Neighbours: Skye's Night Out (mf,Mf,M-mast)
by Jeff_Paw2001

Skye and Boyd were the golden couple of High School and Ramsey Street.

Skye looked down at Boyd and smiled at the chiselled stomach of her boyfriend
and the strong arms that he held her in all the time. Skye rode his cock as
fast as she could and could feel the orgasm building up in her body. Boyd was
in Heaven, he had the hottest girl in school and for the last couple of
months had been fucking her. Boyd looked up at his goddess of a girlfriend
and moved his hands up her sculptured body, firstly her trim and cut stomach
and then to her large breasts. It initially was the thing that attracted him
to her, well behind her tight hot ass and her stunning beautiful face. Boyd
started to caress her bouncing breasts and pull on her large nipples. Boyd
could see the look on his girlfriends face and new she was close to orgasm
and he was glad because he knew he couldn't last much longer. Skye who was
already moaning heavily started to moan "Oh Boydie, god I'm going to cum, oh
come on, fuck me, god yes, that's it."

Boyd thrust up as he heard this and his cum exploded from his cock and shot
it into his girlfriends pussy. Skye used her pussy muscles to drain the rest
of the cum from Boyd's now deflating cock. Skye lifted herself off Boyd big
cock and moved up the bed and laid side by side with her head on his chest.
As usual Boyd fell asleep shortly after coming, Skye wished she had a
boyfriend who would hold her and talk to her after sex but he usually didn't
have the energy because he used it in fucking her so hard.

* * *

Max walked out of his bedroom where his 2nd wife was sleeping, frustrated
that they couldn't have sex, since they had started this fertility treatment
the sex even though good was only at times when Steph was her most fertile.
It was hard when the doctor said his sperm wasn't as fertile as he thought
but at 40 he had thought his his baby making days was over. Steph and Max
had only been married for a couple of months, they had a great family Boyd,
who was 15, and his little girl 12, at first worried by the 15 year age gap
between him and his wife had finally accepted it and it helped that the kids
loved her as well. Max moved into the lounge room and grabbed his special
tape and put it in the recorder and pressed play. Max laid back on the lounge
and started to watch the tape, he had been watching this porno to relieve the
build up of his frustration since the fertility treatment. Max pulled his
cock from his boxers and started to stroke it, he watched as the big breasted
blonde start sucking off the older guy in the video and Max started to stroke
his cock harder.

* * *

Skye woke up and looked over at the clock, it was 1.00am, she jumped up
"Shit I'm so late, god my parents are going to kill me" thought Skye. She
grabbed and put on her bra and panties, Skye found her top and skirt but
decided it was better to hurry. She creped out Boyd's bedroom and was just
into the lounge room when she noticed the TV was on. She looked at the TV
and noticed it was a porno.

"Oh my god Skye, what are you doing here" yelled Max.

Skye turned quickly and then noticed Max, "I was with Boyd" a startled Skye
said. Skye looked down and then noticed that Max had his cock out and he was
stroking. Skye couldn't keep her eyes off it, it was at least 2 inches bigger
then Boyd's and it certainly was thicker then Boyd's. Max was embarrassed but
his need was too overwhelming.

"Skye you better stay here overnight, I will call your parents in the morning
and tell them you fell asleep watching a video." said Max.

"Thank you Mr--" Skye began to say.

"Call me Max, Skye", Max interrupted.

"Mr... sorry I mean Max can I ask you a question?" said Skye.

"Yes Skye, ask away" replied Max.

"Umm why are you, you know, rubbing?" asked Skye.

"Well you know Steph and I are doing IVF and we only have sex when she is at
her most fertile, so I need to relieve myself," Max replied.

"Oh I'm so sorry Max, umm could I help" Skye said sheepishly.

"What?" Max said.

"Could I help" replied Skye as she knelt down and moved her hand down and
onto Max's cock.

"Skye I don't think..." said Max.

"Please Max, your family has been so good to me, I don't mind" interrupted

"Ooh Skye, yes just like that" moaned Max.

"Max your so, so big" said Skye.

"Hey thanks Skye, I take it you and Boyd are doing more than holding hands?"
asked Max.

"Umm Yeh is that ok" asked Skye.

