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Brothers Television. This story is not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 05/26/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Graphic violence, strong language, drug use, female solo sex,
voyurism, interracial sex, female/female sex

Pairing: Christine Sullivan/Benet Collins

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Category: Slash

Summary: Benet Collins returns to Judge Harry's courtroom after she trashes
some bar and tells Christine that it has something to do with her not feeling
like having sex with men anymore.

Other Notes: This AU story takes place after HURRICANE PARTS ONE AND TWO and
is a birthday gift for Pam Grier, who was born on May 26th, 1949.

Dedication: Happy 57th Birthday to Pam Grier! -- ATK 2006

Night Court: Apple Brandy
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Christine Sullivan and it was on the 26th day of the month of May
that I get up to start my day as a legal-aid attorney, eat my breakfast and
go directly to work at the Manhattan Courthouse in the City of New York just
like any other day.

But that was before that particular day, for as soon as I had arrived at the
courthouse and entered the courtroom of Judge Harold T. Stone, I had noticed
that one of my fellow co-workers, a court clerk named MacIntosh Robinson had
placed a case-file in front of Harry, took a deep breath and said, "Sir, I
do believe that you're not going to believe this."

That had caused a curious Harry to open the file and look at the name of the
defendant in the case just before he had closed the file, placed his hand on
his forehead and said, "Aaaahhhh, noooo! Not her again!"

"I'm afraid so, Sir. Next case: People versus Benet Collins! The charge is
disorderly conduct and destruction of public property," Mac had said just
before one of the baliffs named Rosalind Jane Russell had led poor Benet
into the courtroom and placed her in front of Harry.

And after Roz had moved herself next to the side of her fellow baliff, a
tall and bald man named Nostradamus 'Bull' Shannon, the Assistant District
Attorney known as Dan Fielding had looked at Benet, let out a sigh, opened
his copy of the case-file and said, "Your Honor, Miss Collins is once again
gracing us with her presence as a result of an incident that had caused
several patrons of a bar on East 54th Street to get their faces smashed in
with her fists and their dicks kicked in with her foot."

But before I was about to get a word of defense in, the one woman who had
just became my client had raised-up her hand and said, "Look, Harry. I'm so
very sorry that I had let all of you down like this. It's just that I had no
choice. Those assholes had walked up and tried to hit on me like I was some
dumb-ass slut!And if you were to ask me...!"

But just as she was about to say another word, Harry had banged down his
gavel, took a deep breath and said, "Look, Benet. I really do understand
that you're one of those people who still need their own space, but I
really do doubt that trashing some bar and putting several guys in the
hospital would be anybodies idea of getting everyone else to back-off."

Just then, after she had said that she was willing to pay for the fine and
damages to the bar, something inside of me had just made me become unable
to feel sorry for the poor woman who had once delivered her baby inside our
courtroom during the wrath of Hurricane Mel.

Anyway, as soon as we had gone through all of the cases for the evening and
I was about to head on back to my place of residence, I had suddenly bumped
into Benet in the hallway, where she had looked at me, taken a deep breath
and said, "Look, Christine. I really didn't mean to cause that whole mess
at the bar. It's just that ever since that whole Hurricane Mel thing, I just
don't feel like being attracted to men anymore and I really don't know why.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

And after I had taken a deep breath as well, I had placed my gentle hand on
Benet's shoulder, looked at her with a friendly smile on my lips and said,
"Of course I do, Benet. Listen. Why don't we go over to my place? Maybe you
just want to have some company right now, that's all. So, what do you say?"

And after she had given my suggestion some thought and realized that it would
had been better for her to do so than beating her fists on someone else's
face, Benet had looked at me, let out a smile of her own and decided to
accept my invitation.

And so, after we had let the courthouse and went all the way to the apartment
building that I was staying in, both Benet and I had rode the elevator up to
the floor where my apartment was on, stepped out of the elevator and walked
over to my apartment door.

