Night Court: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 3 (MF, oral)
by JH

It had been a number of months before Joshua could try the travel device
again. Between "real" life (a distinction that was increasingly vague) and
business he found himself too busy. He sat in front of the TV and put the
headset on. There was a familiar hum then the blurring of the vision. The
TV's picture of the show Night Court dimmed.

He was sitting at an old Judge's bench. To his right Mac Robinson was filing
some of the legal documents from past cases. To his left the mammoth figure
of Bull Shannon kept a watchful eye on the gallery of observers and court
"clientele". In front, to the right, dressed impeccably was the tall figure
of the state prosecutor Dan Fielding. To his left was the court appointed
defense attorney. Christine Lawrence was a head shorter than Fielding even
in the spiked heels she wore. Her blonde hair framed a face with deep set
blue eyes and soft lips. her hair, cut short in the front fell to her
shoulders I the back. She wore a navy blue suit with a lace white blouse that
failed to conceal her voluptuous figure. Her skirt was tight and cut just at
her knees exposing well muscled legs sheathed in dark nylons. She wore black
spiked pumps.

"Ok, folks," Joshua hit the bench with the gavel. "That's lunch. See everyone
in an hour."

As he stood the voice of "Bull" Shannon echoed, "All rise."

He walked through the door and across the hall to his office. Joshua hung the
robe on the hook and sat at the desk. Dan, Mac, and Bull all came through the
door at once. He looked up, "Not tonight guys. I have a bunch of work to do.
I'll catch you after the dinner break."

The door had been closed only a moment when Christine walked in. "Can I talk
to you, Judge?"

"Sure, Miss Lawrence, what can I do for you?"

She walked to the side of his desk an leaned against it. Placing one heel on
the drawer pull her skirt slid up to her thigh and exposed a dark welt at the
top of the nylon and a chrome clasp of a garter strap. She smiled at his
reaction. "Actually, there is something I can do for you."

She reached into her purse and removed a jar of Vaseline. Opening it she took
a small dollop on her finger and used it to coat her lips. Even in the dim
light they had a moist glisten to them. Turning she knelt in front of him.
Her eyes never left his as she slid her hands up the side of his legs and
into his lap. She rubbed his cock through the material of his pants and felt
it begin to harden.

She grasped the zipper and pulled it down. Then she undid his belt and
opened his pants. Her hands slipped into her boxer shorts and found his
prick. She pulled it out. Smiling and her eyes still locked on his she
let her tongue lap the shaft from base to head. Her lips slightly parted
and the tongue swirled around the head. Her hands gripped the base and
began to pump him. Christine pursed her lips and she drew the cock into
her mouth. The soft Vaseline lips were pressed around him as her wet mouth
worked down his shaft. He could feel her making swallowing contractions
as his cock disappeared completely. Her hand gripped the base. He looked
down and she had pulled her skirt up to her hips exposing the nyloned
legs, garter belt and bikini panties. She had a hand inside her panties
and was fingering herself.

His cock was sliding in and out of her mouth as she made soft slurping
sounds. When she got to the head he could feel her tongue swirling around it
and then it began the long slow move back into her throat. He grabbed her
hair and controlled the motion of her mouth first slowing it then speeding
it up. He pulled her down until the entire cock was buried in her mouth. She
expertly let it slide to the back of her throat then pulled back. She let the
cock escape her mouth. Her tongue lapped at it. "Cum in my mouth."

Suddenly as if gripped by an inspiration she trapped the cock between her
lips and sucked it. At the same time she took her jacket off and threw it
aside. Then one by one she undid the buttons of the white blouse and removed
it. Finally she unclasped the front of her bra and released the two white
globes topped by large puffy pink nipples. Sitting up she pressed the globes
around his cock and while she sucked she began to tit fuck him. His cock slid
out of her mouth to be enclosed by her tits. Her tongue flicked at the head.

It was all he could stand. As he watched the first jet of cum shot across her
cheek and into her hair. She opened her mouth to catch the second shot which
coated her lips and tongue. Her mouth engulfed him into her and she sucked
him as he spasmed. She was moaning and the vibration added to the sensation.

The light began to bend. He was back in his lab.
_ _ _

Part 4: Happy Days


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