This story is fictitious and pure fantasy. It should not be read by anyone
eighteen years of age or younger.

Night Court: Christine Exposed Part 3 (MF,MMF,voy)
by Db288 ([email protected])

Christine, the beautiful, blonde defense attorney that served the "Night
Court" had taken a second job as a model for a local agency that supplied
photographs and video to the porn industry. When she accepted the job,
she did so because of the wage rate she would earn; $350.00 an hour. She
expected to model clothing or perhaps lingerie. Besides, she always liked
being photographed as it gave her a sexual pleasure; the feeling of having
her body probed by a long, black phlox She didn't realize that the job
would involve posing nude and being videoed performing sexual acts with a
male partner or two. In her first session she got so sexually aroused by
the photographer and he by her that they never really had time to take
pictures. She ended up sucking his cock, then getting laid. He knew what
he was doing, and Christine really enjoyed it.

So, a second session was scheduled. This time, when she unbuttoned her blouse
a button or two, pulled her shoulders back, and exposed her breasts, his
hormones took over. They couldn't keep themselves apart. Sex was the order of
the day.

A repeat of what happened the first day occurred before the arrival of a male
model, Ben, who was hired to be in the scene. He turned out to be a very
handsome and physically attractive stud who was also a nice guy. Christine
became very enamored of him, and, under Al's direction, she ended up sucking
his cock and then fucking him. Al did get a few shots of their love making,
but he needed more.

A third session was scheduled. Christine really looked forward to being with
both Al and Ben. She found herself becoming hungry for sex, and two studs had
to be better than one. Al scheduled Ben's arrival at the studio to be an hour
later than Christine's arrival. She smiled at Al when he announced this. She
knew full well how Al intended to spend that hour. She got horny just
thinking about it. This moonlighting job was not what she expected; it was

The day arrived for session three. Christine was anxious to see and be with
her two lovers, and she unconsciously arrived a little early. She wore a calf
length skirt, a tight fitting blouse, and a jacket that bulged due to the
size of her breasts. She also wore spike heels, black stockings and a garter
belt. The size of her breasts were accentuated by a tightly cinched belt. She
wore no bra so her nipples were quite evident. She was a most attractive and
sexy looking model, and she knew it. It would be hard for any male to resist
her or keep his hands off her.

She entered the studio with the black painted walls. Al was there messing
with his cameras. He turned and looked at her. "My, don't we look sexy

"I dressed to please you. Do you like what I'm wearing?"

"I do. Turn around. I want to see you from the rear."

Christine's clothes were tailored to snugly fit her gorgeous figure, which
was particularly evident when she was viewed from the rear.

"You are lovely. If we ever get some pictures of you, our pornographic
customers are gong to love you."

Christine turned around and smiled, "Then you'll have to stop screwing me and
take some pictures."

Al replied, "To do that you'll have to stop turning me on. I can't work with
a massive hard on and you with your clothes half off."

Christine looked down at Al's pants. Sure enough, he had a huge bulge due to
his swollen cock. Christine said, "I guess I'll have to do something about
your problem. Any ideas as to what I should do?"

Al smiled and said, "There's one sure way. It involves my cock and your
mouth. The joining of the two would take care of my problem very nicely."

Christine replied, "First, we should get that thing bigger."

"That would be wonderful. Do you think you know how to do that?"

Christine smiled, "Watch me."

With that, she came over to Al and stood beside him. She then put her hand on
his cock and began rubbing it through his pants. A rather large moist spot
developed. Then she unzipped his fly and reached inside for his penis. She
easily found his cock and began stroking it. Al undid his belt and pushed his
pants and underwear to the floor. Christine kept stroking his penis. It was
fully erect and as hard as it could get, so she told Al to sit down on the
edge of the bed. She said, "I don't want you to loose any of that hardness,
so I'm going to tease you a little."

With that she took off her jacket and kneeled down between his legs. Instead
of swallowing his cock, she proceeded to unbutton her blouse Slowly, one
button at a time. Here breasts began to reveal themselves. Then she pushed
her blouse off her shoulders and let the sleeves fall to her elbows. She
placed one hand on each breast and pushed them together. She wiggled her way
toward Al's waiting penis. She captured it between her breasts and began
messaging. Al thrust his torso up and began fucking Christine's cleavage. He
held off as long as he could, but soon ejaculated all over her chest.
Christine said, "What have you done? I need a towel." She found tissues on
the bedside table and wiped herself clean.

Christine said, "That didn't take long. Now we can get on with the

Al was still out of breath, but said, "Yes. You know, Ben is coming."

She said, "I know, and I hope you meant he's coming inside me."

Al smiled at Christine's little joke, "You're really into this aren't you?"

"Al, these last few sessions have been wonderful. I never knew I could enjoy
sex so much. I have you to thank."

Al said, "You provide all the thanks I need by being so willing and talented.
Your body is fantastic; a regular love machine. Fucking your breasts just now
was fantastic. Just looking at you gives me an erection. Did you know you
could do that to a man? I think I am now recovered enough to pleasure you
before Ben gets here. Shall we try?"

Christine was always ready to make love. She was getting attached to Al and
he to her. She only smiled. She still had her clothes on, but she sat on the
edge of the bed and turned to kiss Al. Her blouse was still unbuttoned and
down to her elbows. Her breasts were very prominent. It didn't take Al long
before he was feeling them and playing with her nipples while they kissed
each other. He milked her breasts lovingly and squeezed them gently.
Christine let out a quite sigh. She found his cock and started stroking it.
Al put his hand on the inside of her knee. He then ran it up the inside of
her leg with a light touch. He pulled her dress up as far as it would go,
then broke off their kiss to look at her gorgeous legs. She stretched them
out for him to see. He stared at them, then he put his hand under her skirt
and began to rub her pussy. She sighed.

