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to tell this story.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The 9th in a new on going series, exploring the life of Once and
Again's wonderful characters of Jessie Sammler and Katie Singer. In this
edition Grace returns from her night at Sarah's to help paint ZoŽ's room.
This gets very interesting when Zoe becomes curious about kissing and Sarah
decides to show her a thing or two.

Once And Again: Jessie And Katie Part 9 - Kiss This
by The Vert Man ([email protected])
edited by Anna Turner and Chris Franklin

"Katie so good, so hot, so good." Jessie moaned to Katie, just as Zoe sneaked
up the steps. She stopped exactly in the same place where Katie had, and
watched on intently. Seeing Katie's ass moving up and down as her head was
doing the same and as Jessie moaned, got Zoe excited at the very sight. Not
horny, just very curious she thought.

"OHHHHHHH not so hard I'm gonna scream Katie" Jessie told Katie as she
sucked her clit and tried to drive her towards an orgasm.

Seconds later, Jessie did let out a small scream and pulled the pillow over
her mouth to stifle her intense moaning and screaming as Katie did her best
to make her do it repeatedly. Jessie had never felt like this she thought
while rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples as she continued to be
ravaged by these wonderful sensations. Jessie wrapped her legs around
Katie's head and squeezed as she screamed louder into the pillow and bucked
her hips, trying to get Katie to go harder now.

"I'm gonna....cum, oh fuck" Jessie said stil moaning, dropping the pillow,
and forgetting her attempts to be anything resembling quiet. Katie battered
Jessie's clit with her tongue and brought her off in a long hard orgasm; one
that made Jessie's whole body shake from the effects. Katie soon received
her reward as Jessie's cum leaked onto Katie's greedy tongue.

"MMMMMMM like it better every time," Katie giggled up to Jessie who was still
breathing hard and didn't want Katie to quit just yet.

"I'm glad you do, cause I love how you make me do it," Jessie replied to

"I wonder if Sarah and Katie ever did this?" Zoe wondered, still watching
from the steps.

"I'm so hot right now" Katie admitted, "and I know you could go again huh?"

"Yeh and again and again...." Jessie said giggling once more.

"Of course, what have I got myself into?" Katie said smiling at her lover.

"Well, we could 69 if you want," Jessie suggested, "that way neither would
be left out."

"You have such a dirty mind," Katie said sitting up and getting Jessie to
roll down on the bed as she stood up and crossed her legs over Jessie's body.
Now they were in perfect view for Zoe, unknown to them of course, as Katie
backed up and lowered herself down to Jessie's mouth.

Zoe watched on as the two worked each other into a frenzy. Jessie brought
Katie off first and then Jessie came and it looked to be a hard one as she
was shaking and jerking a lot.

"Oh what a way to celebrate" Jessie commented to Katie after her second
orgasm faded away, "and you're still as smooth as a baby's butt."

"And I plan on keeping it that way, cause I know now you love it," Katie said
looking up at Jessie.

They weren't finished either as Zoe thought they might be. Jessie licked
and sucked away at Katie until she made her scream into the pillows from
her intense orgasm. And Katie repaid the favor once more. Both then lay
exhausted and lucky not to get caught by someone, other than Zoe that is.

"How do they do this for so long?" Zoe asked herself, a little confused
still, even after watching all that had happened.

She listened to Katie and Jessie for a few seconds before figuring it was
best to beat it while the getting was good. Zoe scooted down one step at a
time and quietly slipped back out the door. Returning to her room, she
thought about what she had just watched and agreed to herself that it wasn't
much of a turn on, as it was just fun to watch. Laying down and making plans
for tomorrow, she soon drifted off to sleep. Before she knew it, the sun was
shining through her bedroom window and it was morning.

Zoe got up to use the bathroom and looked at the clock. It was almost 9
o'clock. Realizing she'd have to use the one downstairs, she first met Rick
who just getting up. Coming down the stairs as Jessie came in, Rick held
his arm up and Jessie quickly joined her dad and Zoe.

"My two favorite girls," Rick said smiling at them, "what were you doing

"The paper" Jessie said smiling at her dad and handing him the morning paper.

"And what about me?" Lily asked smiling at the way Rick and the two girls
looked together.

"You're no girl," Rick said, "You're a full grown woman."

All four settled down in the kitchen as Lily cooked breakfast. Zoe,
forgetting about Grace the previous night, informed Lily when she asked with
a worried look on her face.

"Said they'd be home early; we're gonna work on my room today," Zoe said.

"Are you sure she wants to do this?" Jessie asked with a light smirk.

"Yes, she volunteered and she said last night I could come over but Grace
wouldn't come and get me." Zoe said sticking her tongue out at Jessie,

"So you and Grace are sharing the same girl huh?" Jessie asked as Lily hit
her with a dish towel and everyone started laughing.

