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Summary: This is a parody on the show. This story has neither plot nor
meaning. It's just gratuitous sex. Any plot is just here to fill in between
the sex. Please enjoy it, as sex is just plain hot.

O.C.: The One Where They Actually Have Fun (FF,ff,Ff-mast,orgy,voy)
by Dawnfaith102


It is yet another perfect day in Newport Beach California.

The sun is out. The weather is warm, but not too warm.

A soft, gentle breeze sweeps softly over the perfect beaches, and the huge
luxury homes where the perfect people live.

Life is good for those who are fortunate enough to live in Newport.

They have money, lots and lots of money, and so much time on their hands
that they manage to get into no end of trouble.

Today is just another summer day for our cast of characters.

Marissa Cooper: 16, Tall, slender but with a good body. She is sexy and
manages a sad pout that turns on girls and guys.

Summer Roberts: 16, Marissa's friend. A very pretty and curvy, brunette with
long dark hair and a wicked smile and body.

Luke Ward: A typical surfer type, teen-age guy. Blonde, and egotistical. Not
much for brains but a hard body and tons of money and status, and oh yes a
killer tan. A lot of girls want Luke.

Marissa had him but she didn't really want him. Her Mom told her she needed
him, so she tried to pretend she was his girl.

Seth Cohen: Tall and too sensitive for his own good, Seth is funny
intelligent and has a huge crush on Summer. He has wanted her since they
were kids together in school. Summer finally decided to give him a chance,
mostly out of boredom. Seth and Ryan are buddies now ever since Seth's dad
and mom took in Ryan as part of their family.

Julie Cooper: Marissa's mom. A very sexy woman. She loves her life of money
and leisure and all the perks it brings her.

Kirsten Cohen: Seth's mom and the wife of Sandy who took in Ryan.

She is pretty and rich and seems to be happy with the husband and

[Sometimes looks are deceiving aren't they?]

Ryan the kid from the trashy part of Southern California. Who was rescued
from a life of crime by Seth's Dad, a lawyer with a penchant for helping the
unfortunate people.

Ryan is the brooding type who manages to maintain one simple mindless
expression on his face at all times.

Marissa likes to tease him by making him think she wants him as well as Luke.
Inside she still thinks only of Summer, hot pretty sexy Summer. She wants
her, and dreams constantly of how she tastes.

This is the story of one day in the lives of these perfect people.

Chapter 1

It's 10 am and Marissa is just waking up after a long, hard day, and night
of partying, and hanging with her friends.

She sits up and brushes her dark blonde hair from her eyes. Marissa spends
a lot of time brushing, pulling and playing with her hair.

She finds it sexy and fashionable so of course she does it.

Marissa is very into image. She has all the latest clothes, the latest car,
the latest accessories for her car and clothes.

She lets out a long sigh now. "Oh God," she murmurs to herself, "I hate my
life, my life sucks. I have all these guys who want me and I can't stand it.
What am I going to do?" She flings her hair back and falls to her pillow

Actually Marissa doesn't want any guy. She tells everyone that she does, but
she spends every moment staring and wanting her best friend Summer. She can't
tell anyone yet as she still hasn't realized that it's cool to be a lesbian.
When she does, her life will suck considerably less.

While Marissa is involved in her hourly sob session; in her bedroom, across
the street and down the long hillside, another girl awakens feeling drugged
from a deep sleep. Too much partying does this. She pulls herself up and
stares at her image in the mirror that is strategically placed on the end
wall of her bed. Summer needs to check out her appearance at every angle as
many times as she can in a day. She must look perfect.

She smiles, yes the hair is still long and dark and softly flowing around
her pretty face. She stands up and checks out her body in the full-length
mirror on the other side of the room. Yes she still has amazing soft round
breasts and a great ass.

Summer is happy most of the time. Life is great. She has a good friend in
Marissa, nice clothes and all the money she ever could want. She loves to
spend all her time partying with her friends and checking out Marissa's
small ass.

Everyone thinks Summer is into guys. She does a good job of covering up her
true feelings. She wants Marissa and is jealous of Marissa's boyfriends.

