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Rating: NC/17 for a graphic sex scene.

Pairing: Tru from Tru Calling and Summer from The OC

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Summary: Tru goes to OC for a vacation and finds more.

OC/Tru Calling: Tru Goes To OC
by Dawnfaith102

Part One:

Chapter One

Tru was just about to call it a night and head home. It had been a long
shift at the morgue. There had been a fire in the area, and the bodies kept
arriving during the night. She wondered if any of the victims wanted her
help. No one asked. Most of the victims were children. Tru felt sick inside
as she closed the last drawer in the big, cold cabinet.

"Hey, you're here way too late tonight," said Davis, as he entered the large
room and saw Tru staring at the wall. "That was a bad one, wasn't it?"

Tru turned and tried to manage a smile. "I wish I could have helped just one
of those kids," she murmured, brushing the tears from her eyes. "I'm not
supposed to take this job personally, but this really got to me. All those
kids, dead, and so young."

Davis walked over and put his arms around the brunette. Tru held on to him,
and finally let go, sobbing uncontrollably.

"It's hard isn't it," Davis said gently. "You know you can't save them all,
but you want to. You have to realize that none of this is in your hands. You
can't control who you help. All you can do is help those who ask."

Tru stepped back for a moment. "How do you know all this, Davis? You seem to
understand it all somehow. There is a lot more you are not telling me."

"One day I'll tell you all of it. When the time is right. For now I think
you need a much deserved vacation. You can't do this job non stop without a
break now and then. I have a friend who lives in California. I can make a
call, and I'm sure she would love to have you for a few weeks. You need to
have some fun, and this is the place to do it.

Tru started to pour out all the reasons why she thought this wouldn't work.
"I don't know this person, and how can I stay with a stranger? I would feel
strange, and out of place there."

"Tru, believe me, you will love Kirsten. She is an old friend of mine from
college. She's a great person. I know she would make you feel at home. There
are lots of teenagers around all the time. They are a bit younger than you,
but I know you would have a good time."

It didn't take much convincing to get Tru to finally concede that a few
weeks by the beach in California was just what she needed.

As Tru sat in the chair opposite him in his tiny office, Davis made the call
to his old friend.

Kirsten was happy to comply. Davis had been keeping in touch with her
through email for quite some time. She even knew of Tru, and how much Davis
thought of her.

"Let me know when she is arriving, and I'll pick her up at the airport. I
know Sandy won't mind a guest for a while. He's busy right now, so this will
work out great," said Kirsten eagerly. "It sounds like this girl could use
some relaxation and fun for a change. OC is just the place for it."

"All settled," said Davis, as he smiled at Tru. "Go home, pack and I'll find
you a flight out of here."

Chapter Two

The flight to Orange County was uneventful. Tru slept most of the time. "I
must have been more tired than I realized, " she said to herself as she felt
the plane begin it's descent into Los Angeles.

She looked out the window to the sprawling city below. It was 2:30 in the
afternoon LA time, and a beautiful summer day.

Tru wondered just how far the beach town in Orange County was from here. She
knew Kirsten would be there to meet her at the gate. She hoped that she
would recognize her. Davis had given her only a brief description. How
accurate could it be. He had not seen her in years.

As she prepared to leave the plane, Tru reminded herself that this could be
fun. If not, at the very least, it would be an adventure; a chance to get
out of New York for a while.

Tru couldn't remember how long it had been since she had been on a real
vacation. She had worked hard to get through medical school, and there was
never much time to relax.

Tru walked slowly behind the other passengers, pulling her carry on behind
her. She suddenly found herself a bit reluctant to enter the airport. "What
if Kirsten and I don't get along at all, " she thought to herself."

The moment Tru saw the attractive blonde standing at the entrance to the
airport she felt her fears melt away. There was no doubt it was Kirsten, as
she held a big sign above her head reading ‘Welcome Tru'. Tru waved to her.

Kirsten rushed over and gave the brunette a big hug. Tru immediately noticed
how warm and soft her body felt against hers. "You're even prettier than
Davis said," Kirsten murmured, as she brushed a stray hair out of Tru's

"Thanks for the welcome," was all that Tru could manage at this moment. She
was a bit taken aback by how attractive this older woman really was. Tan and
fit in a pair of very tight jeans and a t-shirt, Kirsten could easily be
taken for her older sister; certainly not the mother of a teenage son.

"Well, lets get your bags into the car, and get going, Kirsten said. "Is
this all you have?"

"Yep, well I travel light," Tru replied with a small smile. She didn't want
to tell Kirsten the real reason that she had not brought much of anything.
She had no idea what they wore here, and she didn't want to look out of
place in her New York clothes. There was no time to shop before she left.

Kirsten led the brunette through the bustling airport to the garage area.
"Here we are," she said, pointing to a large silver SUV.

Kirsten drove along the freeway towards Laguna Beach. During the hour-long
drive she learned more about the pretty brunette sitting next to her. The
girls talked steadily for the entire trip.

Soon Tru found herself feeling very relaxed and eager to meet all the people
that Kirsten spoke of.

As the car pulled into the long driveway, Tru glanced out the window and saw
a pretty blonde, and a curvy brunette standing by a red sports car.

"That must be Marissa and Summer," she thought to herself. "They're friends
of her son, Seth. She couldn't help admiring the way Summer looked in her
tiny shorts, as she bent over the car.