"No, she's just mine on the weekends," Zoe said.

"Zoe," Rick said as he spit his milk all over his hand.

A few minutes later, Zoe heard the car pull up and went running to the front
door as Sarah and Grace arrived home. They had stopped by the paint store
with the money Lily and Rick had given them the day before and bought the
paint for the bedroom.

"Sarah," Zoe said running up and hugging her, then as almost an after thought
said, "oh hi, Grace."

"Now that's not fair," Sarah told Zoe, "now go back up to the door and greet
us the right way. You don't just scream my name, you scream both our names
and hug us both."

"Your kidding?" Zoe asked.

"No, now go on," Sarah said as she and Grace giggled. She did as Sarah told
her to and, closing the door, she was met by Rick and Lily who wondered what
was going on when Zoe went running again and screamed both their names and
jumped into their arms. Much like she would do, if she hadn't seen them for

"She's your kid," Rick said laughing as Lily whacked him with the dish towel
and chased him back into the kitchen.

Sarah, Zoe, and Grace all came in with the paint and rollers as Rick and Lily
warned Zoe not to be too much trouble.

"She won't, I promise," Sarah said putting her arm around Zoe, "come on,
let's get started."

Grace and Sarah were wearing matching bandanas as Zoe observed and thought
it looked so cute. Sarah and Grace helped Zoe move all of her stuff out of
the room into the hallway and started to tape off the room with the tape
Rick had given them. Zoe started stirring the paint and fished a bandana
out of her dresser and slipped it on.

"Zoe, wait," Sarah said, stopping her from putting the paint on the roller,
"you gotta wet the walls down first and then we can paint."

"Oh, I didn't know," Zoe said laying down the roller.

"Don't worry about it, I'll teach you everything I know," Sarah said to Zoe,
"that way next time you can do it yourself if you have to."

"Shouldn't take long," Grace said from across the room, as Sarah turned
around and looked at her in surprise.

"You are so mean to me," Sarah said as Grace started to giggle.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Grace said running over to Sarah and putting her arms around
Sarah's neck, "I'll never pick on you again, my little Sarah drops."

"Sarah drops?" Sarah asked as Zoe also looked at Grace weird, "what is that?"

"I dunno," Grace said standing up, "I was on the spot; it was the best I
could do."

After a few minutes, the walls where washed to Sarah's satisfaction and they
started to paint, moving along slowly as Zoe observed. With one making a
goofy comment then the other and a stream of non-stop laughter coming from
the room.

"Guys, I'm gonna get some iced tea. You want some?" Grace asked.

"Me, too," Both Sarah and Zoe said at the same time.

"I gotta a question for you Sarah," Zoe said, closing the door and making
sure Grace was gone.

"Yeh?" Sarah said continuing to paint on the spot she was working on.

"What is it like to kiss a girl?" Zoe asked, sitting down by the paint.

"You really wanna know?" Sarah asked, putting her roller down and joining Zoe
on the floor.

"Yeh," Zoe replied.

"Or do you really wanna know what it's like to just kiss anyone?"

"No, I've been kissed before," Zoe said starting in, "a boy name Cody at
school kissed me."

"Did you like it," Sarah asked.

"No, it was kinda gross. His lips where chapped and everything." Zoe said,
"and he didn't know how to do it, I don't think."

"Sounds familiar," Sarah responded, "I remember when I was at that age. I
didn't know anything until this girl taught me how it's supposed to be done."

"Really?" Zoe asked now very intrigued, "will you teach me?"

"Sure, I guess so," Sarah said as Grace came back through the door.

"Taking a break?" Grace asked.

"Yeh, and Sarah's gonna teach me how to kiss," Zoe said looking back at Sarah
then and saying, "come on let's go."

"You're what?" Grace asked Sarah.

"Zoe asked me about kissing and I said I'd teach her the right way to do it,"
Sarah said looking at Grace for support, "if you think it's ok?"

"I guess so," Grace said sitting down the tray with the tea and watching as
Sarah smiled at her and turned back to Zoe. "Ok, you sure you wanna do this?"

"Yes, now kiss me" Zoe said puckering up as both Grace and Sarah started

"Calm down kitty," Sarah told Zoe, "you should know some things before I show
you anything."

"Like?" Zoe asked with eyes trained on Sarah.

"Like, do you even know what kissing is for," Sarah asked.

"Of course I do. Two people do it when they're in love to show affection."
Zoe said as Sarah agreed.

"That's right," Sarah said moving Zoe's hair out of her face, "now you know
the point; it's just a matter of learning the right technique."

"OK, show me," Zoe responded.

"I'm going to." Sarah said, "Here sit up".

Zoe moved from the Indian position to folding her legs underneath her body
and to where she was even with Sarah's head.

