Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I am simply borrowing them from
ABC and The Bedford Falls Company to tell this story.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The second part of the Altered version to the original Chapter 9.
This one is simply a continuation of what happened. It starts out the next
morning when Zoey wakes Katie up and then Jessie catches them and before you
know it, thier all three going at again. Later, Jessie gets her first
buttfucking and Zoey learns a lot more from the horny pair.

Warning: We interrupt your regularly scheduled moaning and friggin yourself
to bring you this special news bulletin; For those of you, who like the Anal
thing and find it a turn-on, well you're in luck. As for the ones who don't
well you might not wanna read this edition of the series. You have been
warned. Now please return your fingers below your waist and to their original
position (which ever end that may be) and continue on as usual. Thank You and

Once And Again: Jessie and Katie and Zoe (in Friends and Lovers) -
(Chapter 9 Altered/Version 2.0)
by The Vert Man ([email protected])
edited by The Deep Dork Secret

"Katie?" Zoe asked as Katie rolled over in bed, "are you awake?"

"No why?" Katie grumbled.

"Can we do it some more?" Zoe asked tentively.

Suddenly Katie recognized the voice and looked up, wiping the sleep from her
eyes and noticing it was still dark out.

She saw Zoey's smiling face. Moving close to her she leaned in and kissed her
softly and whispered "Morning Sunshine."

"Morning," Zoe said smiling impatiently, "can we do it some more....please?"

"Jessie's still asleep," Katie said pulling Zoe down next to her, "shouldn't
we wake her up first?"

"No, I'd rather it just be me and you right now," Zoe said kissing Katie and
smiling hopefully.

"Why me?" Katie asked moving her hand under the cover and across Zoe's naked

"Because you made me cum best of all," Zoe said shyly, "the first time was

"So you just woke me up so I'll eat your pussy?" Katie asked.

"No," Zoe said getting worried she had made Katie mad, "I'll do it for you,
too. I just woke up thinking about it and just wanted to do it really badly."

"Ok, but you have to go first," Katie said pulling the covers off of her and
Zoe and tossing them to the floor.

"Oh, so I get to lick your bald pussy first this morning huh?" Zoe aked
trying to keep a striaght face and sound sexy to Katie.

"Yes, you sure do my young lover," Katie said kissing Zoe softly, "and if you
keep talking like that I'm not gonna need much help in cumming."

Zoe giggled and moved between Katie's now spread legs. Laying down flat on
her stomach, she again put one hand on each of Katie's thighs and started
licking her pussy from top to bottom. Her head bobbing up and down slowly as
Katie squirmed as little as possible and moaned. Tweaking her nipples she
knew it wasn't gonna take much to get her off. Zoe was fast learning what it
took to do it the right way, Katie observed. Katie closed her eyes breifly
as Zoe rubbed her tongue up and down on Katie's clit.

"Where did you learn that at?" Katie asked through a moan.

"It was in that video Sarah let me borrow" Zoe said, "did I do it ok?"

"Yeh, baby you did it so good," Katie said urging Zoe to do it again. Zoe
did as Katie wanted and began to rubbing her tongue again up and down on her
clit. Never losing contact for even one second. Katie moaned and squirmed
harder to let Zoe know how good it felt.

"OH Fuck girl, your gonna make me cum" Katie announced as her body then
exploded amidst Zoe's constant clit rubbing. Tasting Katie's cum, Zoe lowered
her head and let it run down her tongue into her mouth as Katie watched.

Sucking her clit a second later, a shot of cum then squirted against Zoe's
chin and both started giggling. She finished cleaning Katie up and kissed her
pussy all over one more time. Then kissing every few inches up Katie's body,
for no other reason than she had saw that in the video too and thought it
looked sexy.

"MMMMMMMMMMM," Katie cooed tasting her cum on Zoe's soft lips, "now that you
did as I asked you get a treat."

"I need it so bad," Zoe said laying down on the bed.

