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Date: 02/05/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, transgender, voyurism, female solo sex,
female/female sex, graphic violence, BDSM, rape, male/female sex, mind

Categories: Het, slash, bi

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Laura Linney -- Vivian Spencer
Teri Hatcher -- Jane Morgan
Gillian Anderson -- Meredith Wadman
Jennifer Jason Leigh -- Doctor Lois Hoffman
William Baldwin -- Brian Walker
Jason Gedrick -- Joel Logan

Summary: After a smug-smiling jerk bumps into a goth chick and badmouths her,
she places a curse on the jerk that transforms him into a woman.

Other Notes: This story is a birthday gift for Laura Linney, who was born on
February 5th, 1964 and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who was born on February 5th,

Dedication: Happy 42nd Birthday to Laura Linney and Happy 44th Birthday to
Jennifer Jason Leigh! -- ATK 2006

Night Gallery: The Switch
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

Good evening and welcome to the only place on Earth where there are works of
art that delight the senses and make the blood run cold.

Speaking of which, I must now direct your attention to this particular piece
that features two parts of a human being... male and female... being split
apart in a river of pure blood.

This particular masterpiece of horror is entitled 'The Switch' and it could
only be admired in this particular place which is indeed known as the Night

* * *

It had all started on the Fifth day of February, which was exactly when a
young and handsome stud named Joel Logan and his good buddy, Brian Walker
had decided to go over to an annual indoor carnival and have themselves
some fun, only to have themselves bump into a female who looks exactly
like Dracula's Daughter than an actual human being.

And after she had fallen down on the floor and looked at the two friends with
anger in her eyes, an arrogant Joel has looked down at the goth chick with a
smug smile on his face, let out a small chuckle and said, "Well, that's what
you get for standing in our way, you dumb-ass bitch!"

But after they had walked away from the goth chick and Joel had kept on
laughing his head off, she had lifted herself back up to her feet, stared at
Joel with pure hatred in her eyes and thought to herself, *So, you dare call
me a bitch, do you? Well then, you pain-in-the-ass piece-of-shit!Let's see
how you would like being called a bitch for a change... as in right now!*

And then, after she has raised her hand towards her newfound victim, the
enraged witch has fired a mystical bolt of energy at the unsuspecting Joel
and allowed the bolt to slam itself into the back of his head, causing him
to suddenly drop down to the floor with an aching pain in his head.

"What happened, Joel? Are you feeling okay?", a concerned Brian has asked
Joel after he has helped his best friend get back up on his feet and just
before Joel has placed his hands on the back of his head and answered, "I'm
okay, Brian. It's just that I've suddenly gotten a headache and I need to
go home right now and get some rest. With luck, I'll see you at work
tomorrow. Good night, Brian."

And after poor Joel has staggered his way out of the indoor carnival and
headed towards the nearest metro bus stop, the goth chick who he had bumped
into before had stared at her victim making his exit and started laughing
her head off, because her revenge has just begun.

Anyway, as soon as he has reached the bus stop and gotten himself into a bus
that was heading towards his own neighborhood, Joel has placed himself in the
only seat that he was able to reach, placed his head on a wall of the bus and
went to sleep.

But then, as soon as the bus has finally reached its last stop and he has
suddenly felt someone placing their hand on his shoulder, Joel has finally
opened his eyes and noticed that the bus driver was looking at him and
asking, "Are you feeling okay, Lady? Are you not sick anymore?"

But after he had sat himself up and just as he was about to ask the driver
about what he was talking about, Joel had suddenly looked at his reflection
in one of the windows of the bus and his eyes had bugged out and his bottom
jaw has dropped itself down right into the tenth level of hell, for he has
shockingly discovered that he has somehow been transformed into a beautiful

And then, just as the newly-transformed Joel was about to try to figure out
what has exactly happened to her, the bus driver has placed his gentle hand
on her shoulder and asked, "Are you really okay, Ma'am?Could you -- at
least -- tell me what your name is?"

And after she had given those questions some thought and realized that if she
was to tell the bus driver the truth, he would be unable to believe her, the
newly-transformed Joel has taken a deep breath and answered, "My name is
Jane... Jane Morgan. I really am okay. It's just that I had overslept and
possibly missed my stop, that's all."

But then, after the driver has allowed her to get off the bus and continued
on with his route, the person now known as Jane Morgan has sat herself down
on a bus stop bench, placed her hands over her face and thought to herself,
*Wholly fucking shit! It must've been that goth chick that I had bumped into
back at the carnival! She must've put a curse on me and I didn't even know
it! So, what am I suppossed to do now?*

And of course, the answer to that question had came to her soon enough, for
as soon as a female stranger has placed her gentle hand on Jane's shoulder
and that has caused her to turn quickly around, Jane has allowed herself to
let out a sigh of relief after she has discovered that it was the hand of a
beautiful socialite, who had looked at Jane with concerned in her eyes and
asked, "Are you feeling alright?Do you need a place to spend the night?"