"Kissing is easy," Sarah started, "basically all you're doing is massaging
my lips with yours. And doing it over and over again."

"That's it?" Zoe asked surprised.

"Yeh, but it's best to be gentle and enjoy it," Sarah responded.

Zoe agreed and listened patiently to Sarah as she explained what she wanted
Zoe to do and not to do. Finally, as Grace watched, Sarah asked Zoe, "You

"Yeh," Zoe responded.

"Ok, remember to tilt your head and everything, ok." Sarah said as she looked
one last time at Grace and then leaned in and gently pressed her lips to
Zoe's, who at first was stiff as a board until Sarah started moving her lips
and Zoe responded in kind. They moved their lips in perfect unity after a
few cautious seconds. Sarah slowly moved her hand up Zoe's shoulder and
touched her cheek as both started moving their lips a little faster and Grace
thought the windows were about to steam up. But as quickly as it began, it
appeared to end as Sarah slowly pulled away and her and Zoe smiled, then
tilting their heads, Zoe kissed Sarah briefly again before they stopped and
looked at each other again, still smiling.

"WOW," Sarah said aloud, "you got that part down cold."

"That was so cool," Zoe said with this dreamy look on her face.

"That was one hell of a kiss, alright" Grace said looking at Sarah and
thinking about what it might be like to kiss her.

"What about using your tongue, how does that work?" Zoe asked as Sarah moved
her attention away from Grace and back to Zoe.

"Ummm, Frenching you mean?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh, can you show me?" Zoe asked Sarah.

"Sure, you might as well," Grace told Sarah as she looked at her with a
questioning look in her eyes, "and I know you want too....."

"You are so bad" Sarah said giggling and turning back to Zoe, "ok Zoe, now
this different in that you don't just stick your tongue in my mouth. There's
a certain way and reason to do it."

"Yeh," Zoe asked as Sarah moved closer and sat down in the Indian position
opposite Zoe.

"Ok, this time when I kiss you, I want you to rub your tongue against my lips
ok?" Sarah instructed her, "and I'll meet yours and just do what I do." Sarah
said as she leaned in and kissed Zoe again, much like the first time, tilting
heads and Zoe being stiff until Sarah's lips moved. Then Zoe moved her hand
to Sarah's chin and Grace saw Zoe's tongue touch Sarah's lips briefly as they
parted and switched sides. Sarah met Zoe's tongue with her own and did like
Sarah did as they frenched. Zoe moaned contentedly to Sarah as their tongues
massaged each other and neither showed any signs of wanting to stop Grace
thought. Again, the steam was developing on the windows it seemed and she
began to wonder if they were ever going to stop.

"GEEZ," Sarah thought to herself just as Zoe and Sarah again parted and
smiled at each other, before kissing again and tasting each other's tongues
once again. After a second or two more, they slowly moved apart.

"DAMN," Sarah said trying to catch her breath.

"WOW," Zoe said laying back on the floor with a dazed expression on her face,
acting like she was in love.

"Stop that," Grace said laughing at her sister.

"That was so awesome," Zoe said sitting back up.

"Yeh you learned quick," Sarah said smiling at Zoe, "but you definitely need
more practice." Sarah said leaning forward and playfully kissing Zoe again

"We got all day," Zoe said looking at Sarah and smiling.

"Would love to," Sarah said giving Zoe a goofy look, "but I wasn't talking
about me. You'll get to; don't be in such a hurry."

"But it feels so cool," Zoe said, "I wouldn't mind doing that for a couple of

"From the way Sarah looks, she wouldn't mind doing it with you either," Grace
said looking at Sarah.

"Grace Manning," Sarah said turning red and blushing.

"Are you jealous?" Zoe asked of her sister, shocking even Sarah and stopping
Grace in mid laugh.

"No," Grace said to Zoe and turned around to stand up, "why would I be

"I dunno," Zoe said as Sarah tried to stifle a giggle.

"So anyway Zoe, go get the brushes Rick left on the table."

"Ok," Zoe said leaving the room as Sarah stood up and walked over to Grace.

"She got you good with that jealousy remark," Sarah said smiling and trying
to make a joke.

"Yeh, whatever," Grace said, "so you in love with her now or what?"

"No," Sarah responded, moving in front of Grace, "but I thought you might
wanna know something."

"What?" Grace said trying to look bored.

"When I was kissing her," Sarah started leaning closer to Grace, "I was
thinking of someone else."

"Really who?" Grace said her anger fading away now.

"You," Sarah replied, "I bet you're a hell of a kisser."

"Maybe you'll get to find out," Grace said smiling as she felt Sarah's finger
touch her bottom lip and trail down her chin very slowly. Sarah's finger
disappeared under Grace's chin and gently and slowly pulled Grace's lips
toward hers. They both moved their heads into the opposite direction, going
for the same thing and waiting for the other to make the move. They lingered
with their lips inches apart for a few seconds.

