This is an adult story, it should not be read by anyone under 18 otherwise
enjoy, featuring the characters of the sitcom Night Court. Some F/F but
mostly M+/F. I could only find one story on Night court so I wrote one
myself. Hope you enjoy it.

Night Court: Christine's Pay Back
by ALurker ([email protected])

Judge Harry T. Stone was going through his paperwork for the fifteenth time,
he just couldn't believe what he had found. The public defender, sweet
innocent Christine Sullivan had bypassed the court system, using her
influence she had gotten at least 20 people out of jail, without even showing
up in court. If anyone else found out about this his career would be over. He
looked up as Christine walked into his office she was so attractive great
legs, what looked to be huge tits and a very tight ass, all topped by a good
face and short blonde hair.

"Christine, I have a problem," Harry began.

"What do you know about these files?" He laid out the twenty files on the
released prisoners.

Christine looked down at the files as she read off the names, she knew she
was in trouble. "OH God Harry, I'm sorry." She had taken a risk figuring
Harry and Dan weren't bright enough to find out what she's done. "I just
couldn't help it, you won't turn me in will you?"

"Well you've given me a problem Christine," Harry shrugged. He always had
trouble thinking with Christine around she always gave him a hard on. "I
report you or my career is in jeopardy."

"But if you report me, I'll be finished as a lawyer, I'll be disbarred." For
the first time Christine was realizing what could be the results of her
actions. "I'll do anything to stay a lawyer, please Harry."

Harry walked around his desk and put his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry
Christine but I don't think there's anything I can do about this."

As Christine looked at him she noticed the bulge in his jeans. "Are you sure
there's nothing you can do? Like I said, I'll do anything." She let her hand
graze against the crotch of his jeans, she tried to make it seem casual. "I
mean anything."

As she touched his crotch Harry's mind went into overdrive. "Well I could
probably cover this up but it would take a couple of weeks before its buried.
By that time anyone could find out Dan, Mac, Roz, Bull. Hell anyone, but I
could do it. Now why should I?"

"Because I'll be yours for the next couple of weeks." Christine spoke in a
husky sexy voice as she started to rub his crotch with her hand."I'll let you
do anything to me, if you'll save my career."

Harry was stunned, he had always wanted Christine. The thought of her as his
sex slave made all the blood rush to his dick. "What if the others find out?"

"I'll take care of them, if it comes to that." Christine spoke knowing she
had found a way out of her terrible situation. She was going to remain a
lawyer and wasn't going to jail but she would have to please Harry for the
next two weeks. It wasn't a bad trade, Harry was attractive enough and she
had considered him as a bed partner more then once. "What do you want me to

Harry went around to his chair, he sat down heavily. He opened up his jeans
letting his dick out of its confinement. "How about a blow job to start
Christine?" He looked over at the clock he had about twenty minutes before
they had to be in court. He watched as she walked around behind the desk, he
couldn't believe it as she kneeled before him.

Christine kneeled before Harry, she saw that his cock was only fourinches
long, not the biggest she'd ever done by any means. She lowered her head over
his prick, she could feel him losing control as she tongued under the head of
his prick.

"I'm going to cum, swallow it Christine." He moaned as he started to fill her
mouth with his sperm. He watched as she took his load and swallowed all of it
with ease. He watched as she stood up, "Excellent work, Christine."

"Does that mean you'll cover for me?" Christine asked.

Harry thought about it for a moment looking over her body. "That's just a
first installment on what I want." Harry thought a moment it was Friday
they'd be off tomorrow. "After work I want you to come to my apartment." He
stood and ran his hands over her ass amazed at how tight it felt. "There you
will continue to pay me off for my help. And you will show up at my place
every Friday until this is resolved, it may take several weeks." He ran his
hands up her body cupping her tits through her blouse. "I may also decide to
take you at other times here in my office or I may order you to may place on
other nights is that okay with you?"

"Just fine," Christine responded. "I better go get cleaned up. Can I go now?"