Marissa pulls herself up from her bed and staggers into her huge private
bathroom. As she looks in the mirror, she pulls her hair back and checks out
the pout. Yep, she has it down perfectly.

She wonders what to do today. She can't stand another day of hanging with
pouty Ryan. She wants to spend all her time with Summer.

Marissa slowly slips off her tiny top and panties and steps into the warm
shower. As she feels the water spill over her body, she imagines Summer there
with her. She runs her hands slowly over her small round breasts and begins
to rub her fingers over each of her hard, pink nipples. "Umm, yummy," she
thinks of how it would feel if Summer were sucking on those nipples right

[Gratuitous sexual shower scene coming up.]

The fantasy image of Summer's naked body right there in front of her, begins
to turn on Marissa so much that she finds herself playing with her pussy. She
closes her eyes and imagines how Summer must feel and taste. "Oh God, if only
I could suck on her clit," she moans out loud.

The shower stall begins to steam up, and Marissa is so into pushing her
fingers up her pussy, and caressing her small, soft breasts that she doesn't
hear her Mom come into the bathroom.

Now Marissa's Mom, Julie is no slouch in the looks department. She has a
great soft, curvy body and takes immaculate care of her face and skin. Her
spa and plastic surgeon bills attest to this fact.

As she walks into the steamy bathroom, Julie notices the outline of her
daughter's firm, young body behind the shower glass. She smiles and stops to
stare for a moment. Just then, Marissa begins to let out a series of long,
slow moans. Julie eagerly moves closer to the shower door.

There in full view, she watches her teen-age daughter standing under the
steaming water, with her legs spread wide. He head is back, and her eyes are
closed, as she slams two fingers up her pussy, hard and fast. "Oh God," Julie
says softly.

Marissa is moaning very loudly now, completely oblivious of her mom standing
outside the door watching.

Julie is getting turned on. She keeps watching as her daughter pounds her
fingers up inside her pussy harder and faster. Marissa is panting and leaning
up against the shower for support. She is moving her small hips, back and
forth, faster and faster now; trying to push her fingers up into her pussy as
far as she can. In her mind, Summer is there between her legs doing this to
her. She is moaning louder now, and is about to cum.

Julie has pulled up her short skirt and pushed her tiny thong aside to make
room for her fingers to work their magic. The faster and hotter Marissa gets,
the more excited her Mom feels. She is slamming her whole hand up inside her
soaking wet pussy now, as she watches her daughter in front of her.

[What a great Mom and daughter moment this is.]

Marissa finally lets go and cums in long spasms, as she slides down the wall
to the shower floor. She sits there for a long while, her legs spread wide,
and her fingers still up inside her soaking wet pussy.

Julie can't hold on any longer either, and allows herself yet another of her
daily self-induced orgasms. To her, nothing is better than her own hands, or
her giant dildo to make her reach the highest level of ecstasy.

Having again satisfied herself, Julie quickly adjusts her damp panties and
skirt, and slides quietly out of her daughter's bathroom. On to another happy

Marissa lies on the floor with a huge smile on her face. She is thinking of
Summer now, and how much she would love to do this to her best friend.

Chapter 2

As Marissa and Julie satisfy themselves, Summer is alone in her bedroom
gazing in the large mirror. She pulls her hair up and down, checking out her
image carefully. Finally she decides to wear it up off her neck today, as it
may be a bit warm. She knows that this shows off her pretty face.

Now she must choose her clothes for the day. This usually takes her a large
part of a morning. She tries on each item and checks out the way she looks
until she is satisfied with a proper outfit.

She starts with her thong panties. In her large dresser drawer she pushes
through her large collection of assorted colors and decides on a tiny white

As she pulls it up over her round firm hips, she looks back at her ass in the
mirror. She smiles at what she sees. She knows that she has a perfect round,
firm ass. For just a moment she slides her fingers slowly over each ass
cheek, and imagines that it is Marissa caressing her now. She wonders how it
would feel.