"Oh Al, that feels so good. There is a very sensitive spot in there. See if
you can find it." Al used his middle finger to find her G-spot. He rubbed it
and sensed she was about to climax. Christine began to moan softly, "Yes,

Al kept messaging until she did climax. She said, "Wow!"

Christine fell back on the bed. Her blouse lay open exposing her breasts and
her skirt remained at her waist. She parted her legs inviting Al to mount
her. He kneeled between her legs and put his hands under her torso. He lifted
her pussy to his waiting cock. Then he drove it into her as far as he could.

She started to screw him with her ass; round and round. Al then lay on top of
her and pushed his cock into her as hard as he could. Christine exploded in
another climax. Al kept fucking her and she climaxed again. Then he could
hold his cum no longer. He pulled his cock out of her and came all over her
belly. Christine let out a big sigh and lay there somewhat exhausted. Al
said, "I hope you have enough energy to take care of Ben."

Christine said, "If all we're supposed to do is take pictures, I'll have no

Al replied that he thought more than that might happen. She just smiled and
said, "I hope so."

Ben arrived a short some later. He was a handsome dude and was looking
forward to being with Christine again. He came into the studio and greeted
her with a kiss on the cheek.

Al said, "Today guys, we've got to get some pictures and footage. If you two
just make love with each other, well, I'm going to photograph that. Maybe
that is just what we ought to do. You're both so into each other, I think we
won't follow any script; we'll just let happen whatever happens. I'm sure you
will get creative and provide plenty of adult entertainment. The school of
natural acting is always better. Don't you agree?"

Christine and Ben looked at each other. She finally said, "I think we'll find
something to do."

Al said, "Let me get the cameras going, then you can start."

Ben and Christine looked at each other. Christine's blouse was still
unbuttoned, but she had put it back on her shoulders. Ben looked down at her
tits. Then he looked into her eyes and told her how beautiful she was. She
blushed slightly. They came together in a loving and sustained kiss. Ben put
his hands on her ass and began rubbing it and bringing it firmly against his
swelling cock. Christine held Ben tightly. Al's cameras began to record the
action. Ben then released Christine and turned her around. He stood behind
her, pulled her blouse down off her shoulders, and pulled her elbows back.
Her breasts stood out impressively. Her nipples were erect. Ben turned her
around to face the cameras. Christine was beautiful with her long blonde hair
draping over each shoulder. She laid her head back against Ben.

Ben's hands soon found her waiting breasts and he began to fondle them.
Christine put both hands between her, found his cock, and began to rub it
through his pants. He then found the zipper on Christine's skirt, undid it,
and pulled it to the floor. He did the same with her panties. The only thing
she was wearing was her blouse, garter belt, and stockings. He led her to a
chair and had her bend over and put her hands on the back of it. He quickly
dropped his pants and used a hand to direct his penis into Christine's
waiting vagina. He grabbed her around the waist and drove it home. Through
the undulations of her ass, Christine did her best to milk Ben's cock. She
pushed back hard against him each time he thrust his cock, then relaxed when
he pulled it back for another thrust. It wasn't long before he came. He spent
his cum all over her back.

Ben said, "Al, I guess it's your turn."

Al knew he should be taking pictures, but he couldn't resist an opportunity
to screw Christine. He made sure the video cameras kept running, then
approached Christine. He said, "You really enjoyed that, didn't you."

She said, "Oh yes. Perhaps you would like to fuck me doggie style."

"If that's what you would like, get on the bed."

Christine did as she was told. She got on all fours and looked back at Al.
He was busy taking his pants down. She said, "Hurry Al."

Al kneeled behind her, grabbed her thighs with his two hands, and drove his
cock into her. Christine did her best to /screw Al with the action of her
ass. She could feel him going in and out, and it felt good. Al soon came in
her. He was spent.

Christine said, "Are you guys all exhausted? I hope not. You know, I haven't
had a cock in my mouth today. Let's see if I can get you guys excited orally.
The two of you lie down on the bed next to each other."

Christine then kneeled between them. She looked down at both their cocks
admiringly. She bent over them and let her hair dangle down. She moved her
head back and forth and let her hair tickle their cocks. They soon came to
life; each cock standing erect. Christine was obviously pleased with what
she had done. She then grabbed a cock in each hand and began jerking them
off. Then she bent her head down and rubbed their cocks against her cheeks.
It wasn't long before she began licking each cock. Then she put a cock in
her mouth alternately, and sucked on each one. The guys were going crazy.
She didn't know whose cock she deep throated first, but whose ever it was,
exploded in her mouth. She swallowed quickly and did the same for the
other cock, which reacted the same way.

The two guys lay there. Christine got up and put on her clothes. She said,
"Al, I hope your videos were working. That should make some show!"

Al sat up and said, "It sure will. Christine, you were great, I knew I could
count on you. It sure pays to work with someone who has some creativity. I'm
sure we now have enough footage and pictures to show to our customers. You
know, they may want to meet you in person. I'm not sure I'm going to let that
happen, however, because all they're going to want to do is fuck you."

Christine said, "Let's see what happens and wether or not they like them. We
can then go from there. Good luck with your sales. Let me know if you want to
set up another session. Good bye, Ben. You were great!"

Ben said, "You were more than great!"


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