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Neighbours: Part 1 - Toilet Torture Time For Good Neighbours
by David Williams ([email protected]) (M/FF,f-dom,inc,food,ws,scat)

Drew left his house to walk round to Libby's it was mid afternoon and Drew
knew that all of the other Kennedy's were out so he and Libby had the house
all to themselves. Drew on his way round saw Felicity and Michelle walking
from their house and asked them where they were going they said, "We're going
to Paul and Tad's to watch a video."

Drew knocked on the Kennedy's front door and then proceeded to walk on in.
Libby was all ready for him she was lay on the couch wearing a nurse's
uniform. Drew had always fantasised about Libby wearing a nurse's uniform but
had never had the guts to tell her but it seemed now as if his secret was

Libby said, "I found out just yesterday about your nurse fantasy Drew. Steph
told me all about it."

Drew thought to himself that he should have never told Steph about his
fantasy as it was always a possibility that she would tell Lib. Over the last
few months Lib and Steph had become really good mates and often played poker
together this was another of Drew's fantasies playing strip poker with both
Libby and Steph.

Libby got up from the couch and walked over to the fridge out of it she
pulled a can of spray cream and some strawberries. She walked over to Drew
with this took his hand and led him into her bedroom she told Drew to get
ready as she went to the bathroom to get ready.

Two minutes later she walked into the bedroom closed the door and began to
strip for Drew. Libby had almost finished her strip and she was down to her
underwear but unlike her normal underwear she was wearing black lace
stockings with both black lace bra and knickers. This turned Drew on even
more and just couldn't wait for the real fun and games to begin. Libby undid
the bra and slowly slipped it down over her tits her tits stood upright and
so did her now red nipples.

Then off came the stockings and then she walked over to Drew in the bed and
climbed in. She then slid her knickers down and told Drew to take his boxers
off Libby then grabbed the spray cream from the side of her bed and sprayed
two globs of it on each nipple and then spray a huge glob of it in her cunt
and in it she placed a strawberry. She let Drew lick the cream off her
nipples but then told him that to avoid a special surprise he had to lick
the cream and take the strawberry out of her clit in just two minutes. Drew
then dove his head between Libby's thighs which she then locked round his
neck to stop him escaping. Libby knew that Drew wouldn't be able to do the
task in two minutes which she had planned so that Drew would get his special

After the two minutes were up Drew's head was still buried in Libby's twat so
Libby rang the bell for Drew's special surprise. Drew was then told to remove
his head from Libby's twat to see his special surprise. Drew had thought that
all the Kennedy's were out that afternoon but into the room walked Mrs.
Kennedy wearing also a nurse's uniform. Drew couldn't believe it he had
always wanted to give Susan a good seeing to but had never believed it would

Susan beckoned the naked Libby over to her from the bed and Libby obliged
when Libby had reached her mother Susan said, "Now we will show Drew how to
get that strawberry out."

Libby then said, "Are you watching carefully now Drew because you will get
the chance to try again later."

Libby then sat on the chair in the corner of her room whilst her mother knelt
at the entrance to her daughter's twat and started licking up and down the
thighs of her gorgeous daughter until she started making Libby come. As Libby
started to come Susan stuck her tongue up Libby's twat to get at the juicy
strawberry and cream. Whilst her mother was doing this, Libby grabbed her
mother's hair and started pushing her mothers face further into the cream
round her pussy so her tongue went further up Libby's pussy. Drew who was
watching this got hotter and eventually blew his load.

In the bed Libby noticed this and released her mother's head from her hold.
Susan then came up with the strawberry in her mouth with the juices from her
daughter dripping off it. She then said, "I hope you were watc hing carefully
Drew it will be your turn next."

Libby then helped her mother strip out her tight nurse's uniform and when she
was completely naked both of them walked towards the hot Drew. Drew noticed
Susan's twat was wet and that her public hair was well trimmed just like her
daughter's and that her tits were small but firm. He liked this about his
future mother-in-law. Both women then climbed into the bed one either side of
Drew and started stroking his body until Drew laid down and let both women
get on top of him for a threesome.

Libby knelt with Drew's dick at the entrance to her now wet pussy so Susan
sat on Drew's chest with her clit near Drew's face. Susan then grabbed the
spray cream and sprayed cream all the way round her moist pussy she then
inserted a strawberry in her twat and sprayed more cream on top of it. She
then grabbed Drew's head and plunged it between her legs and told Drew to
start licking.

While Libby was shagging Drew she told him that he had until the time she
would have her next orgasm to remove the strawberry from her mother's twat
if he failed he would get punished. Drew wondered for a moment what this
meant but carried on with the job in hand suddenly Libby climaxed and Drew
could feel his firm dick inside Libby's tight cunt getting wetter and wetter.

Libby then pulled out and said to her mother, "Has he done the task set him?"

Susan replied, "No his head is still buried in my twat." She then released
Drew's head and Drew came up with no strawberry in his mouth.

Libby then said to Drew, "I am sorry darling you have failed in the task set
you must now be punished, but first we must remove that strawberry."

Both Libby and her mother dismounted Drew and went back across to the chair
in the corner this time. Susan sat on the chair and spread her legs for
Libby's head to go up between them. Libby inserted her head into her mothers
twat and Drew could see the cream around Susan's twat squelch out as Libby
pushed her head further up Susan's cunt to retrieve the lost strawberry.

Within minutes of this Libby removed her head with the strawberry between
her juicy lips the strawberry was covered in her mother's juices and Libby
offered the strawberry to her mother to eat. After Susan had eaten the
strawberry both women told Drew it was time for his punishment. Drew was
removed from the bed and was marched to where the Kennedy's spare room was

The door Drew knew was always locked and had only ever seen one person
staying in there who was Anne, but that was ages ago. Drew now wondered what
was in there.

