Night Court: Miss Sullivan's Third Day
by Spyder ([email protected])

Manhattan's municipal court's a busy place on the time that requires the
courtroom to settle disputes of any kind. Christine Sullivan is the newest
of the legal profession to swell the ranks of this building. She has only
been in the courtroom of Judge Harold T. Stone. This day she leaves early
because she wishes to get some tips from Stone on the way to handle
difficult cases. Upon walking the hallway leading to the judge's chambers,
she sees Roz Russell leaving Stone's office. Roz is tightening the belt to
her skirt and adjusting her jacket. Sullivan arrives at the door of the
judge and knocks.

"Please enter," says the voice on the other side and Christine walks in to
see that he is nude, a drop of cum is on his desk and a bra lies on the
floor. She doesn't need a manual to figure out what has taken place. Harry
looks over the gorgeous blonde-haired person and has one of his many
fantasies of the woman who stands before him.

"What can I do for you, Miss Sullivan" asks Stone, as he dreams of her naked

"I need some help adjusting to the case load I will be involved with." says
Sullivan as she walks over to where Harry stands. Upon reaching the area,
she grabs a hold of his still stiff cock, squeezes gently and whispers "Are
you usually this big, sir?"

A flabbergasted Harry nods his head yes and allows the interrogation to
continue. Christine straightens up and removes all of her clothes to lend
reality to the dream. She now is before him fully undressed, a large firm
set of breasts with long nipples and dollar sized areolas surrounding them,
looking down he sees a thick thatch of hair covering what he believes is a
virgin pussy. As he looks at her tight ass, Christine whispers, "Sir would
you please fuck me, I need you now."

Gently he leads her to the sofa, where she lies down and Stone lovingly eats
the pussy of this vixen. She quivers very rapidly as the judge laps up her
love juices. Not to be out done, Christine takes his cock and gives him the
longest blow job ever, he moans as an hour later his cum covers her face.
She wipes off her face as she spreads the sexiest legs he has seen in this
courthouse. A little nervous, Miss Sullivan whispers that she is a virgin and
would like him to take it easy. Harry nods his head, lowers his uncovered
manhood into the hot cunt of this cutie. She lets out a yell as he takes her
cherry; he slowly rams in and out of his new loverĄs pussy, while a trickle
of blood leaves her vagina. The next time she yells, Christine tells him to
take her all the way. Obliging the defense lawyers pleas, he takes her to the
sexual limit that she has never felt before. A short time before court is to
be called into session, Stone unloads his cum inside her pussy and rolls off
her glistening form. She strokes his cock and squats over it to get a final
bit of him in her ass. About two hours after it began, Christine and Harry
get dressed and head to the courtroom for the nightĄs work. They both know
that night court has never been this way and only they will share it's
meaning again.

The End


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