Neighbours: Part 2 - Ellie And Michelle (ff)
by Spurt-Reynolds

Despite having promised never to tell anyone about what had happened the
previous night between her and Karl, Elly felt she had to tell someone
or she would explode, and come Monday morning she was round at Michelle
Scully's house ready to walk to school with a massive grin on her face.

Michelle had noticed how chirpy her best friend was, and despite several
times asking her for the reason, she was frustrated at Elly's cagey reply
"I'd love to tell you...but I can't."

Truth was, that response seemed to make the secret more intriguing than
ever, and the more often she said it, the more Michelle wanted to know it.

The two spent the whole day at school with one probing for a clue, and the
other avoiding the issue, until by the end of the day Michelle was pretty
tired of asking and getting her stock annoying reply. The two were at the
lockers after the final bell had rung, when a girl Elly recognised from
Michelle's English class invited Michelle to the mall that evening.

Michelle's reply in agreement startled Elly, who explained that she had
agreed to go to the coffee shop with her after school.

"Well, tough," said Michelle sternly, "Maybe I've had enough of you, I think
I'll get a new best friend, one who shares her secrets!"

Elly tried hard to get her to change her mind, "Look 'Chellie," she
explained, "I'd love to tell you... but."

Michelle stopped her from saying it for what seemed like the hundredth time
that day, finishing the sentence for her; "But you can't(!)"

Michelle then picked up her bag and half-heartedly shouted after the others,
"Hey wait up girls", hoping that it would produce the desired outcome from

Then she grinned from ear to ear as she heard the words she wanted to hear
from her school friend.

"OK", she conceded, "But you must promise not to tell anyone, swear on your

Michelle nodded but Elly insisted on a verbal agreement. Then she said she
couldn't risk telling her in public in case someone heard her. "So where?"
said Michelle, "You can't come back to mine, dad'll have a fit... and Susan
and Karl will dob us in if we go to yours, we're not supposed to see each
other outside school remember?"

"It's OK", answered Elly, "You can come round to mine, Karl's got late
surgery and Susan's not back from the year 8 field trip 'til tomorrow."

The pair walked home at different paces, Michelle almost trotting home,
desperate to finally hear what Elly had tried so hard to keep from her all
day, and Elly dragging her heels as she moved at a snail's pace, wondering
if she really should tell her.

However, she could keep it to herself no longer, as the pair arrived home at
the Kennedy's house. Elly slipped her key in the lock and entered first,
making sure the coast was clear before inviting Michelle in.

The pair sat down on the couch and the conversation began.

Elly decided that the best way to go about things was to just come out with
it straight away and she broke the tension by boldly exclaiming, "I had sex
last night!"

Michelle seemed somewhat disappointed as the secret was finally revealed.
"Is that it, big deal!"

Elly was taken aback by her best friend's lack of interest in her news.
"Don't you understand, I'm no longer a virgin."

Michelle laughed, "Yes I know, you told me that weeks ago."

"No," continued Elly, "Last night was my first time, I lied about doing it
with Mike Grady at the skate park."

"Oh," replied Michelle, "Who was it with, Tad?"

"Yes, of course it was Tad!" snapped Elly, "Who do you think it was with?"

"Just checking" said Michelle defending her question, "You lied about Mike
Grady, maybe you were lying about going out with Tad."

"No," confirmed Elly, "That's definitely true."

"What was it like?" asked Michelle, feeling her breath quicken as she
anticipated her friend's reply.

"It was OK", she muttered, with a distinct lack of conviction in her voice.

Michelle's heart was pounding in her chest as she felt the thoughts spinning
in her head. Had Elly's secret been a bit more important (she was of course
assuming that's where the story ended), she would have surely shared her own
secret with Elly, but now she wasn't so sure.

Eventually she decided it wasn't the importance of the secret which mattered
but the fact Elly had told her, and as her best friend she felt compelled to
reveal her own little tale.

Elly sat and watched as her young friend opened her mouth and exclaimed,
"Ha, beat you!"

Elly looked puzzled for a moment, that was not the response she had been
expecting, and she asked her for an explanation. "Last Friday night, I had
sex for the first time too!"

"Bullshit!" laughed Elly, "You've never even been with a guy, never mind
done the business!"

