This story is fictitious and pure fantasy. It should not be read by anyone
eighteen years old or younger.

It is based on the events that happened to the characters in the sitcom
"Night Court". Markie Post plays Christine, the beautiful, blonde defense
attorney who sexually excites the other male members of the cast; both in
real life and in the story line. For this story, we'll use the names of
the sitcom characters, but when you read "Christine" think Markie Post.

Night Court: Harry's Turn (MF)
by Db288 ([email protected])

After her divorce over a year ago, Christine had been reawakened to the
pleasures of sex by the prosecuting attorney, Dan, who coerced her into
sleeping with him by saving her life (he claimed) when she chocked on some
meat. Dan was a serious love maker who knew how to excite a beautiful woman.
He took her to dinner, then back to his apartment where he really did a
number on Christine (and she on him). She found that she loved to fuck and
be fucked, and loved sucking her lover's cock. She was on a mission to
sleep with all of her male Night Court coworkers. Her first conquest, after
Dan, was Bull, who turned out to have a monstrous cock and knew how to use
it very well. She wanted a repeat with him, but that would have to wait.

Her next goal was to seduce Judge Harold T. Stone. Although he was enamored
with her, he had never made any sexual overtures toward her. Like her, he was
a little shy.

Being the most recent addition to the Night Court staff, Christine let it
be known that she was asking each male court employee to dinner in her
apartment, individually, so as to get to know them. Being a very innocent
looking and acting individual, people were having a hard time believing the
rumor that she was doing it so she could get laid, which, of course, was the
case. Christine had not heard the rumor, so she thought nothing of continuing
to invite her list of male coworkers to a private dinner of their favorite
food that she would cook for them.

Things were going well with this plan. She had done Dan and Bull. Harry was
next on her list. She wasn't sure he would accept when she asked him, but she
thought to say that they could play cards after eating. She knew Harry loved
to play cards and do card tricks, so she also promised to let him show her
his latest tricks. That incentive did it, Harry accepted. They set a date
after finding out that Harry's favorite meal was lamb chops with mashed
potatoes and peas.

The day arrived. Christine dressed casually. She wore tight fitting jeans
and a very tight fitting white sweater with a belt around her waist that
she cinched really tight. This accentuated the size of her breasts, and the
protrusion of her nipples was more than evident, especially in that she
didn't wear a bra. She obviously hoped this outfit would excite Harry's male

When she opened the door to let him in, he was taken aback. His comment
was, "Wow! I haven't seen a girl that sexy looking and exciting since high

Christine blushed and said she wore it especially for him, and she was glad
he liked it. She brought her shoulders back and let him ogle at her tits.
"I'm glad you like looking at me. It excites me! Please step in and let me
give you a welcome kiss."

Harry took off his coat and hat and hung them on a hook. He then turned to
Christine who was standing in the hallway waiting to kiss him. He wrapped her
up in both his arms and he did not intend to give just a welcoming peck on
the cheek. He opened his mouth to meet her waiting lips. She soon realized
this was no ordinary kiss. He began to use his tongue and she kissed him back
as sexually as she could. It wasn't long before Harry's penis began to get
hard; an event that didn't go unnoticed by Christine. Harry may be shy in
public, but he was not in a situation such as this. He knew how to handle a
woman. He began to feel her body by running his hands up and down her sides.
With no underclothes on, it was as though he was rubbing her naked body. He
could feel every rib and indentation, and he could feel her breasts against
his chest. His hands eventually arrived at her ass, which he messaged
lovingly; pulling her torso close and firmly to him. Christine began to
ungulate her ass against his penis, which was protruding against her body.
The two of them were in an act of intercourse with clothes on. She was
presently surprised at Harry's actions. She wanted to reach for his cock
and message it through his pants, but decided that she would have no trouble
doing that later. She didn't expect for Harry to be this forward, but she
was very pleased. It was going to be a great evening!

After a long time they reluctantly broke off the embrace. Harry couldn't hide
his erection, and Christine just looked down on it and smiled. She teased
him. "Harry, you naughty man. What have you done to me, and what do you have
going on between your legs? Is that meant for me?"

Harry blushed. "Christine, you are the most beautiful and sexy person I have
ever met. I am only responding to you as a virile man would. You do the same
thing to me in court, and I ache to make love to you, but my robe hides what
is really happening."

"Why Harry, I guess I'll have to be more observant. I have no trouble
noticing when Dan gets a hard on. He tries to bush it against me every chance
he gets. I don't like that in public, so I try to not let him do it. but I am
not always successful. One time he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I
pulled away as soon as I could, but in truth, I really wanted to play with

Harry asked, "How was your sleep over with him? Is he as good in bed as his
reputation, or as he would have us believe?"

"I see you heard about that. The truth is he was fantastic. But let's not
talk about him. This is your special evening. How about we eat the meal I
prepared for you?"

Christine served a delicious meal that they both enjoyed. They couldn't keep
from smiling at each other knowing that an evening of unrelenting sex awaited
them. Harry couldn't keep his eyes of her breasts which was no secret to
Christine. She reveled in exciting him with her body. When she was rinsing
the dishes in the sink, Harry approached her from the rear and put his hands
on her hips. He held them tightly and brought her torso against his swollen
penis. She wiggled her ass a little. Christine said, "Harry, what are you
doing to me?"

Harry then ran his hands up her sides and on to her breasts. She lay her
head back against his shoulder. He could smell the sweetness of her hair.
She didn't deter what he was doing. Harry squeezed each breast in a milking
action and then squeezed each nipple gently, rubbing them between thumb and
forefinger. Christine let out a whelp. "Oh Harry, that feels so good!"

