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Neighbours: The Pool Party (FFFF, anal, fist)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

"Hey Sarah." Libby said as she walked into the back yard.

"Hey Lib." Sarah Beaumont replied.

"Am I the first one here?"

"Yep. Anne and Amy said they would be soon." Libby smiled and sat in a deck
chair next to Sarah.

It was the height of summer and Ramsey Street was bathed in sunshine. Sarah
had called some of the girls from the street and invited them to her place
for a swim since most of their boyfriends or friends were at the local
cricket final over in Eden Hills. Libby looked over at Sarah and noticed
something different.

"New bikini?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact it is." Sarah said standing up to show off the
skimpy suit. Bright pink and at least a size too small, it barely covered
enough of Sarah's ample breasts to be called a bikini.

"Very nice." Libby said with a smile as Sarah posed in the suit, putting her
hands on her hips and arching her back.

"What are you wearing?" She asked as Libby stood up and started to pull off
her T-shirt.

"Oh, Lib. That's great." Sarah exclaimed as Libby removed the top and pulled
off her shorts. She was clad in a blue bikini that wasn't as small as Sarah's
but was still very revealing.

"Thanks." Libby said doing the same pose for Sarah.

"Hello?" A voice said from the side of the house.

"Back here Anne!" Sarah called. Anne came into the yard followed by Amy. Anne
was in a black tank top and red shorts while Amy was just in her green bikini
with a towel wrapped around her waist.

"Hey guys." Amy said as they walked up the Sarah and Libby.

"You two look great."

"And you." Sarah said as Anne pulled off her top and shorts to show a red

"Anyone for a drink?"

"What ya got?" Anne asked.

"Well, there's wine or juice or..." Sarah started to say.

"WINE!!!" The other three said together.

* * *

After half an hour and two bottles of wine the four friends were sitting
around the pool sipping on their drinks and talking about what else but men.

"Lance is being such a prick right now." Amy said.

"What do you mean?" Sara asked.

"Well, he's always wanting to fuck me from behind."

"And your not in to it?" Libby asked.

"No... It's not that. It's just that I want to do it more then just in the
arse. I like to have him everywhere."

"Amy!!! That is my brother your talking about!" Anne said.

"Sorry honey." Amy said with a laugh.

"But he is great in bed."

"I bet." Sarah said.

"I bet he has a big one."

"Sarah!" Anne said.

"Oh yes he does." Amy said ignoring her.

"Not the biggest I've ever had but big enough to get me off." Anne just sat
there with her mouth open.

"What about you Libby?" Amy asked.

"Getting any?"

"Nope." Libby said with a sigh. "I haven't been fucked in months."

"Bull shit." Sarah said sitting up with a look of surprise on her face. "With
that bod?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, look at you. Those tits should come with a warning." Sarah said
pointing at Libby's massive breasts.

"If I didn't know you I would say they were fake."

"Thanks." Libby said blushing slightly. "But yours are better."

"You think?" Sarah said before draining her glass of wine and standing up
to pose again. "You don't think that they are too big?"

"No. Don't be stupid." Libby said looking at the large, round breasts as
Sarah bent down to pick up the wine bottle for another glass.

"I've never heard Billy complain about them." Anne said with a smile.

"Anne!!! That's my brother your talking about!" Libby said in imitation
of Anne's earlier comment about Lance.

"Oh grow up the pair of you." Amy said after taking a sip of wine. "Has Bill
ever said anything about me?"

"All the time." Anne said picking up a bottle of sun tan oil and putting some
on her hands which she then rubbed on her long legs. "Just last night he was
talking about how hot he thinks you are."

"And?" Amy prompted when Anne paused.

"And how much he wants to fuck you in the arse." Anne said laughing. The four
broke into giggles at this.

"What is it about my arse?" Amy said standing up and turning around to show
off her tight, high butt.

"Well it is nice." Libby said.

"Very nice." Sarah said before giving Amy's butt a playful slap with her

"Hey!" Amy said with a look of fake shock on her face.

"What?" Sarah said with a grin. "Want it harder?"

"If you like." Amy said pushing her butt out slightly. Sarah slapped it
again, a bit harder this time and Amy wiggled it and gave a soft moan. "Oh
I like that." She said looking at Sarah with a sexy smile.

"I think you two have had too much to drink." Anne said laughing.

"No." Sarah said now running her hand over Amy's butt softly as Amy continued
to moan.

"I think we have had just enough." And then she bent forward and kissed Amy
on the neck.

Anne let out a cry of shock as Amy turned around and met Sarah's next kiss.
The blond and brunette wrapped their arms around each other and began making

"I do like a good show." Anne heard Libby say and she turned her head to

"Lib!!!" Libby had let one hand drift down to between her legs and was
running her fingers over her pussy through her bikini bottom.

"Relax Anne." Sarah said as Amy started kissing her neck.

"We are just having fun. Join in if you like.