Kirsten pulled up and stopped just ahead of them. "Well Tru come on and meet
everyone. I'm sure Seth is inside, and I know Sandy should be around
somewhere by now."

Tru opened the car door, and stepped out in front of the huge home, which
overlooked the ocean. The air was fresh, and she could hear the sound of
waves licking the shore below.

Marissa and Summer quickly walked over to greet the brunette.

Marissa had on a pair of tight white pants and a tiny blue top. Her long
blonde hair was in curls surrounding her small face. She reminded Tru of one
of the models that she saw eating only salads at her local deli.

Summer was the first to speak. "Hey, I'm Summer. You have to be Tru from New
York. Cute name. I never knew anyone named Tru. I like that. New York must
be sooo much fun. All those great stores, with tons of clothes and good
stuff. Hey, cute outfit. I like the jeans. Very New York chic."

Tru smiled. She immediately liked this pretty, sexy girl. She seemed full of
energy. She couldn't take her eyes off Summer's large, round breasts
spilling out of her strapless top.

Summer caught her staring. "you like this top? I have a couple like this in
different colors. We look to be the same size so you can have one of mine. I
know it would look great on you."

Tru blushed. She wondered what Summer would think if she knew that it wasn't
the top she was staring at, but her sexy breasts.

Marissa stretched out her hand. "Welcome to California, " she said softly.
"We have a surprise for you tonight; a party in your honor to welcome you to
OC. "

"Shh," said Summer, "It was supposed to be a surprise."

"Sounds like fun," was all Tru could manage at the moment.

"Come on in, Tru," shouted Kirsten from the front door. "I have your bag
here. I'll show you to your room, and you can change."

Summer and Marissa followed, as Tru entered the large entry way.

"This is beautiful," she murmured, as she gazed at the massive living room
beyond the hall. Out the big French doors she could see a huge blue tiled
pool, with a hot tub in the corner; beyond this, the view was all ocean and
blue sky. This was a far cry from the streets of New York. It was like
visiting paradise.

"Hey Seth," shouted Summer, as she waved to someone outside. "Come on and
meet the guys, Tru."

She took Tru's hand and let her outside to meet Seth and Ryan.

Chapter Three

Tru spent the next half hour laughing and talking with Seth, Ryan and the
two girls. They were so friendly that she soon forgot the fact that she was
about 5 years older. They didn't seem to notice or care either.

The three girls were sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the
water. Tru had rolled up her jeans about as high as she could, but still
they were getting soaked. She kept splashing water on her neck and letting
it drip slowly down her low cut top to her breasts.

"Tru, " exclaimed Marissa. "Why don't you go upstairs and get a suit on, and
we'll all go in for a swim. It's too hot sitting here in the sun with
clothes on.

"Ok, be right back," said Tru as she turned to go back inside.

"Mom!" shouted Seth, "Which one is Tru's room?"

"Be right there," shouted Kirsten from the kitchen.

"I'll go get our suits out of the car," said Summer to the others.

Marissa and I always come prepared."

Just then Kirsten appeared at the doorway with a tray of sandwiches and
drinks. "You guys must be hungry, " she said. "The party isn't till later on
tonight, so you may as well eat something now."

"Party?" mumbled Ryan.

"yea, we're giving Tru a surprise party to welcome her, but I see it's no
longer a surprise," said Seth with a sarcastic smile. "No one can keep
secrets around here for long. You'll see that, Tru."

They all grabbed a sandwich and began to eat as they filled Tru in on all
the local gossip. Tru laughed so hard as some of their stories that she
forgot all about the morgue and her ‘Calling' for a while.

Tru stood up, finishing the last of her drink. "This is so different from
home," she said to the others.

"Come on Tru, I'll show you to your room," said Kristen as she led her
inside, and up the stairs to the second floor. "This will be your room. "
She pointed to the last room on the left. "I'll let you get unpacked and
changed. We'll see you downstairs. I have some party preparations to take
care of."

"Thanks," murmured Tru, as she watched Kirsten walk away in her very tight

Tru stepped inside the big bedroom and slowly closed the door behind her.
This place was amazing. She looked at the huge bed and couldn't resist
plopping down on top of it. "It's so soft, " she said out loud, as she lay
there for a moment.

Tru got up and slowly examined everything in the bedroom. The view was
perfect. She looked down on the beach below from the small patio. She felt
the warm breeze against her face, and took a deep breath. This was going to
be a real vacation.

The bathroom was huge, and so luxurious that Tru couldn't wait to take a
bath in the huge marble, sunken tub.

Tru walked back into the bedroom and started to unpack her suitcase. She
soon realized that she had nothing suitable to wear.

Luckily she had a bikini. Not that she ever wore it in New York. But she had
bought it with Lindsey one day a few months ago.

Just as she had finished spreading all her clothes out on the bed, she heard
a knock on the door.

"Hey, can we come in and change?". It was Summer's voice. Tru smiled and
opened the door.

"This is a great room, " said Marissa looking around. I used to live next
door and, mine was almost exactly like this.

The girls walked in and sat down on the bed.. "Well lets get changed and get
down to the pool," said Summer, eagerly.

"Is this all you brought?" she exclaimed as she surveyed the clothes on the

"Well, yes," said Tru, I…."

