Once And Again: Jessie And Katie - The First Time Part 1 (ff)
by The Vert Man ([email protected])

Jessie was just about to nod off after a hard day at Karen's, cleaning house,
Lily had thankfully come to pick her up at 4:30, like she said and Jessie was
almost relieved to see her. Just then she heard Lily's voice coming from the
attic doorway and sat up.

"Jessie," Lily said, "Katie's here."

"Oh, OK," Jessie replied, her heart suddenly pounding, jumping out of bed,
she grabbed her robe and slipped it on. At the moment she wasn't wearing
anything, as she had recently starting sleeping in the buff, after her and
Katie's conversation about it and as Katie had explained, "it's just more
comfortable that way."

The pounding of Katie's footsteps, made Jessie's heart beat faster. Katie's
head soon emerged from the dark and she saw that smile she had grown to love.

"Hey Billie," Katie said clutching a brown paper bag to her chest, "you won't
believe what I found in the attic at my Mom's house."

"What?" Jessie asked,suddenly intrigued, as she tightened her robe, feeling a
little uncomfortable about the hole situation.

"This!" Katie said pulling a box out of the bag and handing it to Jessie,
"It's an erotic movie."

"You mean a porno?" Jessie asked smiling and examining the box closely, "why
did you bring it over here for?"

"To watch it of course," Katie said giggling, "Duh, Billie."

"Your kidding right?" Jessie asked, "Cause you know what will happen if we
get caught."

"We won't," Katie said taking the box and slipping the tape out.

"How can you be so sure?" Jessie asked pointedly.

"Because your Mom and Dad just left for the movies," Katie explained heading
for the VCR, "something about a date."

Putting the tape in and snagging the remote she returned to the bed," and
everyone but Grace is gone," Jessie said smiling brightly and moving towards
the bed to join Katie.

"Exactly, perfect timing," Katie said smiling and loosing herself in Jessie's
eyes for a moment. Jessie felt that moment too and leaned just slightly
towards Katie and smiled saying, "you know you get prettier every time I see

"Oh really," Katie asked leaning closer,their eyes only inches apart.

"Yeh really," Jessie said

"Maybe....." Katie began to reply,when Jessie pressed her lips to Katie's.
Holding it only for a second, Jessie pulled back and smiled before
whispering, "you make me so happy."

"Well, that's sure good news," Katie said as both again got lost in the
moment and their lips met once more, this time with a little more passion.
The kiss was broken far to soon when both heard a sound and jumped apart,
thinking it was Grace or someone else, but it was only the TV, as Katie had
pressed the play button on the VCR remote and the movie had started.

"I think my hearts still beating," Katie said through a giggle.

"Yeh mine too," Jessie replied moving back towards Katie on the bed.

"So you ever watched a porno before?" Jessie asked Katie.

"Yeh a few times," Katie said looking at the screen intensely, "Have you?"

"No," Jessie commented.

"Well, this one is about two young girls that fall deeply in love," Katie
read from the box, "Sounds familiar..."

"HMMM, I wonder why" Jessie said as they smiled at one another and started
to giggle.

The opening scene began and it showed two girls in a bedroom and they where
talking about boys and stuff, typical bad acting. When of course the
conversation turned to lesbians and girl-girl love as one of the girls in
the video called it. The redhead was trying to talk the blonde into trying
it and the blonde didn't seem too interested.

"Is this for real?" Katie asked, "I've scene better acting on Family Law."

"I wouldn't go that far," Jessie giggled, "but this is pretty lame."

The movie went along slowly forever until the blonde, now named Emily,
finally gave in and decided to try it with the redhead, called Celeste's or
something like that. They decided to meet at Celeste's house after school,
where of course no one would be home.

"I hope the sex is worth it," Katie commented after a long silence, "cause
this bites."

"Yeh, I could make a better porno than this," Jessie commented not realizing
it, until it was out of her mouth.

"Maybe we should Billie," Katie replied, obviously making a joke, "cause I'd
love to jump your bones", Katie said going on, then grabbing the knot at the
front of Jessie's robe and holding it as she leaned in and kissed her. A kiss
with more passion than the one's before and one that didn't end as quickly.
Jessie loosing herself in Katie as she wrapped her arms around her neck and
pulled her closer. Falling back on the bed they broke the kiss only for a
second and soon Katie was on top of Jessie as the passion grew.

