News Radio: The Job Insurance
by Big Nig ([email protected])

Dave was in his office talking with Cathrine. "Cathrine I'm sorry to have to
say this, but we have to start cutting back. We are already loosing money and
getting into debt. We are going to have to let you go".

"Why Dave, I do a lot of work around here. More than almost every body else."

"I'm sorry Cathrine, but many people will be let go."

"So there is nothing I can do to keep my job?"

"Well," said Dave, "It depends on how much you want to keep your job."

She thought for a minute, "Well, I will do anything to keep my job."

"Ok, then come back in 30 minutes."

Dave gave the talk to Beth and Beth also said that she would do any thing to
keep her job. Dave's plan was going to work.

Joe came and they talked over their plan. They had to find out a way to get
Lisa in it. Dave had talked to Lisa before about having a threesome and she
was coming around to maybe doing it. Joe said, "Just tell her what is going
on man she'll join."

Dave brought Lisa into his office and started to talk her into it. She
decided that she would do it as long as she got to be fucked in all three
holes. 'Damn!' he thought to himself. He had to get someone else in on it.
He told mathew to come into his office in ten minutes.

Now everyone but Mathew was in his office. He instructed all of the ladies to
take off all of their clothes. They argued a bit and said that the guys had
to take off theirs first. The guys agreed. Dave and Joe started to get naked.
They took of all of their clothes except their boxers and the laides got into
their bras and panties, but Beth she wasnt wearing any underwear. She was
totally nude with a big full red bush.

She blushed a little and said, "What you guys expect it to be blond?"

Also she had tiny little nipples. The guys were obviosly getting hard. Then
Mathew walked in on evverything and said, "What's going on?"

Lisa said, "Shut up and get naked!"

He put up a fight and said, "Ok." He wasn't wearing an underwear either so
his dick was visible to everyone, all 7 soft inches. All the ladies were

Then Cathrine said, "I don't know about you, Lisa, but I want that," and they
both started to get naked.

Just then Dave said, "Stop," as all three rushed naked towards Mathew. Then
Joe and Dave removed their boxers and showed their monsters. Both had been
taking penis enlergement pills for a month while planning this, Joe was the
biggest at 14 inches hard dave was at 10 inches hard and 7 soft. Lisa took
Joe and Cathrine took Dave in her mouth.

Beth let out an "Euhhhh!" type noise knowing she had to take Mathew.

First, Mathew said, "Don't worry mine will get bigger than Joe's." He
started to rub it and it got semi-hard and Beth was amazed it was semi-hard
at 12 inches. He said, "You want it to get bigger?"

She said, "Yeah!"

He said, "Well, then come here."

She came closer and he smaked her in the face.

She said, "What was that for?"

He said, "Look slut! You can either let me slap you with it or you can have
my semi-soft dick in your pussy." He continued to slap her, it grew to 18
inches everyone stared at him in awe.

Beth said, "Hahaha."

Mathew laid on the floor and Beth begain to mount him.

"Oh yeah, big boy! Your going to fill my slutty pussy up. Your going to show
Beth what it feels like to have an ass full of cock later, huh!" She went up
and down on his dick nearly getting to the bottom.

Across the room Lisa told Joe to fuck her ass. He said, "Sure thing!" and
she kneeled on the floor. Joe got the lube from the desk drawer and put it
all over her puckered hole and his dick and slowly slid it in her. She
called him a pussy and to shove it all in like a man. He shoved it all in
and she screamed in joy "Ahhhh!!!" and squeezed his dick with her asshole.

Cathrine was fucking Dave's dick with her big tits going up and down. His
white prick with her black tits. He screamed as he was about to cum, she
squeezed he tits tighter and moved up and down quicker and opened her mouth
and he shot the biggest load she had ever seen or even heard about. Tt
covered her face tits and almost filled her mouth.

Dave layed back he was spent.

She moved over and laid underneath Lisa and let her eat her pussy while she
licked Dave's cum off her own tits.

Beth had already had 2 orgasms and was taking Mathew up her asshole. She
couldn't take anymore and got off him with a pop. Matthew got up and walked
over to Beth and told Joe to put her side ways so he could get in there.
Lisa was now getting double fucked. Dave came over and Cathrine moved out of
the way and she started to suck his soft dick.

Beth told Cathrine to sit down and she would finish her off. She started to
finger her black pussy and black anus. She now had 3 fingers in each hole.
Then four. Then she started to fist her holes and Cathrine was still licking
Dav'es cum off herself and she orgasmed just as they guys shot their loads
all over Lisa.

They sat there and talked about how they should do this more and get more
people into it. Hmmm, who could join them??????


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