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Neighbours: Part 2 - A Special Lesson For Tad (m/FF,f-dom,food,ws,scat)
by David Williams ([email protected])

Tad and Susan sat at the Kennedy's dining table doing Tad's homework. It was
English and Tad was doing very well at it since Mrs. Kennedy had been helping
Tad with his homework. It had significantly improved and now Tad was up to
date with his class, even Paul and Simone, who were the real class swats.

Mrs. Kennedy then said to Tad that she was going to get changed. She was
still in the clothes that she had on at school and said to Tad was he all
right if she had left him for a few minutes. Tad said it was okay and so
Mrs. Kennedy left him to get on with his homework.

Whilst Susan had gone, Tad finished his English homework and so before he
got started on his math work he decided to go to the toilet because he
needed a dump. On his way to the toilet he walked past Mrs. Kennedy's room
and saw that she was completely naked. Her cute little ass was looking
straight at him and Tad stood in the doorway thinking of what to do. He had
always fancied Susan and for a while had a major crush on the headmistress
but surely even if he entered into the room she would hear him and tell him
to get out. Tad decided to chance it.

He entered the room as quietly as he could and pulled out his massive 8 inch
cock ready to plunge it into Mrs. Kennedy's gorgeous ass. As Tad got into
position he quickly thought of what the hell he was doing, but then plunged
his cock into his tutors ass. Susan screamed as she felt Tad's manhood
penetrate her ass and squelch the shit that was up there. For a moment she
wanted to tell the young stallion to back off but she liked the feel of Tad's
dick inside her and since she hadn't had a shag for ages she decided to
encourage Tad. She told him to remove his cock and she would let him enter a
different hole on her body. Tad pulled out and Susan turned to face him.

Her small tits stood upright and her nipples were bright red. She then laid
on the bed with her legs spread eagle exposing her tight little pussy. She
told Tad to strip and then get in with her. Susan knew that Carl wouldn't be
home for ages and that the next person home would be Libby, which was what
she wanted. She knew that Libby would join in because she was a sex mad bitch
and would love to take on a sixteen year old. Also Libby had the key to the
special room where Susan would want to take Tad for total humiliation and

Tad finished his strip and started stroking his massive 8 inch cock getting
himself excited and climbed into the bed with Susan. Tad laid next to Susan
and very quickly the two of them started kissing and before Tad knew what was
happening Susan was on top of him forcing her tongue down Tad's throat and
moving her pussy closer to Tad's enormous cock.

As Tad looked up he saw Susan's face coming towards his, Susan had a great
big smile on her face and then said to the teenager, "This is a special
biology lesson for you Tad. I hope you learn a lot from it" with that Susan
went down on Tad and took his dick inside her pussy. She began to shag the
defenceless boy and then wrapped her legs round his to stop him trying to
turn her over and go on top.

Whilst all this was happening, the Kennedy's front door opened. It was Libby
and Susan knew it. She had been waiting for this moment and as she heard
the front door close. She shouted to Libby, "Get the whipped cream and
strawberries out of the fridge Lib and bring them into my bedroom!"

Two minutes later Libby walked into the room with the whipped cream and the
strawberries and what greet her was a sight she loved; a man being dominated
by a women. Libby just couldn't resist the temptation of joining in. She
stripped naked, a sight that Tad had always wanted to see. Libby had enormous
breasts much bigger than her mother's and Tad just wanted to suck on them
like a baby.

Libby walked over to the bed and stood next to it. She put two very large
globs of cream on each nipple she then put a huge amount in her pussy and on
top of it placed a strawberry. On top of the strawberry she put more cream
until the whole of the strawberry had disappeared. Libby then climbed into
the bed and told Tad to remove the cream that was on her nipples.

Tad did so slowly and as he was doing so he sucked Libby's tits to make them
stand firm. At this point Susan had dismounted Tad and was taking pictures of
Tad licking the cream off Libby's pert breasts. After Tad had licked all the
cream off Libby's tits, he was told that he had until the time that either of
the women came to get the strawberry out of Libby's twat. If he failed he
would get punished.

