Normal legal disclaimer; I obviously don't own any of these characters. They
are the property of Grundy Productions. This is my first attempt at writing
this sort of story, but I had a wave of inspiration.

Neighbours: Sex Ed At Erinsborough High (mmFF)
by Sputnik

The bell rang for the end of the lesson. Libby Kennedy, the latest student
teacher at the school, put her paperwork away inside her folder and picked up
her shoulder bag from beside her desk.

"OK, guys. Good lesson, and I'll see you next week with your assignments
fully finished. OK?" She had just finished with her Year 10 Media Studies
class, and her supervisor who permanently sat at the back of the class
smiled at her as he made his way out with the students. Libby was relieved.
She was new to teaching, and was never sure exactly how her lessons had
gone until she got the report back at the end of the lesson. She didn't
know how to act around these kids; some of them were basically adults,
while others were still nowhere near puberty and acted that way. She'd
learnt her lesson after a week of two not to wear a loose shirt or jumper
after the kids had found numerous ways to make her bend over, exposing her
bra-encased 34-C breasts right in their faces. This did not go down well
with her supervisor, and nor did it with the new head teacher, Candice
Barkham. Both Libby and her mother, Susan who also worked as a teacher at
the school had had run ins with Ms Barkham, and had found that there was
little or no reasoning with her whatsoever. It was clearly a good idea to
stay on the right side of her, and so, Libby made the needed changes in
her clothes, much to the disappointment of her male students. Today she
was dressed in a conservative dark blue, ankle length skirt and matching
white sweater and shirt set. She hated dressing like this, and couldn't
help but feel like a prude. She did, however, have her own secret ways of
dealing with this. Beneath her clothes, Libby wore a matching lacy white
bra and thong set. This gave her an added thrill as she stood in front of
a class of thirty horny students.

But now she needn't worry about her supervisor or Candice Barkham or hormone
fuelled little perverts, because she had the rest of this Friday afternoon
off. While the rest of school would be stuck indoors on this glorious summers
day, Libby would be able to go home and spend some quality time with her baby
son, Ben. She quickly went to the staff room to drop off her folders into her
pigeonhole, and then she would be free. As she walked into the staff room,
she spied Susan gathering her things ready to go to her next lesson.

"Hey, Mum!" Susan looked up and came over to meet her daughter. "Are you done
for the day? Do you want to go and do something?"

"Ah, sorry, Lib. I've still got a lesson this afternoon, although it won't be
much fun trying to teach sixteen year olds the intricacies of Shakespeare.
Have you got the is afternoon off then?"

"Yeah, I'm off to pick Ben up at crŠche now, then I think we'll go down to
Lassiters Lake for a picnic or something. We've got to make the most of this

"Oh, Libby!" A voice shouted from across the room. Libby and Susan turned
around to see Candice Barkham striding towards them with a handful of papers
and a VHS tape.

"Yes, Ms Barkham?"

"I'm right in thinking that you've got a free lesson right now, aren't I?
It's just that I need you to cover a lesson for me. Mrs Brown has just called
in sick." Candice practically thrust the papers and video into Libby's hands.

"Er, well, I guess, it's just that I was planning on picking up my son from
day care"

"Well I think this is a tad more serious than that, don't you? You can't
just take off whenever you feel like it, you know. These free periods are
scheduled for marking and lesson planning, not childminding."

Libby knew that whatever she said, she wasn't getting out of covering this
lesson. Besides, it wouldn't hurt her to be shown to be helpful when she
needed to be. It looked like the video would take care of most of the
lesson anyway, so it was easy brownie points, although she'd still rather
not be there at all. "Yeah, yeah, sure, of course Ms Barkham. What's the

"Biology over in the lab. It's pretty simple really, just put the tape in
the machine, hit play and then hand out the sheets and do the task set out.
All the equipment you'll need is over there somewhere." Libby took the
papers as Candice marched away. Libby looked up at Susan, struggling to

"Ah, Lib. I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it, it doesn't sound like too much trouble."

"Ok, but if you need me I'm over near the lab. so I can come and help out if
you need me."

