Usual stuff. This is all fictional blah blah blah.

Neighbours: Tahnee's Return To Neighbours (Mf)
by Stephen Warne ([email protected])

Tahnee had been in New York for nearly 6 months and was missing her native
Australia. She had enjoyed her time on the exchange programme, but found
the yanks to be much more reserved than she had thought. She had always
found it easy to pull blokes, especially older ones because of her naturally
large 34C breasts and her attractive facial features. However, in New York
she had found it harder to pull. Tahnee, although 17, was experienced
sexually and loved having sex, but despite many attempts, had not got any
while she had been away, and on her return she looked forward to regular sex

Once arriving at the airport Tahnee was greeted by Taj her brother, Michelle
and Nina her old school friends and Jack, Michelle's brother. Tahnee's eyes
imedietly fell on Jack, and she got the feeling there was an instant

After a few days Tahnee had begun to grow closer to Jack who was beggining
to like her even though he had a girlfriend (Lori). After much drinking of
milkshakes in the coffee shop, Tahnee, (who could feel her pussy ache through
lack of activity), decided to take the plunge. She had never been shy about
anything and this occasion was no different.

"There's nobody home at mine so will you come back and have the sex I've been
dying for for 6 months."

Jack was naturally dumbfounded, but after a little hesitation agreed. They
walked briskly out of the coffee shop to Tahnee's place (only 2 streets from
Ramsey Street.

The walk only took about 2 minutes but to both of them it seemed like
forever. They rushed inside and before they were upstairs Tahnee in 1
skillful move had wipped her low cut top off, exposing her gorgeous and
well rounded tits. Jack stared at them, his eyes fixed. Lori's tits were
nice but these were amazing he thought to himslef.

"well aren't you going to take your trousers off," asked Tahnee impatiently.

"Oh yeah, sure," said jack feebaly.

The gorgeous girl helped him remove his jeans to expose his boxers and his
medium sized 6 1/2 inch penis which had popped out of the button fly Tahnee
took hold of Jack's dick and started tossing him off very slowly, "This is
just to get you in the mood she wispered to him seductively."

Jack was nervous and yet excited at the same time. He felt guilty but he was
cheating on Lori but he had done it beofre with Nina, but had never had sex
with her.

Tahnee continued to wank Jack off until he came. She then lay on the floor
and removed the short skirt and thong.

"Come on Jack, fuck me like I've never been fucked before."

Jack needed no second invtitation and his cock had already hardened again.
He moved on top of tahnee in the missionary position and slid his cock slowly
into Tahnee's now damp pussy. Whilst with his hands he was rubbing her hard
nipples and kissing her neck with his lips. Her pussy was still quite tight
and Jack found it hard to get even his moderate member in.

As he pushed further he tried to find Tahnees clit. After much probing he
did. Tahnee's moans increased. She loved every minute. "AAAARRRGGGHHH
YEEEEEEEEESSS!" she screamed, her pussy tightening on Jack's dick. A torent
of cum erupted from her pussy, covering Jack's dick and dribbling on the

To finish the day, Tahnee said, "Do you wanna be sucked off?"

Jack was knackered from the previous exploits, but agreed. Tahnee loved
giving head and had often boasted about her technique to Michelle and Nina.
She grabbed Jack's dick and licked the underside of his veiny penis. He
could feel his balls swelling already. Tahnee was a natural, she worked her
way up until she had all of his 6 1/2 inches in her mouth. She then deep
throated him back and forth. This was technique she had perfected, and she
never once gagged, as his dick hit the back of her throat. Before long it
was Jack's trun to unleash a torent of cum. Tahnee swallowed without
spilling a drop. Never before had Jack felt so satisfied.

"When will I see you again?' said Jack putting his shirt back on.

"When I feel so horny and need a fuck," replied Tahnee.

"I'll see you tommorrow then," said Jack and Tahnee laughed.


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