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Neighbours: Sarah's unexpected workout. (MF,exhib)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

Sarah Beaumont was a beautiful woman. A leggy and very busty brunette with
full lips and a penchant for wearing very skimpy clothes, she was well
known around the traps as a great piece of eye candy. Of course, she didn't
do anything to dispel the whispers about her. Far from it, she flirted with
every man she met. She could often be found on a Friday night after work
hanging out at the pub chatting up the local footy team or at the local
nightclub making out with some bloke she didn't know.

One cold winters day she was at home from work at the doctor's office and
decided to go to the gym. She arrived at the gym and noticed that it was
almost empty. She changed into her workout clothes, which consisted of a
very skimpy pair of shorts and a white top that was about three sizes too
small so as to show off her large breasts. She started with a run on the
treadmill and then went to do some weights when she saw him. One of only
two other people in the gym. He was gorgeous. Tall with black hair that
fell down below his shoulders and grey eyes. He was very muscular and was
sweating a lot due to the fact that he was lifting a lot of weight.

Sarah made a show of bending down to pick up her weights and noticed when she
stood back up that he was watching. She gave him a bright smile and went back
to her workout. After she was done with the weights she moved over to the
mats and started to do some squats. She made sure he was still watching her
and spread her long, tanned legs as wide as they could go and bent down all
while looking at him with a look in her eyes that said. 'Wish you were under

Just as Sarah was going to go over and introduce herself though, he got up
and walked out of the gym.

'Bugger.' She thought before picking up her towel and heading to the change
rooms. She stripped and went to the showers. As the water hit her naked body
she closed her eyes and thought of the man. As she did so her hands started
to move over her tight body. She thought of how big his cock might be and
slipped a finger into her pussy and began to frig herself. She was so wrapped
up in her fantasy that she didn't even hear the door to the change room shut
and lock from the inside. She opened her eyes and saw a bar of soap in its
holder on the wall. She grabbed it and spread her legs. She stuffed the whole
bar inside her cunt and moaned softly. She pumped the soap in and out of her
pussy so fast that she was about to hit climax when, without warning, a pair
of large hands wrapped around her slim waist and span her around. Sarah was
about to scream when she realised who it was... It was him.

"Hi." He said.

"Hey." Sarah said breathlessly.

"I'm Mark."

"Sarah." She replied. It was the last thing either said. Sarah dropped the
soap that was still in her hand to the ground. She looked down to see where
it had landed and saw instead... The largest cock she had ever seen. It was
at least twelve inches long and had a head like an apple. It was as thick as
her wrist and was rock hard. The nuts were the size of tennis balls.

'I have to have this.' She thought before sinking to her knees and grabbing
the mammoth member in both hands. She licked the massive head with her tongue
and then put it into her hot mouth and sucked hard. Mark reached down and
pushed her head down so more of his cock sank into her mouth. The huge head
hit the back of her throat and she gagged hard. Mark kept up the pressure
and Sarah relaxed her throat to let the head slip down further. He began to
thrust his cock in and out of her mouth quickly as Sarah slurped and sucked.
He wrapped her wet hair in his hands and pulled hard as he fucked her
beautiful mouth.

After five minutes of madly sucking this huge cock, Sarah's mouth was getting
quite sore. Mark seemed to pick up on this because he pulled her head off his
cock by yanking on her hair and making her stand up straight. He pulled her
into a passionate kiss and she felt his cock rub against her belly. Sarah
broke the kiss and walked out of the shower. She led Mark over to the row of
sinks on the wall of the change rooms and hoped up to sit on the edge. She
lent back against the mirror, spread her legs and stuffed four fingers inside
her wet pussy. She moaned as Mark grabbed his cock and wanked in time to her
own efforts. She felt her orgasm rush up from her pussy and rip through her
whole body. She threw her head back and let the waves of pleasure wash over

As she came back down to Earth, she felt Mark's hand grab her own. Gently
pulling it out of her pussy. He grabbed her roughly by the waist, pulled
her forward so her pussy was right on the edge of the bench and thrust his
massive cock deep inside her cunt. As soon as his gigantic head hit her
swollen clit Sarah screamed out in pleasure. Mark pounded her pussy so hard
that she kept hitting the mirror with every thrust. She lost count of how
many times she came but Mark hadn't shown any signs of letting up in his
assault. After what seemed like hours, Mark pulled his cock out of Sarah's
pussy and picked her up off the bench and turned her around.

She knew what was coming. She had been waiting for this. She placed her hands
on the bench and bent forward so her arse was poking back in front of Mark.
Mark held her by the waist and shoved his whole twelve inches deep up her
anus. He thrusted harder then ever into her butt making her huge tits swing
and shake in the mirror. She came again and again until she felt Mark start
to tense up the approach of his own climax.

He pulled out of Sarah and she realised that he had been holding her up for
a while now because she slumped to the ground and turned to face his cock
just in time to receive his first shot right in the face. Jet after jet of
hot cum shot out of Mark's cock, coating her face and dripping onto her
breasts. She opened her mouth to catch as much of it as she could. It seemed
like he was going to cum forever. But all to soon he finished and Sarah
started to clean herself by wiping her hands over face and licking them clean
of his cum.

"See you around slut." Mark said before turning and walking out of the change

Sarah never saw Mark again but she didn't mind. Given the fact that she
couldn't walk straight for three days after that day she thought that it
might have been better that way.



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