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This isn't really a follow up to my other Neighbours story, but just came
up with an idea and thought I'd go with it. My first story, Sex Ed at
Erinsborough High, had Libby fuck Taj, and then, a few months later, the
teacher and student slept together on the show, Coincidence? Yes, but I
might as well try and make this story as sordid as possible to see if they
copy this one next.

Neighbours: The Skye At Night (mf, Mf, inc, oral, anal)
by Sputnik

Ramsey Street was silent. It was just past midnight on a Wednesday, hardly
likely to be the most thriving time, but even for this quite cul-de-sac it
was dead. All the residents were tucked up in bed, and the only sound was of
the neighbourhood dogs barking.

At the Hoyland house, everyone was in their rooms. Summer was long since
asleep, and Izzy had stormed off to bed over some argument with Max. Max,
meanwhile, was in bed with girlfriend Steph Scully. Just like his Dad, Boyd
had his girlfriend Skye in there with him, but if anyone found out he would
be in big trouble. At only 16, Max was unlikely to react well to Boyd's
antics, which was why Boyd had left his window open for Skye to climb through
when everyone had retired for the night.

While everyone was in bed, that's not to say everyone was asleep. Boyd and
Skye were rolling around on his bed, kissing and caressing each other. They
had had sex a few times, and tonight they planned to add to that number.
Neither had had much experience prior to their relationship, but now they
had found each other, they were making up for lost time. Unbeknownst to Boyd,
Max and Steph were also still awake, and doing much the same thing, although
they had moved on a few steps, and by this time Max had his head buried in
Steph's lap.

Steph was trying to keep her vocal encouragement down to a minimum, knowing
full well how thin the walls could be in a full house. Max lapped away at
her clit as Steph ground her hips into his face, covering them in her juices.
Regardless of her efforts, Steph couldn't keep totally silent, and in a
hushed voice said: `That's it Max, yeah, right there, oh fuck.' As Steph
lost herself more and more, her voice rose, as did her movements on the bed
causing it to creak. The increased volume had not gone unnoticed.

As their rooms were next door to each other, Boyd could hear full well what
was happening in his Dad's room, and although he knew one of the people in
there was his Dad, he also knew one of them was Steph, the girl he had once
been caught spying at through her bathroom window, and had attempted to
repeat the event numerous times since she had moved in. He would sneak into
his Dad's room when no one was around and rummage through Steph's drawers.
Boyd would give anything to be where his Dad was at that point.

Boyd's reaction had not escaped Skye's attention. As they rolled around, Skye
could feel Boyd's hard dick sticking into her thigh through his thin pyjamas,
but assumed his reaction was solely due to her presence. Skye snaked her hand
down Boyd's body and under the waistband of his trousers, gripping his full
six inches in her grasp.

`Now, what's this?' said Skye with a sly smile on her face, `What do you
expect me to do about this little fella?'


`Big fella, Boydy, big, big, fella.' Skye lent in a kissed Boyd again,
rolling over on top of him, straddling his thighs. Boyd put a hand on her
shoulder, lowering her down.

`Oh, so that's what you want, is it?' she said as she took hold of his
trousers at each hip and began to peel them down his legs. Pausing just
before exposing his twitching cock, she looked back up the bed at Boyd.
`Are you sure you want me to do this? You're sure you don't want to do
something else instead? Like play cricket, or skateboard, or something?'

`Just do it, Skye.'

`Yessir.' Skye yanked down his pyjamas to his knees, letting Boyd's dick to
spring free, rising to within a couple of inches of Skye's face, who locked
her eyes with Boyd's, and extended her tongue to flick the underside of his
prick. Whenever they had fooled around, Skye had greatly enjoyed teasing Boyd
for all his worth, being fully aware of what he wanted her to do. As the tip
of her tongue made first contact, she snapped it back into her mouth and
brought her head back a few inches. Pretending to be tentative about the
whole thing, Skye repeated the process, leaning her head down, gradually
extending her tongue and barely touching Boyd's dick before recoiling. Boyd
raised his hips to try and chase Skye's mouth with his cock, but in vane. A
third time Skye repeated the process, but this time Boyd was prepared for
her games, and placed both his hands on her head, stopping her from sitting
back up. He didn't do this violently, but merely hard enough to tell her to
stop teasing. Skye knew this, and didn't want to piss him off. After all, she
wanted to get her fair share when he was done.

With Boyd's hands on the back of her head, Skye opened her lips and sunk her
mouth around the top three inches of her boyfriend's hard dick, using her
tongue to caress the underside of his helmet while her thick, pouting lips
worked the shaft. Boyd tensed his whole body at the sudden attention his dick
was receiving. He lent his head back on his pillow, and above Skye's slurping
sounds he could still make out Steph's groans in the next room. With his eyes
closed, he imagined it was Steph going down on him and not Skye. He could
just picture Steph's face looking back up at him, her hands rubbing his balls
while her mouth swallowed his dick.