"I couldn't find the brushes you said," Zoe said walking back into the room
and Sarah and Grace jumped apart quickly.

"That's ok Zo," Sarah said handing her a roller as they got back to work.
Both Sarah and Grace were thinking about what just happened and Zoe was
thinking about what happened earlier.

But as they worked, Zoe started noticing Sarah and Grace kept giggling and
smiling at each other. "Are they hot for one and another?" Zoe wondered to
herself, "not that it would really surprise me."

"Guys we did a fine job on that wall," Sarah said almost an hour later as
they finished one wall of the bedroom and decided to take a break.

"Yeh, we did," Zoe said hugging Sarah, "thank you."

"Anything for my little monkey," Sarah said smiling down at Zoe.

"HAAAA," Zoe said looking Grace, "I got a better nickname than you."

"You do not," Grace looking at Sarah.

"Ok then, what's your nickname?" Zoe asked pointedly, looking right at

"I don't have one," Grace said, "so I guess you do have the better nick. But
she likes me more."

"HUUUUUHHHH, no she don't," Zoe said as Sarah started to laugh.

"You two are so childish," Sarah said now giggling out loud, "geez."

"Did you hear that Zoe? She said we where childish," Grace pointed out to

"Yeh, I did and now you're gonna get it," Zoe said grabbing for Sarah, who
managed to allude her grasp and run through the door and into the hall, with
Grace and Zoe in hot pursuit. They ran down the steps and crashed into the
kitchen just as Lily came through the backdoor and was gonna ask what was
going on. But before she could, Sarah had rounded the table and was about
to leave the room when she made a detour and ran behind Lily.

"Protect me, they're gonna kill me," Sarah said hiding behind Lily as Grace
and Zoe stopped on either side.

"What is going on here you three?" Lily asked smiling and trying to not to

"Sarah called us children and now we're gonna whip her....butt." Zoe said
almost letting the ass word slip out.

"OK, truce," Lily said moving Sarah in front of her, "if you hurt her you're
gonna have to deal with me."

"Yeh," Sarah said getting cocky suddenly, "you tell'em Mom."

"And the same goes for you too young lady," Lily continued on looking down at
Sarah now.

"Ha Ha Ha," Zoe said moving towards Sarah and poking her in the stomach.

"Mom she's picking on me," Sarah giggled fighting with Zoe.

"There she is, soon to be the next big Nashville superstar," Sarah said as
Jessie walked into the room with her robe still on and smiling at the
comment. "So Ms. Sammler, how does it feel to know you've now sold 28
million copies of your debut CD, It's All About Me." Sarah said pretending
to be a reporter and holding the microphone for Jessie as she moved next to

"Well, it feels just great," Jessie said using her best southern accent, "I
just my want fans to know that my second CD, 'More than you wanted to know
about me' will be out real soon."

"OK, now back to you, Lily Littlefield," Sarah said giggling.

"Oh, I talked to my Mom last night and she said everything's all set for the
trip," Jessie told Sarah excitedly, "although there is one thing."

"What?" Sarah asked.

"My Mom's boyfriend Henry is coming and, oh yeah, he's got us a place to stay
and everything." Jessie rambled on.

"Hey," Sarah said like she just got a brain storm, "me and Grace are gonna
take Zoe back to my place and watch some movies. You wanna go? That way we
can plan what we're gonna pack."

"I can't," Jessie said looking just a little disappointed, "me and Katie have

"Oh, ok, no problem, we can another time then." Sarah said looking back over
at Grace and Zoe, "so you ready to get back to work?"

"Yeh," Grace said kissing Lily and walked back towards the hall with Zoe.

"She is such a nice girl," Lily said, "I'm glad Grace finally found a good

"Sarah you mean?" Jessie asked sitting down at the counter and thinking about
all that happened recently.

"Yeh," Lily said pouring Jessie a glass of milk.

"You know she's gay right," Jessie asked.

"No, I didn't," Lily said suddenly looking at her in a whole new way.

"Yeh, that's Katie's ex," Jessie said letting it slip out and then instantly
covering her mouth.

"Katie Singer?" Lily asked surprised and then moving towards Jessie as she
tried to look away, "Katie."

"Yeh, that Katie," Jessie said quietly.

"Are you sure?" Lily asked

"Yeh positive," Jessie said then thinking about the incident at the
restaurant and figuring if she was gonna come out to anyone, it might as
well be Lily.

"How do you know for sure??" Lily asked sitting down opposite Jessie and
refilling her milk.

With her heart pounding and her palms beginning to sweat, Jessie uttered the
words that would change her life forever, "Because I am too....."

To be Continued.........
_ _ _

Preview of Chapter 9: Jessie's revelation comes with a twist and Zoe
continues to explore.


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