And after I had unlocked and opened the door and the both of us had stepped
inside the apartment, an awestruck Benet had looked around my living room and
noticed the way I had decorated it, causing me to let out a sigh and say,
"Okay, Benet. I really get the hint. And I also don't blame you. Even when I
had Harry and the gang over for a party one time, the words that had came out
of Roz's mouth were that I was living in a toxic cute dump."

"Yes, it really does look like that. Doesn't it?" Benet had said to me after
she had placed her hands on her hips and looked around the room some more.
"But if you were to seriously ask me, all I could say is this one thing. 'To
each his own'."

And then, after we had shared a small chuckle between us, I had asked Benet
would she like to have a drink and she had told me that it would be a great
idea, which had caused me to go into the kitchen, get a pair of wine glasses
out of the cupboard and a bottle of apple brandy out of the liquor cabenet.

Then, after I had poured some of the apple brandy into the glasses, I had
raised my glass up, looked at Benet and said, "And now, Benet. I would like
to purpose a toast. To Miss Benet Collins, one of the finest women that I
ever had the pleasure of defending in court tonight."

But of course, after that one gulp of the apple brandy, we must've had
possibly three or four more gulps in order to cause my mind to shut-down and
leave me with no memory as to what else had happened between the both of us
on that very night, but according to Benet, I had suddenly became so drunk
that she had decided to carry into the bathroom with the hope that a cold
shower would snap me out of it.

But as soon as she had carried me into the bathroom and leaned me against a
wall, Benet had turned on the water and started undressing me, only to have
her discover some steam coming out of the shower and realize that she had
turned on the hot water by mistake.

And just after she had stepped into the shower and was about to correct her
mistake, I had stripped off the rest of my clothes and started pumping two
of my fingers in and out of my hot, wet pussy and carressing my firm breasts
with the other hand.

And after she had looked at me and noticed what I was doing with myself, a
sudden wave of pure sexual pleasure had suddenly overcame Benet and caused
her to strip off all of her clothes and start touching each and every part
of her bare-ass naked body just before she had stepped out of the shower,
moved herself towards me and started licking all over my nude body -- all
the way down to my hot, moist snatch and carressing my stiff mounds.

And then, after we had placed ourselves inside the shower and laid our nude
bodies down on the floor, I had placed my hands on Benet's bare shoulders
and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Benet! Touch me! Touch me
there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, after she had turned herself around and allowed me to start licking on
her cunt, Benet had realized that even though the whole experience was the
result of me getting drunk on apple brandy, she was finally able to experence
something that she had never experienced with another woman before, for she
was once again able to experience pure and untamed erotica... and enjoy every
minute of it.

Just then, after we had finished taking our shower together, we had moved
ourselves out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, where we had placed
ourselves on the bed and started rubbing our pussies against each other,
causing a sexually-energized Benet to place one of her hands on my
silky-smooth naked thigh and the other hand on her own tits and yell at
the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, CHRISTINE! TOUCH

And then, after we had started moving ourselves harder and faster and our
lovemaking has made its final court settlement, both Benet and I had came and
collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with our naked arms in a lover's

Of course, that was before the very next day, which was when I had just
woken-up with one hell of a hangover, looked around the room and shockingly
discovered that I was still naked and a nude Benet was still sleeping next
to me, causing me to realize that whatever had happened last night was the
possible result of something inside the apple brandy.

Just then, after I had fixed myself some coffee to help me get over my
hangover, Benet had stepped out of the bathroom after she had taken a shower,
walked over to me and said, "Say, Christine. I really do know that what
happened between the both of us last night was not your fault and that Harry
and the rest of the gang might be unable to understand it. So, if you're
willing to do so, how about we just keep that whole thing between the two of
us? Okay?"

And after I had realized that she had really presented me with a good enough
point, I had looked at Benet with a small smile on my face and a small tear
running down my cheek, nodded my head in response to her question and gave
her a big friendly hug.

As for Harry and the gang back at the Manhattan Courthouse, I was still able
to keep my mouth about what had happened between me and Benet in front of all
of them -- especially Dan, even though it might had been able to drive him
crazy for at least a week if he were to find out.



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