"I'll be fine Mum, it'll be nice not to have the supervisor standing over me
all the time." Libby and Susan walked most of the way to Biology together
until they had to separate. It was only then that Libby fully realised what
the lesson plan was. She would have to sit in a sticky biology lab on a
Friday afternoon with a bunch of teenagers laughing at the mandatory Sex
Education tape that had been shown to every year for the best part of three
decades. That wasn't the worst part though, as one of the main themes of the
lesson would be safe sex, meaning that she would have to distribute condoms
to all the students and watch them apply them to a bunch of plastic phalluses
mounted on a wooden plinth. This would not be easy.

Most of the lesson went Ok. Although she was still new to the school, she
recognised a few of the students from are HSE Media group, including Jack
Scully, who was a mature student who lived in Libby's street, and Taj, Jack's
best friend who Libby got on well with. She suspected that they both had a
small crush on her, but to be honest, she liked it. Since her husband died
Libby had received little attention from any men, and Jack and Taj were both
attractive and far more mature than most boys at school. The video had ended,
and now it was time for Libby to look through the cupboard for the
"equipment." As she reached above her head to open one of them, she heard a
creaking, and around fifteen mounted dildos (for that was effectively what
they were) fell from above her head, spreading all over the floor. Naturally,
the class erupted in laughter. Quickly, Libby gathered as many as she could
and silently distributed them around the class. When she had done that, she
retreated back to her desk, hoping not to have to do anything for the rest of
the lesson.

"Er, Miss?"


"We're kind of missing something here."

"Yes? What's that?"

"Well, you know...the condoms."

"Oh, oh, right." Libby couldn't believe that she had extended her own
embarrassment. Luckily, the box of condoms were under her desk so there was
no repeat of the dildo affair. She placed the box at the front of the class,
and told the kids to help themselves, as she couldn't face handing out
condoms to seventeen year olds.

"Guys, let's be honest, you know what to do, so let's just get on with it,
shall we?" Libby hoped that this statement would mean that she didn't need to
do anything else for the rest of the afternoon, which in fact, was the one
thing that went to plan for her. The bell rung and the students made their
way out, leaving the discarded condoms, wrappers and dildos out on their
desks. Libby sighed as she pushed herself up from her desk to clear the mess.
Going around the classroom with the paper bin, Libby picked up one of the
phalluses. It was black, shiny, and about eight inches long and at least
three around. Her eyes widened at the thought of it. She looked around. The
lab was on the far side of school, and didn't have many windows. She thought
to herself that there wouldn't be anyone hanging around at this time at the
end of school on a Friday. She couldn't believe what she was thinking, but if
her free afternoon had been taken from her, she at least deserved something
in return. She ran her fingers along the dildo, and took one final look
around the room. The door was open, but no one was around. Timidly, Libby
raised the dildo to her face, and after taking one final look around,
extended her tongue to lick the tip. She ran her tongue down the entire
length of the plastic, and then back up. As she reached the top, she opened
her mouth, and sank her lips about three of four inches down, giving this
school demonstration tool a blowjob in the middle of the classroom. With her
free hand, Libby reached down to the hem of her skirt, and started to pull it
up, past her knees and to her thighs. She could feel herself becoming moist
from the shear eroticism of the moment. Libby couldn't help herself, she
simply needed release.

"Miss, what are you..oh!"

Libby swung around, the dildo in her left hand shining with her saliva, her
skirt still hitched at mid thigh. "Taj!" Neither of them had any idea how to
react. "I was just.."

"Oh, I think I know what you were just doing."

"Taj, please don't say anything, I could lose my job!"

"Oh, don't worry, I won't say anything."

"Oh, thank you, Taj."

"...on the provision that you show me how to put one of those condoms on.
When me and Jack tried it kept ripping."

Libby was taken aback by the entire situation. First, she had been caught on
the brink of masturbating by a sixteen year old in a class room, and now all
she had to do to make sure word didn't get out was demonstrate what he needed
to do. She scanned through the rubbish on the table, and found an intact
condom. Ripping open the pack, she raised the dildo, placing the curled up
condom at its tip.

"Er, Libby, I didn't mean that. I mean, it's not exactly natural putting it
on a plastic mounted dick is it?" Libby was further shocked at the crudeness
of Taj's language, or the fact that he was calling her by her first name, but
considering the circumstances it perhaps didn't seem so out of place.

"Then what should I put this..oh, oh I see. Ok, Taj, but if you tell anyone
about this, and I mean anyone..."