The need for oxygen finally became more than desire and Jessie pushed Katie
away, not realizing her robe had come undone.

"OH MY GOD!" Katie said,l ooking down at Jessie's almost nude body, "You're

"What?" Jessie said looking horrified, and jumping off the bed and running
towards her closet, "I was lying down when you got here and I didn't have
time to dress."

"It's ok, it's ok," Katie said moving towards Jessie, "I didn't see much."

Jessie retied her robe and began looking through her closet, trying anything
to avoid Katie, "Look could you please just leave. I'll call you later, ok?"

"Uh, ok, if that's what you want," Katie said softly while stopping behind
Jessie, who was still trying to avoid Katie's eyes, "Is that what you want?"

"I dunno," Jessie said as she felt Katie's arms move around her neck and pull
her into a hug. Katie then whispered, "I love you Jessie Sammler and I'll
never leave you!"

"I love you too," Jessie said looking back at Katie and feeling so much
better than just seconds before and enjoying the feeling of having Katie so
close to her,"damn look at that" Jessie said looking over at the tv and
seeing the two girls naked on the bed and Celeste licking away at Emily as
Emily moaned and squirmed under her tongue.

"Damn," Katie said as they both returned to the bed and sat down to watch in
silence. The moment of embarrassment passing unnoticed.

"UHHHHH, oh yeah," Emily moaned in the movie as Celeste licked her to what
appeared to be an awesome orgasm. They lay their for a moment before
switching positions and Emily going down on Celeste. Both Katie and Jessie's
eyes where glued to the TV,only Katie was thinking more about Jessie's body
now than the video. Imagining that it was her and Jessie on that tape. A
minute or so later Emily brought Celeste off in a shuddering orgasm, and a
midst cries of intense passion.

"That was so hot" Jessie said feeling herself getting hornier by the minute.

"Yeh, but neither one of them are as hot as you," Katie said looking at
Jessie with lust in her eyes.

"So you liked what you saw?" Jessie asked,moving closer to the edge of the
bed and feeling very bold.

"Yeh and the movie....." Katie replied lowering her hand to between her legs.

"What about it" Jessie asked quietly.

"I was imagining it was me and you" Katie said,surprised that she said that.

Jessie stood up and walked over to the VCR, where the credits where rolling
and ejected the tape. Laying it down and walking back to the bed, she looked
down at Katie and smiled with a devilish grin. Katie's hand moved tentatively
to Jessie's waist and closed in on the knot in her robe. Katie looking
straight into Jessie's eyes and pulled at one of the strings and looked at
her body as the robe fell open slowly.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Katie asked moving her hands to open the
robe a little more.

"Yes I'm sure" Jessie said moving the top of her robe off her shoulders and
letting it fall to the floor, "I wanna share everything with you."

Katie's eyes widened as she looked up and down Jessie's nude body for the
first time. "Your incredible," she commented softly. Her hands touching
Jessie's bare mid drift for the first time, feeling the soft smooth skin she
felt her body burn hotter with desire. Leaning in next, she kissed Jessie's
belly button, licking in and around it with her tongue and then kissing all
the way around.

"MMMMMMMMM," Jessie purred approving of the attention and desperately wanting
more. Katie's hands roamed down over Jessie's back and to her butt and lower
down her legs. She loved the feeling of Jessie's skin more and more as she
moved. It was like silk, so soft and smooth. Perfect just like Jessie she

"Tell me to stop if you want ok," Katie said looking for a last minute
reassurance before it was to late to turn back.

Jessie looked down at her soon to be lover and smiled, "I want this as much
as you do." Katie, feeling reassured moved back to her exploration and kissed
her way to the top of Jessie's pussy. Covered in just a slight amount of
hair. She kissed the top of the slit and went down further,kissing it all the
way up and down.

"OOOhhhhhhhhh, Katie, don't stop," Jessie moaned lightly as she felt Katie's
tongue enter her lips for the first time,it was something so new and strange
Jessie jumped and Katie pulled away, with a worried look on her face.

"I'm sorry did I hurt you," Katie said with a terrified look on her face as
she stood up.

"No," Jessie said calming her fears, "just surprised me."