Harry let his hands fall off her body. "Yes you may go." He watched as she
walked out of his office. He was glad he had done this on their lunch break
and there were only four hours of court left. He went to the bathroom then
prepared for court.

As he walked into the courtroom he could barely keep his eyes off Christine.
As they went through the usual routine, he couldn't help but think of all the
things he'd do with Christine. Every time a hooker came in he imagined she
was Christine coming to do his bidding. After an eternity he finally ended
the session. Mac tried to keep him in the courthouse with some paperwork but
he avoided him. He noticed Dan making some dirty crack to Christine. He
wondered what Dan would say if he knew Christine was coming to his apartment
tonight. He rushed home from work.

Harry waited impatiently for Christine to arrive, it was almost an hour and
he had worked himself up waiting. "Where have you been?" Harry asked angrily.
She started to explain but he cut her off. "Kneel down," as she did as she
was told Harry went over to her and pulled down his pants and shoved his cock
into her mouth. He was so hot and horny, he pushed his cock into her mouth,
he started fucking her face. He pushed it all the way in, he held the back of
her head. "OH God," he moaned as he came down her throat. "Not bad Christine.
You ready to get started?"

She swallowed the last of his cum and stood up. She knew she had to go
through with this she had to satisfy him or her life was over. "I thought we
already did. What do you want now?"

"Well," Harry looked her up and down. "I think you're a bit overdressed, take
off the coat." He watched as she did it laying it over a chair. "Okay now the
blouse." he watched as her bra was revealed, her tits were magnificent.
"Alright now the bra," he watched as she shucked her bra. He was in awe of
her breasts, they were big but they didn't sag they were tight against her
chest the half dollar nipples were hard. "You like this, don't you?"

"No, you're mean." She responded but she was excited at being told what to do
and being half naked before a man. She could see that his prick was getting
hard just seeing her breasts.

"You like this admit it, you like being submissive." Harry responded.

"Alright, yes I like it when you order me around." Christine responded

"Well then, I think you should get out of that tight skirt." He watched her
tits bounce as she bent to pick up the skirt off the floor. "Now the
panties," she removed her panties. "Very nice turn around," he looked at an
ass that was very tight not an ounce of fat on it "Very nice." He stood up
his hard on was raging. "Lay down on the floor," he watched as she got down.
"Spread you're legs," Harry kneeled between Christine's legs. He let his
hands run down them enjoying their perfect form, as his hands reached her
pussy he stuck one finger into her pussy.

Positioning her legs on his shoulders he moved in putting his hands on either
side of her, he positioned his prick at the entrance of her pussy. He lay
there for a moment enjoying the view with his cock rubbing against the
outside of her pussy. He felt the wetness of her pussy and the hardness of
her nipples as he gave each of her tits a little suck, then he felt Christine
squirming beneath him. "You want something Christine?" Harry asked innocently
as he felt Christine try to take his cock into her pussy.

"You know what I want." Christine responded.

"No, tell me. I want you to beg for it," Harry responded.

"I want you inside of me, please." Christine was so hot, she was practically
begging to be fucked.

"Talk dirty to me." Harry ordered, as he pulled his prick just a bit away
from her pussy.

"Harry fuck me," she saw Harry grin. "Fuck me hard Harry, I want you're cock
in my tight pussy." As she spoke she felt Harry enter her pussy. She groaned
in pleasure as he started to hump her. Every time he stroked into her he
stimulated her clit she was building to a climax quickly. "Yes do it to me,"
she yelled as Harry continued his assault. She felt Harry start to speed up
his pace as she had her orgasm, she felt Harry shoot his load into her.

Harry collapsed on top of Christine. "That was a nice start." He gave
Christine a kiss sticking his tongue into her mouth.

"What else will you have me do?" Christine asked, now she was into it.

"Everything Christine. I'm gonna fuck your tits, ass everywhere. How do you
like that?"