"Don't stress, Libby. All you need to do is demonstrate to me how to put on
a condom. But before then, you obviously need to get me, you know, hard."
Libby knew exactly what she had to do. She unbuttoned her cardigan, leaving
her with her white shirt and skirt on. She slowly began to undo her shirt,
down about to her naval. By this time Taj had his trousers down, and was
sitting in his boxer shorts on a nearby chair. Libby was still turned on
from her previous exploits, and sauntered over to Taj. The fact that this
was so forbidden only served to turn her on even more. She untucked her
shirt, and undid the last few buttons exposing the middle of her bra and her
bare midriff. Libby could make out the shape of Taj's growing erection in
his shorts. He was a nice looking, athletic young man, but at that moment,
Libby may well have done the same with the fat spotty kids that gawped at
her everyday. She knew she had a great body, and now she was prepared to use

Turning away from Taj, Libby took her shirt off her shoulder, and eventually
let it go completely. Taj's erection was poking through the slit in his
boxers, and he mindlessly began to jerk himself off. Libby turned back to
him, allowing him for the first time to get an up close view of her huge
cleavage and straining bra. He could just about make out the shape of her
erect nipples through the lace. He couldn't believe that this hot student
teacher had been this easy to persuade into giving him his own personal lap
dance. Libby backed up, standing only in her bra and long skirt. She
straddled the boy, pushing her breasts into his face, allowing him to bury
himself in them. Libby took hold of Taj's face, bending forward so that
their lips were mere millimetres away from each other before she snapped
away. She turned her back to her student, and reached around to behind her
skirt. Slowly, swaying her hips, Libby began to unzip her skirt, until it
was loose enough to simply fall to the ground. Taj's mouth dropped open.
The last thing he was expecting was a white thing-covered ass inches from

Libby slowly backed up, grinding her crack up and down his length. Taj wasn't
extremely experienced with women, and this was too much for him. His body
tensed up and he shot his load across his teacher's ass.

Turning around, Libby said, "Now Taj, how am I supposed to show you how to
put a condom on if you're going to cum as soon as I get you hard?" Her voice
carried a staged mocking tone. Taj couldn't help but feel embarrassed. "But
then, you know how to put one on anyway, don't you? Don't pretend that slut
of a girlfriend of yours, Nina hasn't given you any yet." Taj was shocked at
the language coming out of Libby's mouth, and to be honest, so was she. She
was so swept away in the moment that it was as if she was watching someone
else act through her body. But she liked it. Libby walked over in her
underwear and medium sized heels to the sink, leaning over to grab some paper
towels. The sight of the thong riding even further up Libby's ass as nearly
enough for him to cum again. With the towels, Libby cleared Taj's spunk off
her ass. As some began to drip, Libby scooped some up with her finger and
brought it to her mouth, licking it clean. Seeing this, Taj could feel his
dick spring to life again. "Ah, there we go, coming back for another show.
Well, how about we go a step further?" Libby sank to her knees in between
Taj's legs, holding her mouth just above his twitching cock.

"Please, Libby, please."

"Oh, you're going to have to do better than that, Taj. What do you think I
am? Some sort of slut? What makes you think you deserve me sucking you off?"
Taj was almost beside himself, caressing his own cock and balls. Libby
slapped his hands away. "No, no, no. It's more fun this way, don't you
think?" Libby blew across the glossy tip of his cock, making it twitch and
spasm. Very slowly, she extended her tongue and touched his tip before
retracting it back into her mouth. She repeated this perhaps half a dozen
times before Taj couldn't take any more of this tease. He brought both hands
forward to the back of Libby's head, and applied downward pressure. "Oh, you
want to do it that way, do you? Want to take control?" asked Libby, resisting
Taj's force.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Both Libby and Taj looked around to the
doorway. There stood Jack, who had obviously got tired of waiting for Taj at
the gates and decided to come and look for him.

"What does it look like, Jack? I'm giving Taj a bit of an extra tutorial.
Now, you can either turn around, and let us carry on, or you can come in,
close the door and get down to some serious learning. What's it going to
be?" Libby began lowering her head to Taj's cock, taking him completely
inside her mouth. His six inches easily slid into her waiting mouth. Jack
didn't need a second invitation to join in, and positioned himself behind
Libby's thong cleft behind. Libby could hear Jack's zipper being undone,
and felt his hands on her waist, pulling at the elastic waistband. "Uh,
uh, Jack. If you want to join in this class, then you're going to have to
get down to some preparation." Jack wasn't quite sure what she meant. Taj
leant forward, pulling the crotch of Libby's panties to one side.