"NO, NO," Katie giggled, laying down on the bed herself, "we're gonna do
something a little different."

"Like what?" Zoe asked sitting up.

"You gonna ride my face," Katie said instructing Zoe on what to do. Zoe did
as Katie said and crossed her legs over Katie's face. Then extended her legs
above Katie's head as far as she could and lowered her pussy on to Katie's
waiting mouth. Feeling her tongue slide in Zoe moaned and started bouncing

"Oh, I love this," Zoe moaned to Katie softly.

Jessie awoke to what was fast becoming her favorite sound, moaning. Rolling
over she was slightly surprised to see what was going on beside her. Zoe was
on top of Katie's face. In the 69 position, with her legs fully extended
above Katie's head and holding herself up over the rest of Katie's hot little
body. Her hips where slowly bouncing up and down on Katie's tongue, fucking
Zoe's love hole as Zoe moaned intensely. Looking back at Katie every once in
a while and smiling as she fucked herself silly and got closer to cumming.
Katie's hands where holding Zoe's hips as they bounced and moaning a little

"OH Katie," Zoe moaned as Jessie joined her sister on the other end of the
bed and began kissing her soft lips, again and again.

"Yeh, fuck her face," Jessie said to Zoe before kissing her again. "I'll bet
it feels good having her tongue in that tight young pussy, huh?"

"Uh HUh," Zoe said smiling and bouncing a little harder as Jessie moved her
hand to Zoe's nipples and tweaking them one at a time.

"I bet your gonna cum right?" Jessie asked Zoe as she nodded her head yes
and looked back at Katie one more time before she began to cum. Katie wrapped
her arms around Zoe's ass and back, pinning her tight little pussy down to
her face and rammed her tongue in as deep as it would go and began to suck
on Zoe's clit. Zoe threw her head back and moaned out loud for more as the
wonderful sensations swept over her body, much like the previous night, when
she first experienced the wonders of girl/girl love.

"Oh yeah, cummin so good," Zoe said with Jessie now kissing her neck and the
orgasm fading slowly away. She started to bounce her hips again. Trying to
get every last ounce of pleasure she could from Katie's tongue. Her cum
beginning to fill Katie's waiting mouth a drop at a time. Finally after a
few more seconds of slow rythmic fucking, Zoe layed down on top of Katie and
tried to regain her breath and strength.

"You guys got an early start," Jessie giggled as Zoe rolled off Katie on to
the bed.

"Zoe woke me up this morning and ask me if we could do it some more," Katie
said laying beside Zoe and kissing her, "so I figured we would do something
a little different."

"So now that I'm up we can have some fun, huh?" Jessie asked rubbing Zoe's
pussy softly and looking at Katie.

"Oh yeah, more fun with three," Katie said as all three giggled.

"Whatta say we take turns sucking her clit?" Jessie said rolling Zoe over and
getting her into position and then lowering her head and licking Zoe's now
exposed pleasure bud, much to Zoe's approval.

"Your both gonna do it?" Zoe asked looking up at Jessie and Katie.

"Yeh, sweetheart," Katie said sucking her clit for a second softly, "does
that feel good?"

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEH," Zoe moaned to Katie as Jessie then took her turn.
Sucking it a little longer and harder. Then Katie again, a little longer and
harder. Katie and Jessie each took one of Zoe's wondering hands and laced
their fingers with her as they continued their oral assualt on her clit.
Sucking a little harder each time and making Zoe moan louder and louder. Zoe
started to raise her hips meeting Jessie and Katie's lips each time.

"You don't good..... feels," Zoe commented through a moan.

"Yes we do, baby," Katie said as Jessie sucked Zoe's clit in a long deep
breath, "that's why where we doing it to you."

"Katie, Jessie I love you so much" Zoe moaned on the verge of screaming as
Katie took her turn and sucked it in a long deep breath too, "can I cum......
AWWWWWWWWWWW God.........please."

"Ok, you had enough?" Jessie asked rubbing her hand up and down Zoe's sweaty
young body.