Susan remounted Tad and knelt with his dick at the entrance to her pussy
and started shagging. Libby held Tad's head back a bit and then released.
Tad's head went into Libby's pussy in search of the lost strawberry. Libby
grabbed the teenagers head and pushed it further into the huge amount of
cream around her pussy. Libby then started to come and Tad knew he didn't
have long to retrieve the lost strawberry otherwise he would get punished.
As Libby climaxed so did her mother and both women spilt their load on Tad.
Tad especially enjoyed Libby coming as her juices mixed with the cream andmade a lovely taste in Tad's gapping mouth but Tad then realised that he
would get punished as he had failed to complete the task that had been set

Both women then got off Tad and said that because he had failed in the task
set him he would get punished. Tad knew what this meant. He had heard about
Drew's experience of failing to complete the tasks that they had set him and
was now going to experience them for himself.

Susan then walked over to her chest of draws and pulled out some rope. Susan
and Libby then proceeded to tie Tad to the bed when this was done they left
the room. Just five minutes later the two goddesses walked back into the room
each wearing a tight PVC leather outfit. They then untied Tad and marched him
to the spare room at the Kennedy's. Libby pulled out the key and unlocked the
door and both women walked Tad into the room.

It was what Tad had expected a dominatrix's dungeon all around the room were
instruments of torture, pain and humiliation and Tad wondered which were to
be used on him. On the far wall of the dungeon Tad noticed a notice board
with pictures as the two women marched him over to it so that Tad could see
who the photos were of. There was a picture of Drew in the toilet torture
getting shited on by Libby, Dr. Kennedy in a bondage chair getting teased by
Susan, a picture of Joel on a bondage wheel getting spun round by both Libby
and Susan, there was a picture of Billy also in the toilet torture getting
shitted and pissed on by Anne who looked to be really enjoying herself. The
ones that Tad found most disgusting were his best friend Paul on a whipping
bench getting whipped by Susan and finally Tad saw the pictures of Toadie his
cousin getting teased on the bondage chair by Susan, getting shitted on in
the toilet torture by Libby, getting whipped on the whipping bench by Susan
on the bondage wheel and even worse playing the final game with Libby and
Susan with Toadie getting the waste above his head tipped all over him and
losing the game.

Tad was then told it was time for his punishment to begin to decide what
instruments of torture and humiliation Tad should face. A coin was tossed.
If the coin landed head he would face it, if it was tails he would not.
Susan and Libby then proceeded to go through the list of instruments before
tossing the coin the instruments were: a bondage chair, a throne, a medical
bench, a bondage wheel, a whipping bench, a toilet torture and the new piece
of equipment they had just received which had never been used before the
birthing chair.

They started to toss the coin the first toss landed heads which meant Tad
would face the bondage chair the coin was then tossed and it landed tails
for the throne which disappointed Susan and Libby but the coin landed heads
for the medical bench, the bondage wheel, the toilet torture and most
important the birthing chair, but the coin landed tails for the whipping

Tad now knew what he was going to face and first on the list was the bondage
chair. Tad was walked over to the chair and sat down and then tied to thechair by leather straps. Susan then walked over to the terrified youngster
sat on his spread legs and kissed him forcing her tongue down his throat for
the second time that day. Her right hand wandered to his cock and started
stroking it gently until it was fully erect. What Tad hadn't noticed was that
Libby had disappeared for a while and when he looked up he saw one of his
main nightmares. Around Libby's shoulders was a massive python. Tad almost
shit himself. He was absolutely scared shitless of snakes it was because when
he was little he had been bitten by a carpet snake and had to be rushed to
hospital to have the venom pumped out of his body.

Libby walked towards Tad and said, "We all know about your little phobia
about snakes but this snake called a constrictor won't hurt you at all."
with that Susan backed away and Libby sat on Tad just like her mother had.
She draped the snake round his neck and stroked his face before giving him
a full french kiss. She backed off and let the snake do it's stuff.

The snake started slithering towards Tad's masculinity and Tad tried to close
his legs but the leather straps round his thighs just tightened. As he tried
to remove the straps to close his legs the two women laughed at the boy as
the snake slithered over Tad's dick and Susan started to take pictures. The
snake then got to the chair and the space between Tad's legs and just curled
up. That was the end of the first part of Tad's punishment.

Libby removed the snake and Susan untied Tad from the leather restraints. Tad
then stood up and knew what was still to come. Because of the time Libby and
Susan decided that Tad did not have to face the medical bench or the bondage
wheel but reminded Tad that the punishment would carry over to another time
specified by the two of them.

The next punishment for Tad would now be the toilet torture. The two women
then marched Tad over to the toilet. He was then laid down and his head was
inserted into the hole in the bottom. He was then restrained with his head
in the bowl of the toilet.

Both women looked into the bowl and Susan said, "I want to go first. You went
first last time when it was Drew."