Michelle's reply firstly made her laugh, but the calm way she had said it
and the look on her face caused her to think twice.

"Who said it was with a guy?"

Elly sat totally stunned as she listened to Michelle's bold claim before she
was able to stutter, "But who?"

"Remember that girl who invited me out tonight?"

"Becky Chambers!" bellowed Elly "But..." Then before she finished, she
remembered the rumours she had heard going round the school about Becky
liking other girls.

"Oh my god!" she finished, "But you're not... are you?"

Michelle didn't need Elly to fill the gap for her, she new perfectly well
what she was trying to say.

"Not strictly, no... but I never seem to get many boys so I thought why not?"

It was true, she never seemed to have much luck with men, but that was not
to say she wasn't attractive. Far from it, she had a young innocent looking
face and a maturity way beyond her years, but she still had all the things a
woman would want and she had blossomed into a curvy young lady at an early

Then she sat on the bed next to where Elly had placed herself. "I never even
thought about it before, but I was sitting in the locker room after gym and
Becky came over and put her hand on my bare thigh. I flinched a little at
first, but then as she stroked it I started to relax and to be honest it felt

Elly had noticed how close she was sitting to her as she told her story, and
true or not, it was making her feel uneasy. Although she had decided that
Michelle was lying, she still felt uncomfortable with the way her friend was
talking, as it wasn't like her to do something like that, she was usually so
sensible. Nevertheless, Michelle continued.

"I think she wanted to do it there and then," she said calmly, "But there
were too many other people about, and she said she needed to get something

Elly really started squirming with embarrassment, hoping that any minute
Michelle would turn round and break into a big smile and say "Ha... Gotcha!"
but her wishes were neglected as Michelle carried on in her tale.

"She invited me back to her place and I went, then we went into her bedroom."

"She sat on the bed next to me like I am with you now." At this point Elly
was 99% certain that she was lying now, and she started to relax.

"Oh right yeah", she said sarcastically, "And what happened then."

"Then..." answered Michelle, as quick as a flash, "She put her hand on my
thigh again, but this time a bit higher up, this."

Elly's new found calmness disappeared in an instant as she found Michelle's
hand on her thigh, and felt it start to slowly slide towards her groin, just
managing to slip beneath her short plaid skirt before Elly leaped to her
feet in horror.

"Look!" she said sharply, "I don't know who you've been talking to, or what
the big joke is….but it's not funny."

Michelle seemed taken aback by her friend's outburst, and stood up herself,
moving over slowly to where Elly was standing, with her arms folded
indignantly across her chest.

Due to her stance, she was unable to resist, as Michelle leaned over and
kissed her softly on the lips. Elly was totally stunned and was unable to
move for a second, giving Michelle to repeat her action, this time kissing
her more firmly, and even licking gently at Elly's mouth, slowly tracing the
outline of Elly's luscious full lips with her tongue.

Elly backed away and put her hand on the door handle of the bedroom, ready
to open it and ask Michelle to leave. Michelle had remembered the way she
had felt when Becky had ventured such a bold manoeuvre on her. It was an
experience new to her at the time, but one she had found not unpleasant, but
she couldn't quite decide if she had enjoyed the sensation or not. She felt
that Elly was probably feeling the same way as she had done. She decided to
find out.

As Elly's hand began to turn the doorknob, it was covered by Michelle's, as
she pushed her back, trapping her between the door and Michelle's soft young
body, and she leaned forward and whispered softly, "It's OK Elly, you're
just a little confused, it's natural... I felt the same way. Just relax and
go with it."

As she spoke, she moved her face slowly forward, until she was barely an inch
away from Elly's face by the time she finished her sentence and immediately
after finishing, she closed the small gap between them and tilting her head
slightly to the side to avoid clashing noses, she placed her mouth against
Elly's leaving it there for a few seconds, before breaking the kiss to wait
for a reaction. None was forthcoming, and so she moved forward once again,
this time letting her tongue trace her lips as she had done previously.
Again, no definite reaction, but Michelle was sure that she could feel Elly's
warm breath beating harder against her soft cheek, staring deep into Elly's
twinkling eyes she began to move forward, but this time there was movement
from Elly too, as she bridged half of the gap with her head. The two girls
stood against the door tentatively touching lips, just softly at first,
barely brushing skin against skin, then more definitely until a proper kiss
formed between them.

