Night Court (Lost Episode)
By Sexual Kiwi

The cast as usual were wasting taxpayers money sitting around Judge Stone's office talking about useless things.
As usual Dan Fielding was talking about his latest sexual exploits. Christine Sullivan chimed in what a pervert he
was. Dan retorted you are just jealous it wasn't you. Christine to everyone's surprise agreed.

Dan looked at Christine in amazement. Christine blushed at what she had just said. Dan looked her over and said
well babe tonight I have an opening. Christine licked her lips and said why wait. You seem like a guy who doesn't
mind an audience. Judge Stone, Bull, Mack and Ros just looked at each other as Christine stood and began to
unbutton her blouse. As the blouse fell to the floor Christine's very ample breast popped out. This was a little
surprising to those in attendance.

Dan reached over and slowly lifted Ms. Sullivan's skirt to reveal and hot pink thong. He began kissing Christine's
pussy through the thin covering of her underwear. Christine reacted with a sigh. Dan pulled down the skirt and
soon followed with the thong. Christine Sullivan had one of the best bodies any in the room had seen. Too bad
she hid it all the time.

Christine reached down and pushed Dan back onto the couch. She reached into his pants to find what she was
wanting. Dan was already rock hard. She unzipped his pants and out sprung Dan's nine inches of manhood.
Christine spoke up and said now that is what I was looking for. She finished helping Dan out of his pants. She then
return her attention to the nine inches before her. She began by licking Dan's balls and then slowly made her way
up the shaft and once she got to the head she cupped her lips and began to tongue the tip.

Well, the other four people in the room were reaching a state of arousal. Dan looked over and saw his male
counter parts stroking their cocks in their pants as Christine was now taking all nine inches into her mouth. Dan
spoke up and said come on guys you got to get some of this. All three started towards the couple on the couch,
but Ros reached stopped Bull and Mack. They had failed to realize Ros was standing the very horny and very
naked. She may have seemed a little overweight to some, but she had two of the biggest breast either man had
seen and decided she needed their attention.

Harry Stone dropped to his knees behind Christine and plunged a finger into Ms. Sullivan's ass. She blurted out a
mmmph around Dan's dick. Harry then began to slowly lick Christine's cunt. Soon he felt another finger beside his
in her ass. Then he felt a second.

Ros now had two men sucking her breast like babies. She said she need a cock and told Mack to get his out and
lay down. He did and Ros gasped as she saw 12 inches spring into the air. That's what I need. She plunged down
on the cock taking three quarters of it at once. She ordered Bull to push her down the rest of the way. She
screamed out as all of Mack's shaft was now inside her. Bull returned to his licking and sucking of her huge breast.

Christine stood up and turn around and set down on Dan's dick taking it all in on the first thrust. Harry stood up as
she leaned forward. He dropped his pants and Christine quickly wrapped her lips around his eight inches. Dan
began to thrust harder and harder into the public defender's pussy. Each time the thrust made her take Harry's
dick down her throat. She was loving it.

Ros told Bull she needed one in her mouth. Bull said that is not a good idea. Ros said she wanted it and Bull replied
I warned you as he dropped his pants. Eighteen inches of Bull Shannon was poking her in the face. Ros screamed
to my lord as she saw what was in front of her. She decided she would try to take as much as she could. She
slowly slid her lips around it. She took in the first eight inches no trouble, Suddenly Mack thrust harder into her
and she took another five inches down her throat. Now she had fourteen inches in her mouth and twelve in her

Christine laid back onto Dan's chest and told him to take his cock out. Dan reluctantly did after Christine told him
she had better plans for it. She then directed the cock into her ass. Dan couldn't believe how easily she took his
nine inches in. She then looked up at Harry and said sir I believe there is an opening down there. Harry knew just
what she wanted and stuck his eight inches into her pussy. Christine screamed out in ecstasy as she now had
two cocks buried deep inside her. She was cumming at this point harder than she had ever came before.

Ros noticed the unique position Christine was in and wanted to try it, but she knew there was no way she could
take both Mack and Bull. However, Bull slid out of her mouth and was already behind her before she knew it. He
spread her ass cheeks wide and stuck four inches of his giant cock into her. Ros came as soon as he did. She
loved it, but she wanted more. Bull asked Mack to hold still for a minute. Mack obliged as he felt the huge member
through Ros thin membrane separating her ass and pussy. This made her very tight to Mack and he couldn't take
it and shot his hot load into her. Ros was upset that he went before her double fuck had started. Mack said don't
worry. Bull now had ten inches into her ass and Ros had already forgotten Mack's mishap as she screamed out in
pain and pleasure. Mack then began to pump into her pussy once again.

Unbeknownst to the orgy participants, Buddy, Harry's father, had walked into the room. He stood there looking on
and said just like at the hospital on hump day. Ros heard him and was a little embarrassed to look up and see the
older man stroking his cock feet away form her. But, that soon turned into an idea and she reached up and pulled
Buddy towards her and unzipped his pants and began sucking Buddy's nine inches.