"I've never had anyone fuck my ass Harry. I don't know, does it hurt?"

Harry slid off of her laying beside her. "Don't worry it only hurts the first
time and I'll be gentle. Hell, you might find that you like it."

"Alright I'll give it a try." Christine responded, "but first I think I need
to clean up. Mind if I take a shower?"

"Not if I can watch." Harry thought of Christine all soaped up.

"I don't have a problem with that." Christine headed for the bathroom.

Harry grabbed a towel for her and followed. Harry watched as Christine
started her shower, getting the water just right before stepping in the
water. He got horny watching her start to soap herself up, it was incredible
as she coated her heavy tits and rubbed the soapy water all around her pussy.
"Mind if I join you?" Harry stood up his hard on sticking straight out.

Christine moved aside as Harry stepped into the shower. He started to run his
hands over her body. She responded by taking his hard shaft into her soapy
hands, she started to stroke him. "What do you want to do now?" She asked.

"Well, I'm all lubed up." He reached down and put more soap on his prick.
"I'd like to try that tight ass of yours, okay?"

"I guess," Christine responded nervously.

"Well turn around." Harry watched her put her face to the wall. He let the
soapy water run over her back and down between her ass cheeks, he used his
hands to move her cheeks apart amazed at how firm they were. He moved his
finger down until it started forcing the water into her asshole. He heard her
groan as the water penetrated, making sure his finger was good and slick he
moved it against her anus.

"I'm cumming," Christine groaned as Harry's finger penetrated her ass. She
grabbed the shower knobs for support as Harry's finger penetrated her ass.
She couldn't believe the feelings as Harry fucked her ass with his finger.
"I want you're cock," she moaned, "stick you're hard cock up my tight ass."

Harry couldn't resist an invitation like that, he moved his prick into
position. He slipped the head of his prick into her ass, enjoying the tight
feeling. He heard her moan, he couldn't tell whether it was in pain or
pleasure. "You okay Christine. Should I continue?" He asked.

Christine was loving the feeling his cock was producing in her. She never
knew sex could be this good. "Yes I want all of you inside of me, fuck me
hard, stick it all the way into my tight ass."

Harry rammed his cock into Christine's ass, the feeling was incredible. He
reached around and started to finger her clit he could feel her orgasm
flowing through his fingers. He couldn't hold back much longer.

Christine could feel Harry's cock expanding then she felt his cum starting to
fill her ass. She drove back into him as his cum filled her ass. As Harry's
cock slipped out of her ass. She turned around and gave him a deep kiss.

Suddenly the water turned cold they jumped out of the shower. "Thanks Harry,
that was great." She looked over at the clock. "Maybe I should go, I've been
here a couple of hours already."

"I thought you were going to stay the night," Harry asked disappointed.

"I think I've been here long enough. We don't want anyone to figure this out
do we now?" Christine responded. "Beside I think you're used up for the
night." She saw Harry's disappointment. "Don't worry, we still have next week
and I'm sure we'll have a bit of fun before then."

"I guess you're right," Harry responded. He knew it was true but he was a bit
disappointed that the evening had to end.

Christine went out into the living room and started to get dressed. "See you
in court Monday," she responded looking forward to the next couple of weeks
more then she ever thought she would.
_ _ _

Christine's week went along fairly normally, every day at lunch break she
would go into Harry's office and give him a blowjob. Once she had even
allowed him to fuck her, Harry even ate her out once. On Thursday Harry
called her into his office. As she stood up from taking his load down her
throat. she could see Harry looked worried.

"What's wrong Harry?"

"We've got a problem." Harry had known this was coming. "I'm pretty sure Dan
knows about what you did. I also think Mac knows."

"Damn," Christine had thought one of them might figure it out but now they
all seemed to know. "What makes you think so?"

"Well Dan said he wants to meet with me privately before session tomorrow
morning. He hinted that there was some kind of problem with you."

