Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I am simply borrowing them from ABC
and The Bedford Falls Company to tell this story.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: This is a special altered reality edition of the Jessie and Katie
series. It starts with the same opening as Chapter 9, but takes a major
swerve, when Jessie and Katie catch Zoe watching. Jessie wants her to leave,
but Katie invites Zoe to join them on the bed for a little show and tell, so
to speak. Jessie soon over comes her initial objections and joins in the fun,
making it a hot and very satisfying three way.

Once And Again: Jessie And Katie Part 9 (Altered Reality) - Zoe gets Caught
by The Vert Man ([email protected])
edited by Tabatha

"Katie so good, so hot, so good." Jessie moaned to Katie, just as Zoe sneaked
up the steps. She stopped exactly in the same place where Katie had, and
watched on intently. Seeing Katie's ass moving up and down as her head was
doing the same and as Jessie moaned, got Zoe excited at the very sight. Not
horny, just very curious she thought.

"OHHHHHHH, not so hard I'm gonna scream Katie." Jessie told Katie as she
sucked her clit and tried to drive her towards an orgasm.

Seconds later, Jessie did let out a small scream and pulled the pillow over
her mouth to stifle her intense moaning and screaming as Katie did her best
to make her do it repeatedly.

Jessie had never felt like this she thought while rubbing her tits and
tweaking her nipples as she continued to be ravaged by these wonderful
sensations. Jessie wrapped her legs around Katie's head and squeezed as
she screamed louder into the pillow and bucked her hips, trying to get
Katie to go harder now.

"I'm gonna....cum, oh fuck." Jessie said still moaning, dropping the pillow,
and forgetting her attempts to be anything resembling quiet. Katie battered
Jessie's clit with her tongue and brought her off in a long hard orgasm; one
that made Jessie's whole body shake from the effects. Katie soon received her
reward as Jessie's cum leaked onto Katie's greedy tongue.

"MMMMMMM like it better every time." Katie giggled up to Jessie who was still
breathing hard and didn't want Katie to quit just yet.

"I'm glad you do, cause I love how you make me do it." Jessie replied to

"I wonder if Sarah and Katie ever did this?" Zoe wondered, still watching
from the steps.

"I'm so hot right now," Katie admitted, "and I know you could go again, huh?"

"Yeah and again and again...." Jessie said giggling once more.

"Of course, what have I got myself into?" Katie said smiling at her lover.

"Well, we could 69 if you want," Jessie suggested, "that way neither would be

"You have such a dirty mind." Katie said sitting up and getting Jessie to
roll down on the bed as she stood up and crossed her legs over Jessie's. Now
they were in perfect view for Zoe, unknown to them of course, as Katie backed
up and lowered herself down to Jessie's mouth.

Zoe watched on as the two worked each other into a frenzy. Jessie brought
Katie off first and then Jessie came and it looked to be a hard one as she
was shaking and jerking a lot.

"Oh what a way to celebrate," Jessie commented to Katie after her second
orgasm faded away, "and you're still as smooth as a baby's butt."

"And I plan on keeping it that way, cause I know how you love it." Katie
said looking up at Jessie.

They weren't finished either as Zoe thought they might be. Jessie licked
and sucked away at Katie until she made her scream into the pillows from
her intense orgasm. And Katie repaid the favor once more. Both then lay
exhausted and lucky not to get caught by someone, other than Zoe that is.

"How do they do this for so long?" Zoe asked herself, a little confused
still, even after watching all that had happened.

She listened to Katie and Jessie for a few seconds before figuring it was
best to beat it while the getting was good. Zoe scooted down one step at a
time, thinking she could get away. But as she did, the step she was sitting
on creaked and Jessie and Katie looked to see what happened.

"Zoe Manning," Jessie said sitting up in shock as she spotted Zoe's head,
"how long have you been there?"

"Just a few seconds." Zoe said hoping they'd buy it and she could escape.

"Yeah sure..." Katie said giggling.

"Come up here right now." Jessie said pulling a blanket over herself. Zoe
walked up the last few steps and waited to be screamed at. She was turning a
bright red color and was visibly nervous.

"What in the hell where you doing there?" Jessie asked.

"She was watching," Katie said giggling as Jessie shot her a dirty look,
"duh, Billie."

"Katie, shut up for a second." Jessie said as Katie kept giggling.

"Well, I'm waiting," Jessie said to Zoe,"well?"

"She was curious, Jess," Katie said smiling at Zoe, "can't you see that?"

"Yeah, I was curious," Zoe said before rambling on, "I promise I won't do it
again, just don't tell Mom. I swear I won't say a word."