Skye had got used to the feeling of Boyd in her mouth, and had gradually
increased the length she was accepting into her mouth, making her way down so
only the bottom inch of Boyd's dick wasn't receiving any attention. Skye rose
her head back up, keeping his cock in her mouth all the time. Once she had
raised so that only the tip of Boyd's dick was in her mouth, she sunk swiftly
all the way down his shaft, her nose nestling in his fair pubic hair. Boyd
could feel the tip of his cock at the back of Skye's mouth, and with Steph
still in his mind, without warning Boyd began to spurt into Skye's throat.

Skye had expected Boyd to last a while longer, and was caught completely off
guard by his sudden explosion. Coughing and spluttering, Skye removed her
mouth from around Boyd's dick as whatever spunk she hadn't inadvertently
swallowed spilled from her mouth. She caught some with her fingers while the
rest hung from her mouth.

`Boyd, you jerk, you could have told me you were going to cum in my mouth.
I nearly choked!'

`Skye, keep your voice down. Dad's in the next room.'

`Oh, grow up Boyd. He knows what we get up to in here.' Skye scooped the
sperm from her chin up with her index finger and brought it up to her mouth.

`But if he heard you in here at this time of night he'd throw a mental.'

`Ah, whatever, Boyd.' Skye got up off the bed, and taking the hem of her long
purple patterned dress in her hands, brought it up past her waist, exposing
her black silk panties.

`I think it might be best if you went, Skye.'

`What? So you get blown, and I get nothing? Jees, Boyd. You know what, fine.
I'll go.' Skye turned for the door, her dress still up around her waist,
displaying her round butt cheeks to Boyd, who hadn't realised her panties
were a thong.

`Well, if you're going out that way, just make sure you don't slam the door.'
Skye readjusted her dress, and with a look of total frustration softly closed
Boyd's bedroom door behind her. As she walked past Max's door, she could
definitely hear him and Steph going at it, and wondered how much more the bed
frame could take. As Skye reached the front door, her frustration got the
better of her, and after carefully unlocking the thick wooden door, slammed
it shut behind her, making everyone in the house sit up and take notice.

Skye walked quickly across the street to her house, where she lives withy her
grandfather Harold, who was recovering from a stroke, her uncle, her aunt and
cousin Serena. She looked at her watch, and realised it was nearly quarter to
one. She entered her house with far more care than she had left Boyd's.
Although it was late, she needed a shower. Messing around with Boyd had
worked her up, and se could still taste the remnants of his jizz in her mouth
and sticking to her skin.

She walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind. She didn't lock it,
as the lock often stuck, meaning you had to thump it really hard to unlock
again, and she didn't want to wake up the rest of her family. She kicked off
her shoes and peeled off her blue cardigan, dropping it to the floor. Next,
she slid the strap of her dress from her right shoulder, and then did the
same with the left. The dress glided down her curvy body, joining the
cardigan on the floor. Skye stood in the bathroom, lit only by the moonlight
coming through the window. She reached up above the mirror and switched on
the shaving light, not wanting to turn on the big light that would turn on
the extractor fan, making yet more noise.

The subdued light showed Skye in the mirror, her large 36C breasts spilling
over the top of her black silk bra. Her long black hair slid down onto her
shoulders as she took her hair clips out. Skye idly ran her hand around her
smooth, tanned stomach. Taking the waist of her black thong, she pulled the
waistband up over her hips, pulling the thong further up her crack. Skye
posed in the mirror for a few minutes, admiring her curvaceous frame, running
her hands down to cup her breasts, then turning and admiring her backside in
the reflection. Her time with Boyd had left her aroused, and wondering how he
could turn her down. She was proud of her still developing body, and rightly
so. Turning back to face the mirror, she caught a reflection out of the
corner of her eye.

`GRAMPA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!' Skye swivelled around to see Harold standing
in the doorway; his pyjamas open at the fly, his hard cock hanging out and
his left hand stroking it in full view of his granddaughter.

`Grampa, stop doing that!' Harold had been noticeably strange since his
stroke, not at all behaving in his normal way. Skye had never even thought
of him being in any way sexual, ever. Harold remained silent, simply standing
there, his eyes fixed on Skye's body as he stroked his dick.

`Grampa, I know you haven't been yourself lately, so let's just forget about
this. Go on, go back to bed.' Skye walked towards the door, and attempted to
close it, shutting Harold outside. As she did so, Harold extended his hand
and cupped her face. Skye looked up into her grampa's eyes, and was filled
with great sorrow and pity. She rose her hand to her cheek, holding Harold's.
After standing still for a few moments, Harold walked forwards, making Skye
move back into the bathroom. Skye wasn't sure what was going on, but found
herself closing the door behind her grampa.