And after she has realized that it might've been better for her to spend the
night at a stranger's house than on a bus stop bench, Jane has taken a deep
breath and nodded her head in front of the socialite, who has looked at Jane
with a smile on her lips and said, "Well then, why don't we go over to a
friend of mine and have her give you a checkup to see if you're going to be
okay first. Okay?"

Just then, after she has agreed with the socialite's idea and noticed that
her name was Vivien Spencer, both she and Jane had gone to the medical
office of Doctor Lois Hoffman, where the good doctor has given Jane a
thorough examination and said to her, "Well, Jane. It looks like you have
just recieved a clean bill of health. You just go ahead and get yourself
dressed, while I have a little conversation with your newfound friend."

But after she has left Jane alone in the room, Lois has stepped into her
private office, where she had noticed a bare-ass naked Vivian staring at
the doctor with a small smile on her lips, two of her fingers inside her
hot, wet pussy and her other hand on her own tits.

That has caused Lois to let out a small smile of her own, strip off all of
her clothes, move herself closer to Vivian and said, "Just to let you know,
my darling lover. I had examined your newfound friend and gave her a clean
bill of health. Now, I do believe that it's time for me to collect my fee."

And then, after they had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,
Lois has started licking all over Vivian's nude body -- all the way down to
her hot, moist snatch and carressing her firm breasts and Vivian has placed
her hands on Lois' bare shoulders, stared at the examination room door and
slowly licked her lips.

Just then, as soon as they had finally walked into the Spencer rescidence,
both Jane and Vivian had stepped into Vivian's personal office, where a
female bookwormish assistant has walked up to her employer and said, "I'm
so glad that you're back, Miss Spencer. Because I've got some terrible news
to report to you."

But just she was about to give her report to her mistress, an understanding
Vivian has placed the tips of her fingers on the assistant's lips and said,
"We'll get to that report in a little bit. But right now, could you please
go see if we have a spare room for our new guest for the night?"

And after she had nodded her head in response to her employer's question,
the assistant has led Jane out of the office and into one of the upstairs
bedrooms, where she had opened the closet door, took out a silk nightgown
and placed it on the bed.

And then, after she had closed the closet door, the assistant has placed her
gentle hand on Jane's shoulder, looked at her with a small smile and said,
"You know, it really is a good thing that you were found by my generious
employer. If she hadn't done so, you would be dead right now. Well, all I
could say now is 'sweet dreams'. "

Just then, after the assistant has left the room and Jane has taken all of
her clothes off, she had put on the nightgown, climbed into the bed, closed
her eyes and went to sleep, only to have a strange voice from out of nowhere
saying "Jane Morgan!" cause her to wake-up, get out of bed and follow the
eerie voice to its source.

And so, after she had stepped out of the bedroom and walked down the stairs
to the living room, Jane has discovered that the voice that was calling her
name was getting stronger and causing her to follow it into the basement.

But as soon as she had entered that particular room, a male stranger has
placed himself behind the unsuspecting Jane, raised up a baseball bat and
hit her in the back of the head with it, causing Jane to have no choice,
but to drop down to the floor and become unconscious.

Now of course, poor Jane has no idea as to how long she has been knocked
out-cold, but as soon as she had finally opened her eyes and discovered
that she has been stripped bare-ass naked and tied down tightly to a long
table, a shocked Jane has tried to free herself from her bondage and yelled,

But after she had tried freeing herself from her bondage without any success,
Jane has suddenly heard the sound of a woman having hot and steamy sex,
causing her to turn her head towards the source of that sound and discover
that Vivian was pulling really hard on her assistant's hair and slamming a
strap-on dildo in and out of the assistant's pussy with a crazed look on her
face and the poor assistant has gotten a round plastic gag in her mouth and
tears running down her cheeks.

But just she was about to say a single word to Vivian, a helpless Jane has
heard the sound of someone laughing at her situation, causing her to turn
her head towards the source of the laughter and make the shocking discovery
of Joel's best friend, Brian pumping his stiff cock in and out of the goth
chick's asshole and using each of his hands to carress both her tits and

That was before the goth chick had looked up at the helpless Jane with an
evil smile on her lips, let out a small giggle and said, "Well, my dear Miss
Jane Morgan! I see that your body has adjusted well to the switch from male
to female, which means that the curse of Mistress Meredith Wadman has
performed its job well! Now, it's time to for us to have some real fun!"

And after a sinister-smiling Meredith has placed her lips close to Brian's
ear and whispered something to him, Brian has released his sexual grip on
Meredith, walked over to the helpless Jane and stood over her with a
zombie-like blank stare on his face.

And then, after a devilishly-gleeful Meredith has placed herself on a nearby
sofa and started pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy
and carressing her own tits with the other hand, her mindless sex-slave has
placed his hands on Jane's bare legs and started shoving his stone hard dick
in and out of her snatch, causing poor helpless Jane to scream bloody murder.



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