This version of ‘The Pleasures of Ramsay Street” stars the Neighbours'
characters, Boyd Hoyland (Kyal Marsh), Sky Mangel (Stephanie McIntosh) and
Summer Hoyland (Marisa Siketa).

Neighbours: The Pleasures Of Ramsay Street Part 1 (mf,preg,voy)
by Cheesie ([email protected])

Boyd Hoyland and Sky Mangel are talking and listening to Music in Boyd’s

The conversation leads to sex.

Sky asks Boyd, “Have you ever had Sexual Intercourse?”

Boyd stunned at his girlfriends question replies “No...Have you?”

“No” says Sky, “I haven’t had many boyfriends and the ones I have had didn’t
last more than a few months. I actually didn’t get to meet many boys in Perth
when I did ‘School of the air’”.

“Oh” Boyd says, “How far have you gone with a boy?”

“Umm, not that far” Sky replied, “But this one guy started to feel me up when
we were making out”.

“Really” Boyd says, “How did he feel you up?”.

“Well, he felt my breasts and rubbed me between my legs” answered Sky “But
then I stopped him and kicked him out and haven’t seen him since”.

“Where was your dad?” asked Boyd moving awkwardly as he sat on the bed.

“Oh, he was out working on the farm”, says Sky. “I was pretty independent

“You must have liked not being bossed around much” says Boyd.

“Oh, Yeah, but he still told me off quite a bit”. Sky says noticing a lump
in Boyd’s jeans.

“Hey Boyd, Do you masturbate”

“What?” asked Boyd, again shocked at her question.

“You know, wank your dick”. replies Sky.

“I know what you mean, but isn’t that a really personal question”, says Boyd.

“Not Really, It’s a really enjoyable and arousing thing to do” says Sky.

“I am your girlfriend, you can tell me”.

“Umm” ponders Boyd looking nervously at the floor.

“Come on tell me”, encourages Sky. “I do it almost everyday”.

“What?” says Boyd surprised. “How do you do it?’

“Oh, I just rub my clit until I have an orgasm” replies Sky. “So do you do


Sky notices the lump in his pants growing and says, “How Often?”

“Umm, twice a day”

“Wow, you must get pretty horny. You are really horny now, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, a bit.”

“Take it out.”


“Take out your cock, I want to see it.”


“Yeah, your dads out and Summer’s asleep, why not?”

“Umm, ok”

Boyd stands up and undoes his jeans and fly then pulls down his jeans. Sky
can see a big tent inside his undies with a little wet patch.

“Come on pull down yours undies” tells Sky.

Boyd slowly pulls down his undies, releasing his seven inch erect cock. Sky’s
eyes widen.

“Wow” says Sky. “I haven’t seen one of those before. It looks weird.”

“Sorry. I will put it away” says Boyd starting to pull up his jeans and

“No don’t” says Sky putting her hand on her arm. “Sit down on the bed and
show me how you wank it”

Boyd sits on the bed and slowly starts to rub his little foreskin up and

“Wow” says Sky “That looks great. Get undressed and do it properly”.

Boyd quickly takes of his socks, jeans, undies and t-shirt, then lies down on
the bed and continues to wank.

Sky says “Do you want to see me do it too?”

Boyd quickly looks up while continuing to slowly wank. “Yeah, do I ever”.

“Ok” says Sky as she starts to pull up her dress.

Boyd looks carefully as Sky slowly reveals her blue panties, her stomach and
then a white bra. Sky puts her dress on the bed post and slowly pulls down
her knickers. Boyd notices that her pussy is clean shaven. She dumps her
knickers onto the floor and sits on the chair putting each leg up on an arm
of the chair. She shows Boyd her pussy.

“What do you think?” asks Sky.

“It...It... looks rea…lly b..ea..u..tiful”, says Boyd increasing the speed of
his strokes.

Sky lowers her hand down to her pussy and starts to rub her clitoris as Boyd
orgasms and sends a stream of white cum flying up and landing on his stomach.

“Wow” says Sky “Is that how all boys cum?”

“Yeah” says Boyd as he reaches for a towel to wipe the cum off his stomach.

“Come over here, Boyd” says Sky still rubbing her clit.

Boyd gets up and walks over to Sky.

“Kneel in front of me” asks Sky.

Boyd kneels in front of her pussy.

“Here, give me your hand” asks Sky.

Boyd reaches out his hand and Sky grabs his wrist, pulls it down to her pussy
and replaces her hand with his.

“Now, this is my clitoris” says Sky putting his hand on it. “Rub it for me”.

Boyd slowly rubs Sky’s clitoris, as Sky puts her head back and moans.
Suddenly pleasure rushes through Sky’s body and she orgasms. Some sticky
liquid lands on Boyd’s hand.

Boyd quickly stands up. “What is this stuff?” he asks.

“That’s girls cum”

“Oh, Ok”

Sky and Boyd stand up and Sky starts to passionately kiss him, pushing him
over to the bed. Sky pushes Boyd on to the bed and he lies down. Sky kneels
on the floor and grabs Boyd’s penis that has started to get hard again after
rubbing her. She lowers her head and starts to suck his penis up and down
his length. She suddenly stops.

“Have sex with me Boyd” she says.

“What? I don’t know about that”

“Come on. What harm can it do? Everyone at school does it.”

“Umm, ok”

Sky gets up and walks over to her handbag and gets something out of it. She
brings back a little foil packet. She rips it open with her teeth.

“We better put a condom on you. I don’t want to get pregnant”.