Harold stood in the middle of the bathroom, his dick still sticking out of
the hole in his trousers. Skye took a couple of steps towards him. She felt
deeply sorry for him; Harold was always so giving, and Skye was only one of
many kids he had taken in to his house to live, and he was greatly involved
with the local community. His changed attitude since his stroke was one
mainly of anger over the situation, but he had remained calm with Skye. Skye
found herself comfortable with herself standing in front of Harold in her
underwear. She felt a need to help him, in any way possible. To give
something back.

Harold reached his hand out and cupped Skye's right breast through her bra,
pushing it up, increasing her already ample cleavage. Skye didn't step back
or shudder, but kept looking at her grampa as he softly caressed her tit. In
a circular motion, he rubbed her nipple through the silk. Harold was somewhat
taken aback as Skye's nipple became erect after a few seconds of contact. He
looked into her face, as she shrugged and bit her lip in a smile. Reaching
around behind her, Skye unclasped her bra, and taking one strap in her hand,
pulled the entire bra off, exposing to Harold his granddaughter's huge, firm
breasts, each soft orb tipped with a dark, hard nipple.

Harold brought both hands up this time, each attracted to Skye's chest as
he began pawing at her huge tits. After a minute of two, with Harold still
stroking her breasts, Skye reached forward with her right hand. Harold's
dick was still poking through his fly and was twitching with excitement.
Skye gently wrapped her hand around his shaft, and slowly began to wank the
old man off as he groped her tits. Harold shivered at Skye's touch. It had
been a long time since he had felt a woman's touch.

The pair stood there in the bathroom for a few minutes, mutually pleasuring
each other, although Skye knew the whole thing was for Harold's good. Keeping
her right hand on his erection, Skye pushed him gently backwards with her
left until he came to the toilet, where she guided him down to sit. Skye took
a few steps back, and stood before Harold dressed only in her silk thong.
Skye turned her back, and bent forward at the waist, jutting her arse out.
She ran her hands up the back of her long, smooth thighs before running her
fingers in her crotch. She could see, between her legs, Harold had resumed
stroking his dick. After giving him a view of her round arse, Skye took hold
of her panties, and peeled them down her legs, exposing her neatly shaved
pussy and tight anus to Harold for the first time. Skye was still worked up
from her session with Boyd, and had remained distinctly moist throughout the
encounter. In the dull light, Harold could notice her puffed up lips

Skye turned back to face her grampa, and walk towards him. She took his hand
away from his cock and, looking down into his eyes, straddled Harold's legs,
her cunt a few inches from Harold's face, he could breathe in her scent. Skye
slowly sank down, reaching down to take hold of his dick again and guided her
pussy down, pausing as his head reached her opening. After readjusting her
position, Skye's tight twat slide down Harold's hard dick. Both of them
gasped in unison at the incredible feeling.

Skye sat for a few seconds, getting used to the feeling of having her
grampa's dick inside her. Harold had his eyes clasped shut, an intense
expression etched over his face; he couldn't believe the feeling of his
16-year-old granddaughter around his dick. As she had eased herself
smoothly onto him, Harold realised that Skye had had sex before, and
they way she had taken control of the situation made him wonder exactly
how experienced she really was. Skye was still getting used to the
feeling of the dick she was sitting on; although she had had sex with
Boyd a few times, it was mostly limited to straight missionary, but
Harold felt far deeper inside her than Boyd had ever reached.

As she got accustomed to the intrusion, Skye gently began to roll her hips
on Harold's thighs, slowly at first, but gradually increased her movements
and speed. Harold could feel the slick juices and the warmth of Skye's
insides as her cunt lips gripped a hold of his rock hard dick.

Skye brought her hands up, pushing her breasts together. As her gyrations
sped up, the rubbing of her breasts and the tweaking of her nipples followed
suit, becoming more and more animated. Skye pushed her tits forward, forcing
them into Harold's face, who buried himself in her soft teenage baps, sucking
on her hard, aroused nipples. Skye rolled her head back, lost in the feelings
her body was experiencing. She had never felt so alive.

`Aaah...ugh...' Skye felt totally in control, something Boyd had very rarely
let her do, and it only added to the excitement and sensations. `Suck my fat
tits, Grampa. God, this feels so good.'