"Me first." Libby said standing up and moving to stand behind Sarah. She
reached down and cupped Sarah's butt cheeks in her hands and squeezed them

"Ahhh!" Sarah moaned throwing back her head as Amy kissed down towards her

"I do like that."

Amy was now softly kissing Sarah's ample cleavage. Libby ran her hands up
from Sarah's butt and started to play with the back of her bikini top.

"I think this will help you Amy." And with that she undid the top and Sarah's
breasts were released. Anne noticed that her boobs didn't even drop a inch.
Amy straightened up and helped Sarah out of the top so her breasts came into
full view.

"Fuck! These are beautiful." Amy said cupping both breasts in her hands and
massaging them softly.

"Ahh!" Sarah gasped as Libby returned her hands to her arse.

"Kiss them baby." Amy bent down and began to lick and suck at Sarah's large
nipples while she moaned and sighed in pleasure. As she looked on, Anne began
to feel a moistness between her legs. She ran a hand down and like Libby had
began to rub her pussy through her bikini bottom.

"That's it Anne." Libby said as Sarah let out a long moan as Amy softly bit
down on her right nipple.

"Just let yourself go." Libby then ran her hands around Sarah's hips and
stuck a hand down the front of her bikini bottom.

"Oh yes!!!" Sarah gasped. "Finger that cunt!"

Anne saw Libby's slim fingers slide between Sarah's long legs as Sarah
grunted and arched her back so that Amy's head seemed to disappear into her

"How many do you want?" Libby whispered into her ear.

"As many as will fit." Sarah breathed. Anne couldn't take any more. She
pulled her bikini bottom to one side and slid a finger into her pussy with
a loud moan.

"You naughty little slut Anne." Amy said removing her face from between
Sarah's breasts.

"Not inviting one of us to join you." And with that she left Sarah and Libby
and came back to stand in front of Anne who by now had two fingers inside her

"Show me your tits." Anne ordered. Amy ripped off her top and her small and
perky breasts bounced in the sunlight.

"Very cute." Anne said adding a third finger.

"Lance loves them." Amy said putting her hands on her hips. "He just loves
jacking off over them."

"Please!" Anne said.

"My brother... Remember?"

"Well it's the truth." Amy said.

"I'm sure Billy has given those beauties of yours a good once over before?"

"Oh yes." Anne said with a smile. "But he likes a good blowjob better."

"I bet." Amy said.

"Those lips of yours must feel like heaven on a cock. Do you swallow?"

"Every time." Anne said as her fingers started to move faster in her cunt.

"It's the best way to start a day." Amy laughed and then moaned as a pair of
hands reached around her from behind and cupped her breasts, pinching the
nipples hard.

"God I miss the taste of a hot load." Libby said, walking over to sit in
front of Anne as Sarah continued rubbing and pinching Amy's nipples. "I don't
get nearly enough. The last load I had was three weeks ago when I sucked off
a guy who was fired from the paper as a going away gift."

"You whore." Sarah said before kissing Amy on the neck.

"Guilty." Libby said before turning to Anne.

"I've always wanted to do this." She said as she moved up to between Anne's
legs which spread as she approached. Libby pulled Anne's hand gently out of
her pussy and bent low to softly lick at it.

"Oh god!!!" Anne gasped as Libby's soft tongue lapped at her very wet pussy.

"Lick that cunt Lib." Sarah said as she watched Libby's tight butt bob up and
down as she licked Anne out. Anne reached behind her back and undid the top
of her bikini and threw it aside. "Harder!!!" She cried as she ran her
fingers through Libby's hair. Libby obeyed and soon felt hands on her butt.

"I've gotta have some of this." She heard Amy say as she pulled her bikini
bottom down and ran a finger down the crack of her arse.

"I'll be back in a sec." Sarah said moving to the back door of the house. But
none of the other three were listening. Anne was moaning loudly as Libby was
licking her pussy and Amy had now sat on the ground and was fingering Libby's
pussy from behind.

"More!!!" Libby said through a mouthful of Anne's teenage pussy. Amy added
two more fingers to the two already inside Libby's cunt and began to thrust
them in and out fast. "More!!!"

"I can't do more!" Amy said.

"Use your fist!!!" Libby said raising her head for a second. "Just ball your
fist and ram it in there!" Amy hesitated for a moment. "DO IT BITCH!!!" Libby

Amy pulled her hand out of Libby's pussy, balled it into a fist and placed
it at the opening of her cunt.

"FIST ME SLUT!!!" Libby screamed. Amy sank the fist deep into Libby's pussy.
"Ahhhh!!!" Libby grunted.

"Like it huh?" Anne said as Libby's whole body shooke with the force of Amy's

"Now finish me off." Libby bent down and started lapping at her pussy again.

"That's it!" Anne cried out as Libby slurped and licked.

"I'm cuming!!! I'm cuming!!! Ahh!!!" Her body bucked as she hit climax. At
almost the same time, Libby went over the edge. She lifted her head and cried
out as her pussy constricted around Amy's fist.