Christine thought about it. "Maybe, Dan has made some odd comments to me over
the last few days. I think he'll be more then willing to join our little
Friday fun time."

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that?" Harry responded.

"Don't worry about it, if you don't like it this week, I'll give you guys
separate days next week. I just can't handle two nights this week, okay?"

"Alright, I guess for this week."

"Good, now what about Mac. You sure he knows?" Christine asked.

"Yes, I saw the important files on his desk and he's asked for a private
meeting tonight after work. I don't know if he'll go for our deal, he is

"That's true, but I've seen his eyes on me in court. Just get them both to
you're place on Friday night, I think I can get both of them to go for it."

"You mean you're going to take on all three of us?" Harry was shocked.

"To tell you the truth its always been one of my little fantasies. So are we
agreed you get them to you're apartment Friday, assuming they both know my
little secret?"

"Alright no problem."
_ _ _

As the two meetings happened, Harry's fears were realized both Mac and Dan
had found out about Christine's indiscretion. It had taken some doing but
they both agreed to come to his place Friday after work.

Dan and Mac arrived at Harry's place just after Christine did. "Why did you
want to see us here for Harry?" Mac asked whining.

"Well actually," Christine broke in before Harry could answer. "I wanted to
see you away from work."

"I always knew you were hot for me but why bring these two," Dan kidded, "but
really what's going on?"

"I heard you two have been looking into certain judicial improprieties."
Christine collected herself, "its time you knew I am the one responsible."

"Christine!" Mac blurted out. "How could you?"

"The reasons aren't important, what is important are you two gonna tell on

Immediately Dan thought of the possibilities and kept quite for the moment.

"Christine," Mac had wanted Dan to object but it was too much to hope for.
"You're talking about me risking my job, I might even go to jail."

"Not if we all work together," Harry broke in. "We can hide Christine's
indiscretion come on Mac we can do it?"

"I don't know Harry, its a big gamble and its wrong give me one good reason
why I should do it Harry?" Mac responded.

"Are these good enough reasons?" Christine responded opening up her shirt
showing Mac and Dan her tits. Mac's jaw hit the floor so Christine continued.
"If you help me keep my little secret and cover it up you can have me."

"What do you mean?" Dan asked, not that he wouldn't agree he just wanted to
define the parameters of what Christine was saying.

"I mean you can have me." Christine walked around the room taking her shirt
off. "I'll take on all three of you tonight and spend one night next week
with each of you, maybe even doing another get together every Friday." She
could see Dan had agreed but Mac was still on the fence so she continued.
"You can have me any way you want, my mouth my cunt even my ass will be used
for you're enjoyment. What do you say Mac?"

"What do I say Christine," Mac thought for a second, "I say yes." He grabbed
Christine and started to fondle her body.

"I agree too," Dan stood up and started to strip off his clothes. He could
see Harry was doing the same.

Christine broke the clinch from Mac and went over to Dan, who was now naked.
She could tell his prick was bigger then Harry's maybe six inches long. "I'm
so glad Dan, we're gonna have such fun." She looked back and saw Mac taking
off his pants, his prick was the largest of the three maybe eight or nine
inches and thick. She gasped as she saw it, she bent down and took Dan in her
mouth. She took him all in one fell swoop, she gave him a few strokes. Then
Mac was beside her and she moved over taking him in her mouth, she only got
him about halfway in.

"Yes Christine take it in." Mac groaned. He couldn't believe he was looking
down at Christine Sullivan sucking him off, her big tits were so much nicer
then his wife Quan Le's tiny chest. He saw Dan and Harry each grab one of her
breasts, they rolled her nipples getting them nice and hard. This was all he
could take, he shot his load down her throat, he couldn't believe she
swallowed it all.

"Time to get down to business." Dan pushed Christine down onto the floor. He
pushed her legs apart and lay down on top of her. He pushed his prick into
her moist cunt, he pushed his face into hers and stuck his tongue down her
throat. He used his hands to play with her heavy tits, this felt so good he
couldn't believe it.