Christine had reached her fifth orgasm as Dan and Harry both came at once. Cum was dripping form Ms. Sullivan's
ass and pussy. Then Bull let out a huge grunt and Ros felt the unmistakable force of Bull's steady stream of sperm
shooting into her ass. He pulled out as it was still shooting ands shot for another five seconds onto he back.
Buddy seeing his chance for some ass replaced Bull in the rear. Ros was only too happy to obliged him.

Christine switched positions and let Dan into her pussy and her was know into her ass. She looked back and saw
Bull and eighteen inches looking for somewhere to do. She had to have that thing. She told Bull to come stick it in
her mouth. Christine closed her eyes took a deep breath and started to swallow it two inches at a time. She
paused long enough to catch a second breath before letting the letting six more inches slide in. She now had
thirteen inches in her mouth. Dan and Harry thrust into her and she actually took two more inches in. Bull couldn't
believe that fifteen inches of his cock was down the beautiful blondes throat.

Ros was in her sixth orgasm when she realized Mack was no longer in her pussy. She wanted to know why. He
wanted in her ass. Ros told Buddy to stop for a minute. Ros turn around and slid down Mack long shaft taking all
of it in her ass. Buddy waited and started to stick it back in. Ros thought he was going for the pussy, but he
forced his dick into her ass along side Mack. Ros almost passed out form this, but the longer she lasted the better
it felt. Soon both men were ramming as hard as they could into her anus.

Christine had lost count of her orgasms at this point but she was wanting more. She pulled Bull out of her mouth
and pulled his ear down to her and whispered something inside. Bull looked stunned but shook his head. She told
Harry to position himself as high up as he could. He did so as he was now ramming downwards into her ass. Dan
was still inside her pussy. When suddenly he felt something inside with him. Dan and Harry both felt the once
loose area the were fucking tighten up. They both looked back and they realized Bull was now sliding his cock into
her pussy also. Ms. Sullivan was taking two cocks in her pussy and one in her ass. She screamed out for Bull to
push as much into her as he could and he lunged forward. Nine inches of Dan. Eight inches of Harry and now Bull
had gotten almost half of his dick into her. She came once after another and then passed out. Harry couldn't take
it and he came at second later so did Dan. Both Harry and Dan pulled out of their positions as the wanted to see
if Bull could get it all in her. He plunged harder and he forced all eighteen inches into the limp Christine. As he did
she slowly came too and was amazed at what she saw. She felt lots of pain, but that soon turned into pleasure.

Ros was loving the two dicks in her ass. But she too wanted more. She looked at Dan and Harry now standing idle.
She told both of them to give her their cocks now. They walked over and stood side by side and shoved them into
her mouth. Buddy and Mack reached orgasms at the same time. They both pulled out and Harry and Dan took
over. Now the judge and the DA decided they would double up on her pussy. Ros loved it. Buddy looked over and
saw that he had a shot now at Christine. Meanwhile Mack shoved his into Ros' mouth.

Buddy whispered into Bull's ear and Bull said ok. He pulled out of Christine with a plop. He picked up Christine and
set down under her. He then proceeded to slide her down onto his cock. However Christine stopped him. She then
reached down and pushed it towards her ass. Bull slid in and slowly pushed Christine down onto his foot and half
cock. Buddy assisted. Eventually Christine took all the cock in her ass also. Buddy then pushed forward with his
cock. Again it was assumed he was aiming for the pussy, but he again stuck into the tight full ass. Christine again
passed out. Buddy pushed onward. The pain woke her back up. She was now loving the feeling of one huge cock
in her ass and another big one there also.

Ros had witnessed the triple penetration of Christine earlier and now wondered if she could handle it. She looked
at Mack and told him to go for it. Mack slid behind her. Harry knowing what was coming now and slid out of her
pussy and into her ass and got as high as he could. Mack then gentle shoved his cock into her pussy along side
Dan's Ros screamed out in another orgasm.

Bull was finally reaching he second climax and pulled out and told Christine to open up. Buddy as pulled out. Bull
slid about eight inches into Christine's mouth and let loose. Stream after stream shot into her mouth. She
swallowed as munch as she could before she let some run out of her mouth.

Buddy had wondered back over to Ros. He liked what he was watching. However he had a plan. Something no one
would have imagined. He straddled Ros's back and was facing Harry who was pumping away at her ass. He then
pointed his dick downwards and glided it along side Harry's and pushed it into her ass. Ros passed out immediately
as she was now receiving a double pussy and double anal at the same time.
Harry shot his load deep into her ass. Dan and Mack both came again inside her pussy. Buddy pulled out and
returned to Christine and she opened up to receive yet another load of hot come. She then looked over at the
limp Ros and crawled down and began sucking her ass. She sucked as much of the cum out of there as she could.
Ros was coming back to as Christine was finishing up. Christine made her way to Ros's mouth and spit the come
into it. They then kissed exchanging the sperm of the five males in the room, who were all now asleep. Ros and
Christine looked over and laughed as they returned to a kiss.



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