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Date: 09/20/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, BDSM, female/female sex, rape, male/female sex, graphic

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Eden/Ram/Kimber/Matt

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Summary: After she refuses to accept an offer to star in Ram's latest
bondage-filled film, Eden goes back inside the house to take a nap, only to
have her wake-up in a nightmarish scene.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on Picture Number 11 by an artist named
Suzanne Balivet.

Dedications: None so far.

Nip-Tuck: Attack Of Guilty Conscience
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Eden Lord and I happen to be the 18-year-old daughter -- as a
result of a one night stand while she was in college -- of a beautiful blonde
lesbian bitch named Olivia Lord who keeps on dividing her precious time
between Los Angeles, California and New York City and does not care Jack Shit
about me at all!

And at first, I was about to use each and every one of my fellow students at
the private school that my fucking whore of a mother had slammed me in -- you
know, just like the girl Sarah Michelle Geller had played in the movie 'Cruel
Intentions' -- but that was before I had heard that she had found herself a
new female lover fresh out of Miami, Florida whose name happens to be Julia
Noughton and she had moved herself to 'The Big Apple' with her two kids
because her marriage with one of the two plastic surgeons who had moved
themselves here was on the rocks big time.

And as soon as I had taken a quick look through the new phone book and
discovered that Julia's ex-husband, Doctor Sean McNamara had just opened a
new private practice with his partner, Doctor Christian Troy and another
lesbian bitch whose name happens to be Liz Cruz, I had taken a good enough
look at Sean's picture and discovered that I might had found myself someone
new to play my own little games with and get my revenge on my 'darling'
mother in the process.

And so, after I had played my little sexual mind games with Sean and his
sweet little daughter named Annie, I had decided to finally have my revenge
on that uncaring bitch by slipping a little mickey into her drink to make her
so sick that she would have no choice but to ask her poor darling daughter to
take a loaded gun, shoot her in the head and send that fucking bitch straight
to hell where she belongs, only to have Julia stumble on what I was doing and
gave me no choice but to take that gun and shoot her in the head.

Now, don't get me wrong. I really am glad that Julia was able to survive
that gunshot and yet, sorry that she had no choice but to suffer through
some memory loss. But to tell you the truth, I was so afraid about what
might happen if Julia was able to fully regain her memory that I had gone
to my mother -- yes, the one woman who I had kept on calling a lesbian
bitch and a fucking whore -- for help.

But as soon as I had suddenly realized that if I had told my mother all about
what I had been doing, she would call the LAPD and let them take me to jail
for it, I had decided to get myself as far away from her as I was able to get
which had placed me at the front doorstep of this handsome stud of a
porn-film producer whose name happens to be Ram Peters, who had allowed me to
stay with him and his one hot-looking babe of a lover known as Kimber Henry,
who was once married to Sean's son, Matt McNamara and had a son with him
before she had been forced by Christian to leave poor Matt and take their
baby with her.

And even though I had known full well that Ram was also attempting to mode
me into Kimber's possible porn portege, I had never felt any more safer in
my entire life. As a matter of fact, I had felt so completely safe that I
had finally allowed myself to put on this Harley red and black flame print
swimsuit, step out outside and soak up some sun just before Kimber had
climbed herself out of the pool in this American Flag bikini, walked herself
over to me and said, "I hope that you don't mind if I were to join you."

And of course, I had nodded my head and allowed Kimber to lay herself right
next to me and soak up some sun as well. Then, as soon as a small-smiling Ram
had walked himself over to us and asked, "Say, which one of you two beach
bunnies would like to star in my latest production?I mean, I know that it
might contain some bondage but if we do it right, it might mean an Adult
Video Award for us big time."

But even though Kimber had allowed herself to say 'yes' to Ram's offer, I had
taken a deep breath, looked at him straight in the eye and said, "Sorry, Ram.
But I just don't feel like it. Maybe some other time, okay?", before I had
gone back inside the house and stepped into the master bedroom, where I had
laid myself down on the bed, closed my eyes and went to sleep.

But that was before I had suddenly discovered that there was something that
was shaped like some guy's dick inside my mouth and that had caused me to
open my eyes and shockingly noticed that I had been placed inside some
dungeon-type room and stripped bare-ass naked with a penis ball gag in my
mouth, a submission d-ring collar around my neck and my wrists in a pair of
premium suspension wrist cuffs that were hanging from the ceiling.

And after I had tried to free myself from my bondage without any success, the
door had opened and allowed Ram to step into the room in only a snap leather
vest, a pair of Leatherman color coded leather shorts and a pair of thug
boots and with a fraternity paddle in his hand and that had caused me to look
at him like I was about to forget that I had that gag in my mouth and ask,
"What the fucking hell are you going to do with that paddle?"

But that was before Kimber had suddenly walked into the room in only a little
black leather zip dress and a pair of rock star boots and with a leash in her
hand, looked at me with a small devilish smile on her lips and said, "I know
that you had told us that you want no part of it, Eden. But we have to do it
anyway. After all, what happens to be sexual violation to you happens to be a
true aphrodisiac to us. Don't you agree, Matt?"

And of course, that was before she had given that leash a little tug and
caused a bare-ass naked Matt to step into the room with a cock ring and leash
on his stiff cock, turn his eyes toward Kimber and answer, "Yes, Mistress
Kimber. I really do agree. ", just before she had unzipped her leather dress,
placed one end of the Feeldoe slim double-dildo vibrator inside her pussy and
the other end inside my cunt and allowed her own ex-husband to stick his
stone hard dick inside her asshole and his hands on her tits.

And while Matt was humping his cock in and out of Kimber's ass and she was
also sucking on my mounds, Ram had placed himself behind me and started
smashing that fucking fraternity paddle straight into my ass eight times
before he had unsnapped and slipped off his leather vest, unzipped and pulled
down his leather shorts, placed his hands on my bare shoulders and began
slamming his dick in and out of my sore asshole.

Then, after Kimber had grabbed hold of my ears, pulled on them really hard,
looked at me with those demon-bitch eyes of hers and hissed, "You really do
enjoy it!Don't you, Eden?Admit it, you little fucking whore!You do enjoy
having the shit fucked out of you!", before she had bit really hard on my
tits and caused me to mentally yell at the top of my lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES!

And then, after they had started moving themselves harder and faster and kept
on doing that until the four of us had finally came and it had resulted Ram,
Matt and Kimber lying unconscious on the floor while I was still hanging from
the suspension cuffs on my wrists and a single tear running down my cheek,
only to have someone place his hand on my bare shoulder and that had made me
open my eyes and screamed my head off.

And after I had looked around and noticed that I was still the master bedroom
and I only had a bondage-based sex-dream, I had placed my hand on my forehead
and let out a sigh of relief but that was before I had looked long and hard
at my reflection in the vanity mirror and suddenly realized that I also had
an attack of guilty conscience over all of those terrible things that I had
done to all of the people in my life... most of all, my own mother.

And so, on the very next day, I had waited until both Ram and Kimber had left
the house before I had packed up all of my stuff, sneaked myself out of there
and headed straight for the nearest LAPD precinct house, where I had finally
allowed myself to confess to all of the crimes that I had just committed and
told the officers the reason why I had done those crimes.

And to tell you the truth, I really don't care if it becomes the latest
front page fonder for The Los Angeles Times or gets aired as the top story
on Dateline NBC. I really don't give a fucking shit!I'm just... so glad to
get... all of that... off my chest and... MOM, IF YOU'RE READING THIS RIGHT
to go back to my cell now! Please!



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