"Christine, I have wanted to feel your breasts for the longest time. I can't
believe it is finally coming true. You are so sexy!"

Harry then proceeded to lift her sweater above her breasts and fondle them
in their nakedness. Christine kept pushing her ass into his penis. He then
reached down and pulled her skirt above her hips, He fully intended to drop
his pants and screw her from the rear. Christine hesitated.

She said, "Wait Harry. There's lots of time for that. Let's leave the dishes
and go into the living room. You have some card tricks to show me. And maybe
I have some tricks to show you." She pulled her sweater back over her tits
and smiled at him. Harry wasn't sure what she meant.

They retired to the couch. Harry tried to forget the massive erection he was
experiencing. He had no doubt Christine wanted to fuck as much as he did, but
he wanted to let her call the shots. To comply with her wishes he got out a
deck of cards from his coat. He showed her his most recent trick that he was
still perfecting. She laughed at his intensity and concentration. She let him
practice it a few times, then suggested they do something they both could do,
like play a game. She said she was trying to learn poker.

"You could give me some pointers. Would that be alright?"

Harry said, "Sure, but you're going to loose."

She said, "That's ok."

They would play seven card stud. Harry dealt the first hand. Then Christine
realized they had no poker chips. "I haven't gotten any yet. What can we

Harry said with a smile, "There's always strip poker. Would you like to try

Christine blushed. "I've heard of it, but I don't know how to play."

"It's easy. If you loose a hand, instead of loosing chips, you loose an item
of clothing - clothing that you're wearing."

Christine said, "That sounds exciting. Let's pay. I don't care if I loose."

They took turns dealing, and they each lost hands. Harry took off his jacket,
shoes, and socks. He still had a number of items to go. Christine had very
little to take off - shoes, socks, belt, and panties, and then what? When she
lost the next hand she was only wearing two things; a skirt and her sweater.
She looked at Harry. "Do I have to take something off?"

"You know the rules." She couldn't decide. "May I suggest you take off that
sweater. I would love to have you show me what's underneath."

Christine turned her back and slowly took off her sweater. Harry could see
glimpses of her ample tits. She slowly turned around and faced him. Her long,
blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her nipples were erect and inviting.
She did what she could to hide her nakedness when they played the next hand.
As luck would have it for Harry, she also lost the next hand. Without
hesitation, she took off her skirt and stood up in front of Harry totally
naked. She brought her shoulders back and arched her back. "Is this what you
wanted to see?"

Harry stood up and took her in his arms. The game was over. Christine lost
and Harry had his prize. Harry kissed her a long time, then picked her up and
carried her into the bedroom. He sat her on the edge of the bed. He took off
what remaining clothes he had on and sat next to her. Two naked bodies. They
turned to each other and kissed again. Harry fondled her breasts while
Christine reached and grabbed his cock. She began stroking it. It responded
with a full erection, an ample seven inches.

She then gazed at his penis. "That's beautiful, Harry. Can I do what I want
with it?"


She got down on her knees between his legs and sat on her haunches just
staring at his cock. Then she took it in both hands, played with it, and
looked up at Harry. "Do you like what I am doing?"

"I love it. Keep doing it."

Christine slid her hands up and down his cock. She asked, "Would you like me
to suck it?"

"Oh, would you? Yes, please do!"

Christine opened her mouth and let her lovely lips surround the head of
Harry's cock. She licked the tip of it with her tongue. Then she licked
the length of it; even his balls. Harry couldn't believe this was the
same innocent looking, beautiful, blonde Christine that he knew from Night
Court. She then let Harry's penis penetrate all the way into her mouth.
She sucked on it gently and used her tongue. She stroked him several times
this way. Harry couldn't prevent coming in her mouth. He exploded. She
swallowed all of it, withdrew her mouth from his now limp shaft, and smiled.
"I've wanted to do that for a long time."

Harry replied, "You have? You can suck my cock any time you want. We'll have
to schedule more twenty minute courtroom breaks in the future."

Christine smiled at that.

"Christine, I want to fuck you now, but I need recovery time."

"Harry, if I know you, it won't take long. Let's get under the covers and
just hold each other. I think I can get you hard again pretty soon."

They got under the covers and relaxed while Harry enfolded her in his
arms. After a while, Harry pushed the covers down a little so he could see
Christine's breasts. They were beautiful. They didn't seem to disappear
because she was lying on her back; they still stood out impressively.
Christine could feel a little firmness creeping back into Harry's cock.
She reached her hand down and grabbed it. She gave it a little squeeze,
then began jerking him off. He was soon fully erect. He quickly rolled
over on top of Christine and immediately drove his cock into her.
Christine said, "Oh Harry. Oh Harry, that feels so good. Drive it home
harder. Harder!"

Christine began screwing her ass around in circles. She was a regular fucking
machine. She dug her heels into the backs of Harry's legs to help force him
deeper inside her. She started moaning with each thrust. "Oh God I love this.
Don't stop. Don't stop!"

Harry wasn't about to, but he couldn't contain himself. He gave Christine one
last shove and exploded into her. She climaxed once again. Harry lay on top
of her for a long time with his spent penis in her. He finally said, "Wow.
Christine, my dreams have all been answered. That was the greatest sex I have
ever had. We've got to do this again."

"Oh Harry, you were so good. Maybe we can do this in your office some night
after court is over; you do have a couch."

The thought of that got Harry excited again. They resolved to find time to
repeat this evening in his office They then both fell asleep. But, before she
did, Christine began thinking of her next conquest, Mac. He was bound to have
a massive cock. She couldn't wait. She fell asleep thinking of it and what
she would do with it.


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