"Hey judging from this, I think a shopping trip is in order tomorrow. I know
New York style isn't the same, so we need to get you some outfits."

"That's so sweet of you," said Tru, "but what about tonight? I don't have
one thing for a party."

"Hey, no problem, " exclaimed Marissa, "Between Summer and I, you'll be the
hottest girl there."

Summer began to get undressed. Tru tried not to stare, but she couldn't help
it. First Summer pulled off her strapless top, allowing her round, full
breasts to spill out. She casually tossed the top on the bed and bent over
to pull off her tiny shorts.

Tru almost gasped as she saw Summer pull off her tiny lace panties, and
stand naked in front of her. This girl was absolutely beautiful, and had a
perfect, curvy body.

Marissa was busy slipping out of her clothes so she didn't really notice
that Tru was unable to do much of anything, but stare at Summer.

Summer was busy chatting about the party tonight, and had no idea that Tru
was now totally turned on just watching her. Tru tried to compose herself
and slowly slid her tight top off over her head.

Summer turned and bent over the bed to pick up her bikini. Tru felt hot and
wet when she saw that perfect, round ass, naked in front of her. Luckily,
she was able to stare and remove her jeans, bra and panties at the same

Marissa was now naked and pulling on a tiny blue thong. Tru admired her
toned body. She was sexy too, but Summer, well.. she turned her on more than
she ever imagined was possible.

Tru had been having an affair with her best friend Lindsay for a few months.
Things had cooled down recently though, as Lindsay was now interested in her
brother too. She wanted them both.

Tru wasn't interested in sharing her lover at all; and most definitely not a

Summer turned to see Tru standing there naked. "My God, you have a great
body," she exclaimed. I think I have just the dress for you to wear

Tru smiled. "Thanks, Summer, I would love to wear anything you have. I bet
it's really cute."

Summer walked over and gave the brunette a hug. Tru felt her soft breasts
push against her skin. She wondered if Summer was into girls at all.
Probably not. She had heard that she had been with Seth, but that they had
broken up. Right now all she wanted to do was kiss Summers soft, full lips.
Instead she stood back and asked Summer to hand her the bikini she had
brought with her.

"Well, I'm ready," said Marissa as she turned around for Tru. "Like my new
suit? I just got it yesterday."

"I like," said Tru as she adjusted the top on her small bikini.

"Mine is new too, " said Summer, posing in a tiny white thong. As she turned
around to show off her ass, Tru felt her pussy fill with wet liquid.

"God, what an incredible ass," she said to herself. "I wonder what it would
feel like to taste her, and then fuck her pussy." Tru smiled at the prospect
of this fantasy. "Hey let's go for a swim," she said, hoping that she
sounded calm and normal.

Chapter Four

The girls walked out on the pool deck, and all three jumped in the pool at
the same time. After a leisurely swim, they decided to get some sun and dry

They lay by the pool talking and laughing for what seemed like ages. They
found out that they really connected on many levels. Seth and Ryan stayed
for a while, then went off to get some things for the night.

Tru closed her eyes and let the warmth of the sun soak into her body. Soon
she was asleep, and dreaming of Summer naked in front of her smiling and
beckoning her to lick her ass.

"Hey, wake up." Summer's voice woke her out of a deep sleep.

Tru sat up and gazed at the beautiful brunette above her. She wished that
she could tell Summer of her dream.. Instead she hastily stood up and
stretched. "What time is it?" she asked as she looked around. How long have
I been asleep?"

"I think the sun got to all of us today," said Marissa. "We all fell asleep.
It must be time to get ready for the party though."

"I am going to go home and bring back a few things. You can chose which one
you want to wear tonight," said Summer as she ran her fingers through her

"We'll be back soon, Tru," said Marissa giving her a hug. "By the time you
take a nice long bath and do your hair and makeup we should be here."

"We'll hurry," said Summer, with a smile. "Usually it takes us forever to
get ready for things, but tonight we want you to look really sexy. You're
the guest of honor."

Tru smiled as the girls walked off to the car. She marveled at how pretty
and nice they were. And how much fun she had just being around them.

As Tru finally slid into a big tub full of bubbles, she thought of Summer
and how it would feel to touch her breasts and lick her pussy and ass. Tru
was now so excited that she found herself rubbing her pussy under the warm,
soapy water. She lay back in the tub and put her long firm legs up on the

She closed her eyes and imagined Summer pushing her fingers up inside her
hot wet pussy. She lay there, legs spread wide, her head back and fucked her
pussy hard and fast. Then just as she was about to cum, she imagined Summer
sliding her fingers up her ass.

Tru stood up and watched herself in the mirror across from the tub. She
turned around and stared at her firm, round ass as she fucked it with her
own fingers. Watching her fingers slide in and out turned her on so much
that she came almost immediately.

Chapter Five

Tru was just putting the finishing touches on her long curls and her red
lipstick when she heard the girls at her door. Summer was laughing, as they
knocked, then entered immediately.

"It's just us," called out Marissa. True stepped out of the bathroom in her
robe to greet them.

"I love your hair," said Summer.

"We brought three outfits for you to chose from," exclaimed Marissa, as she
lay a garment bag out on the big bed.

Tru was busy admiring how sexy they both looked all dressed up.

"You two look great!" she exclaimed, checking out the view.

