Hey dad, what are you doing, how long have
you been home?"

"Oh hi honey," Paul faked, "I just got home now..."

Just as he was about to explain himself, they both heard the front door
unlock and Izzy came in.

Changing the subject quickly, Paul got up and greeted her. The girls simply
nodded, flashing each other sarcastic smiles - as usual.

* * *

Later that night, Isabelle awoke in the middle of the night to find herself
a little thirsty, so wandered down to the kitchen to grab a glass of water -
dressed just in her panties and a long t-shirt. Passing Elle's room, for a
moment, she thought she heard what sounded like faint sounds coming from the
room - a low buzzing or humming noise. Deciding to ignore it she proceeded
to the kitchen and gulped a glass of water.

Looking at the clock she noticed it was just after 2am. On the way back,
curiosity got the better of her and she stopped to put her ear up against
Elle's door. What she heard astonished her. She could clearly make out the
sounds of Elle apparently sighing and moaning every now and then. Giggling
to herself, Izzy immediately recognized the sounds and thought it ironic
the shoe was now on the other foot, now she could at any moment just barge
in and embarrassed her, catching her red handed so to speak.

Sounding like she was using some sort of a vibrator or toy, Isabelle was
fascinated and decided to risk it - carefully turning the handle to peer
inside. Just as she had speculated, Elle in fact was lying in the middle
of her bed, masturbating furiously with a toy - a toy which looked to be
a seven inch chrome colored vibrator. With her legs spread apart, Elle was
completely naked but partially covered by blankets - her legs and pussy
full exposed.

Placing the tip of the toy against her sensitive clit, Elle would turn up
the speed and every now and then dip it half way inside her, causing the
sound of its buzz to muffle slightly. Squirming, shifting and closing and
opening her eyes frequently, Elle happen to look over in the mirror to
watch herself and instantly caught Isabelle watching her through the door.
Thinking quickly, she continued to pleasure herself and now put more effort
into it - putting on a show for Izzy's benefit. For Izzy's part, she looked
on, mesmerized.

Finally climaxing, Elle deliberately called out Isabelle's name, and running
her fingers over her seeping pussy, brought them up to her lips to suck
them - rubbing her juiced all over her lips and mouth. The sight caused Izzy
to gasp in shock and excitement - she'd never seen anything so hot before.

Finally calming down, Izzy was then shocked when she heard Elle say, "Mm,
want a taste?"

Isabelle turned white and froze in shock.

"Well, did you like the show?"

"You teasing little bitch!" Isabelle said without thinking, and marched off,
frustrated and disappointed.

Only later did she realize what it probably sounded like to Elle.

Elle lay there smiling, "Teasing? Hmm,"

* * *

A week had gone by since Paul had caught his daughter masturbating in her
bedroom. He couldn't stop thinking about it, torn inside for seeing her and
hating himself for not acting on it. With Izzy away for the night he came
home to find a table for two laid out in the kitchen - his daughter dressed
sexily but casual, wearing jeans and a tight top, lighting a candle.

"Hello, what's this then?" he laughed.

She smiled, "Just dinner, take a seat and I'll get you your drink."

"You know you don't have to do this every night Elle, you're my daughter not
the hired help."

"Well I got to do something to fill in the day."

As she went to the fridge to grab some ice she said, "Any plans for weekend,
any chance you can spend some quality time with your daughter?"

"No don't tell me, let me guess... shopping spree."

"Give me some credit. I was hoping we could find something to do together...
a hobby, a project or something - does that sound lame?"

"No, not at all."

"I'm kind of just enjoying this whole one on one time."

They proceeded to have dinner, eating in relative silence. After a few
minutes they began to chat again. Paul drank and ate and only now noticed
his daughter was also drinking the same thing he was - scotch on the rocks.

"Lucinda, what are you drinking?"

"Oh relax dad, I think I've earned it for cooking you this nice dinner."

Paul couldn't argue, what would be the harm of it, he thought, and after
finishing their meal, Elle took the plates before grabbing the drinks and
following her dad into the living room - sitting next to him on the sofa.

"So tell me, when I arrived here no one knew who I was and I got to hear a
lot of juicy gossip."

"Really, like what exactly?" he said, undo his belt and sitting back to get
more comfortable - taking another drink.

"Multi million dollar scams, next door neighbors wife's... what kind of
monster are you dad?"

"Look Lucinda, I mean Elle, there were days I just could never get enough,
I just wanted more and more... until it all came crashing down on me."

"And this is the moral of the story coming up it - what the hell had just
happened, and why was Lucinda so blasé about the whole thing?

"My daughter, my very own precious daughter was just a two bit cock-hungry
whore," he thought, "How could this be, where did I go wrong?"

He took another sip of his drink, trying desperately to drown his sorrows.

"Izzy was right all along? What do I do now?"

