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Date: 05/06/2005

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Male/female sex, rape, strong language, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

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Other Notes: This story deals with the beautiful fashion models and the
downside of their own beauty.

Juila Louis-Dreyfus -- Rachel Cooper
Scott Valentine -- Peter Corman
Randy Quaid -- Allan Weaver
Kirstie Alley -- Diane Carpenter

Summary: After she discovers that she's alone in a college library, a
professor and her photographer friend use the empty room for a nude photo
shot, only to have a supernatural force invade her very being.

Dedications: I hereby dedicate this story to the genius of the late Mister
Rod Serling. -- ATK 2005

Night Gallery: The Perfect Body
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected] com)

Good evening and welcome to a place that shows paintings and statues
that allow us to see the things that we would only see within our deepest

This latest masterpiece of the macabre deals with only two certain subjects,
sex and beauty.

This newfound work of art is entitled 'The Perfect Body' and if you're a
conisour of those types of photos that happen to appear in PLAYBOY and
HUSTLER magazines, then you're invited to see this masterpiece in a place
known as the Night Gallery.

* * *

It was all peaceful and quiet inside the Cleveland State University library
on the evening of May 6th just after some of the other patrons had left the
building and left a single college professor named Rachel Cooper sitting
all by herself and reading a book entitled GREAT EXPECTATIONS by the great
Charles Dickens.

However, after she had closed the book and placed it on the table and looked
around the entire room to make sure that she was the only one in it, Rachel
had removed her glasses, let out a smile and ran over to the door in order to
open it and allow her good friend, a photographer named Peter Corman to walk
into the room with his camera ready to shoot some pictures of his latest

"Did someone else see you come in here?" asked a concerned Rachel, after she
had closed the door and walked over to Peter, who had just set up his camera
and answered, "It's okay. No one followed in here. I've made sure of that."

And then, after she had let out a sigh of relief and started taking her
clothes off, Peter had cleared his throat and asked, "Rachel, are you sure
that you don't want to back out?I mean, I could find someone else and you
really don't have to do this."

"Trust me, Peter. There's no need for you to find someone else," said a
totally nude Rachel, after she had placed her body on one of the tables and
placed her gentle hand on her good friend's shoulder. "It's okay. I really do
want to do this. "

And with that, Rachel had placed herself in a sensually erotic pose and
Peter had started snapping some photos of her with his camera, only to have
a strange and uneasy feeling come over her.

"You wanna know something, Rachel? The camera really doesn't lie," said a
small smiling Peter, while he was still taking pictures of Rachel with his
camera. "You really do have the perfect body."

However, she was unable to listen to what Peter was saying, because Rachel
was suddenly mesmerized by the very images that were suddenly popping in her
head of an also naked Peter sucking her tits and pumping his stiff cock in
and out of her cunt, while she was trying to get his nude body off of her.

But no matter how hard she had tried, Rachel was unable to get Peter off of
her, because he was still touching and carressing each and every part of her
body and said, "You really do have the perfect body... and you also need to
be fucked."

And after that has been said, Rachel had suddenly sat up and yelled, "NO!
Peter to put his camera down, place his gentle hands on his good friend's
shoulders and asked, "Rachel, are you okay?Is there something wrong?"

"I... I really don't know," answered a shocked Rachel, after she had taken
a deep breath and placed her hand on one of Peter's. "Peter, the both of us
are just friends. Right?"

And after he had let out a small chuckle, Peter had looked at Rachel and
answered, "Why, of course we're just friends. What kind of a question was

But instead of giving Peter an answer to that question, the only thing that
Rachel had done was sit right where she was and remained as quiet as a mouse
inside a church.

Just then, on the very next day, Peter had taken the nude photos of Rachel to
the office of his old high school buddy, Allan Weaver, who happens to be the
editor-in-chief of 'Hot Bods' magazine.

"Hey, Peter. These pics of Rachel are truly red hot," said a smiling Allan,
after Peter had handed the photos to him and he had taken a good look at
them. "As a matter of fact, she'll really be thrilled to the cover girl for
this month's issue."

But after he had looked at Peter and noticed that he had looked like he was
actually not in a happy mood, a concerned Allan had walked over to Peter and
asked, "Are you okay, Peter? You seem to be down about something."

And after he had taken a deep breath, Peter had turned his head towards Allan
and answered, "I really don't know, Allan. It's just that during the photo
shoot, Rachel had suddenly sat up and yelled bloody murder. Maybe it has
something to do with the camera. I don't know."