Harold's initial enthusiasm had then turned to a more tentative outlook, but
the encouragement, not only verbally, but physically, that Skye was giving
him was spurring him on. Skye's entire body weight was resting on his dick
as she leaned forward, presenting him with her breasts. As her hands were
supporting her tits, Harold's were free to roam over the soft, supple skin
of the schoolgirl. They came to rest on her arse, helping to guide her
movements. With a hand on each buttock, he pulled and groped her arse,
stretching her crack, sending further waves through her loins. With his
right hand, Harold reached further around, so that his fingers were actually
resting between her round butt cheeks, while his left was brought around to
her cunt, where, using her juices as a lube, began running his thumb over
her clit. On first contact Skye shuddered which Harold could feel as her
cunt clenched around him. Her mouth fell open, gasping for air.

`Oh, my God, Grampa, I think I'm going to cum. Oh, shit.'

Skye's movements became more and more erratic as her climax approached, she
was completely lost to her surroundings, all she could feel was the tension
in her body mounting. Sweat begun to run down her forehead, her face

Harold though, was still far from orgasm, meaning her could concentrate fully
on what his body was doing. As Skye ground herself onto his dick and his left
hand, Harold's right hand was still full of Skye's arse cheek. He probed her
arse crack with his index finger, until he found her puckered opening,
clenched tight. With his finger poised at her starfish, Harold could feel it
slightly opening and closing as she clenched her cunt, and suddenly thrust
his index finger an inch into the young girl's rectum.

`AAH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!' Skye had never experimented with anything anal, but
the added sensation of the feeling of something in her arse, along with the
assault on her clit and the dick filling her cunt was becoming too much. She
had forgotten there were other people asleep in the house who might wake up
at any moment, and she didn't care.

voiced trailed off as he body was seized with the most intense, electric,
orgasmic rush she had ever felt. For a minute her body was taught, completely
tensed, and then, suddenly, she went limp and collapsed forward, her dead
weight lying on Harold's still hard dick. Her body was totally numb.

After a few more moments, Harold reminded her of his presence inside her by
thrusting up into her now sodden twat. Skye had almost passed out in the
euphoria, and needed his movement to revive her from her daze. She placed
her hands on either side of Harold's face and pulled him in to a long,
passionate, fluid-swapping kiss. As she pulled away, Skye bit lightly on
Harold's lower lip, and then prized herself up, extricating Harold's dick
from her cunt and finger from deep inside her bowels. Skye was shaky on her
feet, still recovering from the earth-shattering orgasm she had sustained,
and walked across the bathroom until she placed her hands on the sink, again
jutting her arse out at an angle. Harold remained seated on the toilet seat.

Looking back over her shoulder, Skye reached back and, after rubbing her cunt
lips, coating her fingers in her own juices, she grabbed a hold of her arse,
pulling her soft, round cheeks apart to expose her previously violated
sphincter to her Grampa. Skye began lubing up her own back passage, initially
running her fingers around her puckered ring before sliding first one, and
then two fingers into her arse. Starting slowly, Skye built up the pace as
her arsehole relaxed. Enjoying the magnified intrusion, Skye sank her head
between her shoulders, again lost in herself.

Feeling an alien hand on her backside, Skye glanced around; Harold had
followed her hints, and was now stood, cock in one hand, his granddaughter's
arse in the other. Skye removed her fingers from her butt, and braced herself
again on the sink, seductively waggling her rear back at her incestuous
lover. Her brief experiences of anal sex had left her wanting more.

Skye had certainly done a good job of warming her most intimate orifice up;
Harold guided his cock to Skye's rapidly shrinking starfish, meeting
resistance as his cockhead nuzzled her sphincter. Simultaneously, Skye pushed
backwards and meet Harold's forward advance, resulting in the first inch and
a half of his dick disappearing into the young girl's bowels. Skye winced at
the invasion, and bit her lip to stop her from shouting out from the
discomfort, but as when the dick was in her cunt, she grew accustomed to her
Grampa's meat in her rectum. Harold though, had stopped pushing forward,
introducing his granddaughter gently to the world of butt love.

Skye began to rock back against the violation, and again, Harold took Skye's
hints and gradually slid the rest of his cock past her ring, filling her arse
almost beyond its capacity. Skye became more and more used to the feeling,
and the original discomfort was replaced with an intense pleasure. She had
never felt so full.

The pair grew into their roles as vigorous arse fuckers, and after a few
minutes, Harold, how had almost been driven to the brink by Skye's cunt a
while earlier, was quickening his pace on her butt. His orgasm almost took
himself by surprise as he hastily pulled his dick from his granddaughter's
bowels and began spurting over her arse, sending his initial streams of
spunk over the soft rear, before turning her around by the shoulder,
dropping the girl to her knees and concluding his eruption across Skye's
huge breasts.

Harold staggered back, his legs turning to jelly as Skye slouched herself
under the sink, her Grampa's spunk dripping from her hard nipples. Skye had
set out to do something for Harold, to reward him for all the kindness he
had bestowed on her, but as she sat, propping herself up against the wall,
she realised that after tonight, she owed him even more.

The End


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