"Well I do think you are both too young but as long as you are enjoying
yourself and are protected" replied Max.

"Well we are enjoying ourselves" replied Skye.

"Skye, god your so good at this, rub it quicker, I'm so close baby" moaned

Skye used both her hands and started to move her hands up and down Max's cock
faster and faster.

Max cock started to spurt his cum the first load shot into Skye's breasts and
then Skye bent down and put her mouth down and onto his cock. Sky moved her
mouth down the length of Max's cock swallowing his cum as it was shouting
out. This caused Max to shoot more cum then he was used too, the sensation of
having this hot teenager sucking his cock. Max stopped coming and Skye took
her mouth of his cock and knelt back up.

"Thanks Skye, I really needed that" said Max.

Swallowing the last bit of cum "Your welcome Max, your cum taste so good."

Max sat up and noticed the cum on and between Skye's breasts. Moving forward
he moved his hand on her breasts and swiped the cum onto his fingers and
brought them up to her lips and she seductively sucked on his fingers. Max
brought his hands back down to her breasts but this time started to caress
them. He moved his other hand around the back of the bra and unclasped the
bra. Pulling the bra off her body Max went straight for her nipples and
started working his tongue around them and using his teeth a little bit.
Skye who had only been used to guys her own age who were a lot more gentler
on her breasts was excited by the way Max was using her. Max new he was too
far gone to stop now and moved his other hand down into Skye's panties and
within a second was spreading her pussy lips and sinking a couple of fingers
into her pussy. Skye couldn't believe what was happening, she wanted to stop,
this was Boyd's father after all but it felt so good.

* * *

"Max I don't think, oh god, yes right there, oh yessssss" moaned Skye.

"Fuck me, oh god, fuck me, I want it so bad" moaned Skye.

Max didn't need a second invitation and was up from the lounge and pulled
Skye to her feet. Skye jumped up into Max's lap and Max guided his cock into
Skye's already wet pussy. He carried her trying to get to the spare bedroom
but soon found himself against the wall. Max guided his hands to Skye's ass
and started to move her up and down his cock. Skye just kept on repeating
"Oh god your so big, it feel so big, oh god don't stop fucking me."

Skye moved her feet around Max's back and locked them and started to lift
herself up and down Max's monster cock, Skye thought how lucky Steph was to
be going to bed with a guy with a cock as big as this. Max hold of the door
handle and twisted it and pushed open the door with Skye's back, without a
thought he moved forward and laid Skye down on the bed. He withdrew from
her pussy and took off the rest of his clothes, Skye was laying on the bed
looked disappointed as the cock popped out of her pussy but then watching
Max undress grabbed her panties and lifted them up and off her body.

Max looked down at this teenage goddess, he was feeling guilty but he was
feeling even more horny. His wife only a couple of doors away, his young
daughter just in the next room and his only son just 20 metres away, but
the thing he felt most guilty about was it was his sons first major
girlfriend and now he was going to fuck her. But then he heard "Max fuck
me" and he moved down and between Skye's legs and as he moved between them
he moved them up and around his shoulders and then guided his cock to her
wet pussy. He looked down at her as the large mushroom head of his
circumcised cock opened up her pussy. He watched as her face lightened up
at the invasion of his cock into her womanhood, and even though he knew
that Boyd was Skye's first that he knew she would remember this as the
first time she had been fucked like a girl should be fucked. Max looked at
Skye face as he plunged his cock fully into her, Skye gasped as a cock went
to places in her body that Boyd had never gone. Skye immediately had a small
orgasm and was finding it hard to catch her breath and continued to moan,
trying to be quite but her body was taking over and she just moaned. Max
pulled back and started to thrust in and out of her making sure he varied
the angle he would thrust or move her legs closer or further apart to vary
the sensation Skye was feeling.

Skye couldn't believe the sensation she was feeling, Max's cock was fantastic
her pussy had never felt so full. It was more then the size of his cock, Skye
thought, it's the way he is fucking me, its like he is using me, but the way
I want to be used, I feel so like such a slut. Max pulled up Skye's leg and
moved it over his other shoulder so they were now together and Skye's body
moved with it and he started fucking her lie side saddle. She had never been
fucked like this but it felt so good, with her legs like this her pussy was
super tight and Max continued to fuck her with abandon. Skye was having many
small orgasms but she knew she was so close to a huge orgasm. Skye couldn't
believe they had been fucking for twenty or so minutes and this was usually
when Boyd would cum and Max didn't even look like he was even close. Max
grabbed her leg and moved one onto his shoulder and he thrust deep into her.