"NO, I WANNA CUM," Zoe begged.

Jessie kissed Katie as they smiled at each other and lowered their heads
together to Zoe's pussy. One to one side and the other taking the other side.
Meeting in the middle right on Zoe's clit and beginning to suck as they
kissed and battered her love bud with their dueling tongue's endlessly. Both
loving the ever increasing sound of Zoe moaning and the jerking off her young
body. Knowing Zoe was now realizing what true pleasure really was.

Zoe began to arch her back as her orgasm slammed into her body like a train
and washed over her like a wave. Screaming out loud as her whole body tensed
up, she jerked at the hands of the ones giving her this intense pleasure and
begged for it to never end. Finally feeling it fading away Zoe began to cum
on Jessie and Katie's tongue's as they let her clit go with a loud audible
popping sound. Still jerking at every lick of her pussy, Zoe felt every lick
of her lover's greedy tongue's.

"I've never seen anyone cum this much" Katie giggled as Zoe's pussy was still
dripping her sweet girl cum.

"The more the better" Katie giggled as she licked Zoe's cum and Zoe squirmed
as she sucked her clit again and brought another few drops of her cum.

"Is your clit sore Zoe?" Jessie asked laying down beside her and leaning on
one elbow.

"NO," Zoe said as both Jessie and Katie giggled.

"And I'll bet your still horny as hell, huh," Katie asked from the other side
of her.

"You make me horny like this," Zoe said as Katie hugged her and then kissed
her playfully.

"I swear I'm falling in love with her," Katie said giggling.

"She's special alright," Jessie said joining in on the hug.

"So Jess you remember last night when I put my finger in your ass?" Katie
asked smiling a evil grin.

"Yes, it was sorta of a shock why?" Jessie asked.

"Would you let me fuck your ass?" Katie asked as a shocked look came over
Zoe's face.

"Are you serious?" Jessie asked sitting up.

"Yes, Billie, I am," Katie said moving around Zoe and sitting beside Jessie,
"I think you would like if you let me."

"Well, having your finger up there wasn't so bad," Jessie admitted, "but
wait, how would you do it?"

Katie squealed excitedly and jumped off the bed and ran for her bag. Pulling
out a velvet bag out of her overnight and laying it on the bed. Then removing
a double dildo of sorts from the velvet. She folded the velvet and asked Zoe
to spread her legs a little and ran the velvet over her pussy. Zoe gasped in
shock as she felt it touch her pussy.

"Feels good, huh," Katie said doing it a little faster and making Zoe moan
out loud.

"OH yeah, that is so nice," Zoe said as Katie stopped and handed the back to

"Here you go," Katie said, "you can have it. A little present for last

"What did I do?" Zoe asked.

"Letting me show you some stuff," Katie said kissing Zoe long and passionate.

Jessie began to inspect the dildo, she quickly figured with the straps what
went where. One end goes in her and the other end goes in me, she thought.
Still totally unsure about this whole thing and getting a little jealous of
Katie's attention to Zoe. They where now frenching with Katie laying on top
of Zoe.

"Ok, you two give it a rest already," Jessie said pulling them apart and
seeing a look of disappointment on both of their faces. "Explain to me how
you wanna do this?"

"Ok, I put this in my me and I put this end in your hot little ass," Katie
said smiling and taking it from Jessie. Laying down on the bed, she slipped
an end in her pussy and moaned while doing it, then with Zoe's help she
strapped it in place and sat up.

"OH MY GOD," Jessie said laughing out loud and falling down on the bed, "you
look so ridiculous."

"Yeh, I know," Katie giggled, "now come over here and help me get it wet."

Jessie and Zoe took Katie's directions and started sucking on the dildo. Zoe
more than Jessie really sucked it like she had seen in the videos. Stroking
it with her hand and jerking on it as it slid in and out of Katie ever so

Finally Katie pulled Zoe up and kissed her as Jessie got on her hands and

"Ok, put a finger in her ass, Zoe," Katie whispered to Zoe as she kissed her
softly. Zoe did as Katie said and slid her middle finger in, very slowly.
Jessie gasped and looked back at Zoe. Who froze and asked if she was hurting
her step-sister.