Christine couldn't believe the sensations Dan was sending through her body,
his dick had some kind of ridge on it that excited her clit as he fucked her.
She felt herself cumming in waves, every stroke was pleasure she was going
into overload. "Fuck me you stallion!" Christine screamed, finally knowing
why so many women chased after Dan.

Dan grabbed Christine's legs just under the knees and forced them up against
her chest. He continued to fuck her finally he felt his seed cumming he
pulled out of her pussy and spilled his cum all of Christine's perfect tits.
"That was great. Who's next?" Dan asked standing up.

Mac and Harry couldn't decide who would be next, they both decided to go.
They flipped her over onto her hands and knees enjoying the way her tits hung
down just a bit. Harry sat by her face as Mac positioned himself at the
entrance to her cunt.

Christine felt Mac enter her pussy as she took Harry into her mouth. She
couldn't believe she was doing this and even more surprising was that she was
loving every minute. She moaned around Harry's prick as Mac's large prick
penetrated her to new depths. She felt herself cumming again as Mac forced
his finger into her asshole.

Mac was enjoying the sensations of Christine's pussy but the sight of her
fantastic ass was practically calling to him. He lubed up his finger and
stuck it into her asshole it was so tight and warm. He pulled his prick out
of Christine's wet pussy and put it at the entrance to her ass. Quan Le would
never let him fuck her ass complaining it was too big, now he would nail
Christine's ass.

Christine felt Harry cum down her throat and withdraw. She felt Mac position
himself at the entrance to her ass. "Fuck my ass Mac." Christine groaned as
she felt the head of his prick into her ass. "OH GOD, its so big!" So much
bigger then Harry's, the only other man who had been there. Christine fell
forward as Mac forced his way all the way into her ass. "YES, yes!" She
screamed as orgasms rippled through her body. She heard Mac groan and then
felt him unload into her ass. Christine rolled over onto her back lying on
the floor she looked up and saw the guys ogling her body. "That was
incredible guys, I think I'm gonna like this deal."

"We aim to please," Harry responded. "What's wrong Mac?" Harry always could
read Mac's mood like a book.

"I'm wondering if we can cover up Christine's little indiscretion. What if
we're found out?"

"Do you want this deal or not?" Dan almost yelled at Mac. He wanted a piece
of Christine's ass himself. "You dipped you're wick like the rest of us."

"OH I'm just worried about who else could find out about this." Mac thought

"Come on Mac." Harry paused considering. "I've thought this thing through
aside from the three of us the only ones who get the information would be the

"Yeah I really see Bull figuring it out," Dan joked.

"Well there's Roz too," Mac thought.

"I'll take care of that if the time comes," Christine responded.

"Alright I guess you're right but I better get home or Quan Le will worry.
I'll see you guys Monday." Mac quickly dressed and left.

Watching Christine's cum covered body was getting Harry hard again. He lay
down beside her. After a few minutes of fondling her breasts he was ready for
more. "Mount me Christine," He ordered.

She quickly complied throwing a leg over Harry. She took his prick into her
pussy. As she rode up and down on his stiff rod, Dan came up beside her and
shoved his dick in her mouth. She deep throated him for a few strokes.
Suddenly, he withdrew and moved around behind her she felt him open up hee
ass cheeks. "GOD," she moaned as she felt Dan's prick at the entrance to her
ass. "Go slow Dan. I like it when its slow and easy."

"Alright baby, you're going to love this." Dan forced the tip of his prick
into her ass. He heard her moaning and groaning as he forced more and more of
himself into her ass. "Its so fucking tight." Dan groaned as he felt his dick
hit bottom.

"OH Yeah Dan cum in my ass." Christine screamed as Harry and Dan fucked her
holes. She was loving being their fuck toy. She felt Harry shoot his load
into her pussy while Dan let go up her ass "Thanks guys," she commented as
she stood up. "I think I better head on out." She heard Dan and Harry grunt
in the affirmative. She quickly dressed and headed out. Looking back she saw
that both of the men were still sitting around exhausted. "See you guys on
Monday," she called back as she left.

