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Date: 04/29/2005

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, male/female sex, vampirism, female/female sex, strong
language, graphic violence

Categories: Het, slash, bi

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Other Notes: This story is a birthday gift to Michelle Pfeiffer, who was born
on April 29th, 1958.

Michelle Pfeiffer -- Alexandra Van Horne
Matthew Broderick -- Steven Lightman
Sarah Jessica Parker -- Nancy Lightman
Kristin Davis -- Megan Seinfeld

Summary: A trio arrive at a house with hopes of renovating it, unaware that
sinister awaits them within its very halls.

Dedications: Happy Birthday to Michelle Pfeiffer! -- ATK 2005

Night Gallery: Seduction
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected] com)

Good evening and welcome to the only place in exsistance on this very planet
Earth that houses certain works of art that describes to those who view such
works of only one thing... the strange and the macabre.

Now, if you were able to close your eyes and imagine a particular piece of
artwork that was done by an artist named Boris Vallejo which was entitled
'Seduction' and shows a female vampire holding one of her victims -- a human
male -- in one hand and another one -- a human female -- in the other hand,
then you have just gazed upon the subject of tonight's story which is now
being told in this particular place known as the Night Gallery.

* * *

My name is Megan Seinfeld and just to let you know right now that I would
rather be inside any place on this very planet Earth other than the very
house where I had no choice, but to live in an actual nightmare.

You see, it was on the 29th day of April that my sister, Nancy Lightman and
her husband, Steven Lightman had decided to drive over to the old Van Horne
estate -- which they were able to had bought at a charity auction -- in order
to spruce the old place up and invited me to go with them and help out.

Now, if I had known then what I know now, I would say to the both of them,
"Sorry, Guys. I just don't feel like helping you today. Perhaps some other

But I was unable to do so, because my sister and brother-in-law are both
members of my family and any one of us should never say 'no' to his or her
own family.

Anyway, after we had finally arrived at the old Van Horne estate and
discovered that the entire place was in need of some serious renovation work,
we had decided that it was a good enough time as any to get started.

But then, after we had placed ourselves on the front porch and discovered a
key underneath the welcome mat, Steven was about to use the key to unlock the
door, only to have the door unlock and open by itself.

And then, after we had walked into the house and started looking around to
see if there was anybody at home, the door had suddenly closed itself behind
us, just before a beautiful woman had stepped out of the shadows and said to
us, "Welcome, my dear friends. Welcome to the house of the Van Horne family.
My name is Alexandra Van Horne and one of the family's many decendants."

"Well, this is very unusual," said Nancy, who was standing right where she
was and being just as confused as Steven and I were. "You see, we had bought
this house at a charity auction and were told that no one has ever lived in
this house in over 47 years."

"Oooohhhh, is that the reason why you were all shocked by my appearence in
this house," Alexandra had said to us, after she had let out a small giggle.
"I'm so very sorry about that. It's just that somebody inside a government
office must've screwed-up on the paperwork."

And then, after the three of them had shared a small chuckle between them,
Steven had placed his arm on Nancy's shoulder, looked around the place and
said, "Well, as long as we're here, we might as well get started on the
renovation work."

"Oh, you want to start working so soon?" Alexandra had asked us, while she
was leading us to another room. "Why, the three of you had just gotten here.
Why don't you just relax and enjoy a nice hot meal?"

And after we had walked into the dining room and noticed that a splended
feast has been placed on a large table, the three of us had looked at each
other and agreed that it shouldn't be wise to work on an empty stomach.

And so, after the four of us had sat ourselves and our hostess had told us to
go ahead and eat our meal, both Steven and Nancy were able to do so, while I
was being reluctant due to the fact that even though Alexandra was a kind and
generous hostess, there was still something about her that doesn't feel right
to me... as in something dark and sinister.

Anyway, after we all had finished our meal, the three of us suddenly
realized that we were beginning to feel drousy and in need to get some
shut-eye, causing Alexandra to help us get up from the table and take
us upstairs to our rooms.

But just then, after we had taken our clothes off, we had placed ourselves
on the beds, closed our eyes and went to sleep, only to have Steven an hour
later with a burning pain in his dick, which had caused him to get out of
bed and go find Alexandra.

Then suddenly, after he had gotten himself downstairs and walked into the
living room, Steven was surprised to see a roaring fire in the fireplace and
a nude Alexandra standing next to it with a hungry look in her eyes.