"No, it's really nice do it some more" Jessie said as Zoe slid her finger in
and out a few times and was getting turned on all over again from the moaning
Jessie was doing. Katie pulled Zoe's finger out and licked the juice off.
Then motioning for Zoe to move up to the top of the bed. She positioned her
self at Jessie's puckered little anus and pushed in all at once. A gasping,
almost scream came from Jessie as Katie bottomed out in her ass.

"Katie, your hurting her," Zoe said angrily as she lowered her head to
Jessie's and asked if she was alright. Katie leaned forward and kissed
Jessie's shoulders one at a time.

"Calm down, Zoe," Katie said, "ok just relax Billie, ok. Get used to it, I
know it hurts, but I swear I wouldn't do it if I didn't know you'd love it."

Slowly Katie moved back to her position and pulled back. Every movement was
amplified by a million times, Jessie thought as she grimaced with the slowly
fading pain. She then grunted as Katie moved out of her and back in,
repeating it as the last of the real pain faded and was replaced by this
burning sensation that shot an electric bolt of lightning straight to her
clit. She thought for a second what it would be like to have Zoe sucking on
her clit right then, but quickly lost her train of thought as Katie went

"OH SHIT," Jessie moaned from the buttfucking she was receiving from Katie.
Zoe leaned back and tweaked her nipples and took the velvet back and started
rubbing it on herpussy slowly. Making herself moan and jerk from the
sensation's it caused. Katie let one arm fall to her side and give Zoe a
perfect shot of her dildo pumping in and out of Jessie's tight little bottom.
Jessie was maoning out loud now and grasping and groping at the sheets.

"OH GOD YES BUTTFUCK ME HARDER," Jessie commanded of Katie as she smiled and
fucked her harder. The dildo making her moan to as it bounced off her clit
and slid in and out. "Harder, HARDER, HARDER.....FUCK MY ASS HARDER KATIE!"

Katie pumped harder and Zoe rubbed the velvet over her pussy faster as she
neared an orgasm. Jessie started pushing back at Katie, meeeting her thrusts
every time. Katie watched Zoe tense up and begin to shake from the orgasm
that gripped her body. Rubbing the bag furously until she finally collapsed
with a huge smile on her face and one arm covering her sweat covered brow.

Katie started slamming Jessie's ass hard as her lover squeled and pushed back
harder. Using both of her hands to fuck back with all her force and moaning
and growling so hard it felt like it would hurt. Katie fucked her ass a
little harder and was going as fast as she could when Jessie looked back at
her and said, "My ass cumming, make me cum hard."

Katie complied and gave it all she had as Jessie screamed into the bed from
the buttfucking as the orgasm, literally tore her a new one. Katie realizing
Jessie had never cummed this hard, begin to shake and cum herself. Laying
forward as Jessie's orgasm faded. Katie pumped in and out until she too felt
hers fade. Both then fell to the bed, sticky with sweat and nearly exausted.
The dildo popped free from Jessie's ass with some help from Zoe, who looked
at Katie before starting to suck her step-sister's juice off slowly. Taking
as much she could in her mouth at once.

Katie flipped the straps and let Zoe pull it out of her pussy and Zoe started
sucking the other end with Katie's cum off.

"Told you you'd love it," Katie said out of breath.

"Do it again," Jessie said also out of breath herself, "my ass is so empty
right now. I love cumming like that."

"Tell me you liked getting buttfucked, baby?" Katie asked softly to Jessie.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I loved getting buttfucked so much" Jessie said still
enjoying the afterglow of the moment.

"My ass has never felt like that before. It was on fire. I never wanted it
to stop."

"I'll do it again anytime you want," Katie said kissing Jessie and rolling
her over and spreading her legs for Zoe. "Come here and give your sister some
loving, baby."