Christine had a busy week, every lunch she would spend time with the three
guys. Usually just giving them blow jobs but occasionally fucking them right
in Harry's office, they even kept her late most nights for a real gang bang
where they would fuck each of her holes for about an hour. She was getting a
bit bored with the sex now she was going to have to take on the three of them
tonight Friday night.

Mac was preparing to head over to Harry's for the Friday night get together
when Quan Le confronted him. "I know you've been having sex with someone
else," she shouted. "I bet its that slut Christine. You're going out to meet
her tonight. Don't deny it!" Her fury was great.

Mac hated to admit it but he was a bit afraid of his diminutive wifes anger.
"No, Quan Le," he tried to lie.

"Don't lie to me Mac. I smell her perfume on you every night this week.
You've been having an affair, I don't believe it."

Mac decided the truth might be better then any lie. "Yes, I have been
sleeping with Christine but its not an affair, Dan and Harry are doing it

"Yeah right, that priss Christine taking on all three of you. Why would she
do that?"

"So we can cover up for her, she did something wrong. To protect herself
she's paying us off with her body."

Quan le thought about this for a moment. "Well then as you're wife I'm part
of this deal so I'm going with you tonight."

Mac knew he was stuck so he nodded as she grabbed her coat.

At the same time Quan Le was figuring something was happening, Roz too was
feeling something was going on. She had noticed certain files disappearing
and then there were the closed meeting between Harry, Dan, Mac and Christine.
She managed a little snooping and found that all four of them were meeting
Friday night in Harry's apartment, she decided she would confront them there.
She took Bull with her, partly for protection but mostly because she couldn't
lose him.
_ _ _

Harry was busy getting a blow job from Christine as Dan fucked her, when he
heard the doorbell ring. He put on a robe, then he went over to the door and
looked through the peephole. "Its just Mac," he stated not that Dan slowed
down. He disengaged the lock and started to open the door for Mac, when
someone pushed it open suddenly throwing him aside.

"What's the matter Mac can't wait?" The rest of his quip died in his throat
as he saw Mac's diminutive wife come rushing into the room. "Quan le?" He
spoke without thinking as Mac and Quan le rushed into the room. He moved to
close the door but someone else burst in before he could close it. Roz and
Bull rushed in.

"Why doesn't everybody come in?" Harry commented finally closing the door.

"Christine what's going on?" Roz spoke first, after seeing Dan on the floor
pounding away at Christine.

Christine was shocked as she looked up and saw all the others in the room.
She started to move away from Dan but he kept screwing her. "Not now Dan!"
She pushed him away and managed to stand up. "I can explain!"

"I sure hope so!" Roz shot back noticing how nice Christine's body looked and
Dan was quite a large man. She had to admit the sight of Christine being
fucked by Dan, got her hot.

"You see I got these people off. I thought they were innocent but I couldn't
get them off so I fixed it so they were found innocent without facing Harry."
Christine paused in her story. "The guys found out about it and I've been
paying them back, with my body, for helping me cover it up." She looked over
at Dan's still hard prick. "Its been quite a beneficial arrangement all

Roz thought about it for a moment. "Well now that we know about it I think we
should join in. What do you say Quan Le?" She wondered how the little Asian
woman would feel about this.

Quan le thought about it for a moment, she was quite a bit more sexually
experienced then her husband thought. She had worked her way into the US from
Vietnam on her back and she kind of missed those times. She had always been
envious of Christine's body she wanted it, she had been with several women
but now was her chance to dominate. "Well my Mac has had another sex partner,
I think its only fair I do the same." She started to take off her dress. "Roz
everyone else has had Christine. Why don't we have our chance at her?"

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Roz started to peel of her bailiffs uniform.
"Anyone object?"