"Oh god Max, god fuck me, fuck me" moaned Skye. She was glad she had taken up
yoga because she had never been twisted like a pretzel like she was now, Not
that being a sex pretzel was a bad thing Skye thought. Skye couldn't think
how good this was, he was making her pussy spasm, the angles he was moving
her made her pussy do and feel different. "Fuck me, I'm so close, got fuck me
harder, make me cum" Skye screamed out in ecstasy.

Max moved her back into the missionary position and Skye locked her legs
around Max's legs and started to thrust her pelvis up to the meet the thrust
of Max.

Max watched as Skye's breasts moved with the thrusting, certainly he had
noticed her body before and especially her breasts but to see her naked was
a dream cum true. Max leaned in and whispered into Skye's ear "I'm going to
cum, I'm going to explode my cum deep into you and then I am going to fuck
you again and cum in you some more."

Max moved from her ear and moved his face in front of hers and watched her
face and the look of total ecstasy on her face and then he moved in and
started to kiss her passionately. Then with a hard thrust that made her body
move up the bed her orgasm started, first a huge wave of ecstasy started to
move out from her pussy like a wave all over the nerve endings in her body
and her body started to shake with the orgasm. Skye wanted to scream in
pleasure but she had lost her voice and just held onto Max as the orgasm
just flowed through her and then she felt Max's um shoot into her, load
after load just pumping deep into her pussy. Max kept pumping into Skye
knowing that he had this build up of cum, but when he felt his cock starting
to soften he pulled out and lay on his side.

Skye moved her hand down and onto her pussy and felt around, her pussy lips
were still opened to the size of Max's fat cock. She smiled because usually
her pussy closed back up after Boyd had fucked her. Then Skye felt tears
running down her face, at first not knowing what this was, she looked up at
Max and said "Thank You".

Max looked down at her and said "go clean up, where not finished yet".

Skye sat up and then stood up and could fill her own juices and Max's cum
leaking out of her pussy and down her leg. Skye crept into the bathroom and
went straight into the shower and grab the moveable hand held handle and
brought it down and near her pussy and adjusted the water so it would shoot
into her pussy. While washing herself she started to think about what had
happened over the last hour, she loved Boyd and this shouldn't have happened
but it had and their wasn't anything she could do about it. I could leave
she thought but remembered where half of her clothing was and she couldn't
walk across Ramsey Street naked.

Then she thought of Max who was back in the spare bedroom with that cock and
then she thought about what he said to her "I'm going to explode my cum in
you and then fuck you again." Skye new she wanted more no matter what it
meant to her relationship with Boyd, she had never been fucked like this
before and never orgasmed like she had only minutes before.

Skye dried herself off and walked out of the bathroom and back into the spare
bedroom. Max looked up at her, his cock still not hard he told her to dance.
Skye smiled and started to move her body around, moving her hands to her
breasts and down to her pussy and turn around to show him her tight ass.
Max's soft cock started to rise at the sight of this beauty. "Ok baby back
over here, your going to ride my cock" said Max.

Skye turned around and smiled as she looked at his cock. Skye moved over and
sat astride Max's stomach, she could feel his cock against her back and new
she would enjoy this because in this position she could control the fucking
more. Skye reached between her legs and grabbed the cock and thought for a
second how her hand wouldn't fit totally around it. Skye used her other hand
to open her pussy lips and directed the cock to it. When she had his cock
head inside she started to move herself down slowly inch by inch she moved
her body down. She had always loved this position because any cock would
rub against her special spot and she always orgasmed heavily because of it.

Finally their groins met and Skye opened her eyes and smiled down at Max and
then brought her head down and stared to kiss Max like she had never kissed
before, her hunger for him was overwhelming. She could feel her pussy
adjusting to his presence inside her and started to move up and down a couple
of inches. Max moved his hands up and down Skye's perfect body and then moved
his hand up and onto her golden orbs. He loved his wife but her breasts were
not the biggest and feeling breasts like's Skye was something he loved. He
pulled and pinched the nipples and watched the smile widen on Skye's face as
he did it.