Zoe smiled and licked at Jessie's cum covered pussy. Her head bobbing up and
down, as she licked it from Jessie's just fucked anus all the way to the top
of her slit. Katie rubbed Jessie's pussy a little to get some of her cum as
Zoe stopped and then restarted. Letting Jessie lick the cum off her fingers
a second later. Jessie couldn't resist as she was almost an unwilling
participant. Just moaning and filling Katie suck her nipples and Zoe find her
clit. Zoe started to suck it while Katie told her how to do it. Jessie moaned
and begged for Zoe to continue.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH her lips are so soft," Jessie moaned not quite able to believe
the incredible sensation Zoe's lips on her clit was giving her. She squirmed
harder and begged Zoe to suck it for her. "AWWWWWWWWW, Zoe your lips feel so
good baby. Suck it for me please."

"Zoe's such a good little pussy licker," Katie said smiling and again rubbing
Jessie's pussy as Zoe stopped and smiled, her face now covered in Jessie's
juice. Katie cupped Jessie's mound in her head and said, "Zoe your doing such
a good job on her pussy. Let me see you lick her ass."

Zoe smiled and lowered her head to Jessie's freshly fucked ass and putting
her hands under her hips moved her just enough so she could lick it. Katie
watched closely as she stuck her tongue in and it disappeared in Jessie's

Jessie moaned at the invasion and squirmed harder raising her hips higher in
the air now. Katie then moved her hand off Jessie's mound and spreading her
pussy lips and exposing her clit, began to suck it for herself.

"Oh god," Jessie said her hole body trembling as Zoe fucked her ass and Katie
sucked her clit. Harder and harder Katie sucked as Zoe fucked her ass harder
with her tongue. Katie's hands went to Jessie's thighs to hold them in place
as her and Zoe worked her into a frenzy. Jessie started cumming a few seconds
later and sprayed her cum all over Zoe's cute little face as she went limp
again. Zoe and Katie took turns licking her pussy to get all the sweet girl
cum of the moment. Then falling beside Jessie in a long french kiss.

Katie picked up the dildo and rubbed it across Jessie's pussy as she lay
their motionless and let Zoe lick off the juice. Which she did and pumped in
it like a real cock as Katie giggled.

"UMMMMMM," Jessie said still not quite able to move, "Thank you."

"You gonna let me show you what it feels like?" Katie asked as Zoe's eyes lit
up with interest.

"You mean like you did with Jessie?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh," Katie said pulling Zoe on to her stomach and rubbing betwen her
cheeks, "about right here."

Zoe moaned as a finger disappeared inside her ass and Katie slid it out and
started putting the dildo back on.

"I'll probabely cum before I get all the way in," Katie said as Zoe wiggled
her ass excitedly in front of Katie. Who was now behind her new young lover.
Katie knew she wanted, so she figured why bother wasting anytime with warm
ups and just slipped her head in Zoe's untra tight little ass. Zoe laid her
head down and moaned as Katie pushed all the way in like she did for Jessie.
Jessie by now had recovered a little and moved down to where she could meet
Zoey's eyes. Katie waited for Zoe to adjust and then as she sensed she was,
started to pump it slowly in and out.

"OH YEAH," Jessie cooed to Zoe, "your such a hot little fuck. Taking it in
the ass like that."

Katie pumped harder as Zoe clawed at the sheets and moaned intensely.

"UH HUH, I know it feels good" Jessie said kissing Zoe and loving the moaning
Zoe was doing, "you like getting buttfucked by Katie, huh?"

"UH HUH OH YEAH SO MUCH," Zoe moaned barely able to breath with Katie pumping
harder on her ass. Katie had Zoe's ass cheeks spread as wide as they would go
as she watched the ripples run through them and she fucked her lover harder.

"Getting buttfucked is the best," Jessie cooed to Zoe, "fuck her ass harder,
she loves it."