Summer had on a very tiny tight white dress. It had a neckline so low that
you could see her breasts almost spilling out. Her hair was up on top of her
head in curls that fell around the sides of her beautiful face. She smiled
as Tru stared..

Marissa had on a pair of very tight linen pants. As she spun around for
approval, Tru could she that they were so tight that her small, firm ass was
completely visible through the soft fabric. On top she wore a very thin see
through top. Her nipples were clearly poking out from the fabric.

"Wow," exclaimed Tru. "I don't know if I can ever equal the way you two

"Oh you will look great in any one of these," said Summer, as she unzipped
the bag. "Here for your approval are three different looks. You chose. Any
one of these will make you the sexiest girl at the party."

Tru slid off her robe and began to try on each outfit.

All were equally sexy and beautiful on the pretty brunette. She finally
decided on the red dress with the plunging neckline. Her breasts were almost
out of it. It matched her red lipstick and was very tight so it revealed her
round sexy ass.

"That's the one!" exclaimed Summer the moment Tru modeled it for them. You
look just plain hot."

Tru smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. Yes, she did look pretty
darn sexy. She loved this dress. What she loved even more though, was the
fact that she could see Summer checking her out in the mirror.

"So, are we ready to turn on the room," said Summer with a big grin.

"Sure are," exclaimed Marissa as she checked out her own ass in the mirror.

"Let's do it," said Tru feeling very confident and sexy about now.

The three walked down the big stair case and joined the party below.

Chapter Six

Several hours passed, and the party was moving outside to the pool and the
beach below.

Tru had been a big hit with the guests. They all complimented her on her
dress and she caught several men and women checking her out as she walked

She had finally met Sandy, who had welcomed her with open arms and even
offered to give her surfing lessons.

The music was great, the food good, and Tru was completely enjoying every
moment. As the evening wore on, she found herself sitting by the pool alone
with Summer. They chatted a bit and suddenly Tru felt very nervous. She
wondered if Summer could feel how much she wanted her.

She looked up and saw a few couples dancing on the other side of the pool.
"Summer, " she said, hesitantly. "I love this song, how would you like to
dance with me? Do you think it would be too shocking for the people around
here to see two girls doing some harmless dancing?"

Summer looked over at the brunette intently. "Depends on how harmless this
dancing is," she said with a grin. " Just what did you have in mind?"

Tru felt herself blushing. "Well..."

Summer stood up and pulled Tru to her feet. "Hey lets shock them all," she
said with a huge smile. "Follow me if you dare."

Summer took off her shoes and moved over by the pool. Tru stood there for a
moment wondering just what Summer was going to do.

"Come here, Tru," she exclaimed in a sexy voice. "Let's show 'em how it's
done." She then began to move her hips and body to the beat of the music.

Tru came over and gave her wink. "Ok, I'm in, if you are."

Summer turned around and began to move her hips up and down against Tru's
body. The beat of the music became more intense as she girls followed along,
moving very close to each other.

Soon a crowd had gathered around watching the two move and tease each other
to the throbbing beat. Both guys and girls were staring, and many were
becoming very aroused at what they saw.

There was a definite sexual tension between Tru and Summer, and everyone
could see this as they danced suggestively. The girls looked more than
erotic with their large breasts spilling out of their dresses as they moved
their curvy bodies closer and closer.

As the music ended, Tru stopped dancing and looked over at Summer. Summer
looked at Tru and suddenly leaned over and gave her a long deep kiss. Tru
kissed her back, then pulled away.

Everyone clapped and cheered.

Tru didn't know what to make of this, but decided to play it off as a joke.
She bowed and led Summer off to the corner of the pool deck.

"Why did you stop?" asked Summer, looking at Tru very intently.

"Stop what?" asked Tru.

"The kiss, of course, don't tell me you didn't feel a thing."

Tru took a deep breath. "May as well tell Summer the truth," she said to

"Ok, yes I felt it. I felt it all. I want you. I wanted you the minute I saw
you standing by your car. I was afraid to let you see how much that kiss
turned me on."

Summer smiled now. Reaching in, she gave Tru another deep, hard, passionate
kiss. "Now do you know how much I want you too?" she murmured, staring
intently into Tru's eyes.

"I can tell," said Tru managing a tiny smile. "Let's get out of here and do
something about it," she said softly.

"I know just the place," said Summer as she took Tru by the hand and led her
away from the pool.

Chapter Seven

Summer pulled Tru along a narrow path that led down to the beach below. Soon
they were on the sand and only a short distance from the crashing waves. The
night was warm, and the sand felt soft under their bare feet.

"Here we are," said Summer as she fell to the sand. "No one comes to this
area of the beach." She reached up and pulled Tru down beside her.

They sat for a brief moment, neither knowing quite what to say.

Tru turned and pushed Summer down on the sand. She lay on top of her and
began to kiss her soft, warm mouth. Summer kissed her back eagerly.

"Oh God, Tru, " gasped Summer.

Tru began to move her mouth down Summer's neck to her cleavage. "I love this
dress," she whispered, "but it's in the way now." With that, she moved her
hands under the folds of the dress and pushed Summer's breasts out.

Summer moaned as Tru began to lick and suck on each of her, now very hard
nipples. Tru loved how smooth Summer's skin felt. She licked and sucked, and
then gently bit, each little, pink nipple.