Libby agreed and Susan placed her cute little ass on the seat to give Tad a
golden or brown shower. Tad was scared and knew that all these methods of
punishment would be photographed. Susan spread her legs and Tad could see her
wet pussy. Her come dripped onto Tad's face preparing him for his shower from
above. Tad's head couldn't move and as he watched Susan's ass waiting for the
cheeks to part. He didn't have to wait long a huge gush of piss cascaded onto
Tad's head. Most of it ending up in his mouth. Tad swallowed the urine and
the taste was unbearable. The piss tasted very salty which Tad didn't like.

Susan then got up from the seat and said to Tad, "Did you enjoy that my

Tad didn't respond and so Libby then proceeded to sit on the seat. Libby's
ass wasn't as cute as her mother's. Her buttocks was large and her crack was
much larger than her mother's. Tad knew that this time he would get more
urine because of the size of Libby's crack. He wasn't disappointed. Libby
emptied a huge amount of urine over the helpless teenager which again Tad
swallowed. He enjoyed the taste of it because it was very sugary he swallowed
the whole lot. Libby then got up from the seat and her mother sat on it. This
time Tad knew it would be a brown shower.

Susan spoke down to the terrified teenager, "Before you came, Tad, I had a
very large curry and a bowl full of prunes and now it will end up all over

Tad knew that these items would make Susan shit and that the shit would be
very runny. He wasn't wrong. Susan's ass cheeks parted and the shit cascaded
all over Tad's face and into his gaping mouth. Tad swallowed the shit and was
then washed down by Susan giving him a final golden shower. Tad was then
released and walked over to the final game.

Tad had heard all about the final game from Paul and Drew but was told that
the game had changed since they had played it. The rules were explained to
Tad. He would play against four other people each contestant would be asked
to nominate another once they had got a question correct. If the person they
nominated got the question wrong they had several options. They could make
them lose a life, but each contestant only had one life or make them there
sex slave. This made Tad excited and he just couldn't wait to see who he
would be playing against.

Susan put Tad in his cubical and then rang the bell. In walked Michelle and
Simone both naked and proceeded to sit in their cubicles. Then Susan and
Libby sat in their cubicles and the question master walked in. It was Mrs.

The first question went to Michelle and it was "In what city was the St.
Valentine's Day massacre of 1929?" The clock started ticking and Michelle
didn't have a clue what the answer was, but knew that she should know
because they had learned about it in history just last week. The buzzer
went and Michelle didn't know. She guessed the answer of Chicago and was
told it was right. She then had the opportunity of picking a sex slave or
losing someone's life. She picked life and all her other contestants got
worried. She nominated Simone and so Simone lost her life which meant she
was out of the game. Mrs. Bell pulled the lever and a huge amount of mess
fell on Simone's luscious head. There was shit, piss and all other manner
of manure.

The next question went to Tad and Mrs. Bell asked him "Who won the Football
World Cup in the year 1986?" Tad knew the answer instantly he was a mad
football fan he gave his answer "Argentina."

"That is correct," said Mrs. Bell. "Now what are you going to do sex slave
or lose a competitors life?"

Tad thought about it. "Life," he said and nominated Michelle to lose her
life. Michelle looked horrified as Mrs. Bell pulled her lever and gave the
little girl a golden and brown shower at the same time. Michelle would
remember this and would one day get back at the teenager.

The next question was for Susan and Mrs. Bell asked her "What do the letters
WWW stand for in Internet addresses?" Susan didn't know but knew she should
as the buzzer went. She said, "I'don't know."

Mrs. Bell said, "I'm afraid that is incorrect and the real answer is
World Wide Web and you know what that means don't you Susan?"

Susan nodded her head and Mrs. Bell pulled the lever and a huge gush of piss
and shit cascaded all over her covering her naked body from head to toe.

The next question went to Libby and this question could decide the game said
Mrs. Bell the question to Libby was "What major change was made to the look
of the Times newspaper in 1966?" The clock started ticking and Libby thought
of what the answer could be. The buzzer went and Libby gave her answer she
said, "Was it the first time colour photographs were used on the front of the

Mrs. Bell then said, "No, I'm sorry Libby that answer is incorrect. The
correct answer is that the front page carried news instead of just adverts."

Libby knew what this meant Mrs. Bell pulled and Libby got covered in the shit
and piss which made Tad the winner and for his prize he got photos of all
four girls getting covered in shit and piss and the negatives as well.

After the event Michelle started to plan how she could get Tad back for what
he had done to her and get her revenge on the boy.


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