All of a sudden, Michelle's lips parted and she was delighted to find Elly
soon followed as the girls clamped their mouths hard against each other's.

Then, Michelle felt her body tingle as she felt Elly's tongue slide into her
mouth and begin exploring. Michelle took her hand off Elly's, still on the
door handle and Placed it on Elly's side, then, she moved it up slowly before
Elly's hand released it's grip on the knob and moved South, clicking the lock
on the bedroom door so they would not be disturbed.

Michelle's tongue had by this time entered Elly's warm wet mouth and they
danced playfully as they lashed across each other in a long passionate kiss.

Michelle watched Elly's beautiful eyes slowly close as her hand moved up her
body slowly, until it was firmly cupping her left breast through her thin

Michelle gently squeezed the soft bosom, and Elly moaned softly, moving her
hand behind Michelle's head to prevent her from breaking the kiss she was
enjoying so much.

Michelle had no intention of breaking away, but welcomed the encouragement
from Elly, who had moved her other hand behind Michelle and was lifting her
skirt, revealing her white cotton panties. Her hand was slipping inside the
frilly waistband of Michelle's knickers, and soon her palm was smoothing
over the peachy ripe flesh of her best friend's firm round buttocks.

Michelle closed her eyes too as she delighted in having her bottom massaged
so tenderly by Elly's expert hands, and she found herself eager to go one

Michelle had found herself with one hand pressed against the door beside
Elly's head and she felt it could be put to much better use.

She took it away fro the door and moved it downwards, then in between them.
It then slipped up inside Elly's dress and rested itself on the inside of
her thigh. Michelle slowly moved it upwards, remembering the resistance Elly
had provided just minutes ago to such an action, but this time she was much
too busy herself to concern herself with its intended destination. It didn't
take long before it found just that place, and both girls gasped
simultaneously, breaking their kiss, but keeping their eyes closed, as
Michelle's hand touched not upon soft white cotton as she had expected, but
soft downy hair and moisture.

She rubbed her hand through the hair and realised Elly was not wearing
panties beneath her skirt. That turned Michelle on more than anything else
that had taken place beforehand by a long way, and she opened her eyes to
watch Elly's reaction as her hand moved down between Elly's slender thighs.

Elly opened her mouth wide and squealed as she felt Michelle's fingertips
rubbing at the entrance to her pussy.

Michelle watched intently as she watched her friend's expression changing as
she rubbed harder at her slit, until she leaned over and whispered lustfully
in Michelle's ear, "I want you to put your fingers inside my pussy."

Michelle didn't need to be asked again and quickly and easily slid her middle
finger right up inside Elly, who began nuzzling at Michelle's neck as her
digit probed her most intimate area.

After being fingered for long enough to have her juices freely flowing,
Michelle removed her finger and put it up to Elly's mouth, tracing her lips
with her fluid before putting it inside Elly's mouth for her to sample.

"Taste me!" insisted Elly as she sucked her own juice from Michelle's finger,
Michelle smiled, and taking her by the hand, she led her young friend over to
the bed.

Elly lay on the bed and lifted her dress up around her waist. Exposing what
she had only previously felt to Michelle. Michelle looked at her pussy
momentarily before kneeling on the floor and placing her head between Elly's

Michelle pushed her face hard against Elly's groin and sucked at the entrance
to her vagina. She rubbed her face all over Elly's pussy, which was gushing
with juice, covering Michelle's round face with her sticky fluid.

Then as she finished her feast, Michelle got up and pulled her dress off over
her head. Then she unclipped her bra and slipped off her panties. Elly gazed
at her naked body open-mouthed as she traced her eyes from top to bottom.

She started at her beautiful angelic face, her big blue eyes twinkling like
sapphires in the light. Her big round cheeks flanked a cute little button
nose and small pouting lips, while her long light coloured hair tumbled down,
just touching her broad shoulders.

Her chest was wide and deep and contained just more than a large handful of
soft fat tit flesh, her brownish nipples were short and stubby, with two
large dark circles of skin beneath.

Her stomach was not as flat as Elly's slender abdomen, but still just as
beautiful and her chubby, womanly hips finished her torso off perfectly.