Summer began to shake.

True slowly pulled off the white dress. She was happy to see that all Summer
had on underneath was a pair of white lace thong panties. As she sat above
her she admired her perfect body.

"You're so beautiful," she said, as she slowly worked her hands over Summers
breasts again, and then slowly reached down and pulled her panties down.

Summer arched her back and allowed Tru to pull them off. The sand felt warm
and soft under her body as she lay naked waiting for what she knew was about
to happen. She had never done this with a girl before, but she had known for
a long time it was what she wanted.

Tru moved up and kissed Summer again softly. Summer was trembling now.

"Take off your clothes before you start," she said softy. "I want to see you
naked while you fuck me."

Tru quickly stood up and slid out of the red dress and her tiny panties.

Summer smiled up at her. " God, you're sexy," she whispered.

Tru gently pulled the other brunette's firm, tan thighs apart and moved up
between them. She got down on her hands and knees and slowly licked up each
of them until she reached her pussy.

Summer let out a loud sigh, as she felt Tru's hot, eager tongue move over
her swollen clit. " Oh, oh, My God that feels soo good," she murmured.

Tru was trying very hard to control her excitement. She sucked on Summer's
clit, teasing her for a while. As she felt the brunette beneath her shake
and shudder, she knew that it was time to give her more.

She slowly slid her fingers up inside Summer's dripping wet pussy. Summer
screamed as she felt them enter and plunge all he way up. Tru began to fuck
her hard and deep with her now three fingers.

Summer kept arching her back, and moving her hips up harder and faster.

Tru bent down and pushed her expert tongue up inside.

She loved the taste of Summer's sweet pussy juices. She lapped, eagerly
swallowing the hot, warm liquid .

Summer screamed louder, as Tru fucked her first with her tongue, then her
fingers. Each time moving faster and deeper.

"Harder! Do it harder!" Screamed Summer.

Tru felt like cumming herself right now she was so aroused by the sight and
taste of this amazing pussy in front of her.

"Turn over!" Tru ordered.

Summer looked up and saw the sexy brunette above her, and immediately

"Now get up on your hands and knees," Tru demanded.

Summer obeyed, and then began to shake in anticipation. She knew what was
coming, and she wanted it.

Tru got down on her knees behind Summers perfect ass and began to slowly
lick each of her soft, smooth ass cheeks.

Summer trembled with excitement.

Tru licked and move her fingers slowly over her ass.

Summer continued to shake.

Tru licked slowly all around Summer's ass hole. Teasing her again. Then she
slowly took her finger and pushed it up inside the brunette's ass.

Summer screamed as she felt Tru enter her. "Oh God, that is so.. Oh it feels
soo good.!" she screamed. "Fuck my ass, Tru, Fuck it!"

Tru was so turned on now that nothing could have stopped her. She licked
Summer's ass cheeks as she fucked her harder and harder with her fingers..

Summer was screaming and shaking.

Tru waited until Summer was about to cum, then she took her other hand and
plunged her fingers up the other brunette's pussy; fucking her ass and pussy
at the same time..

Summer let out a loud scream, and shook and shook until she let go and
collapsed on the sand..

Tru sat back and tried to catch her breath. She was very close to cumming
right now herself..

Summer lay there for a while, exhausted. Tru lay down on the sand beside
her, and softly caressed her back and neck.

Summer turned toward her, and the two lay talking, and kissing gently.

"That was so good," said Summer, as she slowly began to move her hands over
Tru's large breasts. "Now it's your turn. I can't wait to fuck your ass and
pussy too."

Tru felt her body tremble in anticipation.

Summer got up and pushed Tru over on her back. She climbed on top, and
placed her legs on each side of her. Bending down, she kissed her hard.

Tru looked up and saw Summer's large, full breasts spilling down above her.
She reached up and began to softly squeeze each one. The nipples were rock
hard beneath her finger tips.

Summer loved this, and moaned in appreciation. She rubbed her pussy against
Tru's taught stomach. She felt like cumming again.

Summer moved down and quickly spread Tru's legs wide.

She dove in and sucked and lapped at her very swollen clit.

Tru let out a moan of appreciation.

Summer sucked on the soft folds of Tru's pussy lips. She then pushed her hot
tongue inside her. It tasted warm and wet. As she moved her tongue around,
she felt Tru's entire body shake.

"Umm, you taste so good, " she murmured as she pulled her tongue out and
licked her lips. "Let's see if you like this as much as I did."

Summer then shoved two fingers hard and fast up inside Tru's now dripping
wet pussy.

Tru screamed. "Oh, God!"

Summer fucked her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Tru bucked her hips

"Push them in all the way, Fuck me deep!" she screamed.

Summer was so turned on by this that she fucked her with three fingers now.

Tru felt her body shake uncontrollably.

Summer then reached her other hand under, and found Tru's ass hole. She
slowly teased her by moving her fingers around the opening. She then pushed
her fingers inside and fucked the other brunette's ass deep and hard.

Tru let out a long, low moan.

Summer quickly turned her over and dived into Tru's ass. She licked all over
her smooth skin, and then plunged her hot tongue up inside.

Tru let go, screaming, as she moved her ass around wildly.

Both girls collapsed in exhaustion.