"Did you like watching?" Katie asked looking Zoe over and still smiling.

"Yeah, it was better than a porno." Zoe said giggling and still blushing.

"Did it make you horny?" Katie asked.

"Katie..." Jessie said in shock.

"UMMMM, not really.... maybe a just a little." Zoe said.

"Lighten up Jess, I'm curious now." Katie said.

"Katie, just let her go." Jessie said moving towards Katie who had stood
up and was walking towards Zoe.

"I wanna know something and you have to answer it for me." Katie standing in
front of Zoe now.

"What?" Zoe said as nervous as she had ever been.

"If you had the chance would you wanna try what we were doing?" Katie asked.

"My god that's enough now stop it." Jessie said sitting up and rolling off
the bed with the blanket wrapped around her.

"Answer the question, Zoe." Katie said rubbing her hand across Zoe's stomach.

"Zoe, just leave it's ok." Jessie said.

"I wouldn't mind getting licked," Zoe said, "but the other thing I doubt

"If I said I'd show you what's like to be licked, would you let me?" Katie
asked Zoe, moving her hand under Zoe's shirt.

Jessie was in shock by now and just stood by watching in disbelief.

"If Jessie won't get mad I guess." Zoe said looking intently at Katie.

"I think your losing your fuckin mind Katie." Jessie said sitting down in the

"Come on Zoe she won't get mad." Katie said pulling Zoe over to the bed and
sitting down beside of her. Katie smiled trying to get Zoe to relax and then
softly kissed her. Figuring out quickly Zoe didn't exactly know what she was
doing, Katie started giving her some pointers and she caught on quickly. Then
Katie showed her how to french kiss, they began to massage their tongue's
slowly. Zoe was getting visibly hot as she kissed Katie.

"Here let's take this off," Katie said lifting Zoe's shirt over her head as
Zoe willing raised her arms. Tossing it aside Katie moved her hands over
Zoe's just forming tits and smiling a devilish grin,"you know I've always
had this fantasy of showing a girl everything about girl/girl love."

Lowering her head she sucked on Zoe's nipple softly and listened for her
reaction. Hearing very little she moved to the other one and sucked on it,
a little harder. Zoe laid her head back and let out a barely audible moan.
Licking both of them again and kissing her way slowly down Zoe's body, she
had Zoe lay down on the bed.

"My girlfriend has lost her fuckin mind!" Jessie said watching the action in
front of her.

"These gotta go too Angel." Katie said kissing Zoe's belly button and
referring to her blue jeans. She unbuttoned them and Zoe quickly pushed at
them as she lifted her hips and Katie slipped them down her long slender
legs. Pulling them off and tossing them to the floor. Zoe then slipped her
panties down as quickly as she could, making Katie giggle at her. Dropping
her panties to the floor, joining the rest of her clothes, Katie looked Zoe
over and marveled at what a beautiful body she had.

"Should I take my socks off?" Zoe asked.

"No, I think they're cute." Katie said laying Zoe back down and kissing her
belly button again.

"She's really gonna do this..." Jessie said to herself, but watching Zoe
smile and giggle, tried to find a reason why Katie shouldn't.

"Come on Jess come over and watch." Katie said having Zoe moved to the top of
the bed. Which she did in a nano second. Jessie dropped her blanket and moved
on to the bed beside Zoe still under protest, she thought. Katie asked Zoe to
spread her legs and Zoe did so, excitedly and looked at Jessie for approval.

"You really want her to do this?" Jessie asked as Katie rubbed her hand
through the tiny bit of hair on Zoe's pussy.

"Yeah, I just wanna try it once." Zoe said as Jessie smiled.

"You know I'd never let anything hurt you right?" Jessie said as Zoe smiled
and nodded her head then letting out a small moan as Katie kissed her pussy
up and down. Jessie leaned in and kissed Zoe's lips softly as Katie slid her
tongue inside and went slow. Letting Zoe get used to the feel. Zoe pulled
Jessie closer to her and before either knew it, they where frenching slowly.
Zoe moaning into Jessie's mouth softly. Katie moved her tongue faster, Zoe
trying to stay as still as possible, clutched the sheets on the bed, and felt
her tongue being messaged by Jessie's.

Katie knowing Zoe was loving it by now, went faster with her tongue and
sucked a little at her lips as she pulled away. Surprised at what was
happening above as she looked up and smiled, she returned to the wonderful
task at hand. Zoe's arms slowly wrapped around Jessie's neck as Jessie
moved across her body and they shared their tongue's with more passion.
Zoe moaning harder into her step-sister's mouth. Zoe bucked her hips as
Katie pulled away and rubbed Jessie's hot little ass, which was now just
above her head. Thinking quick she carefully slipped one finger into
Jessie's tight ass and moved it in and out.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWW..." Jessie moaned as she broke her kiss with Zoe and raised
her head in surprise.