A few moments later Izzy arrived home, finding Paul on the sofa confused and
dazed, and looking as if he had been sobbing. Paul hardly acknowledged her -
he looked inconsolable. Seeing the state he was in Izzy went over to him and
instantly guessed it had something to do with Lucinda.

"What has she done this time, Paul? Paul, answer me?"

"I don't want to talk about it," he declared, and grabbing his keys he took
off - going for a long drive.

Izzy tried to stop him but couldn't. Back inside she tried to piece together
what had happened, and then, heard the shower running. Elle was home, and in
the shower. Izzy had had enough. Marching up the corridor, without any
warning she kicked the door open and stepped into the bathroom to confront
Elle. Completely wet and naked, Elle nonchalantly turned around - holding her
breasts in her hands as the water continued to spray over her.

"Oh hey Izzy, can I help you with something?" she said smugly.

"Listen here bitch, I don't know what you have done this time but I promise
you when I find out I'll make you pay."

"Oh really, what are you going to do, punish me?" she grinned cheekily, "Are
you going to ‘take me down' as you so eloquently put it the other day? Be my

Fed up, Izzy lost her cool and suddenly lunged at her, "You fucking little

Izzy reached up to grab Elle by the hair and to pull her out of the shower.
Elle immediately fought back, grabbing Izzy by the neck and waist, she tried
to kiss her on the lips before pulling her into the shower with her.

"What the hell are you doing?" Izzy snapped, still wrestling with her.

"Just admit Izzy, you're fucking attracted to me like I am you, and you want
to fuck me… admit, I can see it in your eyes!"

"What! You crazy fucking bitch, what the hell are you talking about?" she
yelled as the two grappled around with each other.

Pulling at her clothes, Elle ripped a section of Izzy's top to reveal her
sheer bra covered breasts. Standing half way in the shower, Izzy was now
soaked from head to toe, and finally breaking away from her took off out
of the bathroom to head for the kitchen - seemingly going for the phone.
Elle quickly followed suit, chasing right behind her - completely nude and
wet from the shower.

Spotting her right behind her Isabelle turned to defend herself, and grabbed
onto Elle's wrists to wrestle with her a little more - she was surprised to
see just how strong the young girl was. Finding some hidden strength, Elle
pushed Isabelle hard against the wall behind her and threw herself at her -
kissing her on the lips and face, and then moving to her throat and neck.

Izzy struggled for a few moments, faking disgust, but couldn't help but get
extremely aroused as this young naked wet woman assaulted her. Pushing her
hands down and between Izzy's long legs, Elle reached under her skirt to
find her panties.

"No, don't..." Izzy whimper before Elle slipped her hand inside to quickly
stick two long fingers deep inside her.


Elle smiled to herself feeling just how wet Isabelle was. Although Izzy was
much older and seemingly stronger of the two, something told them both that
Isabelle wanted to lose and surrender - giving up the fight almost
immediately and letting her have her way with her.

Then to Isabelle's shock and amazement, without warning, Elle quickly kissed
her way down her body and reaching her waist, forcefully sliding her panties
down to her knees and diving in to eagerly kiss and lick at her exposed
pussy. Izzy could only spread her stance in response and leant back against
the wall for balance as she felt Elle's long tongue frantically probe across
her neatly trimmed hair and towards her searing cunt.

"Ohhhhh Elle, don't... mmmhhhh... stop!" she said as her mind said one thing
but her body did another.

Isabelle found herself grinding her crotch involuntarily into her face.

"Mmmppphhhhh... you taste so good..." Elle moaned between slurps.

As if igniting something inside her, as if awakening something long lost and
undiscovered, Izzy suddenly exploded with enthusiasm, reaching up to take
Elle by the neck and kiss her passionately on the lips. The whole thing took
Elle by surprise, and for a moment she panicked thinking she had bitten off
a little more than she could chew.

"Oh fuck yes," Izzy moaned loudly, "Stick those fingers deep inside me, do
it... mmmm yeah!"

Elle more than obliged, adding an extra finger inside her to now push three.
She pumped furiously for a few seconds causing Izzy to shut her eyes and
groan loudly. Sensing her approaching orgasm, Izzy began to buck her hips
wildly and moments later screamed out on ecstasy.

"Uuurghhhh fuuuuuck!"

Charged with new enthusiasm and energy, Izzy took hold of Elle's shoulders
and pushed her backwards - towards the sofa. Pushing her down onto her back,
Izzy forcefully spread Elle's legs and eagerly dived between her thighs -
licking her pussy thoroughly and utterly. It didn't take long for Elle to
climax, filling Isablle's mouth with her warm nectar. Calming down, Izzy
scooted up to sit beside Elle, holding each other.

"My God, that was incredible," Elle breathed.

"Thank you, you weren't too bad yourself" Izzy grinned, her face and body

"Do you think Carmella would want to joins us sometime?"

"Definitely, if that's what you want, is it?"

"Hell yes!"

"Consider it done."

To be continued...


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