They lay there holding each other, their wet bodies melded together.

"That was amazing," said Tru, as she kissed Summer yet again.

"I feel so relaxed," murmured, Summer as she reached out and touched Tru's
pretty face. "You make me feel so happy. I never felt this way before about

"Me, too, " replied Tru.

They both wanted to say much more but were too tired to even try at the
moment. They fell asleep in each other's arms, naked lying on the warm sand.

Chapter Eight

The morning sun rose over the ocean filling the beach with it's warm rays.
Tru was the first to wake up. At first she had no idea where she was; then
she turned and saw the beautiful naked brunette lying next to her on the

Tru smiled as she remembered the night before. She reached over and gently
pushed a strand of dark hair out of her lover's eyes. She knew that she was
rapidly falling for this sexy girl

Summer stirred and slowly opened her eyes. "Hey you," she said, smiling up
at Tru. The two kissed and slowly got up.

"It's morning, we slept all night here on the beach," exclaimed Summer. "I
guess we wore ourselves out didn't we?"

"yes, we did, and in a very nice way, " replied Tru, with a smile.

" But, I hope no one is out looking for us. We're going to have a lot of
explaining to do."

"I doubt they even know we are gone, " exclaimed Summer, as she started to
pull on her clothes. "The way they were all drinking and partying last night
I bet they're all still asleep."

"Well let's hope so, " said Tru, looking a bit worried. "I'm not sure what
they would say if they found out." She looked around for her clothes and
quickly pulled on her dress and panties.

Summer looked at her lover intently. "Would it be so bad if they found out
we hooked up?" she said.

Tru looked surprised. "Well it wouldn't be easy to.."

"To explain a night of sex with another girl? They might think I'm some
curious teenager who fucked you for fun."

Tru didn't really know what to say. "Well I know that is not how I..."

Summer stopped her. "Don't worry I won't embarrass you, no one will ever

Tru looked at her again. Summer had tears in her eyes.

Just then they heard someone coming down the path.

"Shh," said Tru.

"Hey that must have been some night." It was Marissa, dressed in shorts and
a t-shirt. "I've been looking all over for you two, " she said breathlessly.
"I must have walked all over the beach."

Summer remembered that Marissa was the only other person that knew about the
path to this part of the beach. She looked over at Tru.

"Hey, we're just fine. We partied too hard last night, and must have slept
it off here on the beach. I don't even remember how we got here," she

"Well the last time I saw of you two, you were into that sexy dance by the
pool, " said Marissa, smiling openly.

"Well, you know me," said Summer, giving Tru a sarcastic look. "I'll try
anything once." She then walked right by Tru and marched up the path.

Tru stood there stunned.

"Come on, Tru", called Marissa. "Let's get back. If you‘re lucky I'm the
only one that missed you."

Tru followed the others along the path and back to the house.

"You better get inside and up to your room, " said Marissa as they entered
the pool area. "Wearing last night's clothes is a dead giveaway you know.
Come on Summer, I'll get you home before they see you in this dress too."

Marissa walked ahead quickly toward the front driveway.

Tru looked over at Summer. "Hey, we need to talk," she whispered.

"Nothing to say, " exclaimed Summer. "We had fun. We fucked. What did you
think; It meant something more? Oh, and by the way, you were right about me.
I only wanted a good fuck with a girl"

She then turned and walked off.

Tru felt her heart sink down inside her. She really had thought that Summer
cared too. "I guess I imagined the tears in her eyes," she said to herself.
"Must have been the morning sun."

She felt sick inside. How could she have been so wrong, and so stupid a
second time. First Lindsay. Now Summer. She walked slowly inside and snuck
upstairs without anyone seeing her.

Tru closed the door and sank down onto the big bed. She lay there crying for
a very long time. She had fallen for Summer and really thought she cared

Chapter Nine

The next two weeks were both good and bad for Tru. She had fun shopping with
Marissa. She and Kirsten went out for a day at the club. She swam in the
pool. She lay in the sun. She learned that surfing was not easy at all. She
tried to keep as busy as possible. She didn't want to think of Summer.

They ran into each other a few times, but each time Summer would walk away
quickly, ignoring her completely.

The day Tru was to leave for home, she somehow knew that she had to say
goodbye to Summer, and see her one more time. She tried to talk herself out
of this, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she had to do this one last
thing before she left.

Tru borrowed Kirsten's car and drove over to Summer's house. She saw the
little red car in the driveway, and smiled.

"She's home," she said to herself.

As she walked up to the front door, she rehearsed in her mind just what she
would say to the beautiful brunette. "Don't blow it this time," she kept

Tru knocked on the door. There was no response. She rang the bell over and
over. No response. She knew that Summer was not with Marissa or any of her
other friends, as she had just said goodbye to all of them at the club. In
fact, they had asked her where Summer was today.

Tru had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. It was hard to ignore.
She knew something was wrong. She kept telling herself this was stupid.
Summer just went out with someone else and left her car here. But no, Tru
couldn't shake the feeling that something was not right.

She called out as she rang the bell again. "Anyone home?" No response.

Finally Tru couldn't take it any longer and decided to look around the back
of the house. She knew that if an alarm went off they would surely come and
arrest her for trespassing but still she had to do this. The initial feeling
of having to say goodbye to Summer had now grown into an urgent need to do

Finally she found an open window around the back. She climbed in and called
out, "anyone home?" Nothing but dead silence.