Katie smiled and pulled her finger out, and licked the juice off. Then
lowering her head back to Zoe's love hole, she knew Zoe was close. She
pushed her tongue as far as it would go and started fucking it hard in
and out as Jessie smiled down at Zoe's reaction from above her. Katie's
tongue fucked in and out right under Zoe's clit, faster and faster as
Zoe got closer to her reward.

"She's so close, Katie," Jessie said kissing Zoe's lips again and again as
she moaned and wrapping her arms around Zoe's neck and holding her, "do it,
she's gonna cum."

Jessie was right as they started frenching again, Katie's tongue went faster
and harder as Zoe's body exploded in waves of pleasure she had never known
before. Zoe sucked harder at Jessie's tongue and moaned as loud as she could
in to her mouth. Both of her hands went to fists in Jessie's hair as the
orgasm started. Katie went harder and faster, as Zoe's body was racked with
these new pleasures. Zoe's body went stiff for a few wonderful seconds as her
first girl/girl cum peaked.

Jessie could feel when Zoe started to calm down as she slowed down on there
passionate kiss and her arms went limp around Jessie's neck. Her moaning
also grew soft and she relaxed her hole body. Katie got the biggest reward
she thought as Zoe's cum began bubbling out a few seconds later. Letting it
run onto her tongue and into her mouth, Katie thought nothing could be this
sweet. Sucking Zoe's clit softly she heard Zoe moan one more time and a few
more delicious drops of cum dripped on to her greedy lips.

"There's nothing as sweet as a girl's first cum." Katie said giggling as she
finished licking the cum off of Zoe.

Jessie finally broke her kiss with Zoe and smiled down at her. Zoe had a
dreamy look on her face as she still had her eyes closed, enjoying the
afterglow of her first real orgasm.

"That was so cool." Zoe said as Katie joined them at the top of the bed.

"Was it Zoe?" Jessie giggled and kissed her softly again.

"Oh, yeah nothing ever felt like that." Zoe said opening her eyes as Katie
and Jessie shared a kiss. Little did she know that Katie was sharing her cum
with Jessie. Jessie tasted this sweet flavor on Katie's tongue and massaged
her tongue with Katie's to get more of it.

"Is that her cum?" Jessie asked sitting up over Zoe.

"Yeah, it taste so sweet, huh?" Katie asked giggling.

"Yeah," Jessie said kissing Katie's lips again, "maybe Zoe wants to taste

"I dunno, does it taste funky?" Zoe asked as both Jessie and Katie giggled.
Katie then kissed Zoe softly letting her taste her tongue and giving her the
first taste of her own cum. Zoe kissed Katie back and moved her lips faster
as she liked the taste and definitely wanted more.

"Calm down, Zo," Jessie giggled as Katie pulled away.

"Now what?" Zoe asked.

"I dunno," Katie said,"unless Jessie wants taste your tight little pussy

"Your mind is so dirty." Jessie said smiling at Katie.

"Uh huh, and I bet that hadn't even crossed your mind?" Katie said rubbing
softly at her own pussy.

"No, actually it hadn't," Jessie admitted honestly, "I was wondering if it
got you as hot as you thought it would."

"Oh yeah, so hot," Katie said as Jessie smiled, "now I'm ready to go all over

"What would you say if Zoe wanted to lick your bald pussy?" Jessie asked,
"Would you let her?"

"Will you?" Katie asked as Zoe sat up and smiled nervously.

"I guess I could try it." Zoe said.

"Only if you want to." Jessie said kissing Zoe softly and then pulling her
by the hand in front of her. Katie moved up on the bed and spread her legs
willing. Watching Zoey intently and hoping with every fiber of her being Zoe

"You can taste it first" Jessie said putting her arms around Zoe's waist and
hugging her close.

Zoey leaned forward with Jessie's arms still around her waist and rubbed
Katie's pussy softly. Looking back at Jessie she closed her eyes and felt
Jessie kiss her again. Smiling she turned back to Katie, the one who had
just made her cum so good and leaned forward again.

