OC: Lance's Fling (MF)
by DES081735

Still sad about no longer being with Alex, Marissa decided to stay in while
her mom, Julie Cooper Nickel went out shopping. Her mother's new husband,
Caleb, was out at work. Marissa was bummed. Especially with Summer back
together with Seth, she was on her own and it was Saturday.

In nothing more then a pair of jeans that hung loosely on her thin body, and
a white wife beater t-shirt, she cruised through the kitchen. She wasn't
hungry, not really.

She scanned the contents of the fridge seeing nothing of particular interest.

With a sigh, she kicked the door closed with her barefoot.

The high quality steel fridge closed with a soft thud.

Maybe she would call Ryan, just to see what he was going? She chewed on her
bottom lip and eyed the phone.

Would he be in the pool house?

After all it was Saturday, or would he be out?

She walked over to the phone with enough courage, she picked it up off the
receiver, and the doorbell rang. It made Marissa jump, a guilty feeling
filled her. But the thought that it would be Ryan made her both frightened
and excited. She ran through the kitchen, down the hall, into the living
room, and down the few steps into the front room.

Through the palace as she called it.

She got to the front door and didn't even look through the peephole, she
opened the door to see a man that was not Ryan. But defiantly a man. She
couldn't help herself, she looked the man over twice.

He had unruly black hair and stubble. He was tall and built, the man had a
body that was obviously toned under the clothes he wore. When she finally met
his green eyes.

He grinned, he had noticed the look she had given him. The obvious way she
looked him over with approval. He had glanced at her lithe frame. She was a
teenager but still gorgeous. In a masculine voice he asked, "Is Julie Cooper

Marissa shook her head, unable to form words.

He leant against the doorframe, closer, "And you are?"

Marissa had to swallow, her throat was parched, she managed to get out,
"Marissa. Cooper."

The realization that it was Julie Coopers daughter made him look her over, he
wondered just what she looked like underneath the clothes she wore. Similar
thoughts raced through Marissa's head, thoughts that made her body fill with
heat. Her eyes wandered down and then back up. Once the man left, Marissa was
positive she would have to go upstairs and spend quality time with her

His words were spoken with such calmness she just enjoyed the sound. A very
manly sound, nothing like any of the voices of any of the guys she knew. This
guy was a man. A real man.

"Do you know when she will be back," he asked.

Marissa shook her head, afraid he would go Marissa quickly asked, "No. But if
you want I could go get a pad and you could leave her a message." As soon as
the words were out of her mouth Marissa wanted to shoot herself, how lame
could she get?

But, to her complete surprise he shrugged, "Sure."

Marissa was shocked, she stepped back and told him, "I'll be right back

"Baldwin. You can call me Lance."

Marissa nodded, she turned and went in the house, having no idea where a pad
and pen would be . Lance watched her go in. Wondering why she of all people
would wear such loose clothes. Clothes that did nothing to accentuate her
figure. He wanted to see the curve of her back and legs, her butt, even her
small breasts.

He stepped in the mansion, looking around the palace Julie Cooper had moved
herself into.

No doubt from her scheming he told himself.

He looked around at the marble floor, the grand staircase. The wide open
rooms and was somewhat impressed. There was serious money in the house.

He could hear Marissa running through the mansion.

With a grin, he wondered whether she was seeing anyone. He wondered how she
was in bed. She had killer long legs, he could imagine them wrapped around
his waist. He could imagine her being loud in bed.

Inviting himself in, he wandered toward the few steps, and up into the huge
living room.

The furniture was obviously top of the line.

There was a grand piano.

Thick rugs on the marble floor.

Sliding glass doors that looked out at the Pacific Ocean.

As Marissa came running back she saw the front door was open, worried for a
second that he was gone, she looked around and saw he had made himself at
home, even taken a seat on the large cream sofa, imported from Italy. Her
mother had made such a big deal out of redecorating the mansion.

Pen and pad in hand, Marissa closed the front door, she then walked up the
steps and into the living room.

Lance looked around, "This is a nice place."

With a shrug Marissa replied, "I guess." She walked over to him and sat down
on the couch. She handed him the pen and pad. Surprised by her answer, Lance
stared at her, "You guess? A lot of people would kill for a place like this."

Marissa knew it was true, she looked around and finally agreed somewhat,
"Yeah, it's nice." She knew she should have felt alarmed that there was a
strange man in her house, but she wasn't. She didn't feel threatened by him
in the least. She asked, "How do you know my mom?"

Lance smiled and took the pen and pad, as he wrote out a message he told
Marissa, "We go back."

Satisfied with that, Marissa asked, "Do you live in Newport?"

Lance shook his head, he wrote down a number Julie could reach him at, and
tossed the pad on the glass-topped coffee table. He looked to Marissa and
asked, "You have a boyfriend?"

She laughed, shocked he asked that, "No! Not really."

"Good," Lance answered.

Marissa looked at him, puzzled. She watched as Lance got up and sat down
right beside her, a feeling of excitement filled her. Never had she felt so
aroused before in her life. Ever.