Tru wandered around the house. It was huge. She finally found the main
staircase and walked up to the second floor. As she walked down the long
hallway, she noticed only one door was open. She hesitated for a moment and
then walked inside the bedroom.

It was Summer's room. The door to the bathroom was ajar, and Tru could hear
the shower running.

"Oh God," she is just taking a shower." Tru said out loud. She felt like a
total fool and immediately turned to leave. She didn't want Summer to find
her sneaking around her house. "She will think I'm a stalker," Tru said to

Just as she turned to leave, something made her stop and look down on the
bed. There, Tru noticed an envelope addressed to her in New York.

Tru stopped. She slowly picked up the piece of paper and felt her heart skip
a beat. She took a deep breath and opened the envelope. After all it was
addressed to her.

Dear Tru,

When you read this you will be home far away from OC so I
can say this to you now.

I do care about you. That night meant so much to me. You
weren't just a girl to fuck for fun.

I really loved what we did and wanted it to go on forever.
I wanted to try a relationship with you. I saw that you
were worried about what people would think of us together
and that made me see that you didn't really want this so
I got mad and lied to you about my feelings.

I just wanted you to know this. I wish you had cared for
me too.



"Oh God!" exclaimed Tru out loud. "She got it all wrong!"

Tru turned and walked into the bathroom She didn't care what Summer thought
about her being in her house All she knew was that she had to tell her how
she felt.

The shower was running and the room was full of steam. Tru walked over and
opened the glass door.

"Oh My God!" she gasped.

Summer lay in a heap on the shower floor. Blood was dripping from her
forehead and pouring down the drain.

Tru quickly shut off the water and knelt down next to Summer. She was still
alive. She could feel a weak pulse. Tru pulled a blanket from the bed and
covered the brunette. She then called 911 from her cell.

Part Two:

Chapter One

As she waited for the paramedics to arrive, Tru used her medical training to
slow the bleeding. Summer was unconscious and it appeared that she had
probably slipped and fallen, hitting her head on the hard tiles.

"Summer, baby, hang on," Tru said desperately, as she brushed her wet hair
away from her beautiful face. "I'm here and I do care."

Tru could hear sirens now, and rushed downstairs to let the paramedics

The ride to the hospital in the ambulance was a blur. Tru sat beside the
brunette and kept talking to her. She couldn't stop telling her how much she

Summer lay lifeless on the stretcher. Tru wished that she would wake up. She
knew though, that this could be very serious. She didn't want to think of
losing her, but it looked as if she had hit her head very hard.

They rushed the brunette into the emergency room, and now all Tru could do
was wait. She paced up and down; then remembered that she had to notify
Summer's friends and family.

Tru called Kirsten and luckily she was home. Kirsten promised to take care
of the rest. Tru finally sat down in the waiting room and stared at the
floor, unable to move.

Finally a doctor stepped out of the emergency room. "Tru Davis!" he called.

Tru walked over.

"You're the girl that brought her in?" he asked.

"Yes," said Tru. "How is she?"

"We're prepping her for surgery now, Miss Davis," he stated calmly. "The x
rays show a mass of fluid on the brain, and we'll have to operate
immediately to relieve the pressure."

"Oh God!" Tru exclaimed.

Just then, Summer's Mom came rushing in with Kirsten. The doctor explained
the operation, and had her sign the consent papers.

By then, Marissa, Seth, Ryan and Sandy had also arrived. Tru sat down with
them and filled them in on what had happened. She didn't lie about breaking
into Summer's house. She did omit the rest however. All she told them was
that she was concerned about Summer and felt she had to find out of she was

When she saw her car in the driveway and she didn't answer the door she then
climbed in a window.

Summer's Mom gave Tru a big hug. "You found her, and got her here. That is
all that matters. I wouldn't have been home for hours. It doesn't matter how
you got to her. Thank you."

They sat in the waiting room for ages. "What is taking so long?" asked
Marissa, as she paced up and down. "Why don't they tell us anything?"

Kirsten could see how upset Tru was. She sat down beside her and put her arm
around the brunette. "She's going to be alright, Tru, " she said softly. "I
know she is."

Tru tried to manage a small smile. "I hope so," she murmured.

"She means a lot to you doesn't she?" asked Kirsten, as she looked at Tru
very intently.

Tru looked up. "I understand more than you realize," said Kirsten, holding
Tru's hand.

"You know, don't you," said Tru slowly.

"It wasn't hard to figure out, Tru," said Kristen. "Summer talked to me
several months ago about her feelings for girls. Then I saw you two dancing
that night of the party. After that both of you were distant and changed. I
knew something had happened between you, but that somehow it hadn't worked

Tru began to cry. "I really care about her. She got it all wrong. It was all
a mistake."

"Hey you will work it out when she gets better, I have no doubt about that.
Oh, and I called Davis and told him what happened and that you would not be
on that plane tonight. For some reason he completely understood. He didn't
even sound surprised. Davis can be a bit strange sometimes."

Just then the doctor appeared in the doorway. He stood there quietly and Tru
felt her heart sink.

They all got up and walked over to the tall man who was to tell them Summer'
s fate.

"She's going to be ok," he stated calmly. Tru breathed a sigh of relief.