"MMMMMMMMMM oh," Katie moaned softly and pinched her nipples as she felt
Zoe's tongue lick up her slit for the first time.She watched closely next
as Zoe's tongue disappeared inside her and started to fuck her pussy slowly.
Jessie smiled up at Katie, and moved Zoe's hair into a ponytail behind her

"Is it ok?" Jessie asked of Zoey. Who went faster with her tongue and moaned
into Katie's pussy softly. Jessie moved beside Zoe and touched her hand to
Zoe's pussy and began to rub it softly, finding her clit almost instantly and
running it between her fingers. Zoe moaned louder as did Katie and she went
faster with her tongue in and out of Katie's love hole.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW yeah, please go faster." Katie moaned to Zoe.

Jessie smiled as Zoe tried her best to pleasure Katie and spread her legs
more for Jessie. Jessie's fingers went faster up and down her sister's pussy,
as before, focusing on her clit.

Zoe had one hand on each of Katie's thighs, looking like she was holding her
legs open, Jessie thought. Katie now had her eyes closed and was arching her
back slowly and her body shook with pleasure. She squeezed her titties harder
and tweaked her nipples, driving fast towards an orgasm. But not wanting this
to end so quick.

"OH yeah you're doing it so good." Katie moaned taking Jessie's place,
holding her hair and moaning louder as she tried to get Zoe to stop for a
second. Zoe looked up in surprise with Katie's juices all over her face and
Katie thought how much she would love to kiss her lips right now. But she
instead instructed Zoey on what to do next. "Here baby suck it right here,

Zoey smiled and lowered her head and began to suck Katie's clit as she had
asked. Sucking it harder and harder as Katie's moans turned more intense and
Zoe's pussy felt like it was gonna explode from what Jessie was doing to it.
Jessie would stop just short of making her cum, she had now done this several
times Zoey thought, as she sucked Katie harder and harder.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN..." Zoe moaned moving her lips away from Katie for
a second as she neared her orgasm and again Jessie stopped and smiled
devilishly, "Make Katie cum for me and I'll make you cum, too."

Zoe sucked Katie's clit back into her mouth and heard Katie scream out as
she sucked harder and harder on her love bud. Katie stopped herself from
wrapping her legs around Zoe's head, fearing it was scare her off. Zoey was
so close and so was Katie, Jessie tried her to best to time it right and
bring them off together.

Still with her hands on Katie's thighs she heard Katie say through an intense
moan, "Zoe I'm Cumming, oh fuck I'm Cumming."

Jessie brought Zoey off just at that moment as both came together. Zoe
sucking Katie's clit as hard as she could as Katie arched her back and
screamed into the pillow. Zoe's body tensed up as she came and she tried
to keep her lips on Katie's clit. Katie's orgasm was hard and long as
she whimpered in to the pillow and finally relaxed. Zoe sucked her
softer now like Katie had as she tasted Katie's girl-cum flow on to her

Zoey relaxed as her cum squirted onto Jessie's waiting hand. Licking the cum
off of Katie's pussy she liked the sweet taste immediately. Katie laid the
pillow down and tried to regain her breathe. Zoey cleaned Katie's love hole
and lifted her head as Katie smiled down at her.

"I'm in love with you right now" Katie said as Zoey felt herself being rolled
over. She laid her head back on to Katie's stomach and watched as Jessie
licked the girl-cum off of her pussy.Moaning a little and getting turned on
all over again. Jessie sucked her clit as Zoey moaned louder and took Katie's
hand and squeezed it.

"MMMMMMM, make your hot little sister cum." Katie said to Jessie.

It didn't take long for her to do it either. Battering Zoe's clit with her
tongue, Zoey squirmed and begged her to go faster. Jessie's hand found Zoe's
other as she sucked on her sister's clit and felt her buck her hips slightly.
Zoe's third orgasm was stronger than the first two and lasted so much longer.
It came on suddenly and kept getting harder and harder, until Katie wondered
if she would hurt herself jerking and pulling at their hands.

Finally collapsing on to the bed, Katie felt her body go limp and Jessie
lifted her head with a smile as Zoe's cum began to squirt again. This time
almost like a guys. Shooting into the air an inch or so and landing on
Jessie's face.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, man I love that so much." Zoe said barely able to

"You are such a hot fuck, Zoe." Jessie said kissing her way up Zoe's sweaty
young body after cleaning her cum up.

"Yeah, she's my kinda girl." Katie said playing with Zoe's hair.

"All I can say is...." Zoey started then losing her breath again.

"Yeah." Katie and Jessie said at the same time and beginning to giggle.

"It's a lot more fun to do than watch." Zoe finally said and Katie and Jessie
soundly agreed as all three moved to the top of the bed and fell fast asleep
in only a few minutes.

To be Continued...... Maybe....


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