Soon Summer is dressed in a pair of tiny white shorts and a pale blue, short
t-shirt. The nipples of her large, round breasts push out against the shirt
in the most arousing way possible. As she sits on her bed and slides on some
tiny sandals, she wonders if Marissa ever thinks of her in the same way.

Just then the phone rings. Summer reaches over to answer her private line.

"Hi." The voice on the other end is Marissa's. "Want to hang at the pier

Summer smiles, and tells her best friend to meet her there in an hour. As
she hangs up the phone, a brief fantasy runs through her mind. She is with
Marissa at the pier looking down at the warm water. Marissa is holding her
tightly, and slowly begins to kiss her. "If only," she sighs, and rushes
off to begin her day.

Chapter 3

It is now early afternoon and the girls are down by the water.

Julie is at the club lying by the pool in a white thong bikini, working on
her tan. The warm sun feels so good on her soft body that she is almost
asleep. Now she senses someone standing above her. She opens her eyes and
sees Kirsten, Seth's Mom, standing there looking pretty darn hot in a tiny
blue thong.

"Hey, get out of my sun," she shouts. Julie and Kirsten have never been
close friends. Julie knows that her husband wanted Kirsten, not her, years
ago, but the feelings were not mutual. Still Kirsten is a very sexy woman
and Julie is more than attracted to her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you, but I was wondering if you were coming
over today for the fund raising meeting, I can use all the help I can get on
this one. Everyone is bailing on me and we need to get this project going

Julie remains silent for a moment. Choosing her words carefully, she calmly
replies that she would indeed be there. She doesn't want Kirsten to see how,
just staring at her body in that bikini, is turning her on.

"See you later then," shouts Kirsten as she walks away.

Julie stares at her ass as she walks. "Umm, I want to taste that," she
murmurs under her breath.

Chapter 4

Marissa and Summer are sitting on the end of the pier. The warm summer breeze
is blowing over their tan bodies. The guys were there for over an hour, but
both girls managed to get rid of them in their own subtle way. Marissa told
Ryan to find something to do, as she was tired today, and Summer threw out
some rude glances and a couple of "Ewe's" when asked if she wanted to spend
time with Seth today.

"We are here all alone," Marissa says to herself.

"I wonder if she thinks I'm sexy," Summer muses.

[It's truly a magical moment isn't it? Can we all say, "awe".]

Both girls break the silence at once. They turn towards each other and manage
a small laugh. "I thought they would never leave," murmurs Marissa.

"Me too," Summer replies.

Both girls sit and stare at each other in silence. The only sound now is the
waves crashing against the rocks below.

Marissa reaches out and brushes a strand of hair out of Summer's eyes.
"You're so pretty today," she says unable to break the stare.

"You look great too," says Summer, and slowly puts her small hand on
Marissa's tan thigh. "So," she doesn't know what to say now. She only knows
that she never wanted Marissa as much as she does now.

Marissa looks down at her friends' hand and then back into her eyes.

Suddenly she knows that Summer wants the same thing she does. She leans over
and very slowly kisses her friend on her lips.

Summer feels her entire body tingle. She returns the kiss with a deep,
passionate one of her own. Soon both girls are holding onto each other, and
exploring each other's mouths with hot eager tongues.

"Oh God, I want you," sighs Marissa as she begins to move her hand down to
Summer's soft round breasts.

"Me too," Says Summer, eagerly pushing up against Marissa. Summer was never
big on words, but her actions said it all. The way she smiles, and walks, and
talks shows everyone all they need to know about her.

"Let's get out of here," Marissa says slowly, still moving her hands over
Summer's soft, warm breasts.

"Oh yes, Oh God yes," Summer replies as she stands up and pulls Marissa to
her feet. Let's go down below next to the pier. No one is around there, and
it's kind of sexy on the sand isn't it?"

[Can we say, Sex on the Beach and I don't mean the drink.]

Chapter 5

As Julie enters the foyer of Kirsten's large opulent home, she notices
immediately how quiet it is there. "Where are the rest of the women," she

"Hi again," Kirsten greets her, stepping slowly into the room.

"Holy crap, " Julie gasps.

Standing in front of her is Kirsten, totally naked. Smiling openly.