Her thighs were bulky and golden and tapered down to fine proud calves, which
supported them. The big difference between the girls was in the genitalia, as
Elly noticed that where hers was naturally covered in short curly brown
hairs, Michelle's was smooth and bald, and she sat up to touch it. "Wow", she
gasped, "It's beautiful."

"Becky did it for me," she explained, "Her pussy is shaved too."

"Then what did she do?" asked Elly keenly, now much more eager to hear what
had happened between her best friend and Becky Chambers.

"She reached into her drawer and pulled out a big vibrator."

As Michelle recalled the evenings happenings, Elly remembered something from
her own activity the previous night and told Michelle to get on the bed as
she had a surprise for her.

Elly got up and crossed the room to where her robe hung and reached inside
the pocket. Michelle's eyes lit up as she removed her hand, holding in it a
long black vibrator with a shiny golden tip. "Where did you get that from?"
she asked, unable to take her eyes off the sex-toy Elly had retrieved from
its hiding place.

"Found it in Susan's drawer," she answered, "She's got 3 or 4 of them the
dirty slut!"

"Lucky bitch," enthused Michelle, as Elly walked towards her, holding it
aloft like the statue of liberty.

"You don't know the half of it(!)" she thought to herself with a smirk, as
she got onto the bed with Michelle.

After her previous night's exploits, Elly had gone back to her room after
showering, and buzzed her burning cunt with Susan's vibrator for an hour
before drifting off to sleep, and remembering how it pleasured her so
intensely, was keen to insert it into her friend's young bald pussy.

She also wanted her own attending to, and the girls quickly arranged
themselves into a sixty-nine position. Before she had even switched the
dildo on, Michelle's face was once again buried in Elly's sweet vagina, only
this time she was holding the lips open so she could push her tongue inside

Elly felt the toy vibrating in her hand as she twisted the base, and moved
it towards Michelle's fanny. When she arrived at it, she traced the slit
with the golden tip but was soon discouraged from such foreplay by Michelle,
whose shouting was muffled by Elly's silky thighs at her mouth, "Don't tease
me Elly, put it in me, shove it right up my cunt!"

Elly did as she was told, and buried it right up inside Michelle, who
instantly responded to it by licking and chewing at Elly's flaps with
renewed vigour and intensity.

As Michelle feasted on her squishy folds, Elly busily probed inside Michelle,
finding her clit with the cold metal tip of the sex aid. Michelle juddered as
her clit tingled with pleasure, and as she ground her pelvis against it, the
vibrator brought her to a fierce climax, making Elly jump as she screamed out
loud in ecstasy.

Michelle was more tan grateful to her friend for her orgasm and remembered
what she had experienced at the lips of Becky Chambers. She buried her face
deep into Elly's groin and put her tongue as far as it would go, before
noisily sucking as hard as she could.

Then she forcefully exhaled into her cunt, before sucking hard again.

Elly felt her stomach cramping and her pussy start to spasm, still Michelle
continued. Her sucking and blowing was driving Elly wild and she responded
by jamming the dildo roughly into Michelle's cunt until both girls were
thrashing around on the bed.

Then the room filled with noise as both girls yelled simultaneously that
they were going to cum.

Then it happened, again simultaneously. Both girls shook violently as their
orgasm took control of their perfect young bodies, Elly jammed the vibrator
in hard one last time before slipping it out and replacing it with her face.

Then the eruption came, each girl's pussy twitching four times before
blasting the other's face with gooey sticky cum. The powerful ejaculations
more intense than they could have imagined possible.

Michelle's orgasm lasted exactly two minutes, and Elly's a fraction longer
due to her partner's expert oral technique.

As both girls lay embracing each other, basking in the afterglow of such a
passionate encounter, Michelle picked up the vibrator and held it up in front
of Elly's face.

"What were you doing in Susan and Karl's bedroom when you found this Elly?"
she asked.

Elly remembered every last detail of what she had been doing in Susan's room
when she found it, but feared saying "Oh, just wiping several gallons of
Karl's hot spunk off my tits," may be a bit too much information.

Instead she chuckled to herself as she responded, "Well, 'Chellie", she
began, before her friend telepathically anticipated her answer...

"I know," she interrupted, "You'd love to tell me," ...then at the same time
both girls erupted into fits of laughter as they finished the sentence

"But I can't!!!!"


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