This story is total fiction. It should not be read by anyone eighteen years
old or younger.

Night Court: Mac's Turn (MF,inter)
by Db288 ([email protected])

On the TV sitcom "Night Court" Christine, the beautiful, blonde, curvaceous
defense attorney, played by Markie Post, was making it a point to invite each
of the leading male characters to dinner and an evening of entertainment in
her apartment. Since she was the newest member of the Night Court staff, one
of her intents was to get to know each of her male coworkers better. Her
main intent, however, was to get laid by each of them. She had been divorced
over a year ago, and she missed sex. She was not the type to go to bars and
pick up some guy, although that would have been easy for her to do with her
good looks, large breasts, great legs, and innocent, school girl looks.

Under this plan, Christine had been very successful getting herself royally
screwed; first by Dan, the prosecuting attorney, then Bull, the court
officer, and lastly, Judge Harold T. Stone himself. It was far safer for her
to sleep with the men she knew and liked. And besides, she could ultimately
count on repeat performances by each of them. So far she was having a great
time fucking each of them, and so were they.

Dan turned out to be a man of great experience and knew how to bring her off
time after time. Bull was not very experienced, but had a monstrous cock that
she fully enjoyed. Judge Stone was a better lover than she expected, and had
the advantage of having a couch in his private office that they could make
use of every chance they could. And they did.

The only male she had not yet slept with was Mac, the court secretary. He
was a special case because he was married. Christine wasn't sure he would
want to indulge her. From her standpoint, he was very physically attractive;
a large black man with rippling muscles and a gentle nature who she was sure
would make a very good fuck. She was anxious to get into bed with him, but
she realized he might not want to. That would be ok. She would ask him to
dinner when his wife was out of town visiting relatives, and expect only an
evening of dinner and conversation. If Mac got interested in her sexually,
well, that would be wonderful, but it would be his decision. She, of course,
would dress in a sexy outfit that she hoped would turn him on, but it would
all be up to him as to what happened. She wouldn't encourage him, but, then
again, she would definitely not discourage him.

They made a date for him to come to her apartment or his favorite meal; spare
ribs. She decided she would dress in jeans and a tight fitting, shear blouse
that unbuttoned down the front. Mac was one of many who ogled her breasts
whenever she wore tight fitting clothes; which was most of the time. She
normally wore a bra, but for Mac she would forgo this item of clothing. She
knew she would get sexually excited in the presence of Mac and that her
nipples would stand out and be evident under the thin material of her blouse.
She also knew how to carry her shoulders back to stretch the material tight
over her contours. Any normal male would find her irresistible, and she hoped
that would apply to Mac.

Mac arrived at her apartment on time, as did all Christine's lovers. He
stepped into the hallway and stared longingly at her; he was obviously
excited by her beautiful appearance; her long blonde hair, and sexy outfit.
She smiled coyly at him recognizing that he was leering at her. She pulled
her shoulders back and let him enjoy the view. Her nipples began to become
evident. She went up to Mac to gave him a kiss on the cheek. He responded
by putting his arms around her and not letting her go. She turned her head
to look into his eyes. She detected the lust he was experiencing. He put
his hands on her ass and brought her hard against his body. She could feel
his swollen cock pressing against her vagina. He then kissed her. Christine's
tongue entered his mouth as she french kissed him back. They clenched in
this manner a long time. Mac's cock grew harder and larger. Christine lifted
a leg and wrapped it behind him. Mac's penis was almost able to penetrate
her cunt in spite of all the clothing that separated them.

Mac finally let her go. She stepped back and said, "Wow Mac, That was quite
a kiss."

His reply, "You are quite a dish. I couldn't resist you, and I have wanted to
do that for a long, long time."

Christine then looked down at the bulge in Mac's pants and smiled. Mac acted
a little embarrassed. She looked up at him, then put her hand on his bulge
and messaged it a few strokes. Mac could stand it no longer. He said.
"Christine, unzip my fly, put your hand in there, and release me before I

She did what he had asked her to do. She got her hand on his cock and brought
it out into the open. She stared at it and at it's size. She kept her hand on
it and began to jerk him off. Mac was taken aback by the skill this innocent
looking, beautiful girl had and at what she was doing to him. She obviously
had done this before; she seemed to be quite an expert at playing with a
man's cock. Mac then unbuttoned the top button of Christine's blouse. She
smiled. He then unbuttoned the rest of the buttons. Her breasts were
partially exposed. Mac's hand soon found its way under her blouse and onto
her tit. He messaged it gently. Christine slowed down her motions of jerking
him off ; she was afraid he might come. She was more interested in what Mac
was doing with her breasts. He milked her tits, then gently squeezed her
nipples between his thumb and forefinger. It sent shivers through her body.
She exclaimed. "Oh Mac. That feels so good! Don't stop."

Things were progressing much more rapidly than either Mac or Christine
expected. He wasn't sure what he would do at Christine's "party". She never
imagined that within the first ten minutes of his arrival Mac would be
playing with her breasts. And yet, there she was with her blouse unbuttoned
down to the waist, her two tits in the hands of this very handsome and virile
man, and, for her part, his cock was firmly imbedded in the palm of her hand
as she slowly jerked him off. They were both in a very elevated state of
sexual excitement.

Christine finally said, "Time out Mac. We have the whole evening. I want you
excited for a long time. I don't want to blow things all in the beginning."

Mac said, "Did you say something about blowing? I like the thought of that."

Christine smiled at his little joke knowing full well what he was referring
to. She said, "Mac, it's so exciting to be around you. You're such an

"Do you mean that in a complimentary way? If so, I'll take it."