"Dude, she wants you to eat her..[moan]..out." Jack twigged on, sinking down
so that his face was at the same level as her behind on all fours. He eagerly
began tucking in to her neatly trimmed bush. Libby's moans resulted in an
increased sensation for Taj's cock, now at the entrance of her throat. Jack
licked his index finger and easily slid it into Libby's well-lubricated cunt.

"AH! SHIT, Jack, that's good. Come on, keep going, yeah, that's it. Try
another one." Jack did as she said and slid his middle finger in up to the
knuckle. With his spare hand Jack pulled down the white thong, while Taj
unbuckled Libby's bra, allowing her breasts free, showing no signs of sag
considering their size. Now completely naked in an open class room and
being eaten out by one student, Libby bobbed her head up and down on Taj's
length, maintaining eye contact all the time. She signalled to the boys that
she wanted to get up and reposition, and as she walked across the room, both
sets of eyes were fixed on her naked behind. She leant forward over one of
the tables, and waved the boys over. "Not going nervous on me, are you boys?
There's a lot more fun stuff to do before we're through. Now I'm warmed up,
Taj, you get around her behind me, and Jack, you get the other side of the
table and let's see if we can't put some lead in your pencil. Well? Come on!"
Both boys hurried into position as if they fea red the offer would expire.
Jack is now stripped from the waist down to mirror Taj. Neither of them can
believe the situation.

Libby bent totally over the table so that her feet were barely on the ground,
her naked ass and cunt were high in the air, and he head overhung the table.
As Jack got closer, she reached out her hands to grab him around his waist
and engulfed his semi-hard cock in her mouth. Her full lips gorged themselves
on his seven inches, using one hand to push back her long brown hair, while
with the other she jerked the base of Jack's cock off, exchanging between
licking the length of his cock and swallowing nearly the entire thing. Jack's
head rolled back in ecstasy. Taj positioned himself behind Libby, and paused
caressing her buttocks, spreading them and for the first time getting a view
of her puckered butt hole and cunt at the same time. He ran a finger all the
way down her crack, making her shudder as he passed over her anus, and
sinking two fingers deep into her cunt. "Fucking hell, Taj, that's it. Now,
come on, fuck me with your big cock." He needed no more encouragement,
aligning his rock hard cock with her glistening, pouting pussy lips, and
slowly forcing his inflamed helmet into his teacher against the unexpected
tightness. Taj was still in shock at this dream-like scene he was part of.
Just like all of Libby's students, he had lain awake at night, pumping his
cock at the thought of something like this ever happening, and now it was.
He was beginning to build up a steady rhythm now, slowly sliding in and out,
savouring the moment. He stared down as Libby's glistening cunt lips
separated over his prick, which was now shimmering with pussy juice. His eyes
were still, however, transfixed on her tiny anus.

Libby's body was overcome by lust. The situation was so forbidden; not only
were two teenage boys banging her, but also she was the one supposed to be
teaching them about safe sex. All of the condoms from the class were
scattered over the floor, with neither of the boys even thinking twice about
donning one. Libby was never fond of the things, and didn't feel the need to
ruin the moment. Besides, she thought, it's not like these two kids could be
experienced enough to have anything, and there was always the morning after

Jack's cock was still firmly embedded in Libby's mouth, which elicited
constant grunts and moans as a result of Taj's member. Jack reached
underneath her, and began to massage her hanging breasts; as he did, he felt
her rock hard nipples, reflecting her arousal. She was nearing a colossal
orgasm, and this added stimulus was pretty much all she needed. "OOH, FUCKING
bucked and she threw her head back, Taj and Jack felt the full force of the
repercussions; her cunt tightened almost pushing Taj over the edge. He
quickly withdrew, not wanting to cum inside of her, and besides, he didn't
know whether he'd be ready to go again, and wasn't about to let this chance
go by without exploring every possible scenario. Jack had no such qualms, and
unloaded a torrent of hot spunk into Libby's mouth, seemingly catching her
off-guard. She managed to recover to shallow a substantial amount, while the
rest dripped from her mouth to the lino floor below. All three of them
collapsed from complete exhaustion. The air was thick with sex. Libby sat up
and walked over to both boys who were sitting next to each other. Jack's cock
was wilting due to his orgasm, and conversely, Taj was struggling to come to
grips with his painfully throbbing prick. Libby leant forward and in turn,
planted seductive kisses each boy. "I think you've both got to grips with the
basics of the syllabus." Libby turned away and reached down to gather her
clothes. Taj and Jack looked at each other in shock. They hadn't expected the
session to finish so quickly. It was then they both became aware of a fourth
presence nearby.