He was going to let Skye enjoy this because he knew soon he was going to
fuck her in a way he thought she had never tied and it would be painful for
a while. He started to thrust up as she would slide down and she began to
moan heavily again. Skye then felt herself being lifted on his body and she
looked disappointed and he ordered her onto her knees and a smile came back
onto her face. Skye knelt on the bed and looked back as Max grabbed his cock
and guided it back into her pussy, he didn't go slow he started to fuck her
hard, moving her body off the ground with each thrust, "oh yes" Skye kept
repeating as the thrusting became harder. Skye's only thought was pleasure,
she didn't know how she was breathing because all she could feel was fucking,
she wasn't herself anymore she was an object, an object that needed this.

Max moved his hand to her breasts and started to caress them, softly and
roughly as they swung backwards and forward with the fucking. He pulled her
back to his body and pinched the nipples as he moved her face around so he
could kiss her. He pushed her back down and she moaned heavily into the
pillow, Max moved his hand down her body and smacked her ass as he kept
pumping hard into her. He moved his fingers around her pussy and coated his
fingers with her juices and moved it to her ass and moved his finger into
her ass.

Skye had never felt anything like the feeling she was getting and then she
felt her ass being invaded with Max's finger, she thought about stopping
him but at this point the trusted her to use her as his fuck toy. When Skye
didn't react to him fingering her ass he pushed another one and then two
fingers into her ass and started to fucker her with his fingers in her ass
as he fucked her senseless with his cock in her pussy. He knew soon he would
be withdrawing from her pussy and sinking his cock deep into her virgin ass.
He felt a further stream of her juices surround his cock and he knew she was
orgasming again and he pulled out and in a second had his fingers out of her
ass and started pushing the head of his cock into her ass. Before she new
anything she felt the head of his cock move to her ass and then it was in.
She felt pain similar to when she had lost her virginity earlier that year
to Boyd. Skye wanted to yell out "no" but all she could get out was "yes".

Max kept pushing as much as he could into this virgin territory, he kept on
thinking how tight she was. The last time he had felt something this tight
was when he fucked Steph in the ass on their wedding night, just like Skye
she had never had even had her ass touched like this but knew from now on
that both these girls were going to be ass sluts and would want it in every

The pain from her ass was subsiding and she started to feel a new pleasure
that she had never had before, she moved her hand under her body and
started to rub her clit faster. The sensations her body were giving her was
overwhelming, she didn't know how she could go back to just being fucked
normally by Boyd and knew she would have to get him to do her differently
if at all. Finally Max had his entire cock inside of Skye's ass and he let
her ass get used to this invasion before he started to fuck her ass hard.
He bent down until his body was against her back and grabbed at her breasts
while whispering into her ear "Your going to be my fuck slut, aren't you"
Max asked.

"Ummm, yes" replied Skye meekly.

"Who owns your pussy?" Max asked.

"You do" replied Skye.

"Who owns the rest of you" Max asked.

"You do" replied Skye.

"Whose going to do anything I say, when I say it" asked Max.

"I am, do anything you say, please make me, I am yours" Skye replied.

He moved her back down and moved his hands to her hips and started to thrust
hard and deep into her ass, quicker and faster he thrust getting ever closer
to his orgasm, her moaning building to a crescendo. Still rubbing her pussy
as fast as she could she pushed back into each thrust of his cock. She used
her muscles in her to squeeze the cock in her ass and new she was so close
and then she felt the cum explode deep into her ass. Max just pushed in and
kept orgasming into her, his cum going into places that had never been
explored before. Max kept moving until he could cum no more and then pulled
out. He moved to the side of the bed and spooned her, he knew he couldn't
stay long, he would need to take a shower and get back into bed with Steph.

After a minute or two Max got up, kissed her and told her to change the bed
and put some of her clothes on and she would call her parents in the morning
and tell them that she had fallen asleep while watching a movie. Skye smiled
thinking of the movie that had been on the TV when this has started.

The end

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