"OH ,you keep talking dirty like that I'm gonna cum" Katie said pounding
Zoe's ass harder as Jessie picked up the velvet bag from earlier and moved
to Zoe's pussy and start rubbing it gently. "rub it on her clit Jess, right
on it."

"OH GOD, STOP, PLEASE," Zoe almost screamed as Jessie made contact. Rubbing
it gently over Zoe's clit as Katie leaned forward and took a new angle on
fucking Zoe's ass.

"NO way lover you wanted to get it in the ass and now you gotta take all we
can give you like a good girl," Katie said as she neared her orgasm and
fucked Zoe a little harder. Zoe clawed at the sheets and moaned intensely,
as both Jessie and Katie worked her body over and tried to give her the
hardest cum she would ever have. Jessie worked the velvet right around Zoe's
clit in slow motion.

"UHHHHHH, I love it like that," Zoe moaned getting ready to come herself.

"Tell me how much," Katie said as she started to cum all over the dildo in
her pussy.

"I love it in the ass so much," Zoe said as she groaned out loud and laid her
head back. Her orgasm peaking and Zoe's just beginning.Katie came down slowly
and slammed all the way into Zoe's tight bottom and started giving her short,
but hard shots as she cum. Jessie kept her work with the bag up non-stop and
they soon had Zoe moaning for mercy in the hardest cum of her life. Jessie
even took a nipple in her mouth to intensify the pleasure that much more.

"OH yeah, take it all, Zoe," Katie moaned giving her one last hard shot as
Zoe fell limp to the bed on her side. Katie fell behind her with the dildo
still firmly in Zoe's ass. Jessie spread her step-sister's legs and began
to lick her sweet cum off. Katie kept pumping Zoe's ass slowly as Jessie's
tongue licked her cum off. Zoe moaning uncontrollably at the top of the bed.

"My ass feels so good," Zoe finally managed to say through the moaning she
was doing, "I never wanted it to stop."

Katie hearing this started fucking Zoe's ass harder again from behind her and
Jessie started sucking her clit. Zoe closed her eyes and let a loud moan of
instant approval. Arching her back and pulling a blanket over her face, so
she wouldn't be heard screaming, as she thought she was going. Zoe felt Katie
fuck her ass hard again and this time Jessie wasn't just rubbing her pleasure
bud, she was sucking it, and hard, too.

Zoe couldn't believe what all had happened in the last 12 hours, she was
watching Jessie and Katie fuck and before she knew it she was in the middle
of this hot threeway and literally getting her brains fucked out by her
step-sister's lover and her step-sister was working her clit, like a pro.
Not that Zoe knew what a pro felt like, but it was still incredibly
wonderful. Zoe felt something rub against her nose and for whatever reason
opened her eyes and saw Jessie's pussy only an inch away. Acting
instinctively she pulled it to her mouth and started doing the only she knew
to do. Suck Jessie's little bud for her.

"OH SHIT, YES," Jessie moaned in surprise, moving her head away from Zoe's
clit, and looking to watch Zoe suck her's for a second. The closer she got to
her orgasm with Katie buttfucking her, the harder she sucked, Jessie noticed.
Trying to concentrate on Zoe's, but having a hard time.

"Zoe's a hot little lesbian now," Katie moaned to her as she pumped her ass
hard and fast again. Nearing her own orgasm and feeling it coming on so quick
she couldn't hold back if she wanted to. Before she could cum Zoe started and
as Katie held her hips and kept driving into her. Zoe sucked violently on
Jessie's clit, bringing her off in a shuddering orgasm. Zoe's body tensed up
and her ass clamped down on Katie's dildo, trapping it in her ass and making
it hard to move in or out very easily. So Katie moaned as she fucked herself
to an awesome orgasm within seconds of Jessie and Zoe's.

"OH fuck, that was awesome," Zoe cooed a few seconds later as Jessie licked
the last of her cum off of Zoe's now glistening pussy. Katie slowly slid in
and out of Zoe's ass. "Oh Katie, that is so good."