"Oh, really Lib. You're not leaving the lesson like that are you?" Libby
pivoted around to see who had caught her. Her heart sank at the thought
of Candice Barkham. Her job and career would vanish in a second. She did
recognise the face, but it took a few seconds for her to be able to speak.


"From where I was sitting, the boys looked like they were doing alright so
far, but I'm sure there's still some space for further tutelage." Susan began
to slowly walk into the room, eyeing the two teenage boys' packages. They
hastily covered themselves up. "Let's not get modest now, boys. Come on; let
the dog see the rabbit. You never know, maybe I can have my own input into
the lesson." Susan reached down to move Jack's hands from his crotch, raising
his flaccid member up with her hand. "I can see why you paid this so much
attention, Lib. He certainly puts your Dad to shame."

"Mum! What are you doing?"

"I don't think you're in a position to pass judgement, standing there naked."
Susan stood up and turned around to face her daughter, walking towards her.
"Don't pretend you never get off at night, listening to your Dad struggling
to stop cumming as soon as I sink down on him. Be honest, Lib. Remember, I
wash your clothes, including your underwear, and I can reek the smell of your
juices all over your little lacy, slutty numbers." Susan ran the back of her
hand down Libby's cheek, who didn't move away. Susan's hand made its was down
her daughter's body, brushing past her brown, bullet-like nipple, over her
flat stomach, and stopped hovering over her pussy. Libby was taken aback, but
couldn't deny any of the things her mother said. When she was home alone,
Libby would look through her parents' room, and often use Susan's vibrator
that Karl didn't know she had. Susan could feel the heat radiating from
Libby's pussy with every pulse. Her hand reached closer as Libby's arms fell
to her sides. She begged for a touch. Susan was obviously getting off on the
situation; she had been watching for quite a few minutes, enough time for her
cunt to become dripping wet through her conservative white knickers.

Susan was a middle-age woman, of perhaps forty-five or fifty, but still had
a very impressive figure. She was clearly incredibly attractive in her youth,
no doubt where Libby got her looks. In the moment, Libby had completely
forgotten about Taj and Jack, who by now were staring in awe at the
incestuous scene. Both boys positioned themselves behind Susan, rubbing their
hands all over her body, with Taj cupping her impressive breasts, and Jack
caressing her ass and cunt from behind. Susan removed her hand from Libby's
body without ever making contact, grabbed Jack by the wrist, and led him over
to the very same table that Libby was being fucked over just a few minutes
previously. Taj just stood there until Libby followed suit, pulling him back
to the scene of their passionate romp. Both mother and daughter knew exactly
what the other had planned, and each wanted to share the experience as best
they could.

Susan reached the table, bent over it and began to hitch her ankle length
black skirt up her legs. Jack twigged on, grabbed hold of the hem and lifted
the skirt up, letting it drop over Susan's back, whose panty covered behind
was now stuck up into the air. Without issuing any instructions, Susan began
to peel her pants down her thighs, for the first time exposing her ass cheeks
that were still remarkably wrinkle free. Jack reached down and pulled her
knickers all the way down. Her moist pussy lips shone between her legs. Libby
and Taj now reached the table, with Libby assuming exactly the same position
as her mother, only a hands reach away from one another. "Now boys, prepare
for something very special. What we want you to do is something you'll never
have the opportunity to do again; a simultaneous synchronised mother-daughter
BUTT-FUCK"! This day was just getting better and better for Taj and Jack.
They were half a second away from a Bill and Ted style High Five until Libby
said, "Get the fuck on with it, guys. Just lube yourselves up with pussy
juice and plow in!" And they did just that. Jack rubbed his whole palm over
the cunt of the older teacher before smearing the juices over his cock, and
after Susan had reached around and clasped either cheek, he applied the
natural lubricant to her inviting ass hole. Mirroring these actions, Taj
looked over and noticed that Susan's ass hole was considerably wider than her
daughters'. "Taj, go easy, it's been a long time since I let anyone butt-fuck
me," Libby said, "If it's tight just give me time to relax."