Before she knew it his lips were on her own, tasting, exploring, and
demanding a response.

Never had she felt stubble on her skin, she had never kissed a man before,
as she kissed him in return, he deepened the kiss. Pushing her into the
overstuffed couch. Her hands ran over his face, and into his hair. Pulling
him even closer. His tongue found its way in her mouth and she moaned,
letting him crawl on her lap.

Lance broke the kiss and pulled his shirt off, Marissa looked over his toned
chest. His stomach looked like a washboard. Tattoos decorated his arms, and
a trail of dark hair ran down into his jeans.

"Oh my God," was all Marissa could say when she saw him.

She ran her hands over his skin, feeling each muscle and inch of toned skin.

He leaned down and kissed her again, her hands never left his chest. They
searched and explored the very manly body. A body Luke didn't have. His kiss
melted her inside, she returned the kiss as best as she could. Her tongue
brushed his and he just kissed her even deeper.

Marissa was grateful she was on the couch, she wouldn't have been able to
stand if she wasn't. She felt his hands wander down and lift her shirt over
her head. For a moment she was too stunned by his kiss, when she realized she
no longer had a shirt on, she looked up at him.

His green eyes were intent on her skin.

He ran his hands over her flat stomach, then cupped her breasts, watching as
her body reacted.

She let out a small whimper, Lance then knelt over and ran his tongue over
her small breast. Marissa wrapped her arms around his head, holding him
closer. His hot tongue ran over the sensitive skin. She felt a wet warmth
between her legs as a cry came from her.

Lance continued to explore one breast with his tongue, while he rubbed the
other nipple with his thumb. Enjoying the sounds coming from the teenager. He
could smell the excitement coming from her jeans, it was a womanly scent.

He decided her pants needed to come off, immediately.

When he lifted his head she moaned, wondering why he stopped. She watched as
he climbed off her, he kissed her deeply, then spoke against her lips, "Lay

Marissa stared, unable to think, "What?"

For some reason it thrilled him that he was responsible for that, he grabbed
her feet and pulled her down the couch. She let him and lay down. Marissa
watched as he unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off, throwing them over
the back of the couch.

Marissa knew what she was doing, inwardly she knew she should have had a
second thought about having sex with a stranger. But something deep inside
her, something almost primal wanted Lance.

In nothing more then a pair of white panties, she reached up and grabbed his

Lance watched as her small hands un-did the button, then pulled the zipper
down on his jeans. He didn't wear underwear, Marissa was only slightly
surprised, her eyes widened when she saw the size of him. She hadn't seen
anyone that big before. The only other guy she had had sex with was Luke,
and he was nowhere that size. Lance saw the look on her face, something
inside him didn't want to hurt her, but he wanted to be inside her, deep
inside her. Softly he asked, "Are you a virgin?"

Marissa shook her head, "No."

Lance smiled, he pulled his pants off and tossed them on the floor, "Don't
worry. This won't hurt, it'll feel good."

For some reason Marissa believed him, she nodded and watched as he climbed on
her. A foil packet in his hand. He sat on his knees between her legs, putting
the packet on her stomach.

Marissa watched as he slid his fingers in the waistband of her panties. He
pulled them down over her hips, down her legs, and then tossed them over his

It made her smile.

She watched him rip the packet open and slid it over himself.

Lance then pushed her legs open, he ran a finger through the folds of her and
felt her slick wetness soak his fingers. Wetter then any woman he had ever
been with. It somehow made him even harder.

As he pressed the tip of himself to her, she gasped.

His green eyes found her blue ones, "You ready," he asked. Marissa nodded and
then waited.

Lance then asked, "You ever heard of the Kama Sutra?"

Marissa stared, "What?"

With a grin, Lance took her legs from behind her knees and told her, "Wrap
your legs around my waist."

Marissa did, finding it brought them even closer, and then she felt him sink
inside her body. She felt the length of him slid in. Even though it didn't
hurt she still let out a moan, feeling him fill her up until there was not
another inch of him left.

Lance hissed and tried to keep himself under control. She was tighter then he
could have imagined, it felt so good it hurt. His hands gripped her around
the waist and held her so tight he thought he might have bruised her. Neither
of them cared.

Lance knew neither of them would last long.

When he began to move, her grip on him tightened, he angled himself so he
moved against her with every powerful thrust. He had to grip the couch as he
moved within her or he would have hurt her. She rubbed herself against him
with every thrust. It was almost unbearable. It took every last ounce of
control he had not to loose it.

She was so wet, tight and warm it was both heaven and hell.

With every thrust he pushed her higher and higher, small moan and cries came
from Marissa. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. Feeling him moving within
her was the most pleasure she had ever felt. She rubbed herself against him,
which felt even better.

Then, Marissa felt her body just erupt, she screamed and tried to understand
what she was feeling, all she could do was feel. Lance lost all control when
she climaxed. His body reacted, he felt himself explode, and then he
collapsed onto of Marissa. His breathing ragged and heavy. Marissa wrapped
her hands around hi head and pulled him to her breast.

The two of the stayed there, just like that, until their shower.


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