Susan got the key to the door and unlocked it. They then marched Drew in and
Drew was amazed at what he saw. Drew was in a dominatrix's dungeon and it was
filled with all manner of equipment. There was: a cross, a rack, a whipping
bench, a bondage chair and the thing Drew liked the most... it was a toilet

Since Drew had moved to Erinsburgh he had seen a dominatrix every Thursday
and had learnt an awful lot about it, but since he had been seeing Libby this
appointment had stopped. Libby then saw Drew eyeing the toilet torture and
quickly whispered something to her mother. Then both women grabbed the
helpless man and walked him over to the toilet torture. Next to the toilet
there was a table and three chairs. The girls sat Drew on one of them and
then proceeded to tie him to it. They then sat at the table and rung a bell.

Through the door came Steph wearing a leather suit which was tight to her
skin. She was carrying a tray of food. She placed the food on the table.
There were all manner of things. There was a curry, several jugs of water,
baked beans and other items that would make you want to shit and piss.

Libby then said to Drew, "These items are to make sure you get a good golden
and brown shower," and so both she and Susan began to eat and drink until all
the food and drink were gone. They then untied Drew from the chair and walked
him over to the toilet torture. They inserted his head into the hole at the
bottom and then Drew's head was in the bowl. Then one of the two women began
to sit on the seat.

First up to give Drew a golden or brown shower was Susan she placed her
cute little ass on the seat and waited for the time to come. Drew didn't
have to wait long a huge gush of urine came from Susan's ass and went into
his gapping mouth. The urine tasted salty but Drew swallowed it anyway.

Then Libby mounted the toilet her cute ass wiggled in the seat whilst she was
trying to get the perfect position for Drew's punishment. She then stopped
and spoke to Drew, "Are you ready my love?"

Drew didn't reply but just watched Libby's ass cheeks waiting for them to
separate. Drew didn't have to wait long for this one either. Libby's ass
cheeks parted and out of them came a huge gush of urine. Most of it went in
Drew's mouth and he tasted it. As it went down it tasted all sugary which
was the taste Drew loved the most. This was his perfect golden shower from
the girl he loved.

After this perfect golden shower Drew was shocked because instead of Susan
taking the seat Libby remained on it Drew realised what was happening. Libby
was going to give him a brown shower. Whenever Libby had given a brown
shower before in bed it was always runny and thick just like diarrhea. Drew
wasn't disappointed at all. Libby's ass cheeks parted and out came a huge
lump of shit. It was thick and runny it squelched down Drew's head and most
of it landed in his mouth for Drew to swallow.

That was then end of the first part of Drew's punishment. For Drew's second
part of punishment, which turned out to be his last for now he was marched
over to three plastic cubicles. In the plastic cubicles were seats and above
each seat was a huge vat of shit and piss. Drew was then told to get in one
of the cubicles and after he had done this both Libby and Susan got in one.

Steph then came back and stood at a podium in front of the three victims and
started to explain the rules. The rules were simple you have three lives and
every time you answer a question incorrectly you will lose a life. When you
have lost all three you will get punished. But also if you answer correctly
you can nominate someone else to lose a life. The winner she said was the one
left clean after the two other contestants have lost all there lives.

Steph then proceeded to ask the questions. The first question went to Susan
it was "What year was the first Olympic games of the 20th Century held?" The
clock then started ticking after five seconds Susan had to give her answer
but she didn't know the answer so she lost a life. Steph then told her the
answer which was 1900.

The next question was for Drew and Steph asked him, "At the outbreak of the
Second World War which combatant European Nation had the greatest number of

As soon as Steph had asked the question Drew knew the answer which was Great
Britain so Drew gave his answer and it was correct he then had the option of
removing one of his competitors lives. He decided to remove one of Susan's
two remaining lives leaving her with just one so she may go early.

Steph then asked Libby a question and it was "Which internationally famous
hotel was opened in London's park lane in 1963?" Libby didn't have a clue but
just guessed at the answer. She guessed the answer of the Savoy which was
wrong. The correct answer was the Hilton, so Libby lost a life.

Tt then came back round to Susan, who had to answer her question correctly
to stay in the game and the question Steph asked her was "In 1939 Italy
invaded and occupied which of it's European neighbours?" Susan quickly
thought of countries on the border of Italy and came up with Austria which
was her answer, but she was then told that her answer was incorrect and that
the correct answer was Albania. Susan knew what this meant she was eliminated
from the game Steph then pulled a lever and Susan's naked body was given a
golden and brown shower at the same time.

The next question was for Drew and Steph asked him "Which American comedian
played the TV character Doctor Cliff Huxtable?" Drew knew this answer
instantly and answered Bill Cosby. It was correct and so Drew nominated Libby
to lose a life.

She now only had one and it was now time for her question which she had to
answer correctly to stay in the game. Steph asked her the question "In 1950
communist Chinese forces invaded and occupied which country?" Libby didn't
have a clue and just quickly answered Hong Kong.

Steph then said to Libby, "Sorry that is the incorrect answer and so you must
lose a life."

Libby knew what this meant she was eliminated and so she would suffer the
same fate as her mother. Steph then pulled the lever and the shit and piss
cascaded all over Libby's naked body. After this both Libby and her mother
had a shower and promised to Drew and Steph that they should do this again
soon and both agreed, but next time Drew would be humiliated even more in
the dungeon on the equipment that they had like; the cross, the rack, the
whipping bench, the bondage chair and the torture wheel as well as the
toilet torture.


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