"You mean do it with another woman. I've never done that." Christine

"Well its time you learned." Quan Le strode over to her. "Lay down," she
ordered Christine. Quan le moved her lithe form over to where Christine was,
she enjoyed having all the men watching her. Her tits weren't as large as
Christine's or Roz's but she was proud of her small tight body. She lowered
her pussy over Christine's face. "Eat me out," she ordered Christine, as she
practically sat on her face, while using her hands to play with Christine's
huge tits.

Roz moved around to Christine's other end. She went down between Christine's
legs, she used her tongue to take a quick taste of Christine's cunt. She
found it amazingly sweet. As she continued to munch on her cunt, she started
to use her nightstick on Christine forcing it into her tight twat.

Christine was moaning from Roz's attentions. She couldn't believe that she
was eating out Quan Le's pussy and was enjoying the taste, she sucked on her
clit and could feel sweet juices running into her mouth. Quan Le was grinding
her pussy into Christine's face, she felt Roz's night stick probing her
pussy, she felt herself cum on the stick.

Quan Le stood up, she had enjoyed Christine's ministrations but now she was
ready for some real meat. She looked around at all the men's hard on, Harry
was too small and Bull was too big at least a foot long and thick. She had
done Mac before she now turned to Dan his seven inch prick was standing at
attention. "I think I try Dan next." She strode boldly over to him and
started to fondle his prick and balls.

Roz turned to Mac. "You've tried everything else ready for some dark meat."
She started to fondle him, Bull came towards her but she wasn't going to do
anything with that huge prick. "Bull why don't you take care of Christine."

"OH boy." Bull raced over to where Christine was laying on the floor. He
knelt down between her legs, he rubbed his large prick at the entrance to her

"Be gentle with me," Christine begged. Bull started to force his huge prick
into Christine's pussy. Christine moaned and thrashed as Bull's huge stick
stretched her cunt. She couldn't believe after all the fucking she'd done a
dick could be too big for her. "God yes give it too me." Christine moaned as
more of Bull's massive prick entered her, she was cumming almost continuously
as she took the last of Bull into her pussy. Bull started to fuck her cunt as
she continued to moan, he didn't last long and shot his load inside

Quan Le pushed Dan down onto the floor, she straddled his waist and lowered
her pussy onto his hard prick. She felt something pleasuring her clit as she
took him into her. "Yes Dan, ravish me." She screamed as she took all of him
into her tight pussy but she wanted more. She saw Harry was unused at the
moment, she called him over. "Fuck my ass," she cooed to him as he took up
position behind her. "Stick it in my ass," She moaned as Harry's hard prick
penetrated her. She ground her hips back into the two men. she heard them
groaning in pleasure. She was having her own orgasms as the two men
penetrated her. "Cum inside me," she used her pussy muscles to make Dan cum.
She felt him fill her pussy with his seed while Harry shot his load up her
ass. "Thanks guys," she gave them both a deep kiss. "We have to do this more

Mac was fucking Roz, but he was keeping one eye on his wife. He couldn't
believe it as she took all of Dan. He shot his load into Roz as he heard his
little Vietnamese wife begging Harry to take her up the ass, where he had
always wanted to go.

"Thanks a lot Mac." Roz turned around still unsatisfied. She looked around
the room and saw that everyone but her was completely spent and exhausted.
She knew there'd be no more sex here tonight. "I guess I'll get going." They
all mumbled something as she left.

Quan le was the next one to recover. "Come on Mac, lets go home."

She got them both up and dressed then headed for the door. "See you guys."

"How about next week same time, same thing?" Dan asked, Quan le had an
incredible little body.

"Count on it." She shot back.

"Yes!" Dan sounded triumphant. "I guess we're set for next week, see you
then." He rubbed Christine's tits then stood, dressed and left.

"Well its just you and me kid." Harry turned to Christine.

Christine laughed, "for the rest of the night. If you're up for it?"

She continued to laugh as Harry took her in his arms.

the end.


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