"Oh, ok," Katie said feeling relieved,as she felt Jessie's hands move to
her waist and pull at the shirt she was wearing. Feeling more bold now she
grabbed Jessie around the waist and spun around, falling onto the bed, where
they fell into a deep and sensual kiss, that could have lasted for days.
Katie, on top again, broke away and moved her lips to Jessie's neck and
started kissing up and down as Jessie moaned her approval. Kissing slowly
down her body again, she moved to Jessie's hardened and erect nipples,
sucking one into her mouth and squeezing Jessie's small tits in her hand,
she heard Jessie's moans intensify considerably.

"OH yeah," Jessie moaned as she held her hand on Katie's head, "do what you
where gonna do before."

Katie smiled releasing her hold on Jessie's titty and moving back to her
pleasure zone. This time not wasting anytime per Jessie's request, Katie slid
to the foot of the bed and spread Jessie's long slender legs. Running her
hand over her pussy and hearing Jessie purr her approval, Katie quickly moved
her tongue to action. Sliding it up and down Jessie's slit, and going faster
with the sounds of Jessie's approving moans in her ears. She licked faster
and let her tongue slip inside a few times as she continued.

"Katie that feels so hot," Jessie moaned, "I need your tongue so bad."

Getting more turned on by the second, Katie licked Jessie's pussy faster
and harder, driving her new lover closer to orgasm with every pass. Jessie
wrapped her legs around Katie's head as the passion grew and she felt
sensations that where completely foreign to her. Her body racked with these
new feelings and desires. She shook and moaned from the wonderful things
Katie's tongue was doing to her. Not thinking one second about who was or
wasn't home, nor did she care.

"You gonna cum for me Billie?" Katie asked as her desire went crazy, before
attacking Jessie's pussy one final time. She loved the feeling of having
Jessie's thighs against her face and around her neck as she licked at her
love hole and now tried to make her cum.Katie's lips found Jessie's clit
then and she sucked it softly at first and then increasingly harder.

"Yeh YEH YEH, harder don't stop please," Jessie moaned out loud, "I'll cum
for you so good,please don't stop."

Katie sucked harder on Jessie's clit as she felt Jessie's thighs squeeze
tighter around her head and Jessie's body began to tense up. Jessie's moaning
intensified to a low growl and her hands moved to Katie's head trying to
hold her in place as her orgasm exploded into a raging inferno all over her
young body.

Jessie arched her back and almost screamed as her orgasm peaked and Katie
sucked her clit harder. Never had anything been this intense before. Nothing
even compared to it, Jessie thought as her mind went blank and she soared
above the bed. The orgasm finally releasing it's incredible hold on her as
she fell almost limp, onto the bed. Her cum began to cover Katie's greedy
lips and tongue as she licked every drop up. Each pass bringing an
involuntary moan from her new lover.

Breathing ragged and barely able to move, Jessie reached for Katie, who was
doing her best to get all of Jessie's cum and enjoying the taste. She looked
up as Jessie's hand touched her head and saw Jessie's smiling face. Crawling
up to be eye to eye with her she smiled.

" incredible!" Jessie said kissing Katie and turning it into
a french kiss in no time.

They kissed for the longest time as Jessie felt Katie touch her pussy again
and start to rub over her clit. Breaking the kiss, Jessie asked, "Is that my
cum on your tongue or what?"

"Yeh," Katie said kissing her again, "I have to admit I like it."

"That is so weird," Jessie commented.

"You don't like it?" Katie asked.

"Not that it's just I never thought I'd taste my own like that," Jessie

"Well, I like it, it taste good," Katie said sitting up and pulling her shirt
up her stomach, before asking, "Should I?"

"Oh, yeah," Jessie said rolling on to her side and leaning on her elbow.
Katie slipped the shirt up and over her head quickly, revealing the fact that
she wasn't wearing a bra. Soon followed by Jessie's hand on her stomach, a
feeling that Katie wanted badly.

"I knew you where beautiful," Jessie said sitting up, "but damn your hot,"
moving her hands to Katie's tits she leaned in and licked one of nipples.
Then sucking at it for a moment and hearing Katie moan lightly, before she
switched to the other one and repeated herself.

"Oh Jessie, that is so good," Katie moaned needing her lover's attention so

"OH MY GOD," A voice said from across the room, as both Katie and Jessie
jumped apart. Looking to see who it was...

To Be Continued.....


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