"Come on in," smiles Kirsten, as she beckons her to follow her.

Julie follows eagerly, as she stares at Kirsten's naked ass moving before

Julie is a pretty darn experienced woman, but this turn of events has taken
her by surprise. "Who would have thought this of Kirsten?"

Kirsten leads Julie into the huge living room. She plops down on the sofa
and smiles. "Come sit by me," she says softy.

Julie complies without hesitation. Sitting very close to the naked woman.
She can't seem to take her eyes off Kirsten's pussy, which is in full view;
as her legs are spread wide now.

"So, umm, where are the others?" Julie says now, still staring at that spot
between Kirsten's legs.

"Oh, upstairs," they are, umm, involved at the moment. I sure hope you can
stay for a while."

Julie really doesn't know what to make of all this, but at the moment she
doesn't care. All she wants is to start licking Kirsten's pussy.

Kirsten reaches out and pulls Julie closer. "Umm I want you now, let's just
get to it, ok?"

[These are women who don't wait for pleasantries. They get their action when
and where they want it.]

Chapter 6

Back at the beach, we now have two naked teens alone on the sand ripping each
other's clothes off eagerly.

Marissa loves what she sees. Summer is more than hot standing naked there in
front of her. She had imagined this moment so many times alone in her room.
She gazes at her friend's body now, taking in each and every inch of its

Summer is caressing her own breasts, moving her fingers slowly over her own
nipples. She smiles coyly at Marissa as she runs her tongue over her lips.
Slowly she moves her small hands down over her taught stomach, and finds the
warm, wet spot between her legs. She inserts two fingers inside her own
pussy, and begins to fuck herself.

Smiling and teasing Marissa.

Marissa can't stand this any longer. She reaches out and pulls Summer down
on the soft, warm sand. She climbs on top of her and begins to suck on those
perfect round breasts. Soon she is moving her fingers over her hard little
nipples and making Summer squirm with excitement.

Summer reaches up and pulls Marissa closer into a deep, wet kiss.

They hold each other for a moment and then Marissa begins to work her tongue
down her friend's soft body; until she finds her hot, wet pussy. She spreads
her legs quickly, and dives into her. The taste and warmth of Summer's pussy
drives her wild now. She begins to suck on her clit, pulling and teasing her

Summer is moaning. Lying on her back naked on the sand, her legs spread wide
with Marissa's head between her legs, she arches her back and meets every
thrust of her friend's hot, eager tongue.

Marissa fucks her friend hard, and fast with her tongue; then her fingers.
Summer begs and screams for more.

"God, fuck me harder, Coop, make me cum hard," she screams.

Marissa never stops. She keeps on going, faster and faster, until her friend
cums over and over, there on the warm sandy beach.

"Wow, that was great," exclaims Summer, as she finally gains her composure.
She sits up now and begins to kiss her friend again. Soon she is all over
Marissa. Running her hands over her small, firm breasts. Sucking and lapping
at her nipples, and every inch of her long slender body.

Summer runs her hands eagerly down to her friend's hips. She pulls her legs
apart, and begins to lap at her soaking wet pussy juices.

Summer is so into this now that she is covered in Marissa's warm juices. They
are dripping off her face and down between her breasts as she continues to
fuck her hard and deep.

Marissa is screaming and bucking her hips into Summer's face. This feels so
good. She knew that it would. She knew Summer could fuck her this way.

Just as Marissa is about to cum, Summer stops and pushes her on her stomach.
Marissa is confused but enjoying every moment of Summer being in control.

"Now get up on your knees, and push that little ass in the air," Summer
orders her friend.

Marissa eagerly pushes her hot ass into the air. Summer begins to lick on
each of her small firm ass cheeks. "Oh, God, " Marissa screams as she feels
her body shake all over.

Summer then pushes her fingers into Marissa's ass and fucks her had and fast.
Marissa never thought this would feel so good, but Oh it sure does. She can't
hold out much longer and cums hard and long.

Finally collapsing onto the hot sand.

Summer dives on top of Marissa, and covers her face and neck with kisses.
"Wow that was good, wasn't it?" she says eagerly. "Hey can you fuck my ass
next time?"