"Yeh, my baby can fuck," Jessie giggled while kissing Katie's thigh and
rubbing Zoe's pussy a little.

Katie finally pulled the dildo out of Zoe's ass as Zoe groaned and a loud
audible pop could be heard. Zoe lay there motionmless for the next few
minutes as did Jessie and Katie. Finally Katie moved up behind Zoe and
kissed her neck softly, while Jessie had an idea.

"Is your clit sore now?" Katie asked Zoe.

"No," Zoe said in response.

"Well, that means you gotta keep cummin till it is," Katie said as Zoe
smiled, appearantly liking that idea very much.

Jessie moved in front of Katie and kissed Zoe's lips softly.

"Yeh I wanna see you ride Katie's face again" Jessie said as Katie smiled and
quickly agreed, "if you do it, we'll let you join in next time I promise."

"OK," Zoe said excitedly and sitting up as she felt a head rush and wondered
if she had the energy to do it. Katie laid down on the bed and Jessie let her
hands roam all over Zoe's sweaty body. Zoe crossed her legs over Katie's face
and lowered herself down. Katie's tongue found her hole instantly and Zoe
leaned forward even before Jessie could get into position to watch, like she

Zoe smiled and started to bounce gently like before, with her legs now fully
extended above Katie's head. A loud sucking noise could be heard as Zoe's
clit came in contact with Katie's lips time and again. Zoe moaned a little
louder each time she felt Katie suck at her clit. It sent shots of pleasure
through her entire body every time. She smiled as Jessie kissed her and they
began frenching. A deep and sensual soul kissing, massaging their tongue's
with each others for a long moment.

"OH, feels too good," Zoe moaned as Jessie pulled away.

"You can take it, baby," Jessie said kissing Zoe again as she bounced a
little harder, riding Katie's tongue for all it was worth. Her arms straining
to hold her up after all that had happened this early morning. Katie sucked
increasingly harder on Zoe's now sensitive little bud as she drew her closer
to an orgasm. Wanting to taste her lover's sweet girl cum once more. Jessie
started rubbing her pussy up and down Katie's smooth thigh almost
instinctively a second later.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH, yes so goood," Zoe moaned.

Jessie was unknowningly driving Katie towards a final cum too, as she worked
her pussy up and down her thigh. She was also rubbing her thigh against
Katie's pussy. All three horny young girls moaning as one and wanting badly
to cum once more, Jessie observed a few seconds later. Katie pulled Zoe's
love hole to her mouth and began to fuck it fast with her tongue and suck at
her clit as Zoe moaned louder and felt her body ready to explode.

"OHHHH, it's cumming, I'mma cum so hard" Zoe moaned as Jessie fucked herself
faster, nearing her own orgasm.

"Yeh, let it all out, baby," Jessie said kissing Zoe, "cum for me, cum for me
and Katie. Let her have your sweet cum. She'll suck it all out for you, and
it'll feel so good."

"I know, oh god here it comes" Zoe moaned thrashing her head around as her
orgasm took hold and Katie sucked her pussy for more and drove her body into
convulsions almost with the force of her orgasm. Jessie kissed Zoe's neck
softly and kept talking dirty to her all the way through her intense cumming.
"UHHHHHNNN, feels so good cumming like this."

"Yeh, I know baby let it out all," Jessie said as she felt her own orgasm
explode in her pussy and rocket through her body. Katie arched her back and
sucked violently at Zoe's pussy as she felt her orgasm tear through her.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH, god she's suckin my cum out so good," Zoe moaned she touched
Katie's chin. After a few wonderful seconds all three went limp on the bed.
Completely and utterly exausted. Zoe fell on top of Katie and Jessie fell off
to the side.

"Come on, Zoe," Jessie said pulling her off Katie after a minute and getting
her to the top of the now cum covered bed.

All three lay back down and thought about what had just happened and smiled.
Again falling fast asleep as the morning light began to shine.


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