Neighbours (FF)
Mr. Hyde ([email protected])

Libby walked into the practice wearing a yellow top and tight blue jeans. She
approached Dee at the reception desk.

"Oh hi Lib! What's up?" Dee asked.

"I just feel really sick." Libby replied glumly.

"Oh really!" Dee voiced her genuine concern. "Well, your dad's out so why
don't you come this way and I'll see if I can help." Libby thanked Dee as she
ushered her into a room and told her to sit on a bed.

"Now just take your top off so I can feel your heart beat." Dee said casually
as she locked the door and fished around for a stethoscope. Libby obediently
peeled off her yellow t-shirt revealing a pink lacy bra and waited. After an
awkward silence in which Dee stared at Libby's ample breasts and then into
her confused eyes Dee said, "Well, aren't you taking off your bra?"

"But, your just checking my heart beat." Libby replied slightly shocked at
the proposal.

Dee quickly muttered something about standard procedure and before Libby had
time to argue she began unclipping her bra at the back. After slipping it off
to reveal Libby's glorious tits she said, "There now isn't that better?"

"I feel kind of cold." was Libby's feeble reply.

Dee laughed. "So I can see. One of those nipples could take an eye out!"
Libby had to chuckle at this and without the restraint of her bra her large
tits jiggled. Realizing Dee was staring at her breasts open-mouthed Libby
quickly stopped herself, puzzled by the way her friend was acting. Dee
pressed the cold metal of the stethoscope on Libby's naked chest and a
shudder ran through her body. "Hmmm..." said Dee in a very expert and
learned way (the most important thing one learns in medical school, or so
I'm told). Dee then took the stethoscope out of her ears and suddenly grabbed
Libby's perfect boobs in both hands and began shaking them, vigorously at
first then slower with a great deal of squeezing.

"Now what's this supposed to do?!" gasped Libby, feeling quite shocked but

Dee didn't answer. Instead she just did another one of her "Hmmms". She
then shuffled closer to Libby and put a hand on her forehead standing so
close that Libby could feel Dee's enormous tits pressed hard against her
own naked chest. Libby strained to contain the curious sensation she was
feeling. Dee's hard nipples poked into her soft skin and she could feel
the blonde bombshell's tightly-packed tits struggling to be released from
the confines of the restrictive nurse's uniform. Libby's attempt to remain
composed amongst such stimulation proved futile as Dee could feel the
brown-eyed vixen's heavy breathing on her neck and as Libby closed her eyes
and raised her eyebrows Dee could even hear a slight moan of anticipation.
The scrumptious nurse now knew she had conquered the mindblowingly-beautiful
Kennedy girl's inhibitions and stood back and grinned as Libby smiled back
affectionately. Her sneaky tactics had paid off and they had a silent

"I just need to check your temperature." Dee said and Libby unquestioningly
opened her willing mouth, planning to arouse Dee by sucking sensually on the
thermometer. Just as Dee was leaving the room to get a thermometer she turned
and said "Oh, no. I'm sorry but it will have to be...anal."

"Oh yeah, of course!" giggled Libby, no longer trying to conceal her
excitement. Getting off the bed, she quickly slid off her shoes, tight blue
jeans and lacy knickers. Dee returned with a huge dildo, a tub of lubricant
and her buttons undone to reveal her glorious naked tits. Libby stood agog.
Dee walked to Libby and they began to kiss passionately as the brunette
beauty felt her foxy nurses great tits. Dee held Libby's hair back and moaned
as the gorgeous auburn-haired babe began sucking her swollen nipples. Libby
then went down on her knees and after slowly sliding Dee's black knickers
down her fabulous legs she began nibbling on her pussy, probing her sweet
orifice with her tongue. Libby devoured this sweet fruit until Dee cried with
joy and as her legs shook vigorously her juices came pouring into Libby's
hungry mouth and down her throat.

Libby stood up wiping her chin. "Now." said a very flushed Dee picking the
dildo and lubricant up from the floor. "Time to check your temperature."
Libby lay her chest on the bed and spread her legs, but before Dee slid in
the lubricated dildo she leant over and slid the end of her tongue into
Libby's anus. She wiggled it inside sending Libby into raptures. She pressed
the tip of the dildo lightly into her anus and then, in one sudden gesture,
she rammed the huge phallus deep into Libby's beautiful ass! Libby cried
with extreme pleasure as her glorious cheeks shook under the force of the
intrusion and she clenched her teeth as the dildo reached deep into her,
retracted, and then returned for a second assault. Sure, she'd let Drew fuck
her in the ass before, but she hadn't felt the touch of a man since his death
and with the deep penetration Dee was managing to achieve with the thick 10
inch phallus Libby almost worried the dildo would poke it's head out of her
belly-button. The buxom nurse began to sweat from the exertion as she moved
her arm in a fast piston-like action. Dee continued to pound Libby's
delectable ass, grunting like a miner hard at work, whilst Libby moaned in
sheer delight. Dee began finger-fucking Libby's wet snatch and her warm
sticky juices began dribbling through her fingers and onto the floor...


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