Christine suggested they get the meal part of the evening out of the way. It
was impossible for Mac to avoid having a hard on. After all, Christine was
in his presence, alone and wearing some very revealing clothing. She was
excited being in his presence and it made her breasts swell and her nipples
stand out. As Christine brought food to the table, Mac let no chance go by
to put his hand on her ass or run his hand up and down her leg. Likewise,
Christine left no chance go by to let her breasts rub against Mac's head or
shoulder when she served him some food. They both were tingling to get
physical with each other. Christine's concern that Mac might not be receptive
to being sexual with her were totally unfounded. He was definitely hot to
trot, and she was ready to give him a most enjoyable evening of passionate
sex. She could hardly wait for the dinner to be over. When it was, she
suggested they just put the dishes in the sink and repair to the living

They sat down on the couch next to each other. Mac wasted no time in putting
his arm around Christine and pulling her close to him. She laid her head
against his shoulder. They then turned their heads and looked into each
other's eyes. Their lips soon met in a long, sustained and passionate kiss.
Mac began to unbutton Christine's blouse. He unbuttoned it all the way down
to her waist. Her shirt fell open and exposed both of her beasts. Mac broke
off the kiss to look at them. Christine was excited to have him look at her

She arched her back to accentuate their size. Mac began to fondle them. He
knew how rough or gentle to be to maximize her pleasure. She loved what he
was doing. After a while she put her hand on the bulge in Mac's pants and
began to rub it in circles with her palm. Max's penis grew harder and larger.
Christine then unzipped his pants and felt around inside his fly until she
found his cock. She carefully brought it out into the light. It was huge.
She kept her hand on it and began jerking him off. She said, "Oh Mac, that's
beautiful." She kept stroking it up and down with her hand. Then she bent
over and brought her face closer to it. Her long blonde hair draped over his
erection. She then looked at Mac and said, "I want to kiss your cock. May I?"

Mac just smiled. She turned her head down to his cock and surrounded the head
of it with her lips. Then she used her tongue to lick the end of it round and
round. Mac raised his buttock to further penetrate her mouth. She allowed his
cock to fully enter her mouth. Then she pulled her head away, but kept her
lips tightly surrounding the shaft of his cock. She did this several times
until Mac could stand it no longer and exploded his cum into her mouth. She
calmly swallowed it like a pro. Mac's penis went limp. Christine knew this
would be only a temporary condition. She let Mac cuddle her in his arms.

They discussed the other cast members, particularly Dan. Mac knew that Dan
had made love to Christine, and he was curious to know if he lived up to the
reputation he had as a great lover. Christine didn't really want to discuss
Dan, but she did say he was fantastic. Unintentionally, this made Mac a
little jealous and provided him the challenge to out do Dan. It made him want
to fuck the hell out of Christine so that he would be considered her best
lover. She eagerly looked forward to that. She did not mention that Bull,
without Dan's finesse, was also an awfully good lay. His monstrous cock had
a lot to do with his success. Just the thought of his huge cock inside her
started her juices flowing.

She wasn't sure if Mac had recovered yet, so she didn't rush things. She was
content for the time being to let Mac hold her tight. Finally she sensed when
he was ready to make love again. She thought perhaps it was time for her to
get out of her clothes, so she stood up and asked if Mac would like to watch
a little striptease act. She had very little to take off, but it would be fun
seeing him get excited; seeing his penis grow larger as she slowly removed
her clothes. Mac was all for it.

Christine's blouse was unbuttoned, so she buttoned it up. Then she turned her
back to Mac, kicked off her loafers so she was bare footed, and wiggled her
ass. She really had a cute ass, and Mac started to get excited. Christine
then undid her fly and let her jeans slide down to her ankles. As she stepped
out of them, she realized the only clothing she was wearing was her thin
blouse; no panties, no garter belt. The tails of her blouse were not long
enough to cover her pussy, so she did so with her hand. It was not a very
effective cover. With her other hand she tried to unbutton her blouse. She
soon realized this couldn't be done with one hand. She decided to turn her
back to Mac and use both hands. She then tied the tails of her blouse
together. This covered her nipples, but not much else. It accentuated her
cleavage. She thrust her shoulders back and slowly turned around. Mac's penis
was at full mast; standing straight up in all it's glory; all nine inches of

Christine looked at it and smiled in anticipation of what she was going to
do next. And that was to straddle Mac and lower herself down onto his cock.
Mac slid to the edge of the couch to make it easier for Christine. Mac's cock
penetrated Christine as she slowly let herself settle onto his erection. She
exhilarated as each inch entered her body. She stretched her arms above her
head and started to gyrate her torso. Mac did his best to thrust his cock
deeper into her body in rhythm her movements. Christine climaxed several

Mac then took a hold of Christine's torso and used it to masturbate himself.
He lifted her up and down on his penis and jerked himself off using her body.
She loved the strength she could feel in his arms. Mac lifted her off and
exploded his cum all over her tummy.

Christine bent down and kissed Mac. Her breasts came against his hairy chest.
Her nipples were tickled by this, and she rubbed them up and down the length
of his chest. Christine knew Mac need recovery time, but that didn't stop
her from pleasuring herself with his body. She slid down to Mac's cock and
captured his limp penis between her two breasts. She gave him a titty
message. Then she slid up the length of his body and made her nipples
available for him to suck and tongue. She let her long, blonde hair fall all
over his face. His cock began to get hard again. She spread her legs and let
Mac's cock into her body. He thrust upward in rhythm with her gyrations. They
kept at this for a long time; enjoying each thrust as though it were the
last. Finally Mac came and the two bodies collapsed; Christine on top of Mac.
He fell asleep and she reveled in her sexual encounter. She mused over who
her next conquest might be.


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