Sky puts the condom on top of his penis, pinches the top and rolls the rest
down his length”.

“Where did you get that from?” asks Boyd.

“Oh, my Dad gave it to me just incase I ended up doing it. Now is the time”.

“Cool, he sounds like a great guy. I don’t think Harold would do that”.

“No, my Ol’ Jelly Belly Granddad would want me to wait until I’m married.
Anyway, my dad isn’t my real Dad. I don’t know where my real dad is and my
mum was shot and died out on a hunting field when I was only a toddler”.

“Really, are you ok?”

“Yeah, I never really knew them.”

Sky sits on top of Boyd’s legs with her legs either side of him.

“Are you really sure about this?” asks Boyd.

“Yeah, defiantly. Lots of kids at school have done it and none of them have
become pregnant or anything”.

“Ok, then.”

Sky reaches behind her and undoes her bra and removes it, then dropping it on
the floor. Boyd eyes widen as he sees two beautiful big breasts in front of

“So, what do you think of these” asks Sky, pointing to her large boobs.

“They are really beautiful and big” says Boyd, “I have never seen boobs

“Really” asks Sky, “Haven’t you seen them in magazines when you wank your
beautiful cock”.

“Yeah” replies Boyd, “But not up close and live”

“Oh, Ok” Sky says as she grabs both his arms by his wrists and places them on
her breasts.

“Feel them”.

“Ok” replies Boyd.

Boyd starts to massage them. He then leans up and flips Sky onto her back,
(her breasts jiggering as he does) and Boyd (now on top) reaches down and
grabs and kisses her breasts. He puts his whole mouth over her left mountain
and uses his tongue to lick her nipple. He then does the same to the right

“Wow” says Sky, “You defiantly know how to do that”

Boyd stops and says “Yeah, I read it in a book” Boyd lies down on Sky. “Are
you ready?”

“Yeah” Sky replies, “Push it in quickly to break my hymen”.

“Your What?” asks Boyd.

“My Hymen! You know my “Cherry”, says Sky.

“No, what’s that.”

“It’s basically skin that covers my vagina, until I have sex when it breaks.”

"Oh, Ok.”

Boyd reaches down and guides his penis to what he thinks is her vagina.

“Ow” says Sky, “No, that’s not it. Here, let me.”

Sky reaches down and grabs Boyd's penis. She puts it at the entrance of her

“There” says Sky, “Now push it in”.

Boyd pushes his penis hard into her and she screams silently.

“Are you ok?, asks Boyd.

“Yeah, but go slow” replies Sky.


Boyd slowly moves back and forth as he moves his penis in and out of Sky’s
vagina. Sky has her eyes closed, her head back and is frowning. As Boyd
continues to move, Sky eventually starts to have a look of pleasure on her
face. With Boyd still in her, she carefully turns around and lands on top.
Boyd is lying on his back.

“What did you do that for?” asks Boyd breathing heavily.

“I want to be on top” replies Sky.


Sky places her hands on Boyd’s chest and slowly rises and then lowers herself
back down. Boyd’s penis entering her again, she then continues to raise and
lower her self over Boyd.

Boyd grabs her breast and slowly massages them. Suddenly the door flies open
and Summer is standing in the doorway. Boyd looks up and Sky turns around.

“Oh, my gosh” yells Summer “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” says Sky, still raising and lowering herself.

"Summer, get out of here” yells Boyd.

Summer walks into the room and closes the door behind her.

“Can I watch?” asks Summer.

“No” yells Boyd.

“Come on” says Summer “I will tell Dad.”

“You wouldn’t” says Boyd

“I will” says Summer

“Come on, let her watch” says Sky, still surprisingly rising and lowing
herself. “It would be great sex education for her.”

Boyd opens his mouth in pleasure “Yeah ok, but you better not tell Dad”.

“I won’t” Summer says as she sits down on the chair. “Hey, Sky, how does it

“Oh Boy, damn great” says Sky still lowering and rising. “Now shut up”

Sky continues to rise and lower on top of Boyd, as Summer watches them. After
a few minutes, Sky stops while Boyd is completely in her and she has a great

“Boy that was the best orgasm I have ever had” says Sky as she begins to
raise and lower herself again.”

Boyd then orgasms and fills the condom with his cum. Sky pulls him out of her
and stands up. They both look over at Summer who has her hand up her nightie.

“Summer, what are you doing” asks Boyd.

“What do you think?, replies Summer

“I know what you’re doing” says Boyd as he gets off the bed. “But I didn’t
think you did it.”

“Why not?” replies Summer still fingering herself, “Don’t you think I knew
how to do it?”

“I don’t know what I thought” says Boyd, “Now Summer go to bed. You can
finish that in your room.”

“Oh, Ok” says Summer, “Good night.”

Boyd and Sky say at the same time, “Good night, Sum.”

Summer walks out the room and Boyd and Sky start to passionately kiss.

A week later...

Boyd answers the door and Sky runs in crying, she sits on the lounge. Boyd
sits next to her and places his arm around her.

“What’s wrong?” asks Boyd.

“I...I missed my period and I just went to the doctor” says Sky.

“Yeah, what does that mean” asks Boyd.

“I’m pregnant” says Sky.

“What?” says Boyd surprised “But I wore a condom.”

“I know” Sky says, “But apparently they sometimes don’t work.”

“What?” says Boyd.

“I know. What are we going to do?” asks Sky.

“I don’t know” says Boyd “But don’t worry. We’re sort it out”.



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