"Oh, come on, Peter. You and I know full well that the whole thing about
demon cameras and such is nothing more than just plan flat-out bullshit,"
said Allan, just before he had placed his friendly hand on Peter's shoulder.
"Trust me, Peter. It's just that the shock of getting caught doing it in the
CSU library had suddenly caught up with her. That's all."

Meanwhile, inside the food court of the Tower City shopping complex, Rachel's
good friend, a National City Bank teller named Diane Carpenter was enjoying
her afternoon meal, only to look up at Rachel and noticed that she hadn't
touched a single bite, causing a concerned Diane to place her friendly hand
on Rachel's shoulder and asked, "Hey, Rachel? Are you okay? Are you still

"Oh, I'm sorry, Diane. I just don't feel like eating my lunch today,"
answered Rachel, after she had turned her head towards Diane and took a deep
breath. "Diane, what would happen if I were to tell you that during the photo
shoot that I've had with Peter, I had suddenly started seeing certain things
flash before my eyes?"

"Well, Rachel. That's depends," answered a confused Diane, while she was
scratching the back of her head. "What type of images are we talking about

And after she had closed her eyes and lowered her head for a minute or two,
Rachel had lifted her head back up towards Diane and answered, "They were
images of Peter sexually forcing himself on me and I was trying to force him
to get himself off of me... without any success at all."

And then, even though she had noticed a single tear running down her cheek,
Diane had used a Kleenex to wipe the tear off of Rachel's face and said,
"Look, Rachel. If you were to ask me, I would honestly say that you were
only suffering the aftereffects of the photo shoot. That's all."

"I wish that I could believe that, Diane. I really do," said Rachel, after
she had placed her hands on her head and took a deep breath. "But I'm telling
you right here and now that what I had experienced had looked and felt so

But before she was able to say another word, an understanding Diane had
placed her hand on Rachel's arm and said, "Okay, Rachel. How about this? You
and Peter meet me at my friend's photography studio, where it'll be safe for
another photo shoot. Okay?"

And after she had thought about Diane's suggestion and realized that it might
be a very good idea, Rachel had looked up at her good friend, allowed a smile
to appear on her lips and said, "Sounds okay to me."

Just then, after they had arrived at the photo studio, Diane had walked out
of the dark room and said, "Hey, you guys had made it. That's great. Peter,
I've got the dark room and everything else ready for you. Rachel, all you
need to do now is take your clothes off and lay down on the mat, so that we
should get started with the shoot."

And then, after she had removed all of her clothes and placed her nude body
on the mat, Peter had aimed the camera at Rachel and started shooting a new
batch of photos.

But after Diane had looked over at Rachel and asked, "How are you doing so
far, Rachel? Are you okay?" Rachel was once again unable to answer, for once
again, a sudden image has flashed before her eyes.

The only thing that was different about that image was that Rachel was only
laying there and hearing some moaning and groaning going on in another part
of the room, causing her to sit up and discover Peter pumping his stiff cock
in and out of Diane's asshole and using each of his hands to carress both
her firm breasts and hot, wet pussy, causing her to slowly lick her lips and
say, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Peter! Fuck me! I want you to
fuck me! Slam it all into me! Aaaahhhh!"

But then, after Diane had looked over at the mat and spotted a wide-eyed
Rachel staring at them, Diane had allowed a sinister smile to appear on her
lips, moved her lips close to Peter's ear and said, "You're right, Peter.
She really does have the perfect body. Let's go ahead and fuck her."

And as the two devilishly gleeful lovers were moving themselves towards her,
the first instinct that had appeared in Rachel's mind was to get herself off
the mat and out of the room as fast as she can, only to have her discover
that she was unable to do so.

And after she had placed herself on the mat and started moving her hand all
over Rachel's nude body, Diane had moved her head closer to Rachel's and
said, "You're afraid of what we were about to do to you, are you? You want
to escape, do you? Well guess what, you freaking bitch! There's no escape
for you, because you're here to stay! You're all ours, Rachel Cooper! Now
and forever!"

And then, after Diane had let out a hearty doze of evil laughter and started
sucking on Rachel's tits and Peter had started slamming his stone hard dick
in and out of Rachel's snatch, poor helpless Rachel had started kicking and
screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs, for she had suddenly
realized that she has experienced a supernatural downside for having the
perfect body.



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