The doctor walked over to Tru now. "You are the one that found her aren't
you? They tell me you climbed in a window to make sure she was ok."

"Word travels fast of my crimes," said Tru with a tiny smile. She felt so
relieved that she didn't care what happened to her now.

"Well, you saved Summer's life, young lady. A few more minutes and it would
have been too late. Whatever made you go to her house will probably never be
explained, but you got to her in time."

"When can we see her?" They all asked in unison.

"She will sleep through the night now. Come back in the morning and we'll
see if she is up to seeing anyone."

Chapter Two

Kirsten drove Tru over to the hospital very early the next morning. "I don't
know if they will let you in this early," she said as they drove along the

"I have to be there," said Tru, firmly. "I want to be there when she wakes

Kirsten smiled. She could see how much Tru cared about Summer. She was happy
for them both. She remembered that no one had really paid much attention to
Summer as a kid. They bought her everything she wanted, but never spent much
time with her. Tru seemed like the perfect person to show the young brunette
that there is more to life than parties and the latest clothes.

As the two got off the elevator by the 3rd floor nursing station, a nurse
they recognized from last night, beckoned them over.

"You're Tru aren't you?" she asked.

"Yes," said Tru, "Is everything ok? Summer is ok isn't she?"

"She's awake and asking for you," replied the nurse. "Go on in, it's the
third room on the right there."

Tru rushed down the hall and entered the large hospital room. There in a bed
by the window she recognized Summer.

She was propped up on a mound of pillows and her head was covered in
bandages, but her pretty face stood out immediately.

Tru walked over to the bed slowly. "Summer," she said softly.

Summer turned slowly and recognized the beautiful brunette.

"Tru, you came," she said weakly.

Tru rushed over and sat down beside the big hospital bed. Summer looked so
small and lost in the mass of bandages and tubes around her.

"I heard you," Summer murmured softly.

"You heard what?" asked Tru.

"I heard your voice, you kept telling me to hang on, that you cared. Your
voice made me fight to come back."

Tru smiled, as she bent over the bed and gently kissed Summer's cheek. "You
were unconscious for a long time. I was so scared. Frankly you looked
terrible too."

Summer managed a tiny smile.

"Now I know you're ok," laughed Tru.

"Tru, I wrote you a letter, I.."

"I know," said Tru. "I found it on your bed. I'm sorry but it was for me, so
I read it."

"So you know," Summer said shyly.

"Yes, I know now, that you care as much as I do." Tru took Summer's hand and
gave it a squeeze. "It's all been a misunderstanding. I never meant you to
think it mattered what anyone thought of us being together."

Summer smiled weakly. "I can tell that now," she said softly. "The nurse was
in here early and I was so confused. She told me what happened. You saved my
life, Tru. All I remember is writing you that letter, and feeling so badly
about never seeing you again. I got into the shower and then... I don't know
what happened. All I know is I heard your voice saying you cared."

"God, Summer, I do. So much." said Tru firmly.

"I'm tired now, I'm falling asleep," Summer murmured. "Will you be here
later when I wake up?"

"Try and keep me away," said Tru with a huge grin.

Chapter Three

The next several weeks, passed by quickly. Summer was strong and recovered
quickly considering the serious of her injury.

She was home recuperating with Tru by her side in no time. It was now time
for Tru to return to New York and her job.

Davis had been so understanding. He told her to take as much time as she
needed. Finally, though she knew that she had to get back.

It was a hard goodbye. Tru and Summer agreed to see each other as much as
possible. They both felt like this was going somewhere. Time would tell.
Summer promised to come to New York to visit as soon as she was well enough
to travel.

As the two said goodbye, they lingered in a long passionate kiss. "I wish we
could do more than kiss," said Summer sadly.

"When you get to New York and we will do much more, I promise you," smiled

Davis was there to greet Tru at the airport. "You didn't have to come pick
me up," she said as she gave him a big hug.

"I wanted to. You've been through allot out there I hear. How is Summer?" he

"I see you know all, as usual," said Tru grinning.

"I know everything I need to know, and now, after your experience there, I
need to tell you one more thing about your Calling."

Tru looked at her friend. "What more?"

The two sat down in the corner of the airport waiting area.

"Ok, Tru, When I suggested that you go to OC, it was more than a casual
idea. I had an intense feeling a few hours before that you needed to go
visit Kirsten. I knew that it was important. I knew that you had to be

Tru looked at Davis, intensely. "Was it a feeling in the pit of your
stomach; a gut feeling? Something you couldn't shake? Did you try to deny it
but it wouldn't go away? Was it that kind of a feeling?"

"Yes, Tru, it was, and I gather from your description that you had this very
feeling while you were there."

"Yes, Davis, the day I found Summer and ended up saving her life, I went to
her house because I felt I had to. It didn't make sense to me, but I just
had to break in and see if she was alright."

"This is part of your Calling, Tru. I see it now. You not only can save the
dead and change the past, but you can also change the present and prevent
death. This is truly amazing part of your gift."

Tru sat there staring at her friend wondering just what else lay ahead for
her. How would this new aspect of her Calling effect her future?. She hoped
it would help her find love and happiness with Summer.

"I wish I could see into the future," she said wistfully to Davis.

"Hey you never know, " he said, smiling, "It could happen."

The End
_ _ _

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