"Well, I see that you're the first to accept my little invitation," said
Alexandra, while she was carressing her tits and cunt and slowly licking her
lips. "I'm so glad that it was you, Steven. The eros root extract has done
its job well. Now, I shall allow you to feast upon my body, while I feast
upon yours."

And after she had slowly moved herself over to a helpless Steven and placed
his stiff cock inside her hot, wet pussy, Alexandra had allowed him to start
sucking on her firm breasts and allow her to feel the pleasure of pure

And then, after he had placed his hands on her smooth ass and started blowing
his hot breath on her neck, Alexandra was unable to deny the urges within her
any longer, causing her to grow sharp fangs inside her mouth, plunge them
into my brother-in-law's throat and start sucking the blood out of him.

Just then, another hour later, poor Nancy had also woken up with a burning
pain in her breasts and pussy, which had also caused her to get out of bed
and go find Alexandra.

And then, after she had walked into the downstairs living room and discovered
her beloved husband making mad, passionate love to his newfound mistress, a
sinister-smiling Alexandra had looked over at the helpless Nancy and said,
"Look, Steven. Your wife has also decided to join us in sampling the sweet
seduction of the purest red. Why don't we let her join us?"

And with that, Steven had walked over to Nancy, grabbed her by the arm,
plopped her down on the sofa and started pumping his stiff cock in and out
of her hot, moist snatch, while Alexandra was watching them and carressing
her tits and pussy.

"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Nancy!" said Alexandra, after she had
moved herself over to Nancy and started carressing her stiff mounds. "Give in
to the pleasure! Drink it in! Allow it to flow all over your body! Aaaahhhh!"

Then suddenly, after he had started moving harder and faster and another set
of fangs had started growing out of his mouth, a newly-transformed Steven had
sank his fangs into Nancy's naked thigh and Alexandra had sank hers right
into Nancy's tits.

And while they were sucking the blood out of my own sister, I was sitting
up in my bed, because I was unable to sleep, which was due to the fact that
there was something about Alexandra that was still bugging me.

And then, about a couple of minutes later, I had finally decided to get
myself out of bed, go straight into Steven and Nancy's room and let them know
about my suspicions.

But after I had opened the door to their room and discover that they were no
longer in bed, I had decided to follow my gut instinct and go downstairs to
confront Alexandra and demand to know where my sister and brother-in-law

But then, after I had walked down the stairs and into the living room, I was
suddenly shocked at the sight of both Steven and Nancy making mad, passionate
love to Alexandra, who had once again drove her fangs right into my poor
sister's soft flesh, causing me to realize that our hostess was actually a

And then, after she had looked over at me and allowed a devilish smile to
appear on her blood-soaked lips, Alexandra had let out a small chuckle and
said, "Well, I had no idea that it would take effect with you so soon,

"What the fucking hell are you talking about, you blood-sucking bitch?!" I
had asked Alexandra with the look of pure rage within my eyes. "What type of
shit did you feed us at dinner tonight?!"

"Why, it's quite simple, Megan. As soon as I had spotted your car pulling
up to this very house, I had prepared a special soup with an extract from a
plant known as the eros root," answered the sinister-smiling Alexandra, while
she was allowing Steven to sink his fangs right into her arm. "And as soon as
the effects start to kick in, you'll have no other choice, but to join us in
sampling the sweet seduction of the purest red and become one of us forever!"

But then, while the demon-bitch from hell had let out a hearty doze of
demonic laughter, I had grabbed a chair in my hands and yelled, "THAT'S WHAT

And after I had tossed the chair at the fireplace, it had caused the
smoldering hot ambers to pop themselves out of the fireplace and set
everthing in the entire room on fire, including the vampire mistress
and her newfound slaves.

Of course, that was when I had also known that I was suppossed to get myself
out of there, but as soon as I had reached the door, the effects of the eros
root had finally kicked in, causing me to drop down to the floor and remain
still, while the flames had started to engulf the house.

Now, I really have no idea how I was able to get myself out of the burning
house and as far away from there as humanly possible, but surprisingly
enough, as soon as the effects had finally worn off, I had discovered that
I was in the backseat of Steven and Nancy's car with a large blanket wrapped
around me.

You see, if someone had rescued me from that evil place and kept me from
burning alive, I wish to know his or her name, so that I would find and
thank that person from saving me from the most dreaded nightmare known to
human history.



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