Marissa smiles at the prospect of a next time with her best friend.

All thoughts of Ryan, or Luke, or Seth are now gone forever from these two
girls minds.

They lie on the sand now, naked holding each other and getting one hell of
a tan.

[Awe life is good at the beach...]

Chapter 7

Back at Kirsten's mansion, Julie and Kirsten are going at it now on the
living room floor. Kirsten has pulled off Julie's clothes and is on her
knees down in front of her, sucking wildly on each of her big round

Julie is so excited that she can't stop pulling her friend's head into her.
She loves how her mouth feels on her breasts.

Soon both are on their backs taking turns sucking and fucking each other's
soaking wet pussies. Julie finally gets a taste of Kirsten's amazing ass and
is totally happy now.

After doing this about three times each, they finally stop.

These women are insatiable. Hot and sexy to the end.

"Wow, you are something!" exclaims Julie as she stares at Kirsten lying next
to her on the floor.

"Well, we are good together, aren't we?" says Kirsten softly, reaching out
and brushing Julie's face with her fingers. "I think I wanted to do this
years ago, but never let myself consider it."

Julie smiles at that. "Yep, I agree, I have wanted you for as long as I have
known you. That stupid rivalry over Jimmy sure ruined a lot of fun for us,
didn't it?"

"Jimmy who?" smiles Kirsten. "I have never had a guy who made me cum like you
just did."

"Not even Sandy?" exclaims Julie, as she sits up now next to her friend.

"Nope, not even him, we have a nice relationship but no man can make me feel
like you just did."

"I totally agree," says Julie as she reaches out and kisses Kirsten hard on
the mouth.

[Ok, now did we all forget the others upstairs?]

Chapter 8

It's now dusk in beautiful Newport. Everyone is getting ready for another
perfect evening of dinners, and parties and just "fun" things.

Marissa and Summer are now dressed and holding hands as they walk home from
the pier. They are happy and contented, and have decided that they belong
together and will do this every day of their lives forever and ever. They
plan to tell the world that they are lesbians and only want each other.

As they walk up the hill towards Marissa's place, they notice that something
is going on at Kirsten and Sandy's house. It appears to be a large party.
They can hear the music and laughter from way out in the street.

The girls are curious so they decide to peek into the windows and see what
is going on. It is kind of early for a party. Only about 5 pm really.

"Oh My!" squeals Summer. "Look at this!" She points eagerly inside the
window, as Marissa walks up and looks in.

There inside the big living room, the two girls watch every wealthy socialite
they ever knew participating, in one, huge orgy. All the women are naked.
They are drinking, and partying wildly. They seem to be having every kind of
sex possible, and all with each other.

The girls watch as women dive into each other's pussies; pour food and drink
over their naked bodies and lap it up. As they take giant dildos and take
turns shoving them up each other's asses and pussies. As they participate in
group and solo sex. Bondage and even some cats and dogs seem to be part of
all the fun.

Summer can't take her eyes off one couple in the corner. They seem to
really be more into each other then the rest of the women. They are kissing
passionately and taking turns fucking each others asses and pussies wildly.

Marissa begins to stare at them now too, "OH God!" she exclaims, it's my mom
and Seth's mom. They are doing it. "God look!"

She can't stop staring at the two women now. What was at first shock, becomes
total happiness. Her mom and Kirsten seem to be so into this, and having a
good time.

Summer and Kirsten look at each other now and smile.

"What do you think?" asks Marissa, looking intently into her friend's eyes

"Umm, I think, Yep!" laughs Summer.

The two kiss and move quickly towards the house.

They open the front door and stand there smiling, holding hands.

"Got room for some young talent", they scream in unison.

All the women stop and look up now. And shout a resounding "Yes."


Will Summer and Marissa stay together after Seth, Ryan and Luke find out
about all this and try to break them up?

Will Julie and Kirsten leave their husbands and move in together in Kirsten's
big mansion?

Will the women of Newport continue to use their fund raising meetings as a
cover for their weekly orgies?

Stay tuned for the further adventures of the perfect people of O.C.

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