"FUCK!!!" She screamed. Amy pulled her fist out with a loutd, wet pop as
Libby fell to the ground, rolled over and plunged her own fist into her

"My turn." Amy said standing up and ripping off her bikini bottom. She moved
up to stand over Libby's face, spread her long legs and sat down on her face
with a moan.

"Lick me Lib."

Libby hungrily licked at Amy's pussy as she moaned loudly and pinched her

"Make her scream Lib!" Anne said as Amy neared her orgasm. Amy shrieked and
wailed as she went over the edge.

"FUCK!!! OH FUCKING GOD!!!" She yelled. She finally fell off Libby's face and
lay on one of the other deckchairs.

"My turn now." Libby said standing up and stripping. Her huge breasts were
topped by large red nipples and her pussy was clean shaven and gaping from
the fisting it had already had.

"Who wants some?" She asked looking at the two teens.

"I'll give it to you Lib." Came a voice from the back door. Sarah was back.
She was holding a large box in her hands and she too had stripped. But she
was wearing something else. A harness that was holding a massive twelve-inch
black dildo between her legs. "Want to fuck this?" She asked putting the box
on the ground and holding the dildo as if she was wanking it.

"I want to suck it first." Libby said getting to her knees in front of Sarah
and shoving as much of the black rubber into her mouth as she could.

"That's it bitch!" Sarah shouted pulling on Libby's hair hard as she gagged
on the cock. "Let me hear you choke."

Anne and Amy watched on as Sarah held Libby's beautiful face in her hands and
began thrusting the dildo harder into her mouth. Libby gagged and choked but
kept up the pace as Sarah shouted.

"That's it whore!!! Take that cock!!! Make me cum bitch!!!" She then moved
her right hand from Libby's head and grabbed a small control on the base of
the dildo.

"Ready for it slut!!!" She asked. All Libby could do was to nod due to the
seven or eight inches of rubber cock down her throat. Sarah pressed the
button on the base of the dildo.

Libby choked harder then ever and pulled the dildo out of her mouth as a
thick stream of some kind of liquid shot out of the end. It coated her face
and ran down her neck and over her large breasts.

"Good girl." Sarah said giving the dildo a shake to get the last of the fake
cum off the tip. "Now. Why don't you go over there and give Amy a good seeing
too while Anne and I have some fun?" Libby shot over to Amy and began licking
her pussy again as Anne stood up and walked over to Sarah.

"Want me to suck on it?" Anne asked.

"No." Sarah said before kissing Anne and then turning her around. "Put your
hands on your knees and bend over with your legs spread." Anne did as she was
told and Sarah placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance to her arse.

"Oh yes!" Anne gasped as Sarah slid the dildo into her butt. "Fuck my ass!!!"

Sarah pumped as much of the dildo in and out of Anne's arse as she could
until Anne fell to the ground unable to stand on her feet any more.

"I'm not done with you slut!" Sarah said going over and laying on the
deckchair that Anne had been sitting on.

"Come and fuck me like I was a man." Anne rocketed over to her, spread her
legs and sank down onto the rubber cock.

"Oh fuck yes!!!" She screamed as she bounced up and down on the cock while
Sarah egged her on.

"Fuck me like you mean it Anne!!!"

Meanwhile, Amy had cum again under Libby's assault. Amy watched as Anne
pulled her nipples hard while fucking Sarah harder then she thought possible.
Her eyes then fell to the box that Sarah had brought out with her. She pulled
it over to her and saw that it had a selection of vibrators and dildos that
was every girls dream come true. She picked out a small red vibrator and
clicked it on at the highest setting. Libby lifted up her head at the sound
and grinned.

"For me?" She asked. With answering Amy stood up and Libby took her place
on the deckchair. Amy sat between her spread legs and started to pump the
vibrator in and out of her dripping pussy while Libby moaned and bucked her
hips in time.

"Can you pass me the blue one?" Sarah asked while Anne came for what was at
least the sixth time. Amy reached over to the box and pulled out the large
blue dildo and tossed it to her. Sarah caught it and then proceeded to shove
as much of it as she could down her own throat until she gagged hard. She
started to fuck her own face as Anne shrieked and cried out in pleasure.

slowly, taking the whole length inside her teenage cunt before hitting the
button at the base and sending another jet of fake cum into her pussy. At
last, she fell off the dildo as a stream of fake and real cum ran out of her

Sarah pulled the blue dildo out of her mouth and handed it to Anne. "Fuck
me." She said before standing and pulling off the harness and laying back
down with her long, tanned legs spread as wide as they would go. Anne
plunged the dildo deep inside Sarah and began fucking her hard and fast
until she was yelling louder then Anne ever had. Libby meanwhile was
getting the fuck of her life from Amy. She had dropped the vibrator and
was now fisting her again. This time she had both hands inside her gaping

Both Sarah and Libby came at the same time. Shouting and thrashing their
bodies. The four then swapped places again and again until they were all

After that. The four neighbours met once a week for a pool party. But for
some reason they never got into the pool...



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