"You won't have any such problem, Jack. There's nothing I like being done
more regularly than a good anal ramming, just ask your father." Jack was
too immersed to think about or even care about the thought of his dad,
Joe, having an affair. Jack's cock poised at Susan's anus, as was Taj's at
Libby's. Jack was first of the two, slowly inserting the head of his dick
past Susan's sphincter, forcing moans from both of them. After a few timid
strokes, her ass loosened, allowing Jack's path to be considerably easier.
He stared down, watching his cock disappear into the former headmistress's
butt hole, over and over again. Considering the size of the entrance,
Susan's butt was still remarkably tight, giving Jack his first taste of
the pleasures of anal sex.

"That's it, Jack, just like that. Do you feel that? Do you feel me tightening
my ass around your big cock? Yeah? I bet you've fantasised about this,
haven't you? Being balls-deep in some woman's ass? How about your sisters?
Three fine looking girls..urgh, yeah, I bet you've been looking through their
drawers, walking in on them getting changed, hearing them moan and finger
themselves in that crowded house of yours?" Like Libby before him, Jack
couldn't deny any of this. Hell, his sisters are fucking hot.

Libby and Taj were simply engrossed in watching; the sight of her own mother
leaning back into a butt fucking from an eighteen year old was driving her
wild. During her childhood, Libby had wanted to experience everything her
mother had, even going as far as to give her father a blow job while he was
half asleep and thinking that it was his wife. Libby felt the same now as she
did that night; insanely aroused. She couldn't stand Taj's hesitations any
longer, and rocked herself back, forcing her asshole over Taj's rock hard
helmet. This snapped Taj from his euphoria and reminded him of the vision
directly in front of him. He met Libby's motions, forcing his cock into
Libby's bowels. It was tighter than he ever thought possible, but the
hardness of his cock plus Libby's own juices was making the task easier.
Libby reared up onto her knees in order to be able to rock back and forth
easier. After the initial discomfort, Libby was loving the feeling of a big
dick in her behind, and loving it even more due to th e sordid situation.
Taj and Jack were nearly matching each other in terms of strokes in and out.
While Susan remained with her own hands spreading her cheeks, Taj placed both
of his hands on Libby's firm ass. With his thumbs her spread her cheeks,
exploring her forbidden crevice. Taj's rhythm and stroke length increased as
Libby became accustomed to having a cock imbedded in her ass again after such
a long period, sliding in and out as her ring continued to stretch and
contract around his movements.

"You liking this, Taj? You like finally fucking your teacher right in her
ass? Yeah, you're good, forcing it in then sliding it out, it just feels so
fucking great. Just keep at it, that's it. Make me cum by fucking my ass,
Taj, make me cum with you spunk right up by backside."

All the while, Libby's eyes were locked on her mother, whose face was flat
on the table. Susan lifted her head up. The connection between mother and
daughter was almost supernatural as they both felt their own orgasm build
up inside them. They made eye contact, both continuously making grunts and
moans. Libby tried to reposition herself closer to her mother, who followed
suit. Both Kennedy's parted their lips and began an intense and morally
wrong kiss, dancing their tongues in and out of the other's mouth. Their
orgasms were ever closer as both boys' rhythms became erratic. The sight of
mother and daughter sharing an anal sex session and now a passionate kiss
was too much. The boys' bodies began to tense up.





All four came simultaneously. Taj and Jack collapsed behind them onto nearby
chairs, their cocks coming free of their respective women with a load pop and
a trail of thick white cum dripping from Libby's and Susan's assholes. Libby
and Susan had also collapsed, but over the table, their foreheads, noses and
mouths touching. They stroked each other's faces, and Libby's hand even
travelled down her mothers back to her asshole, where she scooped up a
finger-full of Jack's cum, brought it to their mouths and embraced in another
tongue-filled kiss.

